Love Can Happen Multiple Times

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By remembering my past, the tears are rolling out of my eyes, Chocky with her cute little hands, wiping my tears, and asked what happened Pappa? Why are you crying?

It’s raining heavily, with a relaxed sigh I replied to my daughter, nothing dear I recalled my past which ends on a sad note. By that time, the Geetanjali movie also got over.

Varun is calling me, yelling at me and trying to wake me up.

Then I realised, I was dreaming till now about my beautiful marriage life and daughter, but that was beautiful, everyone should have this beautiful life with a great wife and cute daughter like ‘Chocky.’

Varun hitting on my cheeks and trying to wake me up, he is unable to control his emotions, crying, shouting, but I am unable to get up. I wanted to tell you about the beautiful dream, buddy, I got married, I was blessed with a beautiful daughter who loves me a lot and my wife shows utmost care of me, both are my world, but my body and breath are not supporting.

By holding my collar, Varun is lifting me, performing CPR and pushing my chest hard, very fast. Karthik why did you took this stupid decision, please getup buddy, speak to me, he’s crying.

I don’t leave with any strength to getup Varun, and I can’t tell it you. I may live for max two to three minutes, but if I were alive, I would have had a beautiful life with wife and kid, now I have not got the chance, there is no possibility, I wasn’t useful to anyone till today, I was not happy, failed to make my mother happy in my entire life, the decision which I took today whether its right or not I don’t know, but I didn’t have any other option than this.

Eyes were closed long back, for the last time I wanted to see my friends face who concerned about me, but I am unable to open my eyes. Doctor buddy, I am going to die now, but please assure me that no other person should commit suicide like me, educate them that there is a beautiful life after a love failure, I realised it now at my last minutes, I wanted to shout and tell all these to Varun, but my vocal cords are not supporting me.

Firstly god has cheated me by separating Neetu from me, and Varsha cheated me by marrying Surya finally Keerthana’s father cheated both of us cruelly, by doing all these I cheated my mother. I defamed her in front of everyone, she stopped talking to me, all done now, for whom should I live now? Whenever she sees me, she’ll remember all the things, and she will be furthermore sad, I don’t want to give any more pain, I decided to provide some relief to her by leaving the world and committed this. Varun Please take care of mom, I know you will do that.

I remembered all my childhood memories with all my friends, and now I am going to miss all those, no one should get the life of mine, god if you exist, please make everyone happy, I should be the last person to take this kind of life.

Heartbeats are a slowdown, and it is even more difficult to breathe now, oxygen is not reaching the brain, any moment now I will leave the world.

I wanted to apologise for the decision I made to Mom and Varun, who stood with me in all the situations and took utmost care, but the circumstances are not in my control if I tell also they cant listen now.

If possible, please forgive me, my dear friend, I am leaving you in between.

Mom, I know my death will give you more and more pain, but I can’t see you sad anymore, so leaving you mother, I failed in my life, I am an ill-fated son who never gave you any happiness, if possible forgive me.

Sorry, Mom

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