Love Can Happen Multiple Times

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Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City

I reached the railway station to pick up Harini, as usual trains were running late. I’ve been waiting for her for 1 hour.

At last, the train had arrived, along with Harini, Keerthana also came. Harini didn’t share this with me.

Why didn’t you tell me that Keerthana is coming, I asked Harini

If you tell me, I’d have come in a taxi, now I’ve got a bike, how can we go, I said.

Don’t get a tense brother, three of us can ride on a bike, she said.

Three of us, huh? That too in Hyderabad? If the police caught us, then three of us will be behind bars, you know that I asked.

Nothing’s going to happen, and if someone catches us, I’m going to act like I’m getting stomach pain, so they’re going to let us go, what to say? She said with a winking smile.

I just opened my mouth wide, surprisingly, with the thought, and Keerthana grinned uncontrollably.

Okay, Chalo. If anything happens, you need to take care of it, I said.

So, tell me now, What’s our plan schedule? I asked

I don’t have any specific plans, Bro, just to meet you and Nakul, we’re here, she responded.

Happily, I grinned and stopped the bike near the tiffin centre, we had our breakfast there, and we started to Hitech City. There Nakul was waiting for us. Keerthana Shifted from my bike to Nakul’s bike, and then we headed to Ramoji Film City

We parked our bikes and went to the ticket line.

Once we’ve taken the ticket, we waited for the bus to get there, the bus will drop the visitors to the film city. From there, they’re going to guide us where to go.

Once we got off the bus, we went to the restaurant and had a cold drink. That day, I don’t know if it’s a sunny day, or if I’ve been back in the room for so many days, I’m feeling it.

Was Hyderabad this hotter regularly? Keerthana asked

No, it’s a very average temperature for us, Nakul said.

Is it normal, Dude? I asked Nakul with a weird look

Yes, hey Dude, Don’t act smart, you just stay here only, why you’re behaving like you’ve come here for the first time, he said

I laughed at his statement, remembering my daily routine

Yes, Dude. I’m staying in Hyderabad, but it’s been so long since I’ve seen daytime, I don’t have a job, I’m sleeping in the room, I Said

Don’t worry, you’re going to get a job, and you’re going to experience the heat, Keerthana said.

That means what Keerthana, you’re telling me I’m going to get a roaming work on the road, I said.

No Karthik, I’m telling you, you’re going to get a job soon, she responded.

I don’t know when I’m going to get that chance, I said disappointedly

In the meantime, they announced that the cowboy act would begin in a short time

We went and sat in the hall

It is a very good, original fight and action. They have thrown away the treasure that they stole, for the audience. I picked up a few of those notes and gave them to Nakul for use.

Don’t think they’re original. No, the notes are all fake.

From there, we went to the Indian dance theatre, where all the dancers performed very well. Once the act was over, we went to the end of our meal.

Nakul met Keerthana for the first time, I think, until they had lunch, they were talking about family and their village stuff.

I’m not at all concentrating on their conversation, but I’m just focusing on eating.

Nakul, you only talking? Doesn’t Karthik speak? Keerthana has asked

Hey, Karthik, when you had the last meal, after watching me eating, Nakul asked me

Nothing like that, you both are talking about something important, so I don’t want to bother you. I’m just concentrating on my meal, I said.

Don’t over act Karthik, and we feel bad if you don’t talk, Keerthana said.

What? What did you just say? Did you only speak it? You’re talking, too? Keerthana, I asked in surprise.

Why don’t I talk to you? I talk a lot, and if you have any doubts you may ask Harini, I’m very big rowdy in the hostel, she said.

Is it? But no one will feel it looking at you. You talked a little last time in our house too, I said

What is it? Hey, hold on Sir, which house is that? Whose house is it? So, both of you know each other from before? Nakul asked in a confusion

A couple of days back when I was in the summer internship, both of them came to my house, from then I know her, I said.

So, am I the Kulfi fellow here? Why late? You both start talking, and I’m going to leave, he said.

