Love Can Happen Multiple Times

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Coaching & Love

Coaching & Love

The mobile vibrated,

Karthik, I reached Hostel, once I’m ready I’m going to tell you, will go for dinner outside, come and pick me, Keerthi Messaged

I thought it’s the best opportunity so said ok for it

After getting ready, I hurried out,

Meanwhile, Varun Asked, its Sunday, and every time we both go out for any kind of job, where are you going without me?

With a lot of shyness, I replied to Varun

Buddy, Keerthi, is in town, and she invited me to dinner tonight, a poor new girl in the city, and she doesn’t have any of her friends here, so I’m going to go and help her.

You moron, stop blushing around here, you get mad and your time comes to an end, see how your attitude has also changed for a girl, he said with a lot of annoyance.

Why do you feel jealous of your friend? Have I ever left you before? It is the first time, and if I’m not going now, how can she feel my love? You just don’t get me as a friend, how can she get it? I asked with a persuasive tone

He ordered me to fuck out of the room immediately without any reaction and desire to continue the discussion.

I hugged and thanked him, and I started to Keerthi.

I called Keerthi and asked her to get down, after reaching her hostel.

Since I started liking her, this is the first time we are meeting in person. These kinds of feelings are not new to me, but still, this is even more amazing.

My heart beats doubled, as our elders claim if our loved ones around us, to make us know they’re there, our heart will beat faster than usual, it might be the same sensation that I’m experiencing now. With a lot of excitement to see her, I’m looking at the door without blinking eyes.

As shown in the film, the gate was gradually defocused, and the sight of her walking in slow motion became apparent. She let her hair loose, leaping like the smoke of Incense sticks, she wore a printed Patiala Panjabi top, which was the perfect fit for her and enhanced her beauty. With wide-open eyes and a little smile, she gave me a hand and said Hello.

It’s been a sight to me for a time.

I responded to her, too, without any expression in my eyes.

Why did you got frozen she asked me with a smile on her face

I just got alerted and replied by giving the Eclairs Chocolate to her.

Didn’t you find the chocolate lesser cost than this? She asked me after looking at it with a sarcastic voice

I tried my best, but I couldn’t find it, I said with a smile.

Oh.! Wow, the proud smile! As if you’ve done a great thing by getting one rupee chocolate for me, can you please stop smiling and take the bike out of here? And are we going to start? She asked.

What Keerthi don’t you like my smile? Is it that bad? Is it wrong to smile? I asked her by controlling my smile

Ok, baba, it’s not illegal to smile, but it’s getting late, let’s start she replied

Then we started.

To surprise her, I planned to give her a different chocolate every time, costing from 1 rupee to 100 rupees. I gave different chocolates to varying prices from her hostel to the tank bund wherever the signal came.

What the hell is this Karthik, why did you get all of these? If you have that, can’t you just give it all at once? She was questioning.

When I give it all at once, you’ll feel like it’s a lot of candy, but if I give it one by one, you’ll be happy every time you see new chocolate, I replied

It’s all right, and you’re the best one to share all these ideas, concentrate on the road first, otherwise, we will become candy on the street, she said with concern.

Parked the bike in the NTR garden, we loved the beauty of the Tank band, spent some time sitting in Lumbini Park, then we went to the bakery called Cakes and Confectioners in Himayat Nagar.

I ordered two burgers and one pizza along with some fresh fruit juice.

Then Keerthi bombed a secret that she won’t eat any junk food and bread products.

Now I’m caught in doubt, as I’ve already ordered

Upon seeing my stress and discomfort, I eat this time but don’t order it next time, she said.

I scolded myself because it’s the awful first impression. I apologised Keerthi for without knowing her taste I ordered all these.

Don’t overreact Karthik and don’t have to say sorry yaar, we will blast next time, she said

I consoled myself and picked up the order and sat in front of Keerthi, literally looking at me with her wide-open eyes while speaking, she’s so brave, but I wasn’t so confident to look into her eyes.

