Bride for Rent (sample)

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Chapter six

Felicity stepped out of the car, she stared with her eyes wild opened at the big house in front of her. She couldn't believe that this is little Ray's house and it's also going to be her home from now on. She looked at Raymond who was beside her now, he looked tired and a little bit tipsy since he received a lot of toast from people at the reception party "you live here?"

"Uh huh" Raymond replied with a nod, he loosened up his tie and removed his suit jacket, he folded it on his arm before looking at her "you want to go in or you want to stay here?"

"I want to go in" she rushed to answer, she had always been afraid of the dark and it's so dark and late now. Raymond nodded and started walking inside while felicity followed behind. They should have been home a long time ago but Raymond chose to chat with friends since he wouldn't be having a wedding night and he can't call someone over since it was his wedding night. He groaned softly as he stepped into the house and searched for the light switch and turned on the light. His life is pathetic, isn't he the only married man that will be sleeping alone on his wedding night?

"Wow!" Felicity exclaimed, the house was just as big inside as it appeared outside, there was a five step chandelier hanging in the center of the glass ceiling, she looked at herself from it and couldn't help but be mesmerized.

Raymond studied her and had to stop himself from scoffing, aren't she the only woman that is mesmerized by a glass ceiling? "Let me show you to your room Felicity, I'm tired. You can come back and look at it later, right now, I need to rest."

"Oh, okay" she nodded obediently and followed him to the beautiful flight of stairs, everywhere seemed to be glittering. Never in her life had she thought of living in a house like a princess palace, well, guess she is a princess now, she smiled. "I'm a princess now little Ray?"

Raymond rolled his eyes "perhaps you can start by finding your own unique pets or you can choose to make friends with rats like that Cinderella you adore so much."

"I will if they will be talking. They can sow a dress for me when I have nothing to wear but the thing is, I don't have an evil stepmother or step sisters" she furrowed her brows as she contemplated on how to solve the issue.

Raymond looked at her like how one will look at a child who was talking nonsense, he almost laughed but he lacked the strength to, so her problem now is that she doesn't have an evil stepmother and step sisters? Ah, if only one's problem can be that. He ignored her and continued walking, he opened a door and stopped to look at her.

Felicity who was lost in thought bumped into him and hurt her cute little nose "ow" she touched her nose and looked at Raymond who was staring down at her with a 'what is this one doing?' Kind of look "you broke my nose" she frowned.

"Puh lease" he rolled his eyes "if you were looking where you were going, would you have bumped into me?" Without waiting for her to answer, he entered the room and she pouted before following after, her hand still rubbing her nose. Raymond switched on the light "I had Gloria clean it up for you."

"Who is Gloria?"

"My house keeper."

"Where is she then?"

"Her home, she doesn't leave in. Now enough questions, you have everything you will need already prepared for you. That's the bathroom" he pointed at a door "you know how to turn on the taps don't you?" When he got a nod from her, he continued "that's your closet, you will find anything you need there. If you use facial creams, you can make your choice there" he pointed at the dressing table "your under wears are in the drawer, you will find neat towels there too. My room is opposite, you can come ask question if you need anything or don't understand anything, is that clear?"

Felicity nodded like an obedient child, "good. I'm turning in" Raymond said and left the room, closing the door after him. Felicity looked around the room, it was so big with a Queen sized bed, she fell on the bed but she couldn't feel the soft mattress well because of her wedding gown and she frowned and stood up, she tried to open the zipper but she couldn't, she tried countless times and got frustrated. With a low grunt she opened the door and left the room, opening the door opposite her immediately.

Raymond had just gotten out of his clothes and had nothing but his underwear on when his door was opened, who dares to enter his room without knocking? He frowned when he saw Felicity still dressed in her wedding gown "what are you doing?"

"I can't open the zip" she pouted, standing at the door.

Raymond pinched the bridge of his nose before motioning for her to come closer. He helped her open the zip "there, you can go to your room now."

"Can you help me take it off, it's so big" she frowned.

