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Do I Dare

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When Kyle started his senior year of high school he had no idea what he was walking into. The school was the same, his friends were the same, hell even mister and misses Everton were still fighting about who had gotten the better classroom during school hours, multiple times a week. Kyle was still one of the hottest guys in school and captain of their lacrosse team despite him having begun to hate playing the sport all together. He didn't expect his final year at Pensail High to quickly become the craziest in his life and completely unpredictable; but when new girl Olivia shows up in his Biology class things begin to change. She's a loner, tattoos and all, clearly one of the bad types his mom warned him to stay away from; but what happens when he can't? What happens when he realizes there's so much more to her than anyone could begin to scrape the surface of without really getting to know her despite the dangers of her world? Will he decide he just can't handle all her baggage and crazy life; or, does he dare to step both feet into the fire just to check how hot it burns? Be advised: this book contains depictions of violence, rape, drugs and drug abuse.

Romance / Erotica
Vanessa Hawk
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Kyle always liked the first day back at school ever since he made the lacrosse team at the start of his freshman year. He got to see his teammates more often and finally got to get back into the game, and the girls that came with it. He was a senior this year so the first day was a little bitter sweet this time; it was the beginning of the end of his high school life. Kyle was always one of the popular kids, good looking, tall. His dirty blonde hair and grey eyes made him the object of almost the entire female population, being the lacrosse team captain didn't hurt either.

"Aye! Big boss little ass body!"

Kyle let out a heavy sigh as he turned his head after taking his helmet off to see his best friend since third grade laughing as he walked over to him. "Shut up Tyler." Kyle shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair in an attempt to restyle in when in reality he had done nothing to it this morning. "Always got some bitch ass shit to say man."

Tyler walked up to him giving him a quick fist bump. "Chill k, you know if it wasn't for my little nickname you'd still have a baby's body right?" Tyler laughed as Kyle got off this motorcycle placing his helmet on the right handle bar.

"Look, I never had a baby body okay, just a little ya know," Kyle shrugged slightly as he began to walk with Tyler towards the front door. "I was just skinny, but since I'm not no more, you need to chill with that shit. I'm 18 now, I don't need your stupid ass self getting in my way of getting the ladies."

"Bro, you don't even need help in that department. You got every chick in this school following after you like a fucking kid follows candy." Tyler said as he motioned to all the girls staring.

"Yeah but you know I ain't like that Ty, I mean yeah I have my fun but you act like I'm out here fucking every girl at school." Kyle said grabbing onto the large red door to hold it open as him and Tyler walked inside.

"I'm not saying you did." Tyler looked over at him with a cheesy ass smile, one that Kyle knew meant Tyler was up to no good.

"No, uh uh. Whatever it is you're thinking, not happening Ty." Kyle said shaking his head as he stopped at his locker.

"Oh come on, you haven't even heard me out yet. Just listen to me okay. Look, this is our last year man. I'm tryna leave this fucking place well, fucking" Tyler said as he bust out laughing.

Kyle put in his locker combo then opened it stuffing his keys and backpack inside then grabbed a pen from one of the small zippers on the side of it before he shut it.

"Look Ty," kyle said with a slight chuckle, "I get that you like to circle block over and over, but I'm not tryna be that close to everyone." Kyle shook his head as he and Tyler headed to the main office to get their schedules having used the ones they had been sent in the mail for fire starter one night during summer.

"Ain't nobody sayin you gotta get down like I do, but come on man, ever since Emily and yall broke up you been actin like a priest." Tyler said punching Kyle's shoulder a bit before putting his hands together turning to look at Kyle. "Forgive me father for I have sinned around eighteen times just this summer." Tyler's lips formed a pretend pout.

Kyle pushed him away some as they arrived at the office. "Don't even start with me. I get around Ty, I'm just not a fucking race car and not every girl is a damn pit stop. Fuck." Kyle stepped in going up to the secretary's desk giving a big smile.

"Oh lord, what is it with you two? It's only the first day and you're already in the office?" The secretary said as she began typing up something on her computer.

"No, we came to see our favorite person Ms. Kells." Kyle began batting his eyes at her.

"Oh no you don't. Don't even start that trick. Now, what do you boys want?" Ms. Kells said leaning back in her chair.

"Come on Kells, you already know. Same shit we come in for every year." Tyler says waving her question off.