Where will you go? Keep quiet and sit. I said

When you visited Karthik’s house, why did you not tell me you mental? Nakul asked Harini

When my examinations were over, I went to Keerthana’s house, and from there we both visited Karthik’s Home, she answered

I’d come, if you’d told me, why didn’t you tell me? He asked seriously

Hmm, it wasn’t a planned trip, Nakul. You just stop reacting to that, she said.

Hello, you both of you stop for a while, please. you guys are talking about the matter that’s back over a long time, I said.

I’m shocked that Keerthana can talk. I said smiling

Hey, shut up Karthik, I speak well, Keerthana said

Okay, alright, Now, I’m just going to observe you, what you’re talking about, I said

Go and look for some kind of job, stop concentrating on me, she said

My God, it’s tough to deal with you, I said.

I told you already, and I’m a rowdy. You can’t handle me; I’m more dangerous than Varsha, Keerthana said.

After listening to the name of the Varsha, I felt terrible. Got up and walked out of the lunch hall

Hey Karthik, what happened? Why are you leaving food, I didn’t mean to hurt you, please come and finish the lunch, Keerthana followed me, begging.

Hi, madam, I can even give you shocks, you can’t bear them, you can’t make fun of me. Go and have lunch, I asked her, covering my sorrow.

I’m going to have, but you come and have it, too, she requested.

You see my plate. First, I’ve shown it.

There was an empty plate, and she got angrier after seeing it. After finishing my lunch, I just started talking to you guys. You didn’t observe that, and now you thought that I was leaving the food. I never disrespect meal, so go and finish your meal, I said.

She slapped me on my head with her left hand and went to the lunch area.

I feel sorry for her. She left her food and followed me as she thought that I had left my food.

Once we finished our lunch, we picked up the bus again. The film city staff took us on a ride through the beautiful gardens, some shooting places. We won’t be able to recall them, but that feeling is great. Until 06:00 PM, we saw all the locations, and we came out and went straight to the railway station.

It will be very late until you get back to the hostel, you should have stayed back for today, I said.

The hostel is close to the Railway Station, so there is no difficulty in getting around, said Harini

I purchased and gave a bottle of water and snacks.

Keerthana thanked me for the snacks and expressed regret about the incident in the afternoon.

I have long forgotten it, and you’re still there, from the evening you kept quiet, and you claim you speak a lot, I said laughing

Hey. Karthik, I’ll crack your nose, behave yourself, she said

Okay, Madam. First, safely reach the hostel, I said

The charge is low on my phone, so don’t worry if my phone isn’t reachable. I will call you with the number of Keerthi, as soon as we reach, Harini said

That’s why I’ve been shouting at you not to take so many photos. But you have not heard of me. All right, the announcement has done, go safe, I said

After they left, Nakul and I returned to our places.

Around 01:30 AM,

Phone buzzing

I’m in a deep sleep, Varun wakes me up. It’s an unknown number, but I recalled Harini’s statement and picked the call

Hello, Harini, did you reach hostel? I asked

We reached Karthik, She replied

I was waiting for your call, but I didn’t realise when I was asleep. We’re tired of roaming around entirely in the film city. Okay, you’ve reached safely, now you go to sleep, too, I said

Sure, we will speak to you tomorrow, she said.

Morning by the time I got up, I received a message from Keerthana, she thanked me for showing the film city.

In return, I answered her with a good morning. And waited for her answer, but no response from the end of her. And I began brushing my teeth and reading the news, putting the phone away.

Life has changed a lot, but my style of brushing isn’t, the same way I used to hold the brush for a long time in the past. We just grew up, finished college, in place of Nani, Vijju, and Sameer now that Varun is accompanying me. God is testing me without giving me a chance.

Karthik, go and get ready. We’re going to have breakfast. You come back, and I will go straight from there to the Hospital, Varun said.

