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First Day at Office

First Day at Office

Upon my joining day, the HR dumped on me so many applications. Even in my MBA exams, I never felt sad, but it is painful to fill in those forms. I only have to fill all my information in the format, but I’m not interested in filling them. Why don’t these HRs themselves fill in the specifics when all required details submitted before the offer? I didn’t understand. I had no choice but to fill out those forms. They gave me biometric access to the office where it was not available in my previous job, so to know it, I was happy.

I took half a day to finish all the formats. They took me to the lunchroom and introduced me to the team one by one. The lunch hall packed, and they glared at HR with frustration as they annoyed. I wished all of them and came out. He just invited me to have lunch, as I haven’t got the Box, I thanked him ad went out. I came back to the office after I finished lunch and waited in the reception until the HR arrived. They offered me a desk and a laptop late in the evening.

I was at the desk, but I didn’t know what to do next, I’m waiting for someone who can show me my duties.

Around 04:30 PM,

I guess that’s a tea break. Everyone began to ram into the cafeteria, as if somebody were delivering food in the flooded area. They even welcomed me, but I didn’t feel like having, so I denied. Few of them came to me with the teacups and began to converse with me; they introduced themselves with their responsibility.

Although I met new people, there is no excitement to me, I am nervous. It was very formal. The headache started as it’s a new place and because of an induction. On the first day, I guess, the work would be like that. After many days, I felt as if someone was locking me in the corner. As this place was new to me, I felt lost and can not even get out of my seat. I’m just looking at the clock, but it’s ridiculous, not moving.

I decided to have a strong Tea at Shankaranna tea stall while returning to the room and should sleep at least for an hour.

In the meantime, my reporting boss called me to his cabin and asked me about induction and formality.

It’s just going to be like this first day, and I’ll keep you on training from tomorrow, he said.

in very flat voice I said all right to him

Why do you look so dull? Didn’t you like the office? He asked

It’s a first-day tense, nothing like that sir, I replied

Yeah. That’s going to be there, don’t worry. If you want to leave early now, you can move, he said.

I felt alive again after listening to him. I thanked him and came out of the office

I felt somebody holding my breath until that time. I feel like I’m breathing as I stepped out. We are satisfied with the ACs in the closed rooms. But the gladness of cool nature breeze brings you actual life. I was happy as I came out of the office. The headache even went away rapidly. I went to Shankaranna tea stall directly from there and ordered a strong tea.

If your Tea isn’t there, what would be our lives? You’re great Shankaranna. In your hand you have magic. When we consume your Tea, it soothes our stresses and headache like magic, I said

He replied with a smile, it is all your love buddy

I said, without your Tea, our day will not begin and end

All right, buddy today’s Tea is free for you, he said happily.

I said you’re doing good work, Bro. You want to know how the people feel right about your service. If you don’t know how you improve the quality of your service? And now your Tea is part of our happiness, I told him by having a cup of Tea

Shankaranna was pleased after my feedback. I could see in his eyes. I arrived in the room by 06:30 PM.

Room locked from the inside. I called the bell, Varun came and opened the door. It’s a different feeling as I used to open the door for Varun every day. All big books surrounded him as he is getting ready for his PG Entrance.

Buddy, how is the first day office? Are there any gorgeous girls? he asked

Experience is magnificent, but are you talking seriously about girls? I asked

For many girls, you’re a dream guy, buddy, first they fall in love with you, and you’re popular to dump, right? so someone fell to you? I enquired, he said

You just asked me not to see any girl, so I stopped, I said, smiling at him.

Anyhow? How is it? How are friends? He asked

Huh. Okay, buddy, At the office, I just got a headache. I’ve been sitting idle at home for many days, and I didn’t understand, but sitting in one position is very tough, I became mad, I said

Then how can you get money if you roam free without a job? So, somewhere you have to work, he said.

Just joined today, mate. We have so much time, will do the hard work? I replied

First, go and get fresh, I can’t see your sleepy face, he said

You watch the same face every day, mate. Nothing new there, I said

See how the eyes swollen. You look like you haven’t slept for so many days and have worked hard. he said

That’s because my routine suddenly changed and my body started reacting to it, what I can do now.i said

Hey, Now get fresh and sleep a little, stop bluffing here. He said.

Okay, you get back into your book, I told and went inside.

When I got up, called my mother, and updated her about the first day of office, she was pleased. She gave me inputs for performance improvement, and I said all right for all she said.

