Love Can Happen Multiple Times

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Beautiful Dream

Beautiful Dream

I love you, Karthik, she said with a lot of shyness.

Oh no, I don’t like all of these. I told my mom that I would study well and make her proud, I said.

I didn’t expect that from you, Karthik. I approached to you myself. That’s why you’re just saying no, she felt terrible.

Don’t feel bad, please. My mom already lost hope in me. Even after that, she arranged a fee for me somehow. I know how hard she works for me. Right now, I don’t want to lose focus on my course. I consoled her.

Now, have I told you to stop leaning on the course? No right. Each morning, as usual, you go to the computer class, and I will go to school. We can meet before going to school and while going back home after school, just come with me till the house. That’s it. So simple, okay? She lifted her eyebrows as if she wanted to ask my consent.

She was trying to convince me with a lot of love. But I don’t know what to do about it. My mom is fed up with me. If I take a chance this time, and if something goes wrong, she’s never going to trust me all my life. I am so nervous and stressed.

In the meantime, she was just looking at me for my response. Hi, sir. What kind of person are you? A girl who held her shy aside, confronted you with a proposal, and you’re rejecting her? She questioned.

Hey no, Please, listen to me, please. I’m thinking of the promise I made to my mother. Okay, I replied.

So you like me, but that vow is stopping you from embracing my love. Okay. I’m going to go and talk to your mom, she said and left.

Karthik, focus your attention carefully. Whatever you asked to do, please do it, don’t hesitate, Today, whatever you do now, it will give you good results in future. My mom screamed.

I was just curious about what mom was talking about. Why is she telling me not to hesitate? For a moment, I was concerned that the girl had revealed everything to my mom, or what?

Then I just turned my face around. Mom’s getting late to the office, and she’s just packing it all in a hurry. She advised me to focus on the class to learn the course well.

Then I just figured out that the whole conversation was going on in my imagination, not true. Oh, what a lovely dream. I just wondered if I was feeling so happy about a dream, what if it was real. It will be an achievement for me. Wow.

After Mom left, I was just thinking about seeing the girl again that day. I’ve been thinking about her always. If she’s coming today, and if she’s going to see me in this stupid short, waste banyan and dead toothbrush? Oh, no, no. I thought I should be decent looking so that she could come and talk to me.

Then I went into the shower, took the shampoo, and drained the bottle. Now, if a shampoo owner sees me, he would undoubtedly reserve me as a brand ambassador for his company. So I had a bath, put myself in some right clothes, and groomed my hair correctly.

As usual, I went and sat on the wall in front of my house, waiting for my friends.

Yeah, look at him, man. He dressed like a hero. Sameer has shown me to Nani.

Hey, Bro. Oh. You’ve dressed up like a groom. Are you waiting for someone to impress? Nani asked.

Both of them laugh at me.

It was when Nani called out, Hey your girl’s coming!!

Just like a film scene, all of us suddenly jumped down from the wall in slow motion. I was accompanied first by Vijju and then by Sameer. The girl was strolling with her bicycle at the entrance to the lane. It was the first time that clearly I saw her.

She is beautiful with Big eyes, slim body, and long hair. Even in that stupid school top, she was breathtaking. She just stared at us while she was walking. For a second, she just figured we had no other job to do, and she reflected the same thing on her face. Then she went to the same house as yesterday.

I was just wondering why she’s going to the house every day. We were all just waiting for her to come out of here. In the meantime, girlfriend of Nani’s has arrived. They both grinned and our romantic hero, Nani, gave a flying kiss. The girl smiled and blushed. She just turned around and made sure no one was watching her, and she replied to him with another flying kiss.

All this is going on. My attention is solely on that gate because I don’t want to miss to see my angel. We saw someone come out of the home. It was one, followed by the other: a girl and a friend of hers. So we understood the logic that every day she goes to her friend’s house, parks her cycle there, and both of them go to school.

She just turned back at us while she was leaving. I was simply desperate to look at her. All my buddies were watching me.

