The Alpha that Saved my Life

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Ever since Anna Eclipse's pack was killed, her life has gone to hell. Her family and pack were famous for their power, but they were massacred by rogues and she was the only survivor. She was only 14, and she had to run away. Now she's a rogue herself at the age of 16 and is notorious for hunting down anyone who wrongs her. But when she crosses the boundaries of an extremely powerful pack, the Black Hunters, she gets to meet the mysterious Alpha. What happens when it turns out they're mates?

Romance / Fantasy
Rainn Star
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The Massacre {Prologue}

I struggled desperately against the grip of the rogue holding me down, but I couldn't break free. He was an older werewolf and had more experience, while I hadn't even unlocked my wolf yet. "Oh, so the great heiress of the Eclipse family can't even fight back? That's really pathetic," he taunted me. My chest twisted with rage as tears summoned to my eyes. "Don't worry, I won't hurt ya. Can't say the same for those parents of yours, though," he snickered.

"NO!!" I screamed, trying with every molecule in my body to break free. He didn't even budge. My family and pack were being murdered outside, and I couldn't do anything. I could hear their screams, their cries for help lost in the wind. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I broke down, collapsing to my knees.

"Heh," he said, relaxing his grip on my arm. My breaths grew heavy as the screams outside continued. One by one, I could seperate their screams from one another.

"No no no no no no no no please God no," I cried under my breath. I was helpless and weak, because I couldn't even fight. I could only stay here and hear as they were all killed.

My heart felt like it was bombing outside my chest as my breaths picked up. I had a bad past of anxiety attacks that Dad usually helped me out with. But now I had no one. "LET ME GO!!" I shrieked, pulling against his grip. "Ugh, you're no fun," the rogue muttered, pulling my long hair back. "Just give up, girl. You can't do anything."

Let go, I heard a voice whisper in my head. As the rage swallowed me whole, I listened to it's words with eagerness. Let me take control, and I'll make sure no one of them can hurt anyone else.

Was this my wolf, finally reaching out to me? Or a demon? I really could care less, because I took it's deal without a second thought. I felt power surge through my veins as this entity took control of my body, my vision growing dizzy. I could hear the rogue's confused breaths before blackness took over.

I was in wolf form, and I could feel my newfound power. I lunged forward, taking the guy's head off in one simple jump. The cabin I was in was locked from the inside, so I wasted no time before breaking out the window.

But I was too late. My eyes widened as I witnessed an array of dead bodies littered across our pack's territory. I could smell death and blood in the air. Changing back to human form, I sunk down to my knees and let the tears slip out.

How? How could I have been so foolish? I was too weak and too late to save my pack. I had failed all of them.

"Quick, over there!" I heard someone yell. As I had now activated my wolf form, my scent and hearing had gotten a lot stronger, I realized. But even now, with this rush of werewolf strengths in my bones, I couldn't take all of them down. Tears dripping over my cheeks, I whispered a final goodbye to the corpses of my pack and retreated.

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