Once the call was over, Varun and I went out to celebrate my first-day office and had Biryani. Biryani’s taste doubled as we are happy.

That day was too hectic in my office. But I was able to take out all the pressure after talking to my mother and eating a Biryani. Varun and I played Chess and went to bed, as we had to go to work in the morning.

The phone buzzed at about 11:00 PM with Keerthana’s message

Have you slept? She messaged

I woke up to the mobile lighting and vibration. So why in the night this girl has messaged me? I’m worried

Yes, I just slept, I have to go to my office right in the morning, so I went to bed thirty minutes ago, I answered

Alright then, relax. I will speak to you later, she replied

Tell me madam, I already woke up, I said

Oh, have I bothered you? She replied

No, madam. Why did you text me all of a sudden? Where have you been for many days? I asked

Sir, what do you know about our issues? Do you know how difficult it is to text by hiding from parents? she replied

Is your parents strict? Don’t even let you talk to friends, I asked

Yes, they’re not going to allow me, what now? Did I text you to speak this? she said

Why are you getting angry with me? I asked you very casually. Tell me why you sent me a message, I said

You seriously innocent Karthik, if I give you an angry text, you scared of me? I text you to understand the experience of the first day of the workplace. I didn’t get time in the morning. We just turned off the TV and came to bed, and now I’ve been asking you, she replied

Yeah, did you remember joining date of my office? Furthermore, do you work at home? I asked

I knew it all. I work at home, why am I not? She replied

Nobody will presume you will work at home by looking at your skin tone, I said

Seriously? Did you just praise my beauty? You see other girls besides your former girlfriends? Who the fuck said that fair skin girls don’t work? She replied

Keerthana, Don’t talk about my history, please. I asked you to leave, I said

Okay, okay, I am sorry.

All good at work? You went to the temple as I suggested, she asked

Yes. I went, I replied

The sound of my mobile keys is disturbing to Varun. At this late-night, I usually don’t speak to anyone. But I’m using Nokia 1100 that sounds for every letter I type. He got up and asked me to sleep, however.

Its Keerthana, on message, she is asking about my first-day office experience, I said to Varun

Can’t she talk in the morning? Why now does she bother us? He told me with annoyance

Okay, buddy, you don’t get upset, I’ll let her know, you go to sleep, I said.

What? You went to the temple, having valued my word, she said

I won’t go in general, but as you said, I went, I said

Alright, you’ve got an office right in the morning, you go to sleep. Tomorrow I’ll text you if I’m free, she said.

I’m waiting for this message as well, so I said good night, and I slept.

My life was busy with office, Varun’s game, mom’s updates at evening, and Keerthana’s chatting.

I started to love and respect Keerthana even after the promise to Varun.

As per TRAI, we can only send 100 messages a day, which was not enough to complete our daily conversation.

I was self-controlled, though I had felt about her, and as a good friend, I continued. For one more time, I don’t want to suffer.

But I just wanted to talk to Varun about my feelings

Karthik, What are you doing? Did you get it? The girl already knows all about you and Varsha. She must be jovial to you with sympathy. When you tell her that you love her, she’s going to look like a fool, he said

I agree with what you said, but I can feel that she loves me too, I said.

Well, she loves you. If it won’t succeed in this like the previous two. What’s your position? He asked

If it doesn’t work, I know that’s my fate, but if I sit back without saying anything, later, I feel sorry, I said.

You are not understanding, you’re going to suffer, he said.

What more am I supposed to tolerate? Buddy. Is this something new for me? Or is breaking up new for me? So to express my feelings better, I said

Your wish, buddy. You’ve got all these ideas. But remember one thing, don’t let anyone else know about it. This topic should be within us, he said.

Alright, buddy, I figured you’re not going to accept that. I hugged him and thanked him very much.

I’m going to be happy if you’re happy. I’m going to kill you if anything goes wrong. Varun said

I said all right, happily

Do not tell her now, first take some time and understand, express her, he said.

I nodded my head.

I don’t know what’s in her mind, but we started talking over the phone slowly from messages. We either have nothing to talk about, but it wasn’t enough 100 messages and the balance.

This girl is so special, her soothing voice that I wanted to hear over and over again, the wide round eyes, the classic looks, that made me fall for her. She’s very stubborn, where she just disconnects the call if she decides not to talk, she won’t listen to anyone. She hasn’t opened up about her love to date, but I’m sure she loves me.

