Love Can Happen Multiple Times

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Job in Hyderabad

Job in Hyderabad

Mom I got a job offer today, I was expected to join in a week, I said happily to mom

When listening to me, she felt very happy. Today your hard work paid off, she said happily.

I said all because of your blessings, mom.

Once I start to work, I won’t be able to come home much, so planning to come home tomorrow, I said.

All right, dear. Who told you not to come here. I’m going to be very happy if you come home, she replied.

I was just updating you mom that I am coming, I said

I can sense her joy at the call, she was very pleased. I feel like I won the world by making her happy. These days, I’ve been in fear of losing my life race, but after I’ve gotten a job, I feel super happy.

Don’t worry, my dear. You’ve done nothing wrong with anyone, you’re going to get it all right, she said.

Now I’m really happy mom, because I got an offer. then I was afraid to lose to those people who refused me.

Why should you be afraid? They will make you fear all the time, if they get to know about your fear. Convert all your fear into your achievements and get better than them, then the fear starts in them, Mum said.

Yeah, yeah. I understood the difference between loss and win, I’m going to gain much more success if you support me like this, I said.

Yeah, you got to catch the train early in the morning, go to bed, she said.

As a regular practice, after having a tea at the Shankaranna tea stall, Varun drops me to the auto stand. Now I can even speak Hyderabadi Hindi.

The railway station is fully crowded. At the ticket counter, it’s a big Q. I was just on the line. An elderly lady came to me and asked me to get a ticket even for her, and I agreed and took the money. The ticket issuing master must have woken up now, he is very sluggish to issue tickets. Most people argue with him to issue it sooner, after listening to the announcements, few of the passengers just fled. I made my own line straight after they quit. The elderly lady just watches me, hoping to get a ticket. I eventually took a ticket and gave it to her and walked into the station.

I’m so surprised to see the train compartment, it’s cramped and you can’t even lift your leg. I thought for a moment, if everybody’s here? Are the towns empty?

I felt like I could travel home by sitting, but here the scene is different. You can’t even hit your head with your hand now in a disappointment.

In the train, everybody sweats, even after all the fans are running. I can’t even scratch my butt, the crowd is squeezing me. Everybody began boarding the train in the station by pushing in, after the train signal. Once the train came out of the station, from windows I enjoyed some fresh air. Everyone showed up on each other until now, now everyone is settling down and the train has become quiet.

I’m very confident now that anyone who ever wants to move me, can’t move a millimetre away from my place, so I slept standing with faith, listening to Rockstar songs in an earphone. Due to I woke up early in the morning, I had a very good sleep on the train.

Around 9:00 AM, the train stopped at a random station, I was feeling hungry, but I didn’t dare to get out of the train, I consoled my stomach.

After 3 hours I’m getting a full body massage, so now it’s starting to hurt. And I didn’t fall asleep with that pain. Now I have no choice but to wait for my destination.

Besides me, the guy is trying to pick up his phone as it’s vibrating, I said it’s my cell, don’t worry, I’m going to take care of it. I told him to stop touching me as it’s very annoying. He’s hurt, I think he’s staring at me seriously for my comment. I picked the phone as I had earphones, otherwise I’d ignore the call in this crowd.

Irritatingly i said hello

Hi, what happened to your result, I got to know that your result was declared 3 days ago, she told me, I never heard that voice before.

I asked in an irritating voice who this is on the call

Karthik, this early you forgot me, how do you neglect me? She responded, How can you do injustice to me?

Hello madam, first of all I get a full body massage in the train, now you can’t massage my ears, now I can’t even laugh at your jokes, I said.

Hey, what’s that? You didn’t really remember me? Have you not saved my number? I’m Keerthana mate, she replied

Oh, I saved your name, Keerthana, but the phone is in my pocket and I can’t see it because of the crowded train. I use earphones, so I could pick up your call, I said.

Where are you going now, she asked.

Going home, I said with a pleasure

Okay, what about your results? Have you done through it? She asked

Yes, yes. of course, yesterday I got the job offer, too, I said.

Are you sure about that? Karthik, you didn’t even bother to give me a message, she said.

You’ve just disappeared these days, no texts, so I thought we’re not that close, so whether I can send you a message or not I don’t know, if I send it how you’re going to respond to it I don’t know, so I’ve not sent it. Harini knows already, she didn’t inform you, I asked.

I came to my grandma’s place from home, where they’re very strict, so I can’t get a chance to message that often. One more thing, don’t share with Harini that we’re talking to each other, she said.

