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Life was easy for Olivia till her mother decided to go on a road trip with her girl friends- her once usually peaceful life is now becoming unusually dramatic with her childhood friend Kayden and her exceptionally gorgeous best friend. What happens when she falls in love with her best friend? What happens when she has a fall out with her other best friend? What happens when she has to become an adult even before her eighteenth birthday? What happens when in all this chaos she doesn't find that one person whom she needs most? She happens to find out that her life isn't a fairytale and the prince isn't her Prince Charming....

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My life, I would like to think, is like that of a regular teenager's. The usual, you know: good home, good school, good grades- just the regular.

That was what I thought until last week, when my mom decided to go on a road trip with her girl friends. That was a brilliant idea, I had thought, initially. Only when she said she would be gone for six months, did I go pale.

Apparently, dad and mum felt that they needed to rediscover themselves; that they had lost themselves in some odd convoluted godforsaken way, and needed time and space to rekindle the lost sparks.

I swear this space everyone keeps wanting, will end us all in the black hole, one day.

Really, guys? Lost sparks in the midst of moulding your children into beautifully responsible adults, who will one day save the world? Not like the superman kind of way, but you get my point, right?

When my mum had dropped the bomb on our heads at the dinner table, one dull Wednesday evening, I was mortified, but my fool of a brother appeared a bit too happy for someone, who's mother just said that she'd be practically leaving us alone, to fend for ourselves.

Okay, not literally. Dad and mum will still be paying the bills, but leaving us to the high school foxes all by ourselves, was definitely mean and unthoughtful of them.

Don't get me wrong. I love school and my friends, but there is a small (read: major) portion of me who wants to hate high school, because that's what is normal for a seventeen year old.

I'm just following the norms of the society, you know- groan about waking up every morning for your classes, and endure the five hour long torture; argue with your parents about everything under the sky, though you know that what they're saying is perfectly logical- because come on, agreeing with your parents upon something, is totally breaking the imaginary set of rules of teenage.

So yeah, I kind of pretend that school is a torture- but in actuality, I do love it. I pretend that I dislike (read: hate) my parents, but I really don't. I pretend that I despise my brother, well yes, that's something I really do.

So, in the midst of my incessant ranting, I hope I have been able to convey to you, that I am really upset about my mother leaving.

I hate it when she keeps nagging me about my studies, about my wrong choice of friends, about my sleeping habits and my unhealthy eating habits- I am annoyed, really really annoyed.

Then again, that's what mums are supposed to do- nag us, and that's what we are supposed to feel- annoyed.

I love her, I do. Maybe that is why, even if I were thoroughly unhappy about this arrangement, there was a part of me, a small part, which was happy for my mother.

She has had a tough life with the three of us- Ray, my dad, and me. Especially my dad. Being an interior designer and a mother, were two full time jobs in itself, which needed undivided attention.

My mother, as I consider, is an unparalleled woman, as she has managed to excel in both these fields.

Why I say that living with my father was a tough task for her, is because- he is the weirdest man the earth has ever come across. He is a doctor with a dozen degrees succeeding his name. Do I have to elaborate further, or does that suffice?

He is always so invested in his nursing home, his studies, his research, his patients, that there are times when he forgets he has a family.

So another reason why I am utterly concerned that my mum is leaving, is because my dad is never of any help here. God save me from having to look after Ray, myself and dad.

It's going to be a long six months.

"Ol, mum's calling you downstairs ", my most annoying brother poked his big ass inside my room, or is it his head?

Oh, I just can't differentiate between the two.

"Oh Raymond, how noble of thee to come fetch me" I stated dramatically.

He glared at me, the glare that scares his worshipers in school, but not me.

Definitely not me.

"Stop referring to me by that hideous name", he said with the same supposed-to-be-intimidating-look.

I closed my laptop and got up from my bed, and walked towards the door.

On my way out, I smacked the back of his head.

"Stop calling me Ol, then. I have a beautiful name- Olivia, and sis for you".

With that, I jumped my way downstairs, panting all the way. Not very athletic, you know.

He murmured a 'whatever', but followed me downstairs, laughing at my expense when I missed a step.

Mum was at the door with all her luggage, looking stunning as always. I haven't inherited anything from her, except for her singing abilities, but that is a secret no one knows and no one shall know.

Her long light blond hair was styled in a simple ponytail, her green eyes accentuated by liner, her skin glowing, her slim body clad in a pair of ripped jeans and a black tee shirt. It's wonderful when you're mother dresses like you, and carries it off better. Sigh.

She looked at the both of us with glassy orbs- her green eyes held so many incomprehensible emotions.

"You guys take care of yourselves okay, and your dad. He hardly remembers to do it himself ". She chuckled. "Be responsible adults and make mama proud, okay. I'm gonna miss you angels". She was sniffing by the time she hugged the both of us.

"I'll leave now, it's a four hour drive to New York. Ray, don't forget to wash your underwear and please do take a bath everyday, try at least". We laughed at that and Ray looked mortified.

"Mom!", he gasped.

"Yeah yeah I know you're a big boy now, at least act like one. And Olive dear, try not to become anorexic and be sent away to rehabilitation before I come back". I rolled my eyes but hugged her anyway.

I smelt her characteristic scent and tried to etch it in my memory, so that I wouldn't miss her too much. "Have fun Ma. We'll miss you". My voice was muffled, but she heard it anyway.

She walked towards the door but stopped and looked back at us for another second, and then bid her final goodbye and drove off.

We came back inside and huffed out of exhaustion by emotion, and hopped on the couch, our heads resting on each others'.

"Does it make me less of a man, if I say I miss her already", Ray asked shyly. I looked up at him and tried to hide a smile.

"Umm, technically your aren't a man yet, you're just fifteen, so no, it wouldn't make you less of something that you aren't".

"Always the smart one, playing with words, aren't you Ol?" he smirked. I smacked him on the back of his head and got up from the couch. "Go to your room Raymond, and call me when lunch is ready", I said with full of swag.

It's when I looked back at him, who had an eyebrow raised, that I realised that lunch wouldn't be prepared- it had to be prepared by us. Oh my God!

"I miss her already too Ray".

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