Oh yeah! Look at him, look at his face, and shine in it. The unknown lover boy came out of Karthik. Oh no. What were all the statements he made yesterday? My goodness, love is only for those who don’t have a job and all of it. Just look at him and see how he blushed when the girl turned back on him. Nani and all my friends started to laugh.

My life has changed all of a sudden. Every day me for my angel, Nani, for his girl Vijju and Sameer to help us. Getting ready smartly and sit on the wall. Apart from that, I also concentrated on my computer classes.

I’ve built a lot of experience and confidence with Rahul Sir and Madhu Sir over a short period. They trust me a lot. In all these 30 days, it’s just like that. The first course of mine has also completed. I have acquired a lot of subject knowledge. My mom was happy for me, too.

One day, as usual, I got ready to sit on the wall. My friends have also joined me. Even Nani’s story has made a lot of improvements. They both started to stand away from us and talked to each other.

We’ve been seeing each other for 30 days. I used to wait for that girl, and she’s just looking at me for a second and going, nothing more than that, man. I’m just waiting to take a step forward.

Bro! I just want to clarify your point today. I can’t see this serial anymore. Vijju said with a lot of frustration.

Hey, what are you going to do, Macha? Don’t create any problems, please. I’m so scared, and I’ve answered tensed.

Yeah, we’re all your friends. If anything happens, we will stand by you. Don’t think about that. Sameer replied.

She started walking to school from her friend’s house. We’re both watching to see if she’s going to turn back and look at me. She just stood back and looked at me while she was crossing the street. Then Vijju shouted, please wait, and began to run towards her.

We were in shock, not understanding what’s going on. Before we could recover from that, Vijju arrived to her and began to talk to her. None of us can guess what he’s talking about.

In between, he points to me and explains something, and the girl looks at me with a lot of anger. Her look is like a Tiger staring at a deer. Vijju had finished and returned to us. The girl went to her school.

Hey! What did you tell? Why is she angry at me? I asked with a lot of curiosity.

Just wait and watch. By the afternoon, you’re going to get to know. Vijju replied

But what’s this Vijju. At least we’d have discussed it right before you approached her? Sameer said.

Hey Vijju. Under stress, Karthik is about to crash. What have you said? Nani asked.

I’ve been anxious. I sweated in anxiety too. I don’t know what’s going on. I started to fill my mind with tension a lot of negative assumptions. Will she go to her teacher to complain? Is the teacher going to complain to her parents? Will her parents come in front of my house and create a scene? All my friends will be happy in their own homes. I’m going to be the one to suffer. My mom will throw me out of the house this time if something happens. That’s for sure. I didn’t know what to do. I began to walk into my home. They followed me as well.

What have you said to her? Sameer shouted.

Nothing! I just said that our friend is genuinely in love with you. Replied, Vijju casually.

Really? How did you do that to me? Idiot. Did I tell you that I was in love with her? Now I don’t know how many people are going to come and beat me. Stupids, all this is because of you guys, I shouted.

We were all in shock.

Hey, now you don’t shout and invite people to know about. Keep quiet. Stay calm. Said Vijju.

You made a mistake and asking me to remain silent? I shouted at him.

After I said that, you know what her reaction was? He continued.

Who? That boy with chubby cheeks? She asked, he said and smiled.

You booked me, and you’re having fun with me now? I started hitting him.

I realised that I couldn’t concentrate on my education in all of this. So that day, I took leave and stayed at home. All my friends have spent some more time with me, and headed for their homes. But I was anxious that somebody would come to my house and cause a few problems. I slept worrying.

My mother arrived home in the evening and woke me up.

Karthik, What’s wrong with you? Why is your body burning? With so much fever, you’re still asleep? Get up. We’re going to go to the hospital. My mom cried in pain.

She took me to the clinic. Poor doctor, how is he going to know the reason behind my fever? He just did a routine checkup and prescribed a few medicines. But he doesn’t know that the drugs won’t cure my illness. My problem was a different one.

