Love Can Happen Multiple Times

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Computer and a Girl

Computer and a Girl

I had a bath, got ready, and waiting eagerly for a friend of mine. He hasn’t been coming up for a long time. I was sitting in front of the TV, and I started watching a movie. Suddenly, there was a cycle bell sound outside of the house.

Hey, come fast, it is already late, my friend said in a rush.

You’re supposed to be here in the morning. Why did you delay that long? I asked.

All because of my lovely bicycle. It’s got a lot of trouble today. Anyway, no issues, let’s get started quickly. He replied.

I still have some kind of doubt in my mind. Is this going to work out well or not?

Hey, is this course is going to be so complicated? May I learn to do this? I poured my questions on him.

Don’t think too much, buddy. Why do you want to know the flavour when you’re about to eat? Okay, anyway, because you asked me to describe it. It’s effortless, you just need to be focused and interested in learning. All the tutors are excellent, and they have a pleasant experience. Even if it’s the hardest, they’ll explain it to us in the most natural way we can understand and learn. He told me that.

I have gained some trust after all this Gyaan. We entered the institute bit discussing all this. He told me to wait outside and went to the institute. He came out and said that sir is taking a class, and I should wait a while. He went to his classroom.

Hi Karthik, all of a sudden I heard a bass voice. It’s Rahul, Sir.

Your friend said all about you. You were trying to learn some information about the course right. He sat down and talked it all in English. In English, I’m not that smart.

Hi, sir. I can’t understand the English language. I hesitated to reply with a lot of embrace.

It’s all right, ma. Nothing there is to feel about it. Anything is going to be easy if we are interested in learning it. Anyway, when we have our sweet and beautiful Telugu to communicate, why do we need English, he said and kept talking very closely as if he were a family member of mine.

What have you done? He questioned me.

Failed intermediate, I replied with a low voice.

Yes, sir. Since I’ve been free as of now, I wanted to join this course and build my future. I said.

Okay. I’m going to give you all the information you need. Then explained about the List of courses, length, fee structure, and all that.

We’ve got three courses; DCA, DTP, and Tally. Since you have no prior knowledge of computers, I would suggest you to start with DCA, this is a 30-day course and we charge Rs. 1500/-. for this, you will be qualified in MS Office and Internet usage. You can go to DTP after this. This is a 45-day course, too. Here you’re going to learn Pagemaker, Photoshop, and Corel Draw. The fee shall be Rs. 1500/-.

So, in total, I’ve got to ask Rs. 3000/-my mom is the only thought I’ve had in my mind.

Sir, Can you reduce the fee because this is a considerable amount. I requested him.

See Karthik. You can approach any institute here. If they charge less than us, I’ll teach you for free. But, I can understand your problem. Let’s do it this way. You can pay the amount in four 15-day intervals each, Rs. 750 at each time, he replied

Hi Bro, somebody spoke to Rahul Sir and sat next to me in the chair.

Hey hi. Meet our new student Karthik.

Karthik, he is Madhu, Rahul, sir introduced me to him.

Madhu sir and Rahul, sir, are both this institute’s partners, and they serve as tutors.

Okay, Karthik. Speak to your parents, please, and let me know your decision when you come to the demo class tomorrow, Rahul, sir, said, and left for the classroom.

I’ve been waiting for my mate for a while, and he’s joined me after half an hour.

Yeah, what has happened? So did Rahul sir explain the details to you? My friend asked me.

Ha, yes. But my only worry is about the Fees. Rs.3000. I don’t know how well my mother is adjusting to it. But let’s look at it. I answered, and we both started back home.

I got home, had food, and began to wait for my mother.

It was five o’clock in the evening. Mom just got home from the office. I just woke up.

Have you studied today or, as usual, went to your favourite streets and walked around? She asked me with a lot of frustration, without even looking at me.

Then I understood that if I talk about course and fee at this point, I’ll be gone. So, I remained silent and said I was studying

Ha, yes, How much you did a study today is visible. Sarcastically replicated

I got fresh up and continued my routine work. Indeed, walking on the streets. I ended the same thing at 08:00 PM and got home. Mom was watching TV.

Hey, you’re going to join me for dinner, or you’ve eaten something outside. Usually, you’re eating all the junk out there right, questioned my mom angrily.

I’m going to join you. I didn’t had anything out there, I answered and got the food on my plate. Sat next to my mother and gathered all the courage. I wasn’t focused on food at all. My only concern is how to convey about the computer course to mom.

Mom, with a low voice, I called her.

What? Don’t you like the food? She asked.