Give me a minute mate; I’m in the middle of some exciting news, I said

Dude, you can do that once you come back, I’m going to be late, he said

I don’t have any work to do, so I held the newspaper aside and got ready to go along with Varun.

I had a quick breakfast and tea at the Shankaranna Tea stall, and I came back to the room, and Varun went to the Hospital. I’m a free bird and no more money in hand, so Varun is paying for all my needs. He never told me anything about money or my expenses. He is understanding me, and he’s been helping me all the time. He used to inspire me a few times if I was in a depression. I ask God to give everyone a friend like Varun.

When I came back to the room, I searched for job openings in the classifieds, but I didn’t find any opportunities. Nothing to do so, I started watching’ Rockstar′ movie again.

Meanwhile, I received a message from Keerthana

Hi Sir, if you get up late, how are you going to attend the interviews? she asked

Hello Keerthana, I usually wake up late because I don’t have any work and I was exhausted yesterday, I replied

Right, but you can support your friend or go to the gym, you can do a lot of things, she said

He doesn’t allow me to help him, and he never leaves any work for me he does all my job, I replied

Hum, you’re a big loafer, Karthik, and you use your innocent friend for all your work, but you cover everything with an innocent mask as if you are a hard worker, she said

Nothing like that, Because I’m very free I got sluggish, otherwise, I was very active in the past, I said

Hey. Yeah. Comparing you with my last visit to your house and now you’ve put on weight, and your belly popped out, you’ve got to have food and sleep without any work, she said.

Hello, madam, the belly is our property, which we gain, and you’re keeping an eye on it, right? I smiled and asked

Upon listening to me, she even smiled.

Alright Karthik, you continue your work, I’ve got some work, I’m going to ping you in the evening., she said

I replied okay, and I started watching a movie again.

Once the film was over, I went out and had some tea. I picked some snacks and fruit for Varun and went back to the room.

I feel bored in the room. As soon as Varun comes, I should plan a film, if I ask him at this difficult time, I don’t know how he’s going to react, but I decided to ask because he’s a best friend to me, whatever he says, he got all the right.

I offered him the fruits that I bought in the evening.

Dude, who bought it? Have you gone out? He asked

Yes, I went out for tea, so on my way back, I bought these, I answered.

Don’t you have any interviews today? Haven’t you gone anywhere? He asked

No Dude, no interviews until one week, I responded.

Okay, when are your results going to be out? He asked

Don’t have any idea, mate, maybe release in 15 days, I replied.

Work hard, Dude, if you get a job, mom’s going to be very happy. Me too even, haha, he smiled and said,

Yeah, buddy, I’m going to do the hard work. But we shall go to the movie right now, sitting in a room I’m getting bored, I said.

I’m tired, buddy, today we had too many appointments. We can plan another day, he said.

Don’t do anything, just come and sit in the theatre. Moreover, it’s a comedy movie which is lacking in our life, let’s go, I said,

You idiot, you already decided okay, I’m going to get fresh and come wait, he said.

Not immediately buddy, take some rest now, let’s go to the second show, I said.

Hmm. These days, you’re giving breathing time also to me, fantastic. Said, and went inside.

I went outside, and I bought dinner for both of us. We finished dinner, and Varun began playing mobile games. Meanwhile, I spoke to Mom

Have you had your dinner Karthik? Keerthana messaged

Yeah, done, what about you? I replied

Just now, I’m going home tomorrow, so finished packing and had dinner early to get to bed soon, she said.

Oh, is it? So what’s your next plan? The education is over, so planning for marriage? I asked

Marriage? No… I am planning for my Ph.D., I need to prepare for its entrance, she said

Oh great, after that what will you do? I asked

I’ve been interested in research, so if I qualify for NET then I can do research on my interesting subject at any national university, she responded

Oh Great, Hats off for your patience and salute your parents for their encouragement, I said

Leave my parents now, what’s unique about dinner today? She asked

Nothing special, just Phulka, Dal and Alu, I said

Why not Biryani today? She asked

You said in the morning, my tummy popped out, so I began my diet today, I replied

She chuckled loudly

You know, your personality and dieting doesn’t suit, she said.

