Love Can Happen Multiple Times

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December 1 Aids Day,

Government conducts an awareness campaign every year, and 5 K run on Aids, Varun and I also took part in the race, we woke up early in the morning and reached the venue to see all the celebrities participating, we usually see them on-screen, but seeing them direct is a different feeling, so we didn’t want to miss it.

Organisers distributed breakfast packets, and as soon as everyone left, we sat down and finished it. We picked chicken for lunch while coming back to the room.

As we woke up early in the morning, I would like to take a nap before cooking chicken, Varun said he had to study for his test, so he asked me to carry on.

It’s afternoon 12.20, the phone is ringing, Varun came and gave the phone to me by saying it’s Keerthi’s call, I disconnected the call and messaged her saying will call you back, once I get up.

She called again, Why Keerthi, I told you I’m sleeping, can’t you wait a while, what happened now tell me, I asked her with a lot of annoyance.

From the other side, there is no reaction, but I can hear Keerthi weeping, my sleep wiped out after I realised that she is crying.

Hey. Keerthi, what happened? Why you’re crying? Is it all right there? I asked her more worriedly

Nothing’s all right here, Karthik, you come and take me with you, my father arranged a match today, one fool came to see me this morning, my mum said he works in the U.S., he liked me it seems, they didn’t have much time, so my father made marriage plans in the next seven days. she said and started crying.

What are you talking about, Keerthi? With a surprised tone, I questioned? All of a sudden, why did your dad plan all of this? But you said, your dad’s dream is to see you do Ph.D., how come he’s going to end the idea in between, please regulate your emotions and stop crying for God’s sake, now with a calm mind we’re going to get to grips with this situation, now you’re going to tell your parents that you didn’t like that guy and say post Ph.D. only you’re going to get married, I encouraged her to talk to her father.

I’m afraid of my dad Karthik, I don’t know how he will react when I tell him, to imagine just I’m trembling in my spine, I do not know, but I’m dying out of this stress, she said

Don’t be afraid, tell him now you don’t want to marry, then we’ll see how he’ll react, I said.

Okay, Karthik, after some time, I will speak to him, but without you, I will die, she said.

Do not speak rubbish, Keerthi. If I do not answer, you may fear, but I’m here to look after everything, be relaxed for now, and stop talking like that, I said by covering up so much stress.

I believe in you, and I love you. I speak to him, if anything goes wrong, I’ll ping you, you come and take me with you, do you understand? She questioned

All right, baby, you go first talk to your dad, I responded.

She said all right and hanged the line.

I explained everything to Varun, he alerted his doctor friends to be ready for any situation, whatever the savings he has and he requested some more money from all his friends and arranged almost 1 lakh rupees for us. He guided me to reach Dehradun with Keerthi. If anything wrong happens, he even informed one of his friends who reside there.

Then we waited for Keerthana’s response. However, we didn’t hear any post or phone call until evening. I don’t know her condition, now my anxiety has doubled for Keerthi, but I can’t help but wait until her answer.

It was 08:00 PM, and I received a call from Keerthi, which sounded so pleasant and relaxed as if nothing had happened today. As a routine, she asked me, did you eat anything in the afternoon?

Leave the food Keerthi, did you talk to your father, I yelled tensely

Yes. I did, why are you so tense Karthik? You’ll be at cloud nine when you find out how daddy responded when I spoke to him.

Is it so? What you said and what he replied? I asked

Nothing much I spoke, straight to the point I said, I am not ready now for the marriage, without wasting a single second and hesitating he directly asked me ′who is that boy Keerthi? Are you in love with someone?

Firstly I was so tensed by listening to it, thought twice before telling about you, but while he is asking me, he remembered my sister with teary eyes, the injustice happened to her he realised and cried. Looking at him I find a new person in him and I conveyed everything about you, wiping his eyes, he told me to invite you to home with your parents, she said with full happiness

Are you serious, Keerthi? I asked her to cross-check whether I am listening correctly or not?