Raymond heaved a tired sigh before helping her pull the gown out of her sleeves and it dropped on the floor. His breathing constricted as he stared at her fair body, her body was smooth and flawless, Katherine really took care of her niece, he thought. His throat bobbed as he swallowed. Felicity, unaware of what was happening to the man in front of her, stepped out of the gown, she bent to pick it up, not caring she was standing half naked in front of a man "thank you" she said " I will go to my room now."

Raymond nodded and she smiled before leaving. He stared at her back and had to force himself to look away, a part of him has already reacted to the feast to the eyes, he cursed and tried to bring himself under control as he walked into the bathroom.

Felicity returned to her room, she took the wedding gown to the closet, she was stunned when she saw all the dress racks and shoes and handbags, her hands covered her mouth in stunned silence, what in the world? If aunt Katy was here, she is really going to love her new wardrobe. She rushed out of the closet to thank Raymond but when her hand touched her door handle, she realized she was still in her underwear and besides, Raymond said she is to come to his room only if she has questions or want anything "oh well, guess I will thank him tomorrow" she said to herself before opening the drawer to get out a new towel, her fingers caressed the beautiful looking under wears in the wardrobe and a sweet smile graced her lips.

She entered the bathroom later on and wowed again, it was so big and it has a big round bath, she quickly climbed inside and love the feel of sitting in it. There were taps on the top of the bath and she turned one on, cold water rushed out and she shivered while giggling, she turned on the second one and liquid soap rushed out making the water foamy. She splashed on the water and thousands of bubbles rushed up in the air. She giggled again as she bust them one after another, she splashed on the water again, sending bubbles right up in the air and watering the bathroom floor but she doesn't care, she was having the best time of her life.

She turned on another tap and warm water rushed out, making the cold one more soothing to her body. She continued playing with the bubbles, not caring about bathing anymore but suddenly, the water was turning hot, "what happened?" She wondered but she couldn't think of anything. She started turning on and off all the taps but the water was still heating up, she tried to get up but due to the soapy eater, she slipped and hit her butt on the hard bath, a shrill scream escaped from her mouth.

Raymond just finished taking a shower and laid on the bed to finally close his eyes when he heard a heart wrenching scream, he jumped up from the bed immediately and rushed out through the door. He threw opened Felicity's room door but he couldn't see her in the room "Felicity?" He called but all he could hear where silent sobs coming from the bathroom, he walked over in quick strides and threw open the door, Felicity looked up then and their eyes met, there were tears in her eyes and he felt his heart ache "what is it?"

"Hot, it's too hot" she replied while shaking in tears.

Raymond looked at the hot tap and sighed "it's okay, just turn off the tap."

"I don't know which one and everywhere is slippery, can you help me? I feel like my body is going to peel from the hotness."

Raymond pinched the bridge of his nose "fine" he saw all the water and foams on the floor and knew he had to walk carefully, he got to the tap and leaned forward to turn on the tap but his slippers slipped and he fell into the bath. Felicity laughed despite her tears because he ended up be covered with foams on his face and hair. Raymond paid no mind to her childish happiness, damn, the water was really hot. He turned off the hot tap and removed the bath drain cover to drain out the hot water.

He turned on the cold one in the process to cool both their bodies before looking at Felicity who was giggling, "what now?"

She looked at him before raising her foam covered hand to wipe off the foams on his face "you look like the Santa Claus I saw last year" she giggled and leaned closer to him to wipe off the foams on his hair. Raymond couldn't help but chuckle lightly when he heard her, he wanted to say something to her when he felt something on his chest. Subconsciously, he looked down only to see her pink nipples touching his chest and it didn't help that his pyjamas was wet and so he could feel the light touch directly on his skin. He gulped as he couldn't keep his gaze away from it.

He wanted to touch it, to feel the softness in his hands, he licked his lower lip as a part of him which he thought has calmed down awaken once more. His eyes met hers and she was looking at him too, and there it was, the same glint he saw in her eyes at the church. He let his finger tips caress her shoulder and she shuddered. Raymond smiled as he became a little bolder, he replaced the drain cover and turned off the tap before letting his hand caressed her thighs.