"Language Mr. Tracy." Her eyes glaring up at Tyler then slowly began to make their way back to her screen. "I swear you two would lose your head if it wasn't attached to your shoulders." Shaking her head she turned as a whirling sound came from just behind her, the boys schedules printing out.

"It's cool, I got another one." Tyler said shrugging.

"Out." Ms. Kells said handing the boys their schedules for the year. "Now." Raising her eye brows at them she walked from around her desk and pushed them gently to and out of the office door. "Get to class before you end up being late. Especially you Mr. Brooks. Your need to raise your over all GPA this year is huge, especially if you mean to go on to college."

"You Ain't say nothin bout me." Tyler says frowning.

"I gave up on you going to college the second semester of your freshman year Mr. Tracy. Now go on." Nudging them out she shut the door.

"Yo she trippin." Tyler's head shaking, his eyes closed for a moment then he opened them along with his schedule. "Bitch." Tyler exclaimed under his breath before turning his eyes to Kyle.

"Damn man, I didn't do shit to you. Chill." Kyle laughed opening his, the smile on his face falling in seconds.

"Oh I know what that look is." Tyler's hand patted Kyle's shoulder before he spotted Nyrine whom he was trying to land all summer. "Ima let you deal with that shit while I go work on my lady."

"She isn't your lady Ty!" Kyle was yelling after him as he jogged to where Nyrine was.

Kyle began his way towards the hall he and Tyler had just come from needing to get to room 167. He was terrible at anything that had to do with Biology. He kept thinking about his distaste for it and wished he could have taken something easy like literature, but he couldn't so he was now stuck in Mrs. Haddy's class which wouldn't be a problem for most, Kyle just felt like she had something against him.

Kyle sighed before taking in a huge breath walking in to his science class. Most of the seats were already occupied as he began looking between the two available spaces. One lab table is by the wall and the other, the window. Kyle knew that Detrick was probably the worst possible lab partner. Everyone knew he never helped with group assignments or even did any of the in class work they were supposed to do in pairs. Kyle quickly found himself on the end seat of the table by the window focusing his eyes to the front as to not stare at the new girl sitting next to him.

Olivia kept her eyes focused down at their book that was left on the table, one having been in front of each chair. She wasn't nervous, but people hadn't stopped staring at her since she was dropped off by the front door. Her dyed light pastel pink hair, dark brown eyes, and pale skin wasn't any different than most other girls there, but her tattoos made her stand apart. Even at 17 she was covered in them. Hands, arms, back, and even her neck was bursting with color and design. Her open back black shirt exposing the art that covered her backside, while the jean skirt and studded belt showing off the various works of art on her legs.

Olivia sat quietly as her teeth and tongue played with her dimple piercings. She always liked to bite them a little pulling her cheek in some. She looked seeing the teacher walk in just as the bell rang for the start of class, everyone began to quiet around her.

"Alright, good morning everyone. Welcome to your senior year, and your new favorite class, Immunology." Mrs. Haddy said causing groans and signs to radiate off almost every student. "Now now, quiet please." Her voice stern, but still friendly. "I have placed your texted book in front of you, please be sure to sign the inside with your name and date and fill out which number is listed on the inside cover on the form and be sure to leave on my desk as you leave." Her eyes traveled the room and stopped on Kyle for a moment before she continued her first day back welcome lecture.

Olivia glanced over at Kyle then back to the teacher. She knew this kid was a goodie two shoes, and that he'd most likely make this class a total bore. She was always a great student despite peoples assumptions of her based on how she looked, so she never paid anyone any mind. He was cute, she thought to herself as her teeth gently bit her bottom lip; but he wasn't her type. She didn't want to ruin him.

Kyle leaned forward and placed his head down as Mrs. Haddy began talking about the overview of what their year would look like. He heard various mentioning of group assignments and presentations, along with a trip they'd be taking closer to Thanksgiving to the nearest university Hospital and School of medicine and research. That was probably the only semi interesting thing going to happen in this class. It wasn't that Kyle hated science, he loved it actually; it just didn't love him back.

"Mr. Brooks, I can say for certain that you are the last person in this entire school who should be putting his head down instead of paying attention." Mrs. Haddy said crossing her arms.

Kyle groaned and sat back up. "No, but it's not like I'm gonna end up passing this class anyway." He said under his breath as he opened the book to the page she had written on the board.