Why? Why shouldn’t I? I asked

Just. Simply. Don’t tell her that’s it. You need a reason for everything or what? She said seriously

When will you treat me then, she asked

Come to Hyderabad, I’m going to arrange for you whatever you want, I said.

Let’s hope for it, she said

So, you got the job, your mom must be very happy, she asked

Yes. she is very happy, i said

Keerthana, it’s very annoying to be speaking here in this crowd, can I call you back later, please? I have requested

Okay, Karthik, I only call you, don’t call me or send me a message. I don’t know where my phone will be all the time.

I said, Okay.

I just got some relief on this tight and painful journey after Keerthana’s call. Yet I recalled the words of Varun, so there were no emotions. I just started to listen to the songs.

I just couldn’t bear the pain of my body right now, I’m waiting for my destination to arrive. I hit around 03:00 PM

Karthik, why have you become so thin? Aren’t you having food? mom asked

Me and thin, huh? What the hell are you talking about? Mom, I’m having full biryani every day without missing, and have you seen my belly? I asked

No, Karthik, you lost so much weight, you worried about a job? she asked

Not really, I was worried but I didn’t miss my meal at all, I just didn’t have it on time that’s it. Now you don’t worry, I’ll have it on time, otherwise people in my office won’t let me have the food whenever I want.

She gave me tea in the evening and started talking about my marriage. As every parent does, I also got the same proposal.

What’s the hurry? I said

Hurry, huh? Boys younger than you are getting married, and they had one child, too. How many days are you going to be single like this? If you get married, your wife will take care of you, then I’ll be peaceful, she said.

What mom all girls are doing work as equal to men these days, we can’t treat them as men’s carers, I said.

I didn’t mean it, Karthik. If she’s there, both of you can accompany each other, she replied

Sure, mom, if time comes, no one’s going to stop it. Until the time comes, leave me. I told

Tomorrow morning, I have to meet all my friends and share with them all the happy news, I said.

Your wish dear, She said and entered into kitchen holding Tea cups.

I met Nani, Vijju and Sameer a long time ago, so I went to Sameer first to pick him and go to Nani.

Once he saw me, he just couldn’t resist hugging me.

Buddy, when did you get here? These days, you’ve become very busy. How many days have passed since we met? You became a fat guy, he said, laughing.

I’m doing fantastic, buddy. How are all our friends? I asked him

They’re all doing well. Only Nani was attempted to commit suicide because of his girlfriend’s problem he replied.

I was in a shock to hear it for a moment.

What? How’s he doing now? Let’s go and see him right away. Why didn’t you updated me, you idiot, after the incident? I asked

Don’t worry, he’s all right, we saved him. his parents were in shock and If he was still here, he would be upset, so Vijju took him to his aunt’s house, he responded.

Although Vijju was disturbed by the act of Nani, he’s not leaving him.

But what happened? why did his girlfriend cheated on him? Why do girls do so? If she already knows that she must leave you, why does she love us? I asked him with rage

She did not cheat, she tried until the end to convince her father. Both families had a big fight knowing their love story. They threatened and beat Nani once. He held them so that they got him with a lawsuit. He was cautioned and sent back by police. So in fear of losing her, he committed suicide, Sameer responded,

Oh, is it? How is she now?I asked

Now, she’s safe. She abandoned her parents and came to Nani once she had heard about the suicide attempt. Again the struggles started. The girl complained about her parents this time, on the contrary. The police also could not do anything because they were both majors, so they persuaded their parents and get married them, he said.

I first got angry with Nani when I listened to this, but after I heard about their union, I am happy with them. I have a lot of excitement.

Didn’t believe that nani got married to his loved one. That’s the most fortunate thing, I told Sameer and asked him to call them to talk.

I remembered the days in which Nani came for the girl to my house. We used to be tensionless during those days, those days were only good. I’m glad for the success of his love. I recalled Neetu, if she was alive, happily that we had married so far, she would have been grateful for the marriage of Nani, after all that, tears swept in my eyes, Sameer gave me phone in the meantime..

Hello, Sameer, buddy, how are you? How come you remembered me today, Nani asked me

You cunt, how are you? Asshole? Why did you attempt suicide fucker? Till the time my full rage doesn’t calm down, I scolded him

When did you come, Karthik? You Idiot? How are you doing? Asked Nani with all the excitement

Keep my well-being aside, you son of a bitch, why did you commit suicide? tell me first, I yelled at him.

Buddy, you haven’t changed. Do you still have a lot of anger, even after you went to Hyderabad? Nani told me to chuckle.