We went back home and took the medication. My mom was concerned and slept next to me that night.

Good morning dear. How are you feeling right now? I believe I’m supposed to take my leave and stay with you to take care of you. My mom was talking with me.

No, mom. It’s okay. I am fine now. You go to your office, I responded. I was afraid that my mom would crumble if someone came to my house about the topic of that girl and battles. And I didn’t ask her to stay at home.

Okay, dear. Please look after yourself. I made and kept the chapati in the hot box. Please eat it and take medicine on time. I’ll see you in the evening. So today, don’t go to class. Take some rest. Mom said, heading for the office.

I didn’t even dare to go out because I was very nervous. My friends came in the meantime.

Hey Bro! Come out and sit down. I think it’s time for your beloved to come, said Vijju with a smile.

Do not make me angry, please. You finish the work you’ve come to do and leave, I replied.

Karthik, If the girl didn’t like you, she’d complain by this time, and there’d be a lot of problems. But the fact that nothing happened, it indicates that the girl is also interested in you, said Vijju.

Oh no. Whatever. Please don’t pull me into this. I am not coming outside, I said.

Okay. Stay right here. I’m just going to go and talk to the girl, Vijju said. All of us were trying to stop him. Yet he didn’t listen, and he just walked out.

Meanwhile, Nani’s girlfriend has come, and Nani has told her all about it.

She said she was going to figure out the problem and inform us. In the middle of all this, Vijju has returned.

All of us have one question, What’s happened?

Vijju explained her response. What happened to your hero. Where is he now? I haven’t found him today. What’s wrong with his love? Anyway, if he loves me, just ask him to come and express the same thing. Sending his friends is not acceptable.

Then what the hell did you answer? Nani asked.

What am I going to say? I asked her to come to talk. Maybe she’ll come and speak to Karthik today, Vijju replied.

Me proposing her directly? Oh no. Never.

Enough is enough. I will not entertain all this. I am out of this, I replied.

Hey, don’t worry, Bro. Maybe she will talk to you tomorrow. I told my girlfriend to speak to her and update us. So let’s see what will happen, consoled Nani.

Ha, please. I’m not interested in the business of this love. This causes just another stress. I can’t handle this, I said very nervously.

Tell man, Sameer pushes Nani to me.

Arey. try to understand Macha. He is in a lot of anger already. When I ask this now, I’ll probably get a kickback. Nani replied to Sameer

What happened suddenly to you guys? Why are you fighting? Here I have a lot of tension. So what do you guys do here? I shouted suddenly.

Nani wants to ask you something, said Sameer.

Nothing Karthik. Nani told me and looked at Sameer with a lot of frustration.

My girlfriend wishes to meet me today. So I was going to ask you if we could meet at your house. I think you can even take your girlfriend’s update, right? So, can we meet if you don’t mind? I’ll guarantee that she leaves before your mother gets home. Nani conveyed hesitatingly.

I was surprised to hear literally. What are you thinking? In your desert dreams, please don’t even imagine it. That’s never going to happen. I’ve got the idea now. You guys truly mess up. Yesterday, because of you guys, I got dumped in some problem, and now you plan a crazy thing. I suggest that you guys don’t come starting tomorrow to my place. Yeah, yes. That’s right. Starting tomorrow, you guys don’t come to my house. I angrily responded, Nani.

Hey bro. What is this? We will do anything for you. How are you so greedy and don’t even want to support this little thing? Nani Asked me seriously.

Little help! How can you tell that? Nani. You could even imagine what would happen if someone saw this girl bring into our house and told my mother? She’s going to murder me. It’s not a little thing, please. I replied.

Hey, we’re going to manage that. There’s nothing you need to think about. Sameer replied.

Okay. I don’t know what the consequences are, but since you are my friend, I am agreeing. I replied.

Okay, Macha, we will leave now. We will be back at 3 pm. Bye, they said and left.

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