What Karthik, do you think I was going to come here someday? What’s your feeling right now? She asked me

I can’t express that feeling to you, Keerthi, how happy I am, there are no words to express it, I’m still in a state where I can’t believe you’re sitting in front of me, I said.

Oh, seriously? Don’t you believe it? She pinched and said you trust now,

I was satisfied with her direct contact, and the pinching pain was nothing in front of her hand touch.

Till the day Varun and I were roaming, as we have no friends who are female, now you’ve come, and suddenly life has become very bright, I said.

Yeah, is that? Don’t you have any females in your gang? How naive you are. And now you’re going to leave Varun, is it for me? She asked.

We’ve been friends since childhood, and I can’t leave him for anyone. Since you asked me this, both of you will be equally important to me, I responded.

Hey, stop all your bluff, don’t act smart, all right. How come Varun and I are going to be the same? He is been there with you for your struggles and happiness, he’s excellent, but I can’t do all these things, and I don’t have any patience at all, she said.

Hello! Hey! Leave all this stuff here, but I forgot to tell you, you look gorgeous in this dress I said,

Stop buttering me Karthik, let’s go back to the hostel, otherwise, they’ll close the gate, she said

I said ok, and we went back.

Can you drop me to the Institute and pick me up daily? Classes will begin from tomorrow. Do you have any problems? she asked

I will be the happiest to drop you. I said, yes.

That’s good, so shall I leave now? She asked

Let’s be here for a while, please, I asked

I tired in the journey Karthik, and now you leave, any way you will come tomorrow morning then will spend some time with you, she said.

I didn’t want to leave, I wanted to take her home, but Varun, mother, and Keerthi wouldn’t allow it, so I moved my butt and wished her good night, and I left.

I sent her a text as soon as I got the room, she instantly called me back.

I felt like spending some more time with you once you left, I didn’t even realise that we spent almost four hours together, it was a lovely evening, she said.

Even I felt the same thing, and I’m also thrilled that you’re here, so let’s catch up tomorrow morning, now you go to sleep, I said and hung the phone

I used to be a bed bug before, but now that I meet Keerthi, get up early to meet her, share breakfast with her and drop her off at the institute is a routine for me.

Collecting her from the institution and having dinner together after office. If she gets a break in the class, she used to call me. Every night we’ve had endless discussions.

We haven’t proposed each other, but we both know we like each other, yet we maintain that secret pretends not to identify.

I used to spend very little time with Varun. Most of the time, I’m out of the room, and only with Keerthi, Varun is very upset about this action.

Keerthi is a great devotee who believes in God a lot. If time allows in this busy schedule, she used to take me to the temple every morning, and it’s soothing to the mind. It has become very usual and increased my total visits to the temple with Keerthi, and I have also started to believe in god.

Three months have gone by like an ice melt, and the time has come for Keerthi to leave Hyderabad as her coaching is over.

Keerthi, you’re leaving home tomorrow? Shall we meet this evening? I asked

Well, today I don’t even have an institute, so come from the office directly, She Said

I waited eagerly for the office to end, then hurried to the room, got ready, and reached her as soon as I could.

She dressed beautifully as she always does, although as she leaves, I’m hurt inside, still carried a smile on my face to cover from her.

We both reached our regular spot, and it was silence pin drop, I was tensed and sitting very still without saying a word.

Hey Karthik, what’s going on? Why are you so quiet? See, I don’t like you being quite like this, you already knew it, what happened now? I’m just going home, and I’m not dying? We can talk on the phone daily. Otherwise, I will come here, she said.

Sure I’m feeling bad about it, but I tensed for another reason that I wanted to tell you one thing, if I miss it now, I don’t know if I can get a chance or not.

What is it Karthik, Tell me, she asked me with a curious smile on her face

I’m going to get the food first, and I’m going to talk about it, I said, and I came to get the food. When I tell her, she’s not going to eat and leave if she doesn’t like it, and she’s going to sleep hungry. And I didn’t want her to be with an empty stomach.