Nani, don’t laugh, you fool, I’m getting too upset with you. Didn’t you think about us, your parents before you attempted it? If anything bad had happened, then what would have been the situation today, I screamed again.

My brain wasn’t working, pal, that day, after they sent me home after counselling, I was in fear of losing her, so I did it. But all your love has saved me, he said.

I didn’t think you were that dumb, I said.

If anything had happened to me, today would have been 8 months for you to forget me. Nothing happened right, please leave the topic and tell me how Varsha is doing? When is your wedding? He asked me

Her marriage will be in a few more days, mine I don’t know, I answered.

What happened buddy? Why separate marriages?You both are not getting married?, He questioned me shockingly

I explained to him what had happened to me in Mumbai.

Not everyone is fortunate, like you, Nani, to marry a loved one and to be happy, I said.

Huh. Lucky…! My uncle has beaten me like anything, and after marriage, he doesn’t talk to me at all, he just talks to his daughter. The status and cast don’t make me feel happy, but I don’t understand why these father’s behave like that, he replied.

I don’t know, buddy, not all dads like that, but you’re fortunate to have him, I said laughing.

I’m going to leave in five days, why don’t you all come here, I wanted to meet all of you, I said,

I’ll say, buddy, we’re going to decide and come, if Vijju knows that you are here, he will come to you straight away. He said

I said all right and asked him for his marriage party, he agreed to give it.

I hung up the phone and went back home.

Around 03:00 PM

Hi Karthik, Keerthana Text buzzed in a mobile phone

Buddy, whats up

Hi, Keerthana, today, I am super happy because I met a few of my childhood friends.

Oh, great. But, do you have friends other than Varun? She sent sarcastic message

Yeah, obviously. Why are you in doubt? I replied

I just listened to the name of Varun every time I heard you. You rarely talk about anyone else, so I just think you had any other friends, she said.

I got other friends, you are one of them on the list. Yet my best is Varun, i replied

I am not your friend, why do you include me in your list of friends? she replied

Oh, but why? I wondered, confusingly.

Leave me man, you don’t have to think of me as your friends, as we just started talking, she replied

Why, then? You’re also a good friend of mine, I’m happy when I’m talking to you.

No, Karthik, stop talking about me now, things are going in a different direction now, she said.

Different direction, huh? I haven’t got you, I replied confused

Nothing, you just change the topic, she said

All right, where are you now? Returned to your house? I’ve sent a message

No, boy, still at the home of Granny. I might stay here for a couple of days more. My parents will come next week, along with them, I’ll leave, she responded.

I said, okay

I ask my grandmother to prepare for me, Karthik, can you share your Potato recipe, she messaged,

Madam, stop teasing me, please. It happened like this that day by mistake. Please leave me. I never again enter the kitchen, I replied

Hey, if you’re not entering the kitchen, how?

How, What? I’m going to have food at hotel what is out there, I said,

It’s all right for you, but what about me? She asked

what, you? Your mother and grandmother were there, ask them to cook for you or you cook yourself. What am I going to do, I replied

Who knows that? It may be time for you to cook for me someday. you should be prepared for all, She replied

What she was saying, I didn’t understand. I answered, for no one I’m not going to cook.

Sure, I’ve just made fun of you, Karthik. When will you return to Hyderabad? She wondered

Maybe I’ll be back after five days, I replied

Before you join the work, I’d recommend you to visit to the nearby temple, she said

These rituals and temples I don’t know a lot. But I chose to go this time after she had said, and answered yes.

She asked, do you ever go to temples?

No, quite rare. Nobody asked me to go to temples until now, so I kept quiet, and nobody asked me to join them, I said

All right, I’ll come with you, she said, if possible.

Arriving in Hyderabad, are you? In doubt, I asked

No, why would I have come to Hyderabad? She replied,

How then, without coming to Hyderabad, are you going to accompany me to a temple? I’ve been wondering

You shouldn’t ask all of them, if I can, I will, she responded.

Don’t ask, what does it mean? How is it possible without landing in Hyderabad? Why are you confusing me, I’ll get doubt correct? I’ve been wondering

If your fortunate it will happen, who knows, don’t ask more questions. she responded,

She’s crazy and now she makes me mad. I don’t understand anything, but I said all right, as if I knew it all.

That’s good for you, she said

I did not understand this comment either, so I asked her what else to start talking.

Nothing much, for now. I’m going to message you later, Grandma calling me, she said.

I answered all right.

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