No, this isn’t about food. I need to say something important to you. I reacted to mom with a lot of fear.

What a great thing have you done today? She asked for it.

Please, mom. Listen to me for a moment. I’ve been to a computer institute today. If I’m learning a computer course there, my future will be a bright mom. Everybody’s entering and mastering the computer course. I conveyed her.

Ha, You’ve learned so much before, too, but you’ve failed. Mom said.

No, mom. It’s a great course. It is possible to even pay the fee in four instalments. Last time, please trust me. I’ve explained this.

How much is the fee? She questioned.

I replied Rs.3000.

What? 3000? I’m sorry, I can’t pay a lot of fees. Even if I borrow from someone and pay you, you’re not going to focus, and also that money is going to go in vain. First, you focus on your failed subjects. You might think of anything later. She screamed, turned off the television and fled.

Mom’s never going to trust me. It’s my entire fault. She brought me up alone and worked hard to bear the costs of my schooling. Yet I didn’t value her hard work and failed in exams. What else can she do except to carry me more?

For all the mistakes I’ve made, I have to take this. So I slept with a lot of pain and consoled myself.

Hey, Karthik! I put Rs.750 on TV. Take the money and be part of the course. Please focus at least this time. Mother screamed.

I woke up suddenly. I asked myself if I was dreaming for a moment, then I saw mom. With a lot of happiness, I thanked her. I promised her I’m going to work hard and do well.

Mom left for the office. But I couldn’t sleep. Perhaps it’s because I was shocked by mom giving me that money.

I woke up, picked up my brush, and sat in front of my house on the wall before my friends came.

I’ve only seen Sameer and Nani coming; I wasn’t seeing Vijju. I thought for my words. Yesterday, he’d get hurt, so he didn’t come now.

You woke up early and stayed here without us. What’s up, brother? Are you waiting for that girl? Nani asked.

Hey no. As such, I don’t have any intentions. Don’t poke me again, please. Where is Vijju, by the way? I asked them

He has been suffering from fever since yesterday, Nani responded.

Oh, really, huh? But how is he right now? Did he consult a doctor about that? I’ve been wondering concerned.

No. I bought some medicine for Vijju. He took the same one, and he’s taking a rest. You went to the institute yesterday, by the way. What happened? Any updates? Sameer asked

Yeah. I went. I got to know a lot of details. Tutors are very helpful, and you can even pay a fee in instalments. I’ve expressed the same to Mom, and I’ve also taken her advice. She gave me the money. I’m going to join today. I replied.

Good. So you’re going to learn well and settle down. After that, you’ll forget us, Sameer said with a sly smile.

Even Nani was laughing.

Okay, You keep smiling. One day, you guys should realise that I was making the right decision. I responded to them.

I was talking so seriously, but both of them focused on school girls walking in front of us.

This girl is the same girl we saw yesterday. Right? Why is she smiling at you and coming at the same time every day? Is that for you, Nani? I asked.

Yes, Dude. We come here every day to see her alone, Nani said. We have been covering it all these days.

I know that. If you don’t have any work with me, you’ll never think about me. So I was curious why you guys are coming here every day. And on the first day that the school bell rang, you left. So I was supposed to understand that day only that you came for her. It’s all right. So from when this story is going on. Does the girl likes you, too, or is it just from your end? I asked Nani.

Nani isn’t innocent at all. Only that girl approached and proposed him. Sameer said, smiling.

Oh wow. We’ve been long-time friends. I can’t even recognise now who Nani is and who Vijju is. How can this girl remember you and proposed it to you? These two guys helped you all these days, and now it’s my time. Right? I asked.

When you start to love, you can easily recognise who is who. We’re in love, yes. I asked you the other day about your opinion on love. That’s because I thought I would take some tips from you. Explained Nani.

Wow, how smart are you? What do you think of me? Look at me, Idiot. My short, banyan, and a dumb brush that still feels like it’s dead, and I’m again using it. No girl is going to love a guy like me. I’m not like you, smart and handsome. I replied and laughed.

Sameer just gave me a strange look and said, Shut up, man, you also have a lover boy within you. But you don’t let him come out.

Come out and go inside? What a scrap. Nothing like that. I’m not a split personality. I said.

Karthik. Mark my words. Love not connected to the brain. It’s connected to the heart. You never know when and on whom that special feeling is about to blossom. You just need to wait and see, said Nani with a calm smile on his face.

I smiled and told Nani that since it happened to you, it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen to everyone in the same way.

Sameer is just watching us.