I bought the hot chicken wings, the double egg fried rice, and Manchuria that she wants.

While we’re eating, you’ve said that you’re afraid to say something, what’s that tell me, am I looking to you as a devil? Am I going to bite you? She is worried

You’re goddess to me, Keerthi, you have every right to do whatever you want, why did I call you the devil? Yet, once you know it, I’m afraid to lose your friendship.

Since I broke Varsha, you were a relief to me, and you only healed the sorrow. So I need your support throughout the rest of my life I said to me in mind, you should not hurt because of me.

First, I asked her to finish the food, as I wanted her to focus on our conversation without distractions.

I will concentrate most on you Karthik, she replies, having Manchuria

I said to complete it first, with double tension

Just my legs and I know that those are shivering, internally anxiety is bubbling out, but I’m struggling and eating my dinner without making an eye contact to cover it so as not to be seen by her.

What happens today to you, Karthik? Why do you act strange? I never saw you act like this. What do you want now? Do I have to stay back here without going home? She asked

Yes, Keerthi, don’t go, just stay here, get married to me, I don’t have a lot of money, but whatever I have with that, I’m going to keep you happy, you will be treated like a princess like how your father treats you. By screaming, I wanted to tell her, but I controlled myself as I had time to say it. I was just finishing my dinner and waiting for her to finish it.

Please don’t say anything until I complete, and then you talk, I said, I have a lot of tension now.

Ok, Dear, she replied

I’m happy for every second I spent with you, I want to live with this happiness for a lifetime, I want you, I want your accompaniment, will you give it to me for my life?

Until the day I saw two breakups, which you already know, you have to think that he’s not afraid of proposing to me again, even after two setbacks. In my view, love is long-standing, it’s not going to stop with one, in its path, if any obstacle comes in between, it changes its way and begins to move towards its destination. When you know my first love, God has done me wrong, and the second one I’ve missed because I haven’t had the money. Haven’t said I’m going to take good care of you, and I know you’re going to understand me, I love you Keerthi, I said

Everything I was prepared to say I conveyed, it was a pin-drop silence again, looking at me in frustration with eyes wide open. I don’t understand what to do? I felt like I made a mistake and getting afraid of her reactions.

Have you finished? Sure, let’s go drop me down at my hostel, she said.

What happened, Keerthi? I am waiting for your response, I said

What answer you want, you dumb. She screamed at me, watching surrounded people slowing down her speech, why the hell am I supposed to answer you? Would you drop me or shall I take an auto? she asked.

I don’t know, but one thing I understood was that I messed it all up. I said all right and dropped at the hostel. Keerthana didn’t even bother to say goodbye. She didn’t turn around. I waited in the expectation that she would come back, that my actions would severely hurt her. She didn’t come back. I’m just leaving with a huge disappointment.

I received a message from Keerthi after half an hour of entering the room.

Did you reach the room she asked

Upon looking at the message I felt delighted, I thought she wasn’t going to talk to me at all, but after her message, I felt like I was finally able to breathe again.

I said I arrived safely, sorry Keerthi, that was a real feeling whatever I felt about you. You didn’t like it, I knew it, but I have no other choice, if I skip it today, I couldn’t tell you that. I just made you feel bad about it, and I’m sorry, Keerthi, I said.

Now just leave the topic, are you coming tomorrow morning to drop me at MGBS, she asked

Why don’t I? I will come, Keerthi, I responded

Then go to bed, we have to get up early, she said

No problem, I don’t know if we’ll be able to speak from tomorrow or not, please continue for a while now, I requested

What remains to talk to Karthik, you understood me wrong as I move freely with you, you thought I love you, but I have no right to love anyone, she said.

Yeah, I agree, because I don’t have plenty of money and status, you can’t love me, right? I asked

Don’t be a dumb Karthik, if I thought about money, why would I speak to you? I liked your attitude, not your money, so I continued my friendship with you. Is that what you considered me to be Karthik? It is a waste of time talking to you, she said

without saying yes or no, You’re talking about the rights, then what should I understand? I said.

