Love Can Happen Multiple Times

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No Phone & No Message

No Phone & No Message

Don’t call me or give me a message tomorrow. I’m going to my uncle’s house for a little work with daddy. So I’m just going to be with Daddy, I can’t talk to you if he’s around, Keerthana said.

Which uncle? Why does he take you along? What kind of work is it that keeps you so busy? I asked in a confusion

Daddy has a work, not me. He asked me to come along, and I can’t say no to him. I don’t know the purpose. So I can’t speak or text you, she responded.

Hmm. Okay, so I’m not supposed to disturb you tomorrow, right? Done. I said

Once you finish, why don’t you come to my home, I asked.

To your house, huh? Why?

The last time I came along with Harini, that’s why your mom didn’t ask about me. But if I come now, she’ll have so many questions in her mind, she said.

She’s not going to think in that way. She already knows you, and she’s not going to feel bad, I said.

Not right now, Karthik. Wait a day tomorrow, and I’m going to tell you one news she said.

What’s that? I asked

You’ve got to wait for the day after tomorrow, can’t you wait? She replied.

Can’t you girls say something directly? As you decided to say later, why did you start the conversation now? I asked

That’s the only right we have, if the boys say the same thing, are you going to wait? If a girl says it, you guys are going to agree and obey it. Have you got it? She said.

You show to any other guy your power. But first, tell me, what is it? I asked

Karthik, you know about me very clearly. I said the day after tomorrow means that I’ll let you know that day only, she answered.

Why on me this faction? If you don’t intend to tell me, day after tomorrow only you’d have told me. Now you’ve released the trailer, generated interest, and asked me to wait for the release of the movie. Moreover, you’re asking me not to call and to text. Is it fair for you to make me suffer this way, see how my pulse has doubled, I said

Stop it, Karthik. Overacting. I’m not going to tell you, whatever you want to do, you do, she said, smiling.

What else I can do than wait, I said

That’s better, she said,

Sure, I’m going to wait for it. But while you’re traveling, be careful all right. I told.

Hi, I’m going with my dad. Is there anything safer than traveling with my dad? She asked

No one can protect their daughter like any dad, so I told her all right.

Hey. Of course, but traveling with my dad’s more risky than safe, she said.

Risky, huh? I asked in shock.

Yes. To the opposite guy, she said she was laughing.

Oh, Is that? I said

There’s no rest in my mind that day. There are so many questions in mind. Where do they go? Why doesn’t she tell me where they’re going? Why did she say she’ll update after a day? Tomorrow, does she have a marriage proposal? I just seemed so heartbroken after I realised it.

I was thinking of asking Harini for a moment, but Keerthana was very clear that Harini should not know about our talks. So I can’t call her.

My mind is absent, with all these questions I’m getting mad. I only have the option of Varun. So I called him and explained all that happened.

Why are you worrying, buddy? They must have gone on some work that she already said. She will let you know tomorrow. Wait for one day, he said.

You fucker, I thought you’re going to give some kind of relief, and you’re repeating the same thing that Keerthana said, I shouted at him.

What can I tell more than that? He replied

Okay, I’ve got a lot of stress, buddy. We must have Biryani obligatory at night, come soon, I said

I’m in the room now. You should be coming soon, he said.

I said it all right and hung up the phone.

Varun is busy with his preparation. I just sat and watched the mobile after completing a double masala biryani, waiting for the message from Keerthana, but it didn’t come.

Varun, don’t get annoyed. Where would she go? Curiously I asked him

Buddy. Leave it. You must have asked me the same thing a hundred times from evening until now. If you can dare, call her and ask her. Don’t bother me, He screamed at me.

Calm down, buddy, don’t get BP right now. I have a lot of tension, so I just asked you. I can’t call her, and I can’t talk about her to someone else apart from you, so I’m asking you. you continue your studies I said

It’s not about a BP, buddy, and you can’t just get behind one thing. She said she was going to tell me tomorrow, so wait for the time to come, he said.

Okay, buddy, I started to love her right, that’s why I’m getting tense, I said

You ought to be ashamed to talk like that stupid. You have already maintained two girl-friends and have failed. Is it essential for you now? He shook me.

Varun, I’ve told you that already, you can’t talk like that to me now. In my two stories, what is the mistake of me? Have I cheated any of them? Should I die in her memory if I get dumped? Nonetheless, I have to marry a girl right? If that is Keerthana, she knows everything, and we’re not going to have any issues, I Said

You tell me all these theories, if I say anything. If someone dumped you, I didn’t ask you to die. Yet wait for her to call you, what I mean, why are you nervous. If you’re worried, will you get the reply? No, right. So go to sleep, you’ll know tomorrow what happened, he said

I will be staying here for a while, no problem buddy, I am not sleepy. When you are done with it, we will go and have a tea, I said,

In the midnight close to the hospital, we’re used to have a Tea. At night, Tea won’t be available elsewhere. It is available near the hospital.

Varun said okay for Tea as well and nodded his head.

I woke up late in the morning, as I was late in the night. I believe she started in the morning, and she texted me, Go to the office, without thinking anything and I’ll tell you once I get back.

I felt happy after seeing the message, but it’s a big task for me to wait till evening.

Anyway, I can’t do anything now. As I was already late, after I was ready, I started to work. Varun didn’t even bother to wake me up. He must be scared of me, where I ask again for Keerthana.

