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Chapter four

Raymond stepped out of the car, he reached out his hand to help the little woman with him to get out. She was dressed in a knee level blue gown with different drawings of flowers which made her cute and beautiful. Raymond as usual was dressed in a navy blue suit. Morris also got down from the car but he didn't follow them inside the big mansion.

An elderly beautiful woman walked out to meet them at the door, she was smiling so beautifully. This was the first time her grandson brought a woman home and a beautiful one at that. She hugged her grandson "little Ray, it's been so long" she smiled at the girl beside him "how are you my darling."

Felicity smiled shyly before mumbling "I'm fine."

Raymond frowned when his grandmother called him little Ray but he couldn't shun her in Felicity's presence so he decided to swallow it at the moment "how are you grandma?"

"Oh I'm fine" Hana waved him off as she led them inside where Desmond was already waiting, his eyes shun when he noticed a petite figure beside his grandson, looks like his plan worked "Desmond, look who little Ray brought."

Desmond nodded to his wife's words as his gaze remained stock on Felicity, making her nervous that her fingers clenched her gown as she walked beside Raymond to a sofa to sit down "so nice of you to visit us again Raymond."

"It's only been two weeks grandpa. Do you miss me that much?" Raymond asked with a raised eyebrow and Desmond could only stiffly smile, this boy, he thought.

"If it's for me I don't care how long you take to come see me, it's just your grandmother here wouldn't let me rest" Desmond said nonchalantly.

Raymond smiled "is that so? Who is it that often complains if I don't visit on weekends?"

"I just told you, your grandmother is the one that always push me to complain."

"Okay okay, enough enough. If I should keep quiet you two won't stop this your bickering. I just don't understand you both, like grandfather like grandson" Hana hissed.

Raymond and Desmond both pouted, looking so identical. Studying their faces, one old and one young, Felicity couldn't help but laugh out loud, bringing all eyes on her, she immediately covered her mouth immediately as she looked down not wanting to meet anybody's gaze.

"Oh my dear" Hana chuckled "don't feel so shy to laugh. I would have laughed too but it's just that I have grown immune to their similarities" she looked at Raymond "what do you need to introduce her to us, a Royal proclamation?"

Raymond cleared his throat "sorry about that grandma, you know how grandpa can be."

"You mean how you both can be. Who is the lovely girl please?"

"This is Felicity Amelia McCarthy, my fiancée."

Hana and Desmond looked at each other before looking at Felicity to see the beautiful ring on her finger "oh my!" She chuckled "isn't this a great news Desmond?"

"Indeed" Desmond looked at Raymond "but if I may ask, how come you didn't introduce her to us before and you waited till we state our condition before you did?"

Raymond stared at his grandfather, he knew the man is wise and he has to take him serious when playing him "grandpa, I have known Felicity for a month now, I just wanted to get to know her better, to be sure she feels the same way for me but then I thought, I love her so why wait?"

"Hmm" Desmond peered at him with his eyes half closed "I see" he nodded.

Raymond kept looking at him, his heart beating silently as he wondered whether his grandfather will see through his plans, he suddenly grabbed Felicity's hand and kissed the back of her palm, making her gasp at his sudden gesture. He smiled lovingly at her and she felt her cheeks turn crimson red, she looked away immediately to hide her face. In all, their loving action did not escape the eagle eyes of his grandparents.

Hana looked at her husband and gave him a sign which he couldn't help but sigh at before nodding "okay then. Felicity is it?"

Felicity looked at him "yes sir" she mumbled nervously.

"Sir? You are going to be my granddaughter in law soon and you still address me as sir? Little Ray, didn't you tell her that I have always wanted a granddaughter and can't wait for her to call me grandfather?"

Raymond glared at his grandfather before looking lovingly at Felicity, he tucked a lock of her honey gold hair behind her hair and smiled "go ahead and call him grandpa."

"Grandpa" Felicity said shyly.

"Ho ho ho" Desmond chuckled happily before looking at Hana gloatingly "I told you our granddaughter in law will first call me grandfather before you."

Hana glared at him "so that was your game huh?"

"No need getting angry honey, I have already won. So, don't forget to give me my prize later."

"Hmph, you just wait. Our great grandchild will first recognize me before you."

Raymond froze when he heard his grandmother's words, great grandchild? He is not yet married and they are talking about great grandchild?

"Humph, a very big lie. Of course my great grandchild will call for me first" Desmond argued.

