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Carly a woman who is scared, but what is she scared of? Terry? He is crazy about her. What about Carly?

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Chapter 1|


It was never my intention to be here tonight, at a bar for God sake. I couldn’t say ‘no’ this time. Nothing came up as an excuse. The one who dragged me along is Terry, my brother’s neighbor. He asked me out multiple times. And I regretted the minute I said ‘yes’. There’s no turning back now. Although it surprised me, he wanted to go out with me. I always thought he liked my roommate, Lynn.
“What do you like to drink?” He looks at me and gives me a small, sincere smile.

“What are you having?”, I ask him. Not sure what I shall drink. I’m not much of a drinker. No, let me rephrase that, I never drink. Never have and never will. Well, except for tonight. But I won’t drink much alcohol. I promised myself not to drink more than two drinks tonight. Maybe, I’ll go to the bathroom to get a sip of water. ‘Gosh, I hope Terry isn’t much of a drinker and also will not get drunk tonight. I don’t want to drag him outside and sit on the backseat of an Uber with him getting handsy.’

I shake my thoughts and Terry gets me out of my thoughts when he responds to my question.

“I’ll have a beer.”

“Okay, I’ll have one too”, I smile a little and see Terry turns to the barkeeper, who just caught Terry’s attention. The bartender nods and prepares our drinks.

We are standing close to the bar area. It’s a crowded place. Colored lights and dance music fill the room. I turn a bit and look to my right. Many visitors are dancing on the dancefloor, twenty feet away from the bar.

Something cold is placed in my hand and I feel a hand placed softly on my left shoulder. I turn my face back and see Terry standing close to me, beer in hand. He clings his bottle against mine. “Cheers.”

I smile at him. His eyes never leave mine when he takes a sip from his beer.
I slowly move the bottle to my lips and take a small sip. I don’t know what to expect. Does it taste good? Is it drinkable? Is it possible I like this drink called beer? I never drank this. So here goes nothing. I pour a bit in my mouth and move the liquid a little in my mouth. Then I slowly swallow and blow out a bit of air. Then I smile a little. Pretending I like this. All this time, Terry’s eyes are on me and particularly on my lips. ‘Oh my, this tastes disgusting! Who would drink this?’

A big smile appears on Terry’s face, he leans in a bit, closer to my ear. I guess it’s because of the music and he really want me to hear what he is going to say. “I never thought of you as a beer drinker…” I swallow, holding my beer a bit lower, closer to my hip. All I could say is “Oh”. I am standing here dumbfounded. He’s standing so close and his breath in my ear gave me a shiver down my spine. ‘What’s happening with me?’ I never felt this before. Is it because of the alcohol or Terry standing so close to me? I swallow again and feel my mouth getting s bit dry.

I suddenly feel like I want to crawl into my bed under the warm duvet and let the world pass by, staying in the comfort in my little room. Maybe Lynn keeping me company, eating pizza or just cuddle up a bit, while watching a movie. But Lynn had to go to her moms for a monthly dinner. So that’s why I end up here with Terry.

Looking at him when he leans back and takes another sip from his beer bottle, I notice his chiseled jawline and a two-days-old-beard. That gives him a sexy look. ‘Wait… What am I thinking? I don’t like Terry. He’s kind of odd and weird. I still don’t like being here in this bar, especially with him. Maybe I should find an excuse to get away from here.’

My dad always went to bars and came home drunk. That’s when I always told myself never go into bars and have alcohol. I remember, sometimes my mother had to drag him out of there.

Terry gives me a wink, “Are you okay?”. I just nod at him and shrug. Then take another little sip of my beer, which I find disgusting to drink now. I Place the bottle back on the bar counter and give a smile to Terry. “I don’t feel so good”, I lie. Knowing that I don’t want another sip of my beer and also want to get out of here soon. “You want to go outside?”, Terry asks me. I nod. “Come on”, he says and ushers me to the exit door. We step into a small alley. “A bit of fresh air would do you good.”

“Thanks”, I just look at him.
“Is everything okay?”
I look at him and he looks concerned. ‘I guess I should tell him how I feel, but on the other hand…’

“I don’t like beer and bars.”

“Oh?”, he gives me a questioned look, “I thought you like drinking beer…”

“No, I don’t.” I look at him and want to say more, but I just stand there, frozen, waiting for his move. He smiles and doesn’t say a thing.

“I’d like to go home now”, I say in a whisper. Terry nods. “Come on, let’s go.”

“What?!”, I ask him.

“I’m going to bring you home safe.”

“You don’t have to do that…”, shaking my head.

“No, I’m taking you home. I can’t let a beautiful young woman, like yourself, walking home alone.

“Uhm…” ‘Did he just call me beautiful?’ I feel my cheeks heat up.

We start walking. All I can think of right now, is that when we get to my apartment building, he knows where I live. ’Maybe he wants to come in for a ‘coffee’ or he wants to kiss me. That’s something I don’t really want to do.’ Crossing the street, I can see my apartment coming into view and I get more nervous by the second.

We haven’t said a thing until Terry asks me. “Are you alright? You seem nervous.”

‘And there it goes. Of course, I’m nervous. I have no idea what his intentions are. Maybe he just wants to bring me home safe and take off. But still I’m aware that he likes me and is now slowly approaching my apartment, with me.’

He stops me in my tracks and turns me to face him. “What’s going on in that beautiful head of yours?” His right hand resting on my left elbow.

“I… I’m…”, I stutter. ‘He thinks I’m beautiful?’ His hand lets go and he shoves it in his pocket. I take two steps back, look him in his eyes pleading and shaking my had again. I really want to get out of here, I want to get away from him and I don’t want him to know where I live. I want to get back under my warm duvet and forget about tonight.

Then I turn around and sprint away from Terry. It happens quick. I hear him calling out my name. Leaving him standing dumbfounded. I keep running and take the back entrance of the building. Then Inside I take the emergency stairs and walk up to my apartment. Inside I lock up and catch my breath. I slide down the front door and sit there for a while. Then I feel tears falling on my cheeks.

After half an hour I get up and clean myself in the bathroom. I take a warm shower and slip into my comfy pajamas. Then I get in my comfy bed. ‘I’m glad being here again.’ “Goodnight”, I say to my bed. I know, weird, but I like sleeping.

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