We haven’t expressed to each other, but our heart knows we love each other. I tried to express Keerthana twice, but she said what you’re going to say, I’m going to kill you if you say something, she used to control me. She knows what I’m trying to say, but she’s not opening up and not allowing me open.

But I’m afraid to lose her. If I’m wrong in assume about her feelings.

My day begins with a Good Morning message from Keerthana and ends with a Good Night message.

She believes in God very much, and she used to offer Pooja to God twice a day.

I know that whoever I loved, they left me for a different reason. Besides, Varun took a promise not to share this relationship with anyone. So I was talking to Keerthana in secret. When I say to her now, Is she going to accept my proposal even after she knows everything about me? I’ve got in my mind a big question.

I came from the office and was thought of talking and called her. She disconnected the call and asked why did you call at this time? My parents are there. Why have you called? I just call you back. she messaged

I said, Okay.

In thirty minutes, she called, as she said. You’ve gone mad, what Karthik? I’ve told you not to call many times, and I only phone you. Why did you call? She screamed and yelled.

I know, but suddenly I felt like talking, so I called, I answered

You might have messaged me knowing why to call if you wanted to talk? She told me.

So you want to speak to me? Since when? How, though? She asked

Tell me now that I’m listening, she said.

May I say you seriously? Are you okay with this? When I tell that will you agree? I said with dirty thoughts in my mind if she say yes, then I’m going to propose to her.

What will you say? I’m going to break your nose, she said, smiling.

What? Madam, you said you are ready to listen, what happened now? I Asked

Don’t over act, Karthik, shut up, she said

I laughed and asked, how did you call me right now? When your parents are out there?

I came to the terrace and talking to you. My parents both at the house she said.

I said, okay.

Karthik, do you know how to sing? She asked

Sorry, I don’t know that. Why are you asking for it? I questioned

Nothing buddy, why don’t you sing a song for me, she said

If I sing, you’re not going to dare to talk to me again, that horrible it would be, I replied.

No problem, no matter how you sing, I’ll listen to you, and then I’ll give you feedback. Keerthana said

Leave it, madam, I can’t sing, I said

Are you going to sing or can I cut the call, she just started to blackmailing me

I didn’t understand what to do for a moment, and I’m not even a bathroom singer. I sang on stage once in my childhood. That too, shudderingly.

Thinking all of these, instantly, a song from Kamal Hasan’s movie hit my mind, which was from the movie ‘Guna,’ i.e., ‘Priyatama neevachata kushalama.’ It’s the right time, and I can indirectly propose now with this song to her.

Okay, Keerthana, only then I will sing a little song, I said.

Your wish, she said

I said okay and started singing.

’This endearing love letter is composed by my heart

My dear...hope you are doing good there...I am all good here

All our imaginations are melodious songs in the realms of eyes

Every word we speak resonates the beautiful poems of our dreams’

’The wound of my heart has healed with the magic of love

My body can endure any amount of pain...but your tender soul cannot take even the flick of a flower

This craziness of love is not revealing itself...and is melting in the dripping tears

I cannot tolerate if your heart’s filled with grief

This love is beyond the judgment of the people...exceptional...pure than the blazing fire

Heart composes the affection we share as a soothing lullaby

As the goddess Parvati is to lord Shiva...evolve into the other half of me

O Umadevi (name of the lady) sleep peacefully.′

I wasn’t able to control my smile until it was over.

I chuckled loudly.

Karthik, are you blushing? Oh, my god, man! It won’t suit you, please stop it, she said, laughing.

Yet, jokes aside, you sang it very well with a lot of emotions, she said.

Did you propose Varsha, just like that? She asked, laughing.

Keerthana, I told you not to talk about Varsha, please, she loves another guy right now. It means I don’t have the right to speak about her. Please, we’re not supposed to talk about her all the time. I told you,

All right, Karthik. But you sang it very well, and I’m impressed with your singing, she said.

Is it? What did you understand in the song? I asked.

She knew, but she kept calm and said, it’s the hit song of Kamal Hasan, I like it.

I was disappointed with the response, even though it expected from her.

I am delighted that you sang me a song. Thank you very much for singing, she said

Not to mention, I’m grateful for you, Keerthana, I forget my entire past, and your friendship soothes my pain every day. I said

That’s good to know, Karthik, she said.

Meanwhile, someone called Keerthana, she said my mom’s calling, I’ve got to perform Pooja right now, I’m going to send you a message tonight. You go and play Chess with Varun, she said and hung up the phone.

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