Hana felt like pulling him on his white hair to the ground and stumping on him but she remembered Felicity was in the room and let go of her evil plan, she turned to her and smiled "darling, where are your parents?"

Felicity's eyes narrowed and she looked down immediately, seeing her reaction, Hana guessed what could have happened and looked at Raymond who confirmed her thoughts "oh my darling. I am so sorry about that, I didn't know" Hana apologized immediately.

"It's okay. You wouldn't have known if I didn't tell you. They died when I was six years old and aunty Katy raised me all alone that's why I will do anything to make her happy."

"Aw, so sorry dear. I will like to meet this your aunty Katy" Hana said.

Felicity nodded "okay, I will tell her."

"Sure do okay?" Hana smiled.

"Which school did you attend Felicity?" Desmond asked.

"I didn't go to school" she answered and Desmond and Hana looked at each other shocked "aunty Katy hired a tutor to teach me at home" Felicity continued "although she didn't tell me but I heard from other people that I'm sick and can't go to school like every other kids."

"You are sick? What type of sickness my dear?" Hana asked.

Felicity shook her head slowly "I don't know, aunty Katy never told me."

"I see" Hana looked at Raymond, asking with her eyes if he knew and he nodded "I'm so sorry dear."

"How old you are Felicity?" Desmond asked, he feels like there is something off about this girl.

"Aunty Katy says I'm twenty four" she answered honestly.

Desmond and Hana looked at each other again "your aunty told you? You don't know yourself?" He asked further.

"Aunty Katy tells me a lot of things about myself and because she tells me, I don't bother to know anymore."

"Is that so" Desmond looked at his grandson and Raymond gulped, he never knew his grandparents will ask too many questions, if he had, he would have prepared her beforehand.

"Honey, what will you like to drink?" Hana asked.

Felicity's eyes brightened immediately "can I have ice cream?"

"Ice cream?" Hana was surprised as well as Desmond and together, they looked at Raymond who tried to avoid their gazes.

"Yes, ice cream" Felicity nodded vigorously.

"Okay, I will have them prepare one for you now but in the meantime, what will you like to take while you wait for your ice cream?" Hana asked with a smile.

"Cake" Felicity replied happily.

If Hana was surprised with ice cream, then she is shocked with cake "oh, I will get them prepare both then."

Felicity clapped joyously "thank you. Aunty Katy said I should always thank anyone who gives me something."

"Really?" Hana asked with a forced smile and Felicity nodded "em, Felicity would you be here for a moment while with talk to Raymond, I can ask them to get you lemonade while you wait for your cake and ice cream."

"Okay" she nodded.

"Good girl" Hana looked at Raymond and signaled him with her eyes before getting up. Raymond stood up too as well as Desmond and they all moved to the next room after Hana told the cook to prepare cake and ice cream and also told of the servant girls to take a glass of lemonade to Felicity.

Raymond closed the door gently behind him and turned to face his grandparents gazes "yes grandma?"

"Speak" Hana ordered.

Raymond sighed "Felicity went into shock during the accident that killed her parents. She was with them in the car and her mother had wrapped her in her arms, not letting her sustain injury but unfortunately, she didn't protect her brain and lying in the dead arms of her mother, covered by blood, Felicity had sustained injury mentally and the shock was too much on her. Though the doctor said she will soon recover from it but it has not yet happen and her aunt Katherine never stopped believing" Raymond was glad he got Katherine to tell him the story, if not, how would he have answered this question?

"Poor child" Hana said "so she ended up growing up with the brain of a child?"

"I guess. But I believe, if she is let to socialize with people her age, she might get better sooner but her aunt is so overprotective of her and wouldn't let her mingle with anybody."

Desmond looked at him with a frown "then how did you get to meet her?"

"Well, Katherine is one of my staff. I guess she knows I will never hurt her, which I will never do because she has a special place in my heart."

"Good that she does. I won't have you treating her like you did other girls, what she needs now is tender loving care" Hana said.

Raymond smiled "don't worry grandma, that I already know. I won't hurt Felicity" he smiled. Raymond couldn't contain his joy that Felicity bought the heart of his grandparents.

"Let's go back to her. I don't want her being alone" Hana said and immediately walked out of the room followed by Raymond and Desmond.

They walked into the living room to see Felicity slowly sipping her lemonade, Hana felt the mother love in her heart grow for the girl, she walked closer to her and this time she sat beside her while Raymond and Desmond sat opposite them, she slowly but gently removed some strands of stray hairs from her face, she smiled lovingly to her and Felicity couldn't help but feel warm in her presence.

