Do I Dare

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Better than

Kyle made sure he bought everything under the sun for Blake, and everything under the mood for Olivia. They might be from different worlds but Kyle wanted to give her a spot in his. No expense was spared between the two girls despite Kyle knowing he's have to explain it to his parents later. These were the two girls who would mean the most to him for the rest of his life; that's one thing Kyle could feel in every bone in his body. He knew Olivia was the one. Kyle didn't know how he knew, just that he did.

Olivia was in complete shock. To have her own belongings at Kyle's house, to have a little bit of heaven in her life outside of the hell she lived in was something almost possible for her to even imagine. Olivia appreciated all the small ways Markus tried to make up for what Alexsander did, but after the disgusting try at her a year ago even Markus couldn't buy her heals expensive enough to make up for that, and Alexsander would never apologize or admit he was out of line.

"You heard me Olivia?" Kyle tapped he shoulder bringing her out of her head.

Olivia blinkedba few times then smiled, "Huh, sorry. I got lost in my head for a minute." She blushed looking down.

Kyle shook his head chuckling at her finding her adorable. "I asked if you wanted to stay the night. I want to put your things away and, I don't know," Kyle let out a sigh shrugging, "maybe help me with Blake? I want to get her crib set up and clothes put away. I don't exactly have a room set up for her but we have an empty one with just a futon which I'll leave in there for now."

Olivia smiled leaning over kissing him on the cheek, "Of course. But first things first, we have to pay for all the stuff Blake picked out and the stuff you decided to get for me" Olivia motioned at a large stack of boxes.

"No need." Kyle waves his hand in the air, "I'll just take it out of my allowance for next month." Kyle turned to the General Manager, "please have this stuff delivered tonight no later than 9 please." He smiled at the man then grabbing Olivia's hand made his way back out to the car, the associate following with a cart of things that could fit in the SUV.

Olivia was baffled. How could Kyle walk out of the store without paying like that? Take it out of his allowance? What the hell was his allowance then? Exactly how rich was his family? Olivia's mind silently races with question after question. It wasn't that she didn't know he was wealthy, but now she was starting to question exactly how wealthy.

By the time they arrive back at the house there was a delivery truck waiting. They had stopped for ice cream because Blake had asked as they past her favorite place. Kyle pulled into the driveway and parked; the delivery men were already unloading the truck. Kyle get out then opens the back door so he can unbuckle Blake from her car-seat. He picks her up and holds her in his arms.

"Wow." Blake says, her eyes growing wide at all the things the men are taking from the truck. "My stuff?" She looks at Kyle.

Kyle nods with a huge smile on his face, "Yes, your stuff and Olivia's stuff too, just like in the trunk." Kyle motions to the back of the SUV.

"My stuff!" Blake yells out in excitement.

Kyle laughs, "And?" he raises an eyebrow.

Blake pouts for a second then smiles again, "Olivias!" she points over at Olivia who is taking some of the bags from the trunk.

Olivia laughs hearing how excited Blake is. "I am going to take some of this stuff in. Did you want me to come back out and help with the rest?" Olivia walks up in front of Kyle and Blake pausing for an answer.

Kyle shakes his head, "No that's okay. They are going to bring everything in and put them in the rooms they go in. If anything, just start opening the bags and putting her clothes away? I'll be up in a minute." Kyle kisses Blakes cheek then sets her down. "Go help Olivia put your things away?"

Blake shakes her head then runs towards the door with a smile on her face. "Come on!" she yells back at Olivia.

Olivia chuckles, "Seems she likes me." she walks past Kyle and to the front door opening it after having set down a few bags only to pick them back up and take them in with her and Blake.

"It's a girl thing!" Kyle yells teasingly.

"Mister Brooks," A middle aged man with a company hat and polo with with the logo sewn into the top right front, "I just need you to sign this to confirm the delivery." He hands him a pen along with the clipboard.

Kyle signs quickly then hands it back to him. "Speak nothing of the items you deliver, none of you, top anyone or I will have your job." Kyle glares at the man, he isn't ready for anyone to know about Blake yet.

The man nods then walks back towards the truck instructing the others to follow Kyle's wishes. Kyle grabs the rest of the bags out of the trunk and hauls them up into his room being sure to take out Olivias things and separate them from Blakes before bringing the bags into the room he decided to make Blakes. Olivia and Blake were still taking clothes out of the bags, having some piled onto the futon.

