Love Can Happen Multiple Times

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The marriage stage is all set and hurried, we never thought that our parents would consent to it, but they welcomed it — the beauty of the wedding celebration that gives you the highest satisfaction.

We’ve been waiting for this day, faced with a lot of difficulties persuading our family, Nakul said.

For an innocent man like you, how come my sister Harini fell is a million-dollar question to me, but both of you are the best Jodi, and you did it, I replied.

She’s a mischievous a Lil, but she’s sweet at her heart, she takes care of me, and you know about me, right? He asked

Girls should be just like that. Otherwise, life would be boring and dull, I said.

Now that our chapter is over, what about you? When you get engaged, Nakul asked me with a smile on his face.

I’m not as fortunate as you; let’s see how life is going to take me. I replied with disappointment.

Tell me that Karthik, who’s that lucky girl, we go to talk to her family. Nowadays, parents are more educated and will accept your love, such as ours, he said.

If you get to know about the girl that I love, right now you’re going to get a heart attack, I can’t do wrong to my sister, Harini, by killing you, I said to myself, and let your marriage come to an end, I said to Nakul, meanwhile they called the groom on stage.

As soon as Nakul stepped onto the stage, I went and sat in the front row, Harini was pleased to wave her hand at me. Any girl wants this to marry her loved one with the blessings of her parents, that is, the crux of property to her. If all the other parents think and agree with the love of their children would offer a more joyful family life. Seeing them both happy is happy for me too.

Everything is perfect, but my heroin’s entry hasn’t happened yet, we’re both moving along, but here we’re behaving as if there’s nothing between us. I got ready, and I got to the stage, but Keerthana is not around, I’m waiting for her, surprisingly, we hardly get a chance to meet personally, and now she’s wasting a lot of time by making me sit here idle.

Sat watching the marriage arrangements and waiting on Keerthi’s entry. Then a beautiful girl appeared on the stage with a maroon coloured saree that tripled her beauty, and I sighed and said to myself, What beauty is she? To give relief to joy, God has created these beauties. In the saree, she looked like a doll, she had all the beautiful curves that every girl desires, and God curved her with the utmost interest and attention for me.

She opened her eyes wide with uplifting eyebrows, telling me how do I look? To symbolise that I’ve lost my mind, I just scratched my head. With a lot of shyness she went and standing next to Harini. I asked her to come and sit next to me, Yet she told me to wait a while. So I had no choice but to admire her elegance.

They kept two coolers on each corner of the stage to provide some relief from the heat, and the cooler air allows me to dig more into her beauty by making her waist curve clear, the perfect shape like a conch. It’s a cute blend of red and yellow colours that draws like a magnet. I can’t take my eyes away from it. Someone just changed the direction of the cooler, now the saree is soaring even more, and I can see the sexiest navel from her beautiful curves, and after seeing it, I’ve lost my mind seriously. I just told her to cover it, because I wasn’t in a position to control myself, it’s tempting me a lot.

Is that enticing, huh? I wore the saree to make you happy, but you’re asking me to cover it up, why? She wondered by uplifting eyebrows

Now, please cover it, I want to enjoy it to the heart alone, not in this public place, see how all the others looking at you, which I don’t like, you’re all mine, I wanted to swallow you whole. I wanted to stay in that beauty forever, but more than pleasure it hurts me that everyone sees it, I said with a painful smile

Although we are present in a marriage, we are not at all loving it, both of us communicating with our eyes, I wanted to hug her tightly as we met after so long, but I don’t have the guts to do that. The same way I acted with Neetu and Varsha, by the time they didn’t ask me to start, I didn’t kiss them, but if I move the same way, it would be a shame for me. I consoled myself, and whatever happens later, but I should focus on now and asked Keerthi to come back to the stage, she said no, I requested her to come, she widened her eyes with indignation, and she said, What is this Karthik? I begged her with an innocent face, then she agreed.

As soon as she stepped back to the stage, I just pulled her towards me and pushed her back to the wall holding her beautiful waist, what stunning you are showing it, and enticing me so far. I’m in full swing now, let’s commit it, I said.

So you tempted after seeing this? you never found me sexy before? Keerthana asked

My heart beats double after seeing your blurred loin, some movement started in the lower part of my body, and you’ve got the medicine to control it with you, please give that to me, I said

Hello, Dear one, we are in the function of marriage and you ought to be ashamed to ask. If anyone sees it, we’re gone, she says with a bumpy voice, holding my shirt without pushing my shirt away.

Then I realised her actions, and I moved my hand down from her hip and pulled her to me, catching her saree and kissed her neck, with the kiss on her neck, she felt tickling and squeezing me tightly with more romantically.

What madam, how can I kiss you if you hold me tight? Render the way free to me, I said, I’m just allowing my hand to get into her hair and pulling her back to kiss her rosy lips. until those lips shivered, but after my lips met, they were more relaxed and more content, and she enjoyed it. I can feel it because she gave me a love bite, and my mouth is bleeding.

You devil girl, why this erotic romance, dear? If someone asks me what happen, what should I answer dear, I asked her by cleaning the blood which comes out of love bite

What are you going to tell, fool, respond to them that your girlfriend bit you?

Are you serious? Shall I tell them? You’re not going to scold me later, I said.

I’m going to break your nose, and these are all our personals. You should be ashamed to tell anyone all these things, she responded.

I have no shame, dear. I said with a peculiar smile on my face.

Don’t overact, shut the fuck up she said

With a smile, I hugged her again and took Kajal out of her eyes and put a mark on her waist to save her from the evil eye, and most eyes were on it just today, I said.

Why just for it? Why is it not for me? I’m not going to affect the evil eye she asked for with romantic anger

You’re a beautiful girl, my darling, you’ve got to be concerned more than anyone else in the house, go and ask your mom to ward off the evil eye, I said.

All right, let’s go, all must have looking for us, she said by fixing her hair and saree.

With a satisfied smile on my face, we went back to the hall

Today is a lovely souvenir, after a few years, when we get older, we remember the erotic romance as we share this story of the dumb things we did before our marriage to our grandchildren. Destiny expected to bless us with the happy and pleasant end to our story, which I hoped and smiled.

In our gang, the happy girls’ wedding is over, and she only hooked up Nakul, her new life has now started from two people to one family, and they are both happy.

Suddenly somebody screamed, they started serving food, everybody just rammed into the lunch hall as they had come only to eat, we waited until Harini and Nakul to came down after the photo session. We also took a photo on stage.

We both wished them and started to the bus stop. Keerthi just broke up and started crying, hugging me, now I’m leaving home, but I don’t know when we’re going to meet again, she said with a worried tone.

I said, There’s nothing to worry about Keerthi, see how Harini and Nakul made it real, our marriage is going to happen with a bang, you wait a few more days, I comforted her by wiping tears from two eyes.

Mad girl, why are you crying like a kid? See how your cheeks got hurt and your eyes swollen, have I loved you to see you crying? Your eyes were full of tears as I could not make you happy; my sweetheart should not cry anymore, I said.

Her bus has arrived, with a lot of worry and fear that she’s gone.

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