Love Can Happen Multiple Times

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First Job

First Job

Hai Brother. As suggested by you, I’m going to join today. I reported to Madhu sir’s friend at 9 am. His name is Anji.

Hey! Hai Karthik. Come. I’ve been waiting for you. See, this is your system. You should work on it. He invited me.

Bro, What am I supposed to do? I asked him to know about the nature of my work.

Oh. You’re much faster than I thought. Actually, customers are going to get some typing documents. You ought to type for them. Now, if they want to send mail, or if they’re going to print it, that’s their wish. To type 1 page, we charge Rs. 10. It’s 10 for mail, and it’s 15 for print. He explained.

You should be here from 9 to 5. Afternoon, you’ll have a lunch break for 1 hour. So all the best, Karthik. I hope you do well and learn so many things he wished me.

I nodded the head as okay. Then he left for his work. I was so worried about that. Everything has been new to me since it is my first day. I went in and sat down in my chair.

Not only document typing, but there are also so many other services available. Some of them are the Internet, Xerox, Lamination, and so on. Computers are not that normal these days. Most of them don’t have it. Having a computer is a great thing.

When the exam results published, people come and wait in the queue to know their results. It’s a different feeling to announce the result of someone’s exam. I know how nervous they’re feeling. I’ve been through all this in my life so I can correlate.

I go to class regularly from 8 am to 9 am. Then I used to push back to my job. I moved my lunchtime from 1-2 to 3–4 pm to meet Neetu every day. I planned and conveyed the same thing to Anji brother.

Mom is very pleased, too. I cleared all of my subjects that I failed. She’s pleased that I was standing with my friends, completing my course, and beginning my career as well. I’m happy to take my life seriously and to focus on it.

It’s Neetu’s birthday, two days from now. I told my friends.

Hey Karthik, this is the first time she’s celebrating her birthday with you after you started the relationship. You really ought to think about something unique, my friends said.

I don’t know, Macha. I haven’t celebrated anyone’s birthday to date. I can’t decide what to give her, and how to make this birthday the most memorable day for her, I replied with a dull voice.

Don’t worry, Karthik. We’re there for you. We will give you some good ideas about what to do. Don’t worry. My crazy friends were laughing.

Okay. Tell me. Are you going to stop even if I say no? I replied

Why don’t you give a ring? said Vijju

Oh. Your father is going to sponsor it. Idiot, I sarcastically said.

What? Can’t you spend that much on the birthday of your lover? Said Vijju.

It’s going to cost a ring at least 10,000. Where am I going to get that money from now? Tell me something I can afford in my budget, I replied.

Okay. Gift Neetu a set of bangles, said Sameer.

Yes excellent idea, I replied.

Okay, but only bangles are not sufficient. Think of something else, advised Nani.

You can write a lovely, sweet love letter that expresses all your feelings., said Vijju.

Letter? I am neither a writer nor a poet. Well, I can’t do that, I replied.

See that you don’t have to be a writer to express your feelings. Genuinely share your thoughts with her. Well, that’s more than enough. But write it down on a colourful paper — suggested Sameer.

Karthik, Idea! You keep the bangles and the letter in a paper bag, and you fill it with little hearts biscuits and rose petals. She’s probably going to love it. Vijju said.

Immediately, I hugged Vijju in joy and asked him how he is getting such beautiful ideas. All of us went to buy all that.

We went out and took the bangles. As for the colour of the bangles, we chose the letterhead. Then we bought our little hearts and left home.

My friends asked me to write a letter and to finish it today. They said they would decorate the bag tomorrow morning and left for their house.

I began to do what’s different, and I’ve never done before. The pen doesn’t move. I don’t get the words to place on paper. I don’t know what to write next. Yet I started it somehow.

I don’t know how to start and where to start. Somewhere I am confused. I have wasted so many papers, not knowing what to write. I felt so upset. I left the papers and came outside.

The only thing in my mind as I walked out was how to write a beautiful letter that made her smile and feel happy. It should be telling me how special she is. So I was only thinking of writing about her. Her preferences, likes, dislikes, behaves, etc. Every alphabet in the letter should express how important she is to me.

When she goes through the letter, she will, through the respect and love I have for her. That is my main goal. There were a lot of thoughts going on in my head.

All my thoughts are framed like a letter. And I thought of a way in which to express my feelings. I ran to my house so that I couldn’t miss all this.

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