"Raymond, go check if Missy is done with the ice cream" Hana ordered.

Raymond frowned but he still stood up to go the errand, he came back shortly after and uttered one single word "no."

"Okay" Hana replied still looking at Felicity who had finished her lemonade "do you want more?"

Felicity shook her head "I want ice cream."

Hana looked at Raymond "little Ray, why don't you go get her one in one of those bakeries?"

"What will happen to the one Missy is preparing?" Desmond asked.

"She will just take it home" Hana replied "hurry little Ray."

Raymond frowned, when has he become an errand boy for Felicity? He fetched out his phone from his pocket and dialled a number "go get an ice cream" he ordered when the call connected.

"Why do you call him little Ray? I thought his name is Raymond" Felicity asked and Raymond frowned, glaring at his grandfather who laughed.

"Raymond is his name my darling but we call him little Ray, it's his nickname and he loved it when he was a boy" Hana answered gently.

"Really?" Felicity's eyes glistened and she looked at Raymond "can I call you little Ray too?"

Desmond and Hana laughed out loud while Raymond's face darkened "no" he replied.

"Why not?" Felicity asked dejectedly "it sounds so sweet in the mouth. I will love to call you little Ray."

"No you will not" Raymond refused.

"Don't talk to her like that. She will call you what she wants, after all she is your wife" Desmond shunned him before looking at Felicity lovingly "call him anything you want my dear, he is your husband."

Felicity smiled happily "thank you grandpa" she said and Desmond felt like he was in cloud nine being called grandpa from such a beautiful girl.

Hana looked sad as she looked at Felicity again "you have called him grandpa twice now but not me."

Felicity looked at her sad face and patted her head full of white hair gently like a child "don't cry, I will you grandma as many times as you want, don't cry okay. Grandma, grandma, grandma, grandma, see? I called you four times but I only called him grandpa twice."

Hana laughed, oh she is going to love this girl to the moon "thank you my darling" she kissed Felicity's hand that had been patting her head.

Desmond sucked "I'm jealous now."

Felicity looked at him "don't be grandpa. I will be here for both of you okay?"

Desmond smiled when he heard her call him grandpa again while Raymond rolled his eyes while watching his grandparents act like a child with her, he should have known better, of course they will like her.

"So little Lee, can I call you that?" Hana asked.

"Little Lee?" Felicity asked before nodding happily "I like it, just like little Ray."

Hana smiled "how did you meet little Ray little Lee?"

Raymond stiffened in his sit as he watched Felicity who only smiled to Hana and said "I was in a coffee shop, reading a book and licking ice cream when he entered, maybe I charmed him and he approached me, we talked but then aunty Katy came to pick me before he gave me his number and collected aunty Katy's own to call me. We started talking and then we fell in love, he then asked me to marry him to which I said yes."

Raymond was shocked, he can't believe how she told a lie while looking so innocent, but why did she change coffee to ice cream? He smiled as he thought she might really like ice cream too much.

Desmond smiled "wow, which book where you reading?"

"It was a book aunt Katy bought for me. It has a lot of funny drawings" she laughed.

Hana smiled and wanted to say something when Morris walked in "the ice cream sir" he dropped the bag on the table "good afternoon sir, madam" he greeted Desmond and Hana.

"Morris, how are you?" Desmond asked.

"I'm fine sir."

"Here my dear" Hana opened the bag and brought out the ice cream "here you go" she passed it to Felicity who was already staring at it greedily, she dug the spoon inside and scooped a spoonful into her mouth before looking at Hana smiling cheekily. Hana returned the smile and cleaned the corners of her mouth with the serviette.

Raymond watched as his grandmother was attending to Felicity, not letting the ice cream stain her mouth and wondered why he wasn't so attentive during his own time. Realizing his thought, he cursed at himself, why will he need to be attentive? Is he supposed to clean her mouth in the first place?

"So," Desmond cleared his throat and looked at Raymond, deciding to leave the women to their ice cream "when are you having the wedding, should I call your parents over?"

"No need. It will be just a simple ceremony, they can look at the pictures after. Besides, they will still come back to meet her one day."

"Will you be planning the wedding?" Desmond asked.


"No, leave that to us, I have always wanted to plan your wedding" Hana said.

"Grandma, you don't need to stress yourself. I can do it" Raymond insisted.

"Little Ray, planning your wedding with little Lee won't be stressful, it will be fun instead" Hana refused to back down.

