A British Affair

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Twenty-year-old Arrow Jett is heading off to college in England – and he's got it all figured out. Dump current, boring girlfriend. Travel to London. Come out of the closet. Meet cute, British boy. Live the good life. Despite these feelings, Arrow can't stand dumping his girlfriend, Elena, who has been there for him through his FTM transition. Now that his transition is complete, Arrow feels it is wrong to leave her. Yet, his future lies in London. A chance encounter with a sweet, British boy might change the course of Arrow's life forever.

Romance / Other
Kelsey Higgins
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Chapter one: London Baby!

Arrow could hardly believe it.

He was in London, baby!
Beautiful, classic, drowned in amazing history. Everything he had ached for about that city. Sure, his home city of Boston was also drowned in amazing history, but he had never left it until that moment, and London was everything he had dreamed it to be and more. Standing alone in the airport, he took in a deep breath of London air. It even smelt different, somehow. It was September, and the air was crisp. It was still slightly warm, but every now and then, Arrow would get a shiver from the breeze, causing goosebumps to form on his bare arms.

It took him a few minutes to find his way to the train, but before long, he was seated on the comfortable seats of the Heathrow Express. He arrived in London Paddington a while later, and then he took the train to Oxford. He couldn’t believe how beautiful London was. The people. The views. It was so different to Boston. He found himself hoping he would fit in and make friends, despite being a transgender male. Not that people usually guessed that about him. Arrow was born Ariella. As soon as he reached fifteen-years-old, he realised he was transgender, and his bisexual girlfriend, Elena, was very supportive of this, as were his family. They paid for his surgeries, and now he felt like he truly belonged in his body. He felt like himself. Of course, Arrow was one of the lucky ones. Not everyone could afford that, and not everyone was accepted, and he felt terrible about that.

However, within the past year, Arrow had began to realise something else about himself. He liked boys as well as girls, but he had fallen out of love with Elena. He was clinging on, despite the fact that she was going to be so far away for four years while he studied Law at the University of Oxford. He had to stay with her, though, she had been there. She had loved him despite his insecurities and flaws. She had defended him against bullies in school - and she cared about him more than anything. He could tell. That was why he felt guilty. That was why he could never leave her.

As he left the train at his second-last destination, Arrow let out a sigh. Thinking about it made him sad, so he tried not to. He was familiar with his surroundings, after all, he had come to London to check it out and to see if it was for him with his father. Arrow’s father was a Lawyer, and he owned his own firm. He wanted Arrow to take it over someday, and Arrow was more than happy to do that. He loved Law. He loved his dad. He loved Boston. No matter what, he would be going home. To his home, to Elena, to his family. He had a destiny to fulfill.

With one suitcase lugging behind him, Arrow made his way down the beautiful streets of Oxford until he reached his apartment block, which he would be sharing with a fellow student he had not met yet. That made him super nervous. What if they fought? What if he was transphobic? Well, he didn’t exactly plan on telling him about it. He knew it was a guy because his landlord had let that slip while on the phone with him. Arrow heard his phone ring. He had placed a new sim card inside, a British one, so that he could get around and have his new friends’ numbers. If he maanged to make any.

his landlord’s name, Aaron, flashed on the screen. He picked up immediately.
“Hey, Arrow. It’s Aaron. I’m almost there, are you here yet?”
“Yeah, I’m here inside the building” Arrow said, looking around at the nicely painted hallway. He didn’t feel like a student at all. Just some rich boy living off his parents money -- which was exactly what he was, to be fair. He wasn’t your average student, and he never would be.
“Very good. I’ll see you in a few minutes.”
“Okay, see you then.”

Aaron hung up, and Arrow took a seat on the bottom step. His new roommate wouldn’t be arriving until the next day, apparently he was on vacation in Italy. He liked the sound of that, maybe he could visit Italy sometime while in London. He would have to ask his father. He clicked his tongue while he waited, but he was interrupted by a female who was trying to get down the stairs.
“Sorry!” he exclaimed, moving to the side. She ignored him, popping her earphones in her ears and jogging out the door and down the street. Arrow raised both brows. She seemed rude, hopefully they wouldn’t be meeting again.

Just as he went to sit down again, Aaron entered the building, so he stood right back up. He recognised him from his Facebook account, where they were friends. Aaron said it was easy to contact. Arrow was okay with it.
“Arrow!” he smiled, wiping at his nose. He seemed to have a cold.
“Hey, it’s nice to finally meet you in person” Arrow said, extending his hand.
“I won’t shake your hand, mate. Have a cold, but the feeling is mutual.”
Arrow nodded, retracting his hand and allowing it to fall to his side. Aaron motioned with his head to the staircase.
“After you. Apartment ten.”

Arrow picked his suitcase up by the handle and trotted up two flights of stairs to apartment ten. By the time they reached the top, both were out of breath, so Arrow didn’t feel so bad about his shit fitness level. Aaron rooted around in his satchel for the keys, pulling two out before he finally found the key for apartment ten. It had a small keychain on it with ‘10’ written in black marker, in huge bold letters.
“There we go” Aaron smiled at him, unlocking the front door and motioning for Arrow to enter. The apartment was basic, of course, but it had two bedrooms, one bathroom, an open plan living room and kitchen and a balcony overlooking a green with benches and a football post. Arrow looked out the balcony doors.

“There’s a seperate key for access to the balcony in the flower pot there” Aaron said, pointing towards a giant, fake houseplant. At least Arrow wouldn’t have to worry about keeping a plant alive during his stay on top of his studies and making new friends.
“I hope you like your stay and call me or message me on Facebook if you need anything, yeah?”
“Yeah, I will. Thank you for everything.”
Aaron steppd out of the living room, and within seconds, Arrow heard the door click shut and he was all alone in London. He felt a pang of saddness wash over him. He felt scared sleeping alone that night. He missed his family - his baby brother the most. Little, two-year-old Ronan was probably crying for him at home.

Still, this was his opportunity to shine. He still had his brother in Kingston to visit him on his days off, and this was his chance at a better and brighter future. He sat down on the couch, flicking through the English channels until he landed on a Simpsons episode. He would unpack his stuff the next day (his clothes had arrived three days before him, and were waiting in his new bedroom. He didn’t want to check it out yet, he wanted to relax). He ended up falling asleep on the couch, snuggled up while watching the Simpsons.

|| Hey, guys. This is a bit of an introductory chapter. I hope you like it so far and will stick around to read the rest. Don't forget to comment, too. Lots of love!

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