No Karthik, it’s not going to happen, our cast is different, and you don’t know about my father, he’s going to die, but he won’t accept the marriage with you, she answered.

So you love me, but you’re afraid of your dad, aren’t you? I asked

Are you gone mad? I said it wouldn’t happen, and it doesn’t mean that I love you. If someone else there in your place also it won’t happen, she replied

I said, I’m going to talk to your dad, why are you afraid of that? Need some clarification about whether you love me or not? Remain, I’m going to take care.

What do you think, Karthik, about me? What do you know about the history of my family? We’ve been friends for eight months, you just know about my college and Harini, but you don’t know anything more about me. You asked me a lot about my family, but I refused to tell you because I didn’t want you to know about it, she said.

Before loving someone, no one will check the family background, and I don’t need your parents, I just need you. If you’re with me, I’ll be happy and keep you happy forever. I said

What? How can you say you don’t want my parents? She yelled

I didn’t mean it Keerthi, and I don’t want any information about their profession and the property, I just want them to accept our marriage that’s it, I said

You’re not going to understand my situation, whatever you feel like you’ve conveyed, but now I’m carrying it, that’s going to be forever, she said.

No need to carry any burden, you just let me know your problem, will think about it to solve, I asked

What are you going to solve? Do you know how many of them are in my family? she asked

Yeah, I do. Your mom, dad, brother, and you, I replied.

You know only that, but you don’t know that I had a sister, you don’t know what happened with her, you don’t understand why I behave differently at home, you don’t know about my dad, she said.

What is it? Are you sure about that? Do you have an elder sister? Why didn’t you talk to me about her at any time? Then, I asked where she’s living.

This topic never falls between us, I didn’t want to let you know either, but now the situation has come, so you need to know the truth. My sister isn’t alive right now, and my dad killed her cruelly by burning her alive.

Do you know why she killed? She has defamed him by loving a low caste man and marrying him, she said.

When she was pregnant, she is been invited to home, every girl would be delighted to go to her parents’ house at the time of pregnancy, and she also came home happily, but life had other plans for her. No sympathy for her pregnancy, my father and brother pulled her into the room and walloped her, she was just crying, begging them not to kill her, but they showed no mercy on her and burned her alive by pouring Petrol.

They’re out of prison recently on parole, she said.

Tell me now, Karthik, what are we going to do? Are we going to talk to them? Do you think they’re going to change? They killed their daughter cruelly, and if you propose marriage with me, they’re going to cut you in half. Killing is not new to them now. What would be the state of your mother after that? Have you thought about it? She asked

Who are you talking about? Do we have this kind of inhuman people in our society? For a moment, I was shocked and been empty; every moment, how she feels at home is unimaginable. Now I understand why she asked me not to call or send a message while she was traveling with her father.

But how is that a father can destroy his daughter for a Cast? Isn’t he ashamed of doing that? How unfair is it? I asked

Tell me, how am I supposed to love someone? If I love, I don’t know if they’re going to kill me or kill whom I loved. I don’t know if I can give joy or not, but I’m going to give more misery to him, that’s why I can’t love anyone else, she said.

God has done wrong to a poor girl, and he has given all the good girls to cruel fathers like him. She’s a very jovial girl, though she’s holding all her pain.

After the incident that your father must have gone through the agony of the mistake he made, he must have understood now that, if your father continues to kill, he alone, and his caste tag will remain. And I believe that he must have changed. If it’s all fine, we don’t know, and he agrees and he only doing our marriage, I told Keerthi.

Karthik, don’t be so pessimistic, yet the cast is ruling people, they never change. The demon in them always goes to sleep, but she comes out and kills us whenever the time comes, She replied

Sure, I understand. Do you have any issues if I fight with the devil in your father? I promise you, and I’m not going to let anything happen to you, just say one thing that you love me, I told her.