Have you conveyed it all? He asked us to come, did he? What you said about your father is wrong, see, if you’ve not taken this bold step of loving me, in fear of your father, can we now reach this joyous point? In fact, in the morning, you cried like a fool, we had to deal with things coolly, we should not react quickly, see how things have turned into our favour now.

True Karthik, I never thought he would readily accept this, I just hugged him happily when he asked me to invite you, she replied

This moment should celebrate with a bang, and we should have biryani with a double masala, will discuss it with mom and come on an auspicious day, I said

Okay, please go and have my portion as well. I’m going to go down, she responded.

Time flies and the day has come, in the morning I called Keerthi and kept her up-to-date on our start time and asked her to tell her dad the same thing.

She responded with an excitement, I already expressed it to my dad yesterday, my dear. Today everyone is at home. Don’t worry.

The excitement says how badly she’s been waiting for this day, so without wasting more time, my mom and I began.

The auto stopped in front of her house, and we got down. She’s waiting for us at the entrance, with a lot of joy she’s welcomed us, she’s taken us inside, her dad is already sitting on the sofa and waiting for us.

As a gesture, Mom wished him and asked about their well-being. He only replied by nodding his head and showing the sofa to sit in front of him. I addressed him well, too, and relaxed. Keerthi’s brother stood beside his father, and Keerthi and her mother stood a little distance away.

It’s all done, and by the time we say a word, quicker than our imagination, her father just jumped on me and pulled me to the floor by grabbing my collar and started kicking with his knee. No one predicted that. Looking at this shocking thing that Keerthi was trying to come to me by screaming to stop beating me at her dad but her mother held her tightly so that she couldn’t reach me, she fell and started hitting her head to the floor, helplessly.

While recovering from the shock, my mother got up from the sofa and tried to stop the father of Keerthi.

He just pushed my mother away from me, and she fell far away down on the floor.

What’s your cast, you bitch? Is it your training to trap a daughter of a big shot for your son? Are you not afraid of it? Have you come to my home directly to propose marriage? Now see how I’m going to do his marriage, with his shoe leg kicked in my stomach, sit and see the scene, I’m going to kill this bastard if you move from here, shouted at my mother

You motherfucker, how dare you Love my daughter? Upon learning all about her sister she loved you, I was supposed to kill her first.

See Keerthi, after knowing the reason behind your sisters’ murder you still dared to love someone and with a lot of courage you conveyed me, see how your love is drowning into the blood. He dragged her to me by holding her hair and made her sit in front of me, Keerthi crying loudly, by bringing my mom here I defamed her.

Keerthi begging her father to leave me, leave him, dad, whatever you want me to do I will do, don’t harm him please, she is pleading

With a cunning voice, will you do whatever I ask? Answer me, he asked Keerthi by hitting on my face

I will do it father, please don’t hit him, she answered by crying loudly

Okay, will you marry that guy who came last time? Tell me, till the time you don’t say yes for it, I will beat him, he said and started showering fist punches on my face, skin ruptured and bleeding. I am helpless, and I can only see the strange thing happening but can’t fight back.

I will dad, whatever you say I will follow, please leave Karthik, she begged.

Hey you bitch, take your son and go away from here, and don’t dare to appear here nearby, he threw both of us out of his gate.

My mother struggled a lot to get me home, and she can’t leave me there, though I defamed her, as I am her son, she just took all pain and took me back home. With all the wounds I was not able to get up from the bed for months, as they desired, they did Keerthi’s marriage with that U.S. guy and sent her to the U.S. after a week of this incident.

My mother stopped talking to me, by ignoring her words I went to Hyderabad for Varsha and got cheated, now for Keerthi I defamed her, she got poorly hurt with my actions.

I called Varun and asked him to come and take me to Hyderabad, once everything gets settled I will send him back, he said to mom and took me to Hyderabad.

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