I have no interest in doing any work today. I’ve only been passing the time. I went out during lunch and had a chicken fried rice at a small fast food joint.

Time is not moving, and I remembered Neetu’s memory that she vanished suddenly. I’ve been linking this to that. This time, I’ve been scared and praying to God not to do anything wrong.

Girls don’t say anything straight. They’re going to drag it. Sometimes it’ll be helpful, but we’ll get frustrated most of the time. What’s going on? Why isn’t that time moving? I couldn’t control myself and thought of sending the message to her and drafted, but I deleted it later as she told me not to text.

Everyone has been watching all my anxiety since the morning. Since no one close to me yet didn’t dare to ask me. That day, I was the winner of a tea competition in the workplace. I had a lot of tension so had so many teas. Pantry boy dared to ask me why I’m drinking so many beverages. He asked, have you got some target from the boss? I didn’t respond to his question, and I went to my work station with my tea mug.

At last, the time of my logout has arrived. I signed out quickly and raced to the parking lot like how the water flows out of the gates of the dam when it opens. Or when a kid can’t control his loose motion.

I just dropped in the room without thinking about anything. Freshen up and waiting for the message again. Varun isn’t there to control my pain, either.

I just received a message, and I was thrilled to open it, but after seeing it, my frustration doubled as it was from a network provider to recharge my mobile phone. I wanted to throw the mobile phone, but it’s going to be a loss to me, and I’m going to miss Keerthana’s message. So I controlled my anger.

Then Varun came from the hospital and asked about Keerthana.

No, buddy. I am dying out of the stress of her message. Do you remember, last time Neetu also suddenly disappeared, didn’t the same thing happen with Keerthi, I said with a lot of tension?

You can’t control your piss, you fool. Keerthana told you last night already, and what else do you want? You just wait for her reply, he got frustrated again.

Not like that, buddy, because of the suspense, I feel tense, I responded.

Nothing’s going to happen, and you’re just over reacting to it, he said.

Huh, yeah. I was sighing.

Around 09:00 PM

Hello, Karthik, a very casual message from Keerthana

After the text, I feel so much peace. Without wasting a second, I have reverted to so many questions in my mind.

I didn’t go anywhere, and I was just at home. There’s one guy come to see me. He looks like a hero. I just fell for him and accepted for marriage, she replied.

I was disappointed with the message, but I can’t do anything about it. The end of the day it is is her life and her decision.

Wow, great news Keerthana, I am happy for you, I said with disappointment.

Varun already told it to me, not to over expect. But in this Keerthana’s mistake is not there, i misunderstood her.

She thanked me.

After that, I didn’t send her a message.

What happened? Sir. Why are you so silent? Just Congrats? Don’t you want to come to marriage? She asked

Of course, I will come Ms.Keerthana. Why am I not coming? I replied

What? Ms.? Suddenly there is respect in the message? Oh, because I am getting married, is it? She asked

Nothing like that Keerthana, can I talk to you later? I’ve written

Why? Later? Don’t you happy for me? She asked

Why not? Madam. I am delighted, I said

Then your message doesn’t sound like you’re happy. Why? She asked

How do you see the feelings in the text, madam? You can’t right, I said

I can see that. Something disappointed you. You’ve heard some shocking news that you didn’t want to hear, she said.

Nothing like that. I’m fine, I replied.

I’m dying internally, but I am protecting everything from Varun. I fear to Varun for the first time. He said not to love again, but I denied his request and loved Keerthana. He will kill me if he knows it.

Oh, That’s it? Now I’m going to prove it’s going to be there or not? She said

Seriously Keerthana, i am fine. I said

Okay. Firstly, Until the time I told you, it’s a lie. I just wanted to see your reaction.

Secondly today we came to Hyderabad

And the third one is, shall I tell? She asked me

I felt like someone just pulled me off from the water, where I’m drowning after seeing the message.

What’s this, Keerthana? A great lie to me? Why have you been lying to me? But if you get married, why would I react? I gave her a reply with a smile on my face.

Have you seen it now? Your message starts to flow like a waterfall. Before it, it’s like drizzling your text. That’s how I get to know if you’re happy or sad, right? She messaged

Okay, Leave it. Indeed, I was disappointed that you haven’t previously told me this. But why were you lying to me? I said

Oh mental Karthik. Leave that and listen to the third one, she said, after listening, you’ll leap out of your chair.

Yeah first you tell me, I will jump or not I will say to you, I said

I came to Hyderabad with daddy, she said

Yeah, I got it, you’ve come to see the groom, am I right? I said

You’re such a stupid man, usually, who’s going to see? A groom or a bride? Why a little sense is lacking here, she said.

Okay, but why did you come to Hyderabad? I asked a surprisingly

I came to Hyderabad to join the NET Coaching Institute. I’m going to be there for three months, she said.

No, I’m not going to be a fool again this time, I said.

You stupid, You’ve got to believe this. I’m serious. We’ve also selected the hostel as well. I’m moving to Hyderabad next Sunday, she said.

Are you sure about that? Should I believe that? I asked with a smile on my face

In the meantime, Varun asked me what had happened? Why are you so happy? Let’s go to the Tea, he said.

Varun, it’s time for Biryani Not to have Tea, I shouted.

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