Have you gone mad, do you get what I’m talking about? They aren’t good people like you, Karthik, she screamed.

Yeah, I’m nuts, I was talking of committing suicide for a girl who cheated on me, but if I die for a girl like you, death is going to have a purpose, I replied.

You idiot, shut up, why are you speaking all rubbish? Why do you die? Stop talking all this nonsense, and I don’t like it, she fumbled

How Keerthi, after you have heard that I will die, how did you fumble? It shows how much do you love me. Why do you hide and behave like you do not love me? I asked her

Yes, Karthik, my whole life is an everyday act, I wanted throw the dress which bought my dad, and shout I didn’t like it, but fear of killing me, I acted as I love it. I wanted to shout, enough of my studies, but he missed to do a Ph.D., so he rubbed everything on me.

Coming to you, before you know me, I started loving you, why did I come to your home along with Harini? Did you invite me? Or you thinking to accompany her; I have come, but why would I? I came for you to see you, speak to you. Now also, why am I meeting you in Hyderabad? Don’t I have any other friends than you here? Because I started loving you even before you know my existence. I loved you, I became crazy about you, I was dreaming and praying to god to get married to a person like you, he must have listened to my request, and you and Varsha broke. I felt awful about your break up more than you, she said and started crying

I got confused, and running so many questions in mind, why her father is concerned about Cast? How come he can kill his daughter? Why can’t Keerthi do whatever she likes to do? In fear of dying, why she’s compromised. How can she loved me before we know each other? Brain stopped working, unable to react to things, but one thing understood that she loves me. But how? How did she know about me before a meeting? I got doubt

Keerthi, we just keep your parents topic aside for a moment, how come you loved me even before we met? How do you know me? I asked with a lot of confusion.

Not only me, the entire hostel knows your story, Harini used to tell everyone in the hostel about your life, even after Varsha cheated on you, how you still loved her, she told me. I was also shocked at how much a boy loves a girl like that? And now I realised that after knowing your love, but I don’t want you to fail again in love because of me Karthik, that’s why I behaved like I didn’t love you, she answered.

Sure, you loved me, right? What’s the issue if we ask your parents about our marriage? Okay, we’re not going to talk to them, but how can you say they’re not going to accept, now we’re missing the chance to ask, and in the future, if you feel bad for not trying to ask them at least once would be the worst thing ever, I replied.

If they are ordinary people like us, we may dare to ask, but they’re titans who were in the men’s mask. What are you going to ask? You’re not going to understand Karthik, and she replied and sighed.

Okay, Keerthi, do you believe in me? I asked

A lot Karthik, She Replied

Okay, just tell me one thing, do you love me?

How can I tell you how much I love you? I madly love you, you fool, but I don’t want to be a threat to you, that’s why I wasn’t telling you until the date. I love you Karthik, but I firmly believe it’s not going to happen, I loved you, it’s real, and you’re going to be in my heart until my last breath. We both get married is a dream, she said and crying.

Why did you control yourself by hiding that much love? how can you tell me that you don’t love me? Keerthi, I’m going to die for your love. I say it’ll be an honour for my life to die for you.

You idiot, don’t speak jinx Karthik, I don’t like it, she said.

Okay, dear, now my mission is ‘Project Father in Law,’ soon, my dream is to persuade him and marry you, you just keep the hope of me that I said with a lot of joy and relaxation.

Yeah, let’s hope for the best, it’s already too late, go to bed, you have to drop me in the morning, she said.

Okay, I’m going to bed, but can you please tell me those magical three words, I asked.

I told you already I remember, just before, she responded.

That’s different, and this is different. And now, with a peace of mind, please tell me the three magical words, with all your love, I said.

Okay… D e a r …. Kaaarthiiiikkkkk.. Iiiiiiiii Loooooooveeeee youuuuuuuuuu.

Enough, Enough, this is the happiest moment in my life, I love you tooooooo. Keerthi, I said with a lot of happiness.

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