Okay, let’s leave it, buddy, we’ve planned a movie, so we got food from a nearby store, I said

Yeah, really, huh? Which movie are you going to? She asked

Chennai Express, I said

Is that a Telugu movie? When did that come? Who’s the lead actor? she asked

It’s not Telugu, it’s a Hindi Movie, the hero of the film is Shahrukh Khan, I said.

Okay, I don’t have much idea about movies, she said

Why? Don’t you see the film? I asked

Quite rare, I watch the film. When we saw your favourite movie at home, I was having a laugh, she said

Why did you get a smile? The film is excellent, isn’t it? I asked

I didn’t say it wasn’t good. while watching, seeing your face, I was laughing, she replied

It’s all right, and I have a funny face. At least a girl was smiling, looking at my face, I said.

Oh, my goodness, how is it, Karthik? How come you’re so positive? Don’t you ever get angry? How can you take it all so lite? She asked

So you want me to get angry? No right, huh? You’re just making fun, for it I should laugh, but I can’t react with anger for it, I said.

Stop Karthik; please stop, now you’re running out of time for your movie please go and enjoy, she said.

I laughed and said bye.

Varun Lets go to the movie, I called him

Who’s that man? You’ve been chatting for quite a long time, he said, while locking the room.

Harini’s friend Keerthana, I replied

Okay, why did she suddenly give you a message, Varun asked.

Nothing, Dude, she came with Harini yesterday, so she just messaged me to thank, I said.

Karthik, I warn you, don’t interact too much, you’ve already got two stories, please don’t start the third one, he said.

Why am I going to begin? She just sent me a message of thanks as a friend, I just answered, if I don’t speak she thinks, I’m arrogant, I said.

Okay, I didn’t say you don’t answer, but please be within your limits, he said.

Alright Varun, I said

After the show, we got back to the room late. Varun left the Hospital in the morning without waking me up.

I’m getting continuous calls, opening my half-closed eyes, checking who’s that calling, it’s my classmate.

What has happened, Dude? Has anybody died? I asked him, annoyed, why do you call me these many times?

Don’t you have a shame to sleep so far? They’ve announced our results today. Do you know? He asked.

Okay, so what? Dude, everyone would have passed the exam, right? What’s there to feel happy about that, I said.

You, moron, you have completely changed. How serious are you about your studies when you joined the course? And see yourself now, you’re not serious about anything. You idiot, you passed all the exams, he yelled.

Don’t yell, you donkey, I’m not serious about my results now, and did I fail? No, right? So nobody’s going to change your destiny, so keep calm and let me sleep peacefully, I said.

Oh. Mr. Karthik Swami Ji, don’t start your Pravachan now, he said

You better shut the fuck up and cut the line, and I’m going to sleep right now, call you later, I said, and I hung the phone.

Around 03:00 PM Varun Called me

I am still asleep, he just screamed at me and asked me about the result

I replied, yes, the result has come, and I cleared all the subjects.

Dude, don’t you have the excitement to tell that you pass in it? He asked

Why do you get excited about Varun, when you know you’re going to pass, I said

So you know it’s already announced the result, but you didn’t call me and let me know, he said.

I thought of telling you that once you were here, I said

Karthik, did you observe yourself, how foolishly you are behaving these days. You’re not as serious as you had before. After Varsha left you, you started taking things for granted, and day by day, you’re losing confidence and going into a depression-like a fool, but you don’t know it, he said.

What did I do now? Why are you shouting and beginning to give Gyaan, I asked

Don’t you know what you have done? He asked

Leave it all, tell me what to do now? I asked

Nothing much, but be serious from now on, at least. I ought to see an old Karthik from tomorrow. My friend whom I met about two years ago, he said.

Okay, I agree, but not from tomorrow, let me have some time to settle, I said.

You’ve already taken a lot of time, no longer waiting, he said.

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