"Daddy!" Blake runs over to him grabbing onto his leg tightly.

Kyle lets out a slight laugh, "Hey little one. I see you and Olivia are getting all your stuff out and away." Kyle put the bags in his hands down onto the floor next to Olivia. "Wanna help me take your stuff out of the bags?"

Blake crosses her arms over her chest pouting, "But I'm helping Olivia." She looks down causing a bit of hair to fall into her face.
Kyle kneels down and moves the piece of hair from her face, "Well, then can I help you and Olivia?" He tucks the hair behind her ear.

Blake smiles again and nods rapidly, her face lighting up. "Okay but Olivia in charge," She grabs Kyles hand, "Kay?" Blake brings her eyes up to his.

Kyle could feel his heart melt the moment she looked at him. "Alright. Olivia is in charge." He kisses Blakes forehead then moves closer to Olivia. "So, they are going to bring her bed up and put it together shortly. Any Ideas where it should go?" Kyle asked as Olivia folded the clothes Blake brought to her.

"I think on the wall in front of us facing towards the door with the window to the left of the bed. She'll get a nice breeze when it gets cool enough to open the windows at night, but not so cold she'd get sick like if she was under it." Olivia was used to little kids since her brother had a son and she would babysit sometimes when he had him on the weekends.

Kyle nods in agreement. Having Blake around would be new for him and he didn't know much about how to take care of her, at least he didn't think so. He doubted his ability to be a good parent when it came to just him being the only parent. Single dad at eighteen is not something Kyle expected.

The delivery men brought up the boxes and set them inside the room off to the side. Kyle stood along with Olivia who took Blakes hand so they could leave the room and let the men do their job. Blake had no objections since Kyle was going with them. She was very open about him and Olivia. She knew he was her dad and Olivia was nice to her and was a girl who she could do girly things with. Blake was more than happy to be with him and even happier there was a girl around.

Kyle instructed the men on where to put the bed once they had put it together then followed the two girls out. "What should we do while we wait?" he asked, looking down at Blake.

She took her hand from Olivia and looked up at Kyle, "Does Olivia sleep in your bed daddy?" Tilting her head finishing the question, Blake blinked curiously.

Kyle, instantly flustered by this sudden question, brought his hand to the back of his neck rubbing it thinking of how to respond to a three year old. "Um, sort of. Sometimes she takes naps but she has her own bed at her house." he glances at Olivia who lets out a small chuckle at his embarrassment.

"Oh," Blake trailed off, her small body starting towards Kyles room. "Will she sleep over?"

Olivia shook her head with a giggle, "No sweetie, I have to go home and sleep in my own bed, but I will be here for a while after you go to bed." She runs her hand over Blakes head of hair.

"I'm sleepy." Blake says with a yawn, "Is my bed done?" she asks rubbing her eye with her fist.

Kyle picks her up in his arms and holds her tight to him, "Not yet, but you can sleep in my room for now. Olivia and I will go watch a movie down stairs. That sound good?" Kyle opened the door to his room and brought her in, Olivia standing in the doorway watching them.

"Mkay." Blake said as she laid her head against Kyles chest.

"You want me to stay till you fall asleep?" he grabbed the blanket pulling down the covers for her before laying her down.

"uh uh." Blake shakes her head as her eyes get heavy.

"You sure?" Kyle asks, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Blake nods closing her eyes. "Mommy taught me to go bed by myself." Her voice softy and full of sleepiness.

Kyle Kisses her on the head then stands, "I'll be down stairs if you need me okay, just holler." he takes a moment to look at his daughter, the person he helped create, with pride. She was incredibly smart and happy, even after her mothers passing. Kyle turned and shut the lights off then closed his door.

Kyle Made sure to lock it as he did so no one could get into his room except for him or Olivia. All of the rooms in the house had keys that could open the doors from the outside if they were locked from the inside. His parents had them installed when he was younger after he locked them out of his room for two days to avoid getting punished. Kyle didn't think that it would be of any use to him, but was happy now that they had put them in.

