Love Can Happen Multiple Times

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Three Idiots

Three Idiots

Idiot, wake up now. It’s too late. Do you know when the sun rose? My mother screamed at me, as usual.

Sameer, Vijju, and Nani have come to meet me at my house.

Nani and Vijju, they’re twins. The three of them are my friends. Usually, they’re not coming to my house this early. But that day, unexpectedly, they came too early, and they’re beginning to wake me up.

In my intermediate, I failed. My usual routine from then on is to eat well, roam well, and sleep well. All my friends work hard for their future, but I barely function in my case.

Oh, what’s this, Buddy, why do you ruin my early morning sleep? I just said that I was still sleeping.

Haha, wake up, buddy. From now on, the three of us are going to come to your home to wake you up, Nani said.

But, Why? I questioned a lot of curiosity.

Nothing dear. Every day we go jogging. On the way, therefore, we’re only going to see you with a little talk and drive you off to our place. Vijju responded.

I thought for a moment that these guys are just dumbing me and hiding something. Because this early morning they never come and talk to me.

Okay, Let’s just sit on the wall, I said.

In front of our home, we had a small wall. Usually, when they come to my house, we sit down to chat with friends.

Fresh air, how refreshing. Nani exclaimed. Nothing can overcome the sense of having this weather in the morning.

Yeah, you’re going to say whatever you want. Because you’re all running around, and besides that, you’re all disrupting my sleep. How fair is it? I scolded.

No Buddy. You’re living alone in your house. So you’ll feel bored most of the time. So we thought, talking to us or spending time with us would make you feel better, said Sameer.

The three of them are juniors to me. When I was sitting at home doing nothing, they used to skip classes, sit with me, and end up doing nothing like me.

Hey, what films have you watched recently? I just wondered.

We recently watched Tagore, Vijju, answered.

The Tagore movie of Megastar was released these days, and it is a blockbuster. Many have been trying to get tickets, but I have not been able.

Arey yaar! Really. Did you watch the Tagore? I asked, surprised.

Yes, Vijju replied.

Idiots, why don’t you guys let me know. I’d even join you and watch the movie. You know how eager I am to watch the film. How could you forget me? I was asking a lot of anger and frustration.

Do you know how hard we have been trying to get those tickets for us? One of my classmate’s cousins is in touch with some of the people who work in theatre. So we asked him for four tickets, but he was only able to arrange three. So the three of us went to watch the movie. He clarified Vijju persuasively.

But what kind of a movie Macha. Megastar rocked the movie with his acting, dancing, and all that. I was holding some 20kgs of paper, and whenever he appeared on the screen, I just threw it on the screen. It’s a different pleasure, explained Sameer with a lot of glow on his face.

Oh, stop this Sameer. I feel terrible about that. Not because I skipped it, because you guys were watching me leave behind, I said in frustration.

Yeah, don’t worry Macha, I’m going to arrange tickets for all of us again this Saturday. We’re all going to watch together, Vijju replied.

Okay, please don’t forget me this time, I told them specifically.

Sure, man, we’re going to take leave for now. You can go back and continue your excellent sleep, Nani conveyed.

We’ve just heard the sound of the school bell, which is right next to our house. So then we got to know it was 09:00 AM.

Then I said goodbye and headed into my home, eagerly waiting for Saturday to arrive.

I used to have a lot of free time. So most of the time, I used to take my vehicle and roam through the streets of my place. Please don’t expect a Merc or an Audi when I said the vehicle. It’s just about my Hero cycle. But that’s what gives me the ultimate kick.

In the meantime, when I was in my street like every day, after a long time, I met one of my old friends. He said he joined the computer course, and it’s going to have a bright future. I haven’t focused a lot. I said, well you learn, and then I pushed off to my house.

I got home. I ate my mom’s food. Hmmm, yummy dal, I loved it. I ate my stomach full, and I took a nap. Somehow, I wasn’t able to sleep properly. In my mind, there are only two words rotating. One, Computer Course, Two, Bright Future. Okay, I just can’t sleep. So I woke up quickly and started to meet him.

Buddy, I’m interested in the computer course you were talking about in the morning. Can you just give me a couple of details, so that I can understand and enter the course, I just asked him.

Why not? Do you know the Fire Station? Virtual Technologies is just next to it. As of now, it’s the best computer institute in our place. The tutors are excellent, too, and they teach us with a lot of focus. He replied.

Can we go in the evening to meet the tutors, so that I can also get some clarification on whether to join or not, I asked him.

Okay, not today, man. Tomorrow morning, when I go to class. I will pick you then we can both go and discuss everything. He responded.

I said all right, and I started back home. After that, I had only one thing in my mind. Computer course, huh? Oh god, what the heck am I doing?

