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Project Viva

Project Viva

I went back to college after nearly 45 days, so many new faces I can see on campus, then I remembered that the juniors entered. After meeting my college friends, I felt very refreshed. Leaving all my past and concentrating on the studies started. Like me, the project faked by many of my friends. Only a few did it genuinely. Few of my friends still don’t believe I’ve purchased an Ameerpet project

Karthik…! You’ve faked it seriously? They asked me.

Yes, Dude, I didn’t have time to do real project because of some personal work. What’s the factor of surprise here? Have I been the first one to do this? I asked three of you to do the same thing, too.

We’re different, and you’re unique. Besides, you’re smart with the hard work you’ve got to this place, they said.

Yes. Buddy, I was tired of doing hard work, so I figured I should take some rest and submit this, I responded.

Okay, dear, You’re going to write exams by studying, or with the aid of slips, he asked with a smile.

If I carry slips to the exam centre, I’m going to be the first person to caught, so I’m not going to do that, I replied.

Meantime, my project guide called me inside

Karthik, Have you finished the project? Have you done it live, or you faked it from Ameerpet as many do? Guide asked

I did it live, sir, for 45 days I did my internship with a lot of dedication, to proofread I got the final notes. I said and have submitted the records to him

I don’t know how many days these Ameerpet guys have been doing this project, but if the original company does it, it won’t be that good. After watching my project, my guide believed that I did a live project.

The project is excellent and clean, if everyone follows you and does it live, then it’s going to be very cool, but they must have bought it by paying the money. The dumb Lavan is mentioned in the project two different company names, my guide said

No Sir, I know all my friends did live as I did, I said

Who are you talking about? Such idiots, huh? I’ve already checked out those, the same dumps from the Ameerpet, the guide scolded watching them.

Oh, is it? Sir, I don’t know I said, and I jumped out from there, smiling.

Buddy, Why is the guide laughing at us? One of my friends asked

He knows you guys have faked the project. He’s just scolding you for it, I said.

So, you did it genuine sir? He asked me with frustration

Yes, Dude, Genuine only, he couldn’t find it, he believed it, I said smiling.

For that one should have luck, man, looking at your innocent face, someone could easily believe in you, he said.

It’s not luck, man, but you should be able to present it. If it’s fake also, I said.

You idiots, didn’t even check the projects before submitting, how come you blindly believe the Ameerpet batch? We also need to check it right, whether it is the same thing that has been reported inside and outside. I read the overall project carefully and corrected the mistakes and submitted it. Then where’s the chance to find the errors. I said

Your very brilliant man, if we had so much brain, we wouldn’t have caught, they responded.

You’d have updated it to us as well, man, one of the friend from the gang said.

Huh, yeah. Yesterday, I just returned to Hyderabad, and we haven’t met for almost 45 days. Yesterday night, I corrected everything, I said.

Okay, Dude, at least you help us for the viva, they said

First of all, focus on the last semester exams buddy, viva we can handle, I said and left to the room

After entering the room, Varun also started talking about the project.

My friend..! Have they approved your project? Or you were thrown out of college, he said sarcastically.

Why would they throw me away, they liked it and appreciated, I said with a smile.

Oh. ! Is It true, Bro, the robbers have never been punished, but the real guys are going to confront for small mistakes, he said.

Hello, who’s the thief you name here? I won’t be able to do it because of certain circumstances, but you know about me, right? I’ve said winking an eye at him

Stop covering, don’t connect everything to it, Chalo. lets us celebrate the acceptance of your project, he said.

I said, all right because I didn’t have Hyderabadi biryani for a long time, either.

I drastically reduced to going to college, I know that without attendance, I won’t be allowed to write the exams, but I don’t have much interest in going. Besides, I didn’t attend a single class last semester, so I started to prepare for the exam in the room

Preparation for the whole night and sleep in the mornings. After a couple of days, some of my other classmates have joined me for preparation. Every day they come and discuss the topic they know. With the discussion, we’ll understand it better than reading it ten times. The same thing we’ve been doing since the first semester. With this exercise, all of us scored good marks, and we kept going.

When everyone was preparing, I used to play games on a mobile phone. If possible, I used to disturb everyone, but I used to prepare well in the night.

We finished our final exams and started to prepare for the selection of campus recruitment.

’Dear Student,

Your project viva scheduled for next Monday from 11 AM. At the MBA Campus, while attending viva, please carry your Hall Ticket, ID card, and a copy of the project.

From principal’

The message I received in the morning. After this message, I suddenly got afraid, took out my project, and started to prepare.

One by one student started to enter the MBA campus. It’s almost a month since we last saw each other. Few of them have gotten the job, and they share the experience. Few of them are on high stress about the viva.

One of my friends asked me to give the first-semester subject names in order. Then, after hearing it, everyone turns to him with a shock. We didn’t remember the last semester’s subject names, and why did he ask us about the first Semester, so everyone was eager to know why he asked.