"Now, as I was saying, today I had originally planned to start with a lecture but instead I have decided that we will start the class with Ms. Knite giving us an introduction as our new student." Mrs. Haddy turned behind her podium to face Olivia who's face turned sour.

Olivia hated giving introductions every time she started at a new school. It didn't matter to her if people knew who she was or not, she wasn't ever planning on making friends with anyone knowing she'd probably end up leaving mid school year like always. Olivia didn't want to expose herself, her life to anyone outside of her little circle. The last time she did that it ended badly.

"Hi," Olivia stood up as she continued talking, "I'm Olivia knite, a senior, and I just moved here from Oregon." Olivia waved her hand slightly to the class having been sure to state what most teachers asked her every time she started somewhere new. Her smile was as genuine as it could be, so barely. Some of the other kids said hi back while some shouted at her.

"Nice tatts, you working later tonight? Maybe I can pick you up, just tell me what corner you stand on." One of the boys from across the room saying as he winked causing the class to erupt in laughter.

"No corner you could ever make it to." Olivia said sitting back down only causing even more laughter since most girls would remain silent whenever Brodey made some disgusting remarks.

"Alright, that's enough." Mrs. Haddy saying in an annoyed voice, she hated the beginning of the year. "Take out your notebooks and let's begin." Mrs. Haddy opened her version and grabbed a marker for the board.

Kyle realized he brought a pen, but no paper. This was already starting off up shits creek, all he needed now was something to happen to the paddle. He just stared at the board for the first few minutes at least trying to take in some information. He knew he'd forget everything by the time he got home but he had to at least make it look like he gave a shit.

"Here." Olivia said sliding over an empty note book. "Kinda hard to take notes without paper." Olivia kept her eyes on the teacher not looking from the board once being sure to jot down anything Mrs. Haddy wrote on it.

Kyle looked between her and the notebook before slowly pulling it open in front of him. "Um, thanks." Kyle glanced at her seeing how focused she was before looking back down at the blank paper.

"Starting at it won't help." Olivia said as she continued to write very detailed notes.

Kyle unconsciously began to stare down at her paper. He was amazed at her ability to manage to get all the important stuff down in a class that started rather intensely. He was never able to take notes that good, let alone notes he could even make out later on.

"Staring at me isn't going to help you either." She said pointing the end of her pen to the front of the classroom. "Maybe if you look that way you'll actually be able to write something useful down." Olivias voice was full of a subtle yet attractive sarcasm that also screamed a seriousness behind her words.

Kyle just let out a small chuckle as he looked up and began to write down a few points here and there as class continued. When the bell rang, students began grabbing their books right away and made a small line at the front as they filled out the form Mrs. Haddy had instructed them to. Kyle stood from the lab stool and tore out the page he had taken his notes in then slid the notebook back over to her.

"Keep it." Olivia said grabbing her things. "You need it more than I do." She said without even looking up at him, her legs carrying her to Mrs. Haddy's desk to fill out the form.

Kyle waited for his turn to fill out the form hoping to get it done quickly so he could catch up to the new girl seeing her leave before him. He didn't really talk to girls like her, or anyone like her usually but her blunt attitude made her seem intriguing, beyond that of her looks.

"Mr. Brooks," Mrs. Haddy said sighing as Kyle filled out the small form, "I know it's your senior year and you are completely unthrilled about having to take this and molecular this year, but if you want to go to med-"

Kyle cut her off as soon as he realized where she was trying to take the conversation. "I know. Thanks." His voice quick and concise wanting her to know he didn't need anyone else hearing anything. "I got it, okay." He put his signed form in the done pile then quickly shot out into the hall, his eyes scanning the crowd but not seeing Olivia anywhere.

Olivia ran from the class to her locker which was down another hall just a few feet from the classroom. She was standing with her locker door open leaning into it with her right hand holding her up by supporting her on the edge of the open door. She was an idiot, or at least that's what she continued to tell herself. "Yeah Liv, give the fucking probable rich kid your last unused notebook. Not like you actually needed it or anything. Fuck." She said kicking the base of her locker with her all black converse.

"Here." Kyle said as he dangling the book over her head from behind her.

"Shit!" Olivia jumped turning around not having expected him to be there. "Fuck dude, you trying to end your life in this hallway?" Olivia questioned as her eyes traveled from his face to the notebook in his hand.