Who knows? Just look at the girl who’s coming here, you might fall in love with her, he said, showing us a girl coming in.

I just turned around and saw the girl. She’s stunning, has Attractive blue eyes, pretty face, the good looks. She’s riding towards us with her bicycle. After seeing the girl for a while, I was thinking about what everything Nani told me two minutes before it became real. The girl just got into a nearby house.

Not that, no matter who it is, my view is not going to change. It won’t work for me all this love and relationships. I’ve told Nani.

The bell of the school is over, and my friends are gone. I just walked into my house and got ready for the institute.

Good Morning, Rahul Sir.

Hey, Karthik! How are you? Did you discuss it with your parents? What did they say? He asked.

I spoke to my mom in the night. At the outset, she was not confident. Yet she gave me the fee in the morning and asked me to join the course. I replied with a relief gesture.

Oh really! That’s great. So when are you joining? Today? He questioned.

I said yes, paid the fee, and took the receipt from him.

Karthik, I will teach you DTP and DCA by Madhu. As of now, you go and sit at system number 5. I will come and explain what to do further. He conveyed.

I shook my head and stepped inside.

I had a cool breeze just after I stepped inside the lab. It’s AC. They’ve arranged an AC to prevent computers from hanging. For a moment, I was thinking. I’m going to sit in the AC classrooms and enjoy the AC from tomorrow. There are ten systems in the room. Almost all of the computers have occupied. They were all so busy with their work. I felt like a common man was entering the battlefield. Except the sound of the keyboard, I could not detect any other sound. If anyone has any questions, without upsetting the other person, Rahul Sir explains all those.

In the next room, Madhu Sir is taking classes. He has an excellent bass voice that I can hear in the echo. I’ve been hunting for System no 5. Suddenly, Rahul Sir stepped in.

Hey, Karthik! You haven’t settled down until now. Come and sit down at your desk. See you feel free. It is our institution. There is no need to get upset. Okay. He made me feel comfortable.

After I took my seat, he just did something on the screen so quickly. A few seconds from now, a green colour screen has come with some alphabets. It’s the ASDF and the LKJH. He told me to practice typing on the screen.

After practicing for a certain amount of time, the completed pop-up appeared on the screen. I haven’t been able to figure out how to close that or what to do. I haven’t been able to approach my co-students since we’re new, and I haven’t introduced myself. So I was sitting idle, just staring at the screen.

After a while, Madhu, sir, who was walking by, saw me and came to me.

Oh, Karthik! You’ve joined? So you’ve finished the practice session, too. Very good. With a smile, he said.

Then, I asked him what to do when it pops up.

He asked me to press the close button with the aid of the mouse to close the document. Upon finishing my class for the day, I did the same thing and moved off to my house. That day, the first day of a class filled me with excitement and raised my confidence in my future.

Nani’s statements have had a great deal of effect on me. I’m just wondering why he said that I would fall in love with the girl he showed me. The sight of her walking with her cycle is still spinning in front of my eyes. But I haven’t been able to find out why. When she walked towards us, we stared at her as if we hadn’t seen a girl before. She was so simple that she didn’t even look at us. But I don’t understand why I’m thinking of all of these things. I just got home, and instead of sleeping, why is my mind on all these stupid things?

All of Nani’s statements have begun to impact me. But if I focus on my course, learn well, and get settled in my life, I will be happy, and my mother will be satisfied, too. So I diverted my mind, searched the books of my failed subjects, and started reading.

Karthik, did you join the course? mom asked me just after she walked into the house.

Yes, ma. I did. Many thanks for paying the fee. I assumed you’re never going to agree and have been depressed, I replied.

I’ve been through the difficult times of my life. I know who is genuine, who acts and who tries to cheat. First, I was so angry when you asked me about it. He’s already failed and doing nothing, why is he trying to do another stint? So I said, No, she answered

I saw you get disappointed, But I couldn’t let you go through any pain. So I said all right. To me, your happiness is far more valuable than money, son. Mom explained.

I will work very hard to finish the course, make you proud, Mumma. I have expressed much faith. I shall do the same.

Take it not as an obligation. First, instil interest in it. It will then be yours automatically. I don’t stop you from having pleasure in your life. Just enjoy your life, I’m saying, but prioritise correctly. At this point in time, education should be your first priority. Second, it’s something that comes. With a smile, she said.

I told her all right and hugged. On my forehead, she kissed and said, love you, son, and left.

Mom’s words have a certain magic. They’re my inspiration. I was delighted to speak to her. Instead, I decided to study well, to settle down and take care of my mother first.

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