During my school days, I found this peculiar device. We used to have a particular class on computer. The students made to sit in front of some white boxes, which has a black screen and white letters on them. The instructor presented it as a computer. I’ve never known the meaning of it. Why the screen is dark and what the white letters on it are. Later, I learned that it was MS-DOS. It is my only encounter with a computer.

And now, I’m planning a full-time course. I don’t know if that is the right decision or not? I’ve had a lot of questions that bother me.

What would be the fees for that? Will I do it? Is mom going to accept paying the fee? Sure, Mom agrees and pays, what’s next? Can I learn it and have a bright future? Or am I just going to waste my time and money and go back to the square? I was very annoyed by all these issues. Yet then, I consoled myself by thinking, What’s wrong with it? Just try it out. Take part in a demo session. See if you understand that. If yes, go ahead and learn. If you don’t, please don’t waste your money on that and continue your regular street roaming mission. And I was sleeping.

The next morning, as usual, my three musketeers had to wake me up and take me to the wall in front of my house. I was wearing Shorts with a Commando Banyan as if I had someone to flaunt. With a stupid brush in my mouth that doesn’t have any paste left on it. I was just chewing the brush, even the brush wants to shout at me. Hey, man, leave me, don’t kill me, you useless boy.

Hey, yesterday, I met one of my old friends. He said that he joined a computer course that has a lot of future. I was thinking of joining that. Why don’t you guys join in so that we can all go together and learn something useful? I asked with a lot of curiosity.

Vijju just threw a strange look at me as if they had come for some reason, and I’m thinking about something pointless.

Okay, first you go and have some info, then we’re going to think about it. Sameer replied.

Then, what else? How was yesterday, I asked, generally.

No special buddy. Nothing extraordinary. From here, we went home, then got ready to go to college. We were there for two classes, got bored, so we went to our meeting point; the excellent bus stop. Then chit chatted for a while and came home again. Nani has explained.

You’re going home early every day. Isn’t your parents going to have any doubt about college? How do you handle this? I asked.

Why not. Our parents have got their questions to inquire. We’ve got our solutions to handle. When they believe in us, we’re free. If not, we’re in deep shit. Things turn out to be so much worse, occasionally we get beaten, but let’s not think about this Macha. It’s a violent dream. conveyed Nani in comic expression

In the meantime, as I asked these questions, Sameer is just looking at me why I need all this stuff.

Look at me, I just failed. I’m just sitting at home without doing anything. Well, at least you guys work hard and study well. Please, consider your education very seriously. Or else you won’t have any value in front of anyone, I warned them and tried to make them realise the importance of education.

Why do you feel guilty for having such a free time? Enjoy your life, and move around. Look at us, man. We have to go to college every day, listen to lectures, write notes, do homework, prepare for the tests, wait for the results. What a stupid annoying loop is that? Feel so happy you’re out of this. Sameer explained that.

I just laughed sarcastically and said, I know the pain at this point, so I don’t want you guys to ruin your life just as much as I do. So I’m educating you about your future. If you take this into account and trust my advice, it will help you. If not, it’s up to you to do what you do.

Let’s just leave this boring conversation and think about something interesting, Vijju said

Buddy, what’s your opinion about love? Nani asked

I’m talking about things that make life more comfortable, and you’re talking about something that messes and destroy life. I scolded.

What is this? Macha, Everyone’s going to have some kind of view about everything. I asked the same way about your perspective on love. Nani said

I don’t think I have any opinion. Those who don’t have a job and just sit down will have time for all these useless things. But I don’t have that. I responded in frustration.

Ah, well, it’s the only thing for you to do now, said Vijju, laughing at me.

Okay, I’m seeing it now clearly. I’m home because I’ve got you guys making fun of me. Okay, just three months. I’m going to join the computer class, learn well, and get a good job. But you guys won’t have the opportunity to crack jokes about me like this, I replied with a lot of confidence

Hey, just chill man. We are just pulling your leg. Don’t take it seriously. Sameer consoled.

In the meantime, Nani concentrates somewhere else while we explore all this. He smiles at the schoolgirls walks to us. I’m just wondering what’s going to happen. It is the same as in the movies shown. The girl who had her head down until then lifted her head and began to look at Nani while crossing us.

Her face gleamed with a lovely smile. Even the same is true of our hero. This scene went on until the girl crossed our street for some time.

There was silence unexpectedly. Nani, Vijju, and Sameer knew that I saw it.

Hey Macha, see how the girl looks and smiles at you. Exclaimed Nani at me.

Idiot, she doesn’t look at me, somewhere else her focus is. And I understood clearly why you all come home every morning. I screamed angrily. You just tricked me.

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