But, why do you need them, we’ve already gone through all those, I asked.

Yes...! We passed those, but if you’re not answering any Viva questions, they’re asking the names of the subjects, so I recall them all, he said.

Are you serious? But now we also have to remember other semesters, I said in a shock.

And then everyone hurried to share the names they recalled.

Finally, we wrote all the names on the paper of the all semesters. Meanwhile, one of my friends comes out of the viva room. Hey idiots, I also prepared the same thing and went inside, but they didn’t ask, they showed me the hell, he said with sympathy.

For a moment, we were in shock, and our fear doubled. As per the roll number one by one, entering with a smile and coming out with a sad face. We even controlled the toilet and waited for our turn.

And finally, my turn came, I went into the room.

Karthik right? You’ve finished your project in which company? External asked me

I told him the company name

Is this real? Shall I trust you? It looks more like a clone of the project from Ameerpet. Tell me the truth, or else I will fail you, he said.

How did he know? If he wasn’t the owner of the shop where I bought it, I thought in my mind, and I answered him.

What? sir, how could you tell me that? I did the live project, if you need proof, check with my guide. I said

In the meantime, my mentor, yes, sir, he’s real, he’s a genuine student, and can’t fake it, he said.

With that statement, I couldn’t control my laughter, but if I smile, I’m going to caught, so managed all my laughs and sit like an innocent kid in front of the External.

He asked me about the findings of the project

It was an easy question for me. I answered it with high confidence.

What is your research methodology? He asked

It’s a full toss to me as well, I quickly redirected it to the boundary, and I gave very definite answers to all questions, so he believed and gave clearance.

Okay, Karthik, go and send the next roll number, he said.

Sir, please can you tell me the marks, I asked him, and he was irritated.

Is it relevant now? You can’t wait for the results, he shouted.

I just jumped out of the room with a shock. And my friend was affected in the Viva room with the disturbance that I created.

So, our viva done with a lot of fun and tensions.We waited for the results to come and started surfing the job openings for freshers daily on the net.

Wherever the opening is, I used to attend interviews, get rejected and go back to the room. Whenever the same thing happens, I used to cry in the room, for my loss all the time. Day by day, I’m going to have more sadness. To prove myself, I came to Hyderabad, but now I don’t have that confidence that I can do something. It’s for almost three months, and I haven’t received any offers yet. For everything, I still rely on my mom, that’s destroying my confidence from the inside.

I’m losing confidence, and I’m thinking about going back home. Once Varun comes back, I’m going to tell him and leave.

I don’t have anything to do, so I’ve seen a movie for a while, and I slept for a bit.

It is Evening 04:10 PM

Phone is buzzing

I am not in a mood. Moreover, I didn’t had food in the afternoon, and I don’t have the patience to speak.

To check who is it, I’ve seen the phone, it’s Harini, and I’m wondering why she’s suddenly calling me.

Hello Harini, how are you? I asked

I am doing super, how are you? How is your job search going on? She asked

Huh, yeah. Not that great, Harini, wherever I went, I was rejected, I said in half-sleep.

Karthik, are you sleeping at this time? I was in an impression that you must be preparing for interviews, she said

What should I prepare for Harini? So far, I’ve attended more than 30 interviews, at least one I haven’t chosen. Now I became so good at the topic that I didn’t need more preparation for it, I responded.

And, you’ve lost your patience, huh? Have you packed your luggage? So you stopped trying to do that?

Yes, Sister, I decided to go back home, I can’t find a job here, I said.

You accepted the failure and running away from it after holding 30 interviews. How long are you going to run? When are you going to fight? She was worried

I don’t have any more patience to fight now. I won’t get anything that easily. Even after studying hard, I’m struggling to get a job now. So I don’t have any choice but to go home, I said.

Now we can see the light is because of the Bulb. Do you know how many times Edison failed to invent the Bulb? At least 10000 times. If he stopped trying at the 30th attempt like you, can we be able to see the light today? So don’t be upset, you’ll see the success soon. Don’t stop trying, she said,

Whatever Harini has said is very motivating. If I go home and accept my failure, whatever Varsha thought is going to be proved. My mom’s going to defamed in front of them. So I need to work harder to see success. I Determined

Okay, Harini, I loved your inspiration. And that gave me the strength to fight. Now I’m sure I’m going to fight all the life tests and get the job. Until I won’t get a job, I won’t go home, I said.

That’s my Karthik, Very nice decision, she said

With your success, they’re expected to shiver to see you succeed, in that position you should be, understood, she said.

I said, okay.

In 15 days, I’m coming to Hyderabad, will you be free? She asked

Whom you’re asking about free Harini. I am a ‘FREE’ word brand ambassador. You just come, we will rock here, I said

Okay Karthik, I will call you before I start, she said

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