"I highly doubt your small self will be ending my life any time soon." Kyle said smiling at her.

"But you are saying I will still end it, just not soon." A smirk appeared across her face.

"Ha! You're a whole what, five feet?" He snorted as he laughed, "good luck with that. But here," Kyle reached over her placing the notebook on the tiny top shelf in her locker. "You most definitely need it more than I do." Kyle's light blue eyes looked down into her brown ones.

"Seriously?" Olivia said pushing him away some. "First off, I'm five two and second of all, how the fuck am I suppose to reach that even if I do need it?" Her brow raised as she looked up at him crossing her arms.

Kyle shrugged. "Call me and I'll come get it for you."

"You can't be serious.?" Olivia rolled her eyes then began trying to reach for it, standing on her tippy toes still unable to reach it. The ringing of the class bell causing her to forget about it and grab her calculus book but as she turned around she realized he had left which didn't allow her to give a rebuttal.

Olivia was not in the mood to play games with some boy who she knew couldn't handle her, nor would she have time for considering her family's business. Its why she never made friends or even bothered with boyfriends; she'd always end up having to leave just when they had gotten close. Olivia had no idea why she initiated conversation or even helped this kid. She wasn't really interested in him and knew she most definitely wasn't his type. She didn't do pom poms.

Olivia sat through calculus with ease, being pretty good at math and science. The only thing that bothered her was having to write her calc notes in her biology book. She had a serious dislike for disorganization, especially when it came to her schooling. Unlike the rest of her family it was actually something she took seriously. She was a straight A student for the most part if you ignored the B's or C's she'd always end up getting in some type of English class. She was not one for writing.

The first half of Olivia's day had gone pretty well for being the weird new girl, but she was used to it even if it hadn't gone as great as it did. Lunch period was usually the worst part since most people had already established cliques or at least a friend to sit with. She carried her tray looking around the large room trying to spot and empty table, or at least one with few people. She knew she'd be welcomed into the goth or scene clique as that's usually where she ended up, but just wanted to sit alone on her first day. She saw a table in the far right that only had two people sitting at it so walked over quickly and sat on the end of the picnic like bench that acted as their seats.

"An apple and...a sweet potato? Won't you starve if that's all you eat?" Kyle says as he walks up and sits in front of her. He had no idea why, but he just wasn't feeling lunch with his usual table full of jocks and cheerleaders which caused the lunch room to go silent as everyone's eyes were on him.

"Mister Lacrosse captain should go back to his normal table. Everyone is starting at you." Olivia spoke maintaining a completely uninterested tone of voice. Her eyes on her apple that she had now taken a huge bite of.

Kyle shrugged, "Not anything new for me there. How'd you find out I was captain though?" Kyle asked as he bit into one of his fries, his eyes looking her over trying to figure her out.

"I'm new, not oblivious." Olivia says, then swallow the remnants of chewed up apple.

Kyle scoffs leaning forward putting his elbows on the table, his hands moving together holding them in front of his face. "Okay, I can accept that." His head nodding in agreement. "What I can't accept is you sitting back here at the loser table. Definitely does not suit you." Kyle's eyes looking up into hers as she looked up from her tray.

Olivia snorted, "Maybe I'm the biggest loser at this table. You don't even know me, Mr. Brooks." Olivia's eyebrows raising slightly as she finishes off her apple with one last bite.

Kyle kept quiet for a moment. Olivia was right, he didn't know her. The only thing he knew was her name, but nothing else. Not her favorite color, movie, song, or favorite place to eat. He knew absolutely nothing about her, but that's what made her seem interesting to him. Not knowing Olivia made him want to know her. He knew everyone else in this school, just not her.

Kyle smiled, "Okay, favorite color." He asked straightening his posture.

Olivia paid no mind continuing on to her sweet potato. She had rules, she didn't make friends anymore, not since sophomore year and she wanted to keep it that way. No friends, no boyfriend, no exceptions.

"Really? Nothing?" Kyle chuckling amused by her silence. "Come on, you said I didn't know you, so let me know you Miss knite." Kyle always got his way with girls so he was having fun playing her game of hard to get.

Olivia let out a sigh standing up stepping out from the table. "Deep Violet." Olivia gave him his answer then turned walking away. She didn't bother looking back to see if he was following her, but she was hoping he wasn't. She dumped the half eaten sweet potato in the trash then put her tray on the rotating tray collector in the dish area window. Olivia was already done with this school. She expected her appearance to keep people away, not draw them in.