Raymond looked at his grandfather "grandpa..."

"If your grandmother wants to do it then let her."

Raymond sighed, this is bad, he didn't want to have a real wedding in the first place. He looked at Morris who nodded that he should accept "fine. Then are we going to call mom and dad?"

"We don't need to call them, you said so yourself. They didn't stay to take care of you, is it now that they will leave their beloved companies to attend your wedding?" Desmond asked.

"Since grandma will be planning it, it's going to be a big ceremony" Raymond said.

"Of course. Wedding is a once in a life time ceremony" Hana said as she cleaned the corners of Felicity's mouth.

Hearing her say that, Raymond didn't know what to say again. He never wanted to have a real wedding but with his grandparents planning it, of course it will be a real wedding now. Well, he will just end up having a real divorce then, that aren't so hard and besides Katherine will understand, and if she doesn't, he will make her, he thought.

The rest of the day went peacefully with them fixing the wedding in two weeks time. Hana had Missy the cook package Felicity's ice cream for her after she finished eating her cake and couldn't lick the ice cream anymore and moreover, Hana was afraid of her having a running stomach and suggested she take it home and eat tomorrow.

Desmond and Hana walked them to their car. Felicity got in and tuned to them "bye grandma, bye grandpa" she waved with a smile before looking at Raymond "come in little Ray let's go."

Hana and Desmond laughed before waving at her too "bye little Lee" they turned to Raymond "take care of her little Ray."

Raymond frowned and got into the car without even looking at his grandparents. He had told them to stop calling him that and now because of them, Felicity has come to know of it and she is going to be addressing him like that. He winced when he thought of Katherine hearing it from her mouth and decided to make sure that Felicity will not call him that in the presence of anybody, in fact, that she won't call him that at all.

When the car finally left the mansion, Felicity looked at him "I did well didn't I?"

Raymond nodded without looking at her "yes you did."

"I told the lie you wanted me to" she looked at him as if asking for a prize.

Raymond glanced at her "yes you did" he repeated and Felicity smiled.

"I told you aunty Katy said I have a photographic memory" she praised herself.

The corners of Raymond's lips lift up in a faint smile, she really do have a photographic memory he must admit. He thought on how she remembered his words flawlessly and also included hers of when her aunty Katy came to pick her up and how she twisted that he collected aunty Katy's phone number in other to contact her after giving her his number. Thinking about it, he discovered she really deserve a prize, he looked at her to see her looking at him with glistening eyes and he chuckled "don't worry, I will take you to the amusement park again."

Felicity clapped her hands happily as she asked him "when?"


"It will be before our wedding right?"


"Will you ride the rollercoaster with me?"


Felicity remained silent as she sucked on his rejection. Raymond looked at her from the corner of his eyes and smiled "Morris will" he promised making her look up to him smiling while Morris sucked on his grievances at the driver's seat. Why does he have to be the one punished every time? Looks like he will fake illness the day it will be, he just wish his boss will tell him beforehand so that he can act his drama well.

Felicity was happy once more after being promised that she will be taken to the amusement park again and that Morris will ride with her "I like your house and I also think your grandparents love me little Ray and I love them too."

Raymond frowned when he heard her call him little Ray again but he decided to correct her misunderstanding first "that is not my house."

Felicity looked at him "it's not?"

"Yes, it's my grandparents house."

"Where is your own house?"

"I will take you there later."

"Will I like it too? Is it big like your

grandparents own?"


Felicity rejoiced "then I will like it" she looked at him "does it have a library filled with children's book?"

Raymond pinched the bridge of his nose "it doesn't."

"Oh, I love reading."

"Don't worry, before the wedding I will have one constructed."

"You will?" She asked with her eyes shinning.

"Yes" Raymond replied tiredly.

"Oh I'm so happy" she clapped "and I can't wait to tell aunty Katy to start calling me little Lee" she smiled happily and looked at Raymond "you should too little Ray, if I call you little Ray then you call me little Lee."

Raymond glanced at her "you can't call me that."

"But grandpa said I can."

"Well grandpa is not here" he looked at her fully now "Felicity, do you know how old I am for you to call me little Ray?"

"How old are you?"

"I'm thirty five" Raymond said his age proudly.

"Oh, you are right" Felicity said thinking "you are not little anymore."

"Exactly" Raymond agreed, happy that he didn't have to exert more pressure before she listened.

"I should call you uncle Ray instead" Felicity said and Raymond looked at her shocked while Morris couldn't stop himself from laughing out loud.


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