Felicity shuddered once more as she kept their gazes, she couldn't understand what was happening or the tingling sensations that was overwhelming her body especially a tinkle at her lower part in her secret place, she has never felt like that before and it was scaring her but at the same amazing, what is little Ray doing to her? She wondered but she didn't ask him, she was enjoying whatever it was and didn't want him to stop.

Raymond traced from her thigh to her abdomen, his fingers traced it and she stiffened, her lips parted slowly and a soft moan escaped from her. Raymond groaned softly at that and leaned closer to her, his face went to her neck and she could feel his soft breathings which tinkled every sense in her body. Raymond placed a soft wet kiss on her neck and she shivered, leaning her head back to give him more access. His hand went up to her soft boob and a silent moan escaped from him as he felt the softness in his palm.

He fondled her boob and she moaned, wounding her hand round his neck, his body was tingling, he had been with a lot of women before but none has ever made him feel like this, so vulnerable like he was touching a woman for the first time. He released her boob and traced downwards, he let his hand slipped in between her thigh and her legs opened willingly, he got to her sacred place and he touched her.

Felicity moaned and shivered from head to toe, her hand on his neck tightened and she pushed herself closer to him. Raymond felt her wetness and shudder, Gush, she is ready for him, he thought. He played with her clitoris and she wiggled in his arms with soft pants escaping her lips with little moans. He felt his head swell like he was going to explode, his whole body was tingling and his little brother was so hard and throbbing, he wanted to fix it in her, he so want to enter her now.

He raised his head from her neck and kissed her lips, he sucked on her upper lip before her lower one, his tongue sunk into her already opened mouth as she released little moans into his mouth. His tongue searched her mouth, wanting to suck out all the sweetness in her. He had known her lips were good for kissing when he kissed her in the church but he wasn't able to savor her then. Felicity felt like she was going to die in his arms, what is he doing to her? Aunt Katy never told her about this.

Raymond felt like he can't hold on anymore, he wants to eat her, to bury her inside him, he stopped kissing her and looked at her flushed face, she didn't bother to hide anything she was feeling and boy does he love that, he bent over and claimed her lips once more. He removed the drain cover and when the water all drained out, he made her rest on the bath with him on top her, he just wants to feel himself inside her now and nothing more, her sweet wet smell has filled the whole bathroom and he feels hotter than the water earlier before.

He slowly pulled down his wet pant as he positioned himself in between her, he rained kisses on her shoulders, neck and he claimed her cute pink nipple in his mouth, his hand tracing circles on the other. Felicity let her head fall back as she moaned, her moaning driving Raymond insane. He wanted to know how louder she can moan when he rides her and he couldn't wait to find out but just as he was positioned to claim her, he remembered Katherine's condition and he saw himself signing the contract.

Raymond snapped out of it and he got up from her, he looked at his handiwork on her and found himself delving deeper in the moment but he knew he shouldn't, he shouldn't be breaking the deal and definitely not on the first night of living with her, he looked into her eyes and he could see the desire in there and hate himself that he had to bring that upon her, that he made her like that. He pulled up his pant and climbed out of the tap, he left the bathroom without looking back.

Felicity laid in the bath and her body shuddered with unsatisfied pleasure, why did he leave? She want him to touch her again, she thought about going after him but her legs were so weak to carry her and so she remained in the bath while waiting for the fire inside her to go down.

Raymond walked into his room swearing, laying out curses upon curses, just why did he do that? Why did he let himself consume by desire, how did it all start? He remembered she had started it all by rubbing her nipples on his chest, why in the world will she do that? Don't she know about the difference between man and woman or did Katherine not teach her about that? He groaned and ran his hand through his hair, guess he need to teach her some basic etiquette like her covering herself when a man is around.