Tyler laughed as he hit the back of Kyle's head walking behind him and up to the table. "Bro, why on earth you sittin back here? You too good for this table. Come finish lunch with us, Amy been askin bout you and I'm tired of hearing her voice in my damn ear. It's like torture." Tyler looked down smiling rolling his eyes. He was all about staying in your clique and Kyle was most definitely at the wrong table.

Kyle stood looking over at Tyler, "Yeah I get it Ty. Why do you think I didn't sit there. Amy works my last nerve every time she opens her mouth." Kyle's eyes glaring at him.

Tyler laughed putting his hand on Kyle's shoulder, "I told you to stay away from that in sophomore year but no, you had to go and play stupid. If you were still filling her mouth with something else, she'd keep it nice and shut for you, fuck none of would have to hear her." Tyler nudged Kyle walking next to him back towards their table.

"Not happening. Fucking her once was mistake enough." Kyle shook his head.

Tyler stopped walking putting his hand to his chin pretending he was in deep thought. "Okay, so what about mistake 2, 3, and 4?" Tyler's eyes shooting over to Kyle's.

Kyle's face hardening reaching over dumping his tray out now having lost his appetite. "Don't even go there. She's a good fuck when you need someone to try some new things with, but honestly I can't handle her shit anymore."

"So is that why you after tattooed and rude?" Tyler looking at him bringing his hands across his chest again.

Kyle rolled his eyes shaking his head as he started towards the exit. "Nah I'm not after her." Kyle shrugged.

"So you tryna plan your next attack on your newest target for the year." Tyler nodded rubbing his hands together. "I see you boy, I see you."

Kyle scoffed at Tyler. Kyle was about having fun and hooking up for sure, but he wasn't pursuing Olivia for that but he knew Tyler would never believe that Kyle could simply just want to be friends with some new girl.

"Just let me know how she tastes when you hit that, I wanna know if it's sweet enough so I can get a turn." Tyler patted Kyle's back as they parted ways, Tyler going back to the lunch table while Kyle left the room out the back and started walking to his bike.

Kyle normally didn't mind when Tyler wanted to have a round with some girl he had fucked before, but when he heard him talk about Olivia like that it angered him and he didn't know why. Why should it? It was the first fucking day and he had said a whole what- ten words to the girl. Kyle pulled a cigarette from the carton he kept just under the mount for the small back seat and lit it leaning up against his fully matte black Kawasaki Ninja H2R. Kyle wasn't one of those bad boy jock types, he had his moments yeah, but he was actually a pretty good kid.

"Never would have pegged you for a smoker Mr. Brooks." Olivia says walking up from behind him. Olivia was breaking her own rules. She never showed an interest in guys at school, she knew none of them would understand her life, but there was something about Kyle that pulled her in even when she wanted to walk in the other direction.

Kyle turned his head seeing her then turned back around taking a drag. "You don't know me, remember?" For some reason Kyle was trying to play cold and cool like she had to him. "Guess I'm full of surprises Miss. Knite." Kyle keeping his eyes from looking over at her as she stopped next to him was rough. He always believed in looking at a person when you spoke to them, but maybe she wanted him to be distant and uncaring, maybe that was the kind of guys she likes.

"I Don't actually know your first name. I figured since we were lab partners I should come and ask you." Olivia's arms crossing her chest, her shoulders shrugging. "Not much else I actually need to know about you." Olivia's head tilting to the side as she crossed her legs like Twizzlers.

"Kyle," Kyle says glancing over at her. He wanted to strike conversation, one that would tell him more about her, but he didn't want to seem like he wanted her. Old Kyle had to take a break in order to figure this girl out.

Olivia nodded. "Favorite color, Kyle?" Olivia looked at him earnestly just as he had when he asked her. She wasn't really interested in the answer, at least that's what she kept telling herself.

Kyle took the last drag of his cigarette then dropped it to the ground stepping on it to put it out. "Thought my name was the only thing you really needed to know." Kyle's eyes glancing at her as he stood straight. "Black, even though it isn't need to know." He pushed up from leaning on his bike before walking by her without a second glance. Why was he even playing this game? He wasn't even interested in her, was he?

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