His wet pyjamas was dripping water on the floor as he walked to the bathroom, he pulled off the wet pyjamas and stepped back into the shower, he turned it on and he let the water slap his body which was still throbbing from unsatisfied passion. He stared at his dick which was still standing on attention, he closed his eyes and he imagined her body, her soft boobs, her sweet virgin flesh that he felt with his fingers.

He imagined entering her, how wonderful it will feel and he touched himself while imagining about her body beneath him on his bed, his mouth on her little pink nipple and him inside her, riding her hard but gentle enough to not hurt her. He felt his orgasm rushing up and he moaned before shuddering as he let it out. He opened his eyes and watched it being carried by the water and out through the draining holes.

He sighed and laughed self mockingly at himself "you are married and yet you have to use your hand and imagination to satisfy yourself simply because you signed a stupid contract" he hissed. He never knew he would regret signing that contract until he saw her body. She might be acting like a child but her body shows she is a full ripe woman and a beautiful one at that "ah Felicity, my sweet childish bride."

He smiled as he remembered how she was jumping around the carriage today and the sweet passionate side of her in the bathroom, the way she responded to his touch and he knew immediately that he might have stopped himself today but he doubts if he can do that the next time, he groaned, next time? Hell no, he will try his best to make sure there will be no next time.

He turned off the shower and dried his body with the towel, he came out of the bathroom and down on another pyjamas, he thought about going into Felicity's room to know if she had cleaned herself up but he decided against it, he don't want another heated moment. He lay on his bed but then he remembered that she might not know what to do and he groaned and got up from the bed.

Raymond walked into Felicity's room, she was not on the bed and he knew she was still in the bathroom, he let out a frustrated sigh before entering the bathroom, he saw her curled up in the bath asleep and he shook his head tiredly, he walked up to her turned on the tap, he let the water wash all over her and she moaned like a child being disturbed in her sleep. He drained out the water after washing her and used the towel to wipe her body. He slowly carried her out, her eyes snapped open then and when she saw it was him, she seemed to relax and her hand wrapped around his neck. He carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed, he went into the closet and got a nightgown for her, he helped her dress in it and she tried to snuggle into his arms "oh no you don't" he chuckled and covered her with the duvet, he watched her sleeping face and sighed.

He turned to walk away when a thought occurred to him, he bent closer to her face and softly called her name "Felicity" when she opened her eyes, he smiled "you know that now we are married, it's not everything you will tell aunt Katy right?"

Felicity creased her brows "why?" She asked in a hoarse voice.

"Let's say it's because now you are married, if you tell her about everything, she will feel sad because she is not married. Do you want her to feel sad?"

"No, aunty Katy is not married because of me. Her husband left her because she decided to stay with me and look after me."

"Now that's too bad isn't it?"

She nodded "yes, he is a bad uncle."

"I agree. Now that her husband left because she stayed with you, can't you see she had made a sacrifice for you?"

"Yes and so I don't her to be sad, I want her to be happy always not sad."

"Exactly, so if you tell her everything, she will become jealous and sad."

"I don't want her to be sad" she repeated.

"Then you shouldn't tell her everything."

"What shouldn't I tell her? How will I know what not to tell her?"

"Don't worry, that's why you have me to tell you. Like for example, what happened tonight in the bathroom" when he mentioned it, her face flushed and she tried to look invisible, he saw it and a low chuckle escaped from his mouth "you shouldn't tell anyone about it, especially aunt Katy, okay?"

Felicity drew the covers to her face and nodded.

Raymond patted her head "good girl" he smiled and stood straight, watching her as she tried to cover her head to hide her blushing face. He chuckled and walked out of the room, feeling proud of himself. This way, Katherine will never know he came this way to breaking their deal, he fell on his bed satisfied of himself but then he thought of something and cursed, this was what he should have done, he should have satisfied himself with her body and then tell her not to tell anyone.

He groaned and flipped on his bed, well, all is not lost, maybe this time there will be a next time and he will make sure to make it count should it come, he smiled and hugged his pillow before drifting off to sleep with a sly smile playing on his lips.


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