Olivia was down stairs in the informal living room picking out a movie when Kyle came in. "Anything you want to watch?" She continued to scroll through the movies waiting for him to answer.

Kyle plopped next to her on the large gray sofa, "You pick. Whatever you want, we will watch. Compensation for staying late and dealing with Blake." he says with a sigh feeling exhausted.

"You don't have to do that you know. I really don't mind being here, and Blake is like a bonus. She's adorable Kyle." Olivia looks over at him taking a moment to take him in. "She look a lot like you."

Kyle smiles, "Yeah, she does. Even more so in person than in the pictures." His smile fades, "I just- I don't know what the fuck I am going to do about school." he squeezes the bridge of his nose closing his eyes.

Olivia takes his free hand, "We will figure something out. Don't worry."

"We?" Kyle asks.

"Well we are in a relationship remember. I mean, I've already met you daughter so..." A smile creeps across her face.
Kyle opens his eyes and drops his hand to look at her; laughing some when he sees her smile he leans over and gives her a quick peck on the lips. "What was that romantic comedy you wanted to watch?" he releases her hand from his and places it on her knee.

"There are too many. Be more specific." Olivia teases.

"Okay, how about the one where I kiss you, and take you into my arms tightly holding your body against mine?" His actions follow his words as he places a deep kiss onto her lips, and reaches over and pulls her into him having her sit on his lap, her legs straddling him.

Olivia lets out a soft gasp having not suspected it; her arms immediately wrap around his neck, "This sounds more like the beginnings of a porno than a romantic movie." She lets out a giggle.

"No, It is definitely going to be romantic." Kyle slowly moves his hands from her waist up the back of her shirt only to smirk when he realizes she has no bra on.

"Kyle we can't. There are people in the house. What if-" Olivias words are silenced by the crashing of Kyles lips against hers.

Kyle teases her lips with his tongue asking for entrance which she gives him. He presses is tongue against hers, their saliva mixing together, her warmth traveling to him. "Let them see then, I don't care." His words airy as he speaks in between kisses.

"Kyle, wait." Olivia moans. "I thought you wanted to wait until-"

"I can't wait anymore, and I don't want to." Kyle pulls back and looks into her eyes, "I want you Olivia, and I want you now. If it isn't what you want, I'll stop; Let me know and-" His words are cut off by her lips meeting his just as he had done to her.

Kyle takes that as her wanting him just as much and proceeds to move his hands towards the front of her pulling back to pull her shirt off over her head. Olivias small tits bounce slightly as he does, her nipples already hard and erect from all the kissing. Kyle stares for a moment then reaches up and takes one in his hand. Her soft skin amazing him as he begins to massage and squeeze it wanting to give her pleasure, but also wanting to take her in. Kyle might have seen her naked before, but this would be the first time he put his hands on her body and he wanted to cherish it.

Olivia let's out a soft groan. She never thought that the day would come when Kyle would actually touch her. She somehow knew that Kyle was the one for her, the one she was meant to give her body to. His lips trailed across her jaw then down her neck causing her to arch her back some and press down into him. She could feel his hardness underneath her so she started moving her hips slightly. Olivia was already getting more turned on then she thought was ever possible and they had only just started.

Kyle kissed down her neck, being sure to suck a bit wanting to leave a mark so everyone would know she was his. Everyone at school would know they were together now and that's what Kyle wanted, if he could tell the world he would. He pinches and rolled her nipple in between his fingers which only caused Olivia to lose her breath over the pleasure.

Kyle leaned into her ear and whispered, "stand up baby." He then pulled back and picked his lips.

Olivia did as he instructed, and as she stood he took his shirt off along with his sweats. His cock was bulging from behind his boxers wanting imeadiate release. Kyle reached tothe rim of there pants as he stood, unbuttoning them quickly then sliding them down her legs. She was beautiful to him in this and every moment.

Olivia ran her hands along his chest and abs, taking his body in knowing soon part of him would be inside her. Her heart was racing and her mind was running a thousand miles a second but the only thing running through it was Kyle. She had tested him before see if he would try something he knew she wasn't ready for, but he hadn't. It only made her want him even more now because she was ready for him. Her body was aching for him in that moment and it wasn't slowing down or stopping anytime soon.

Kyle wrapped his fingers around the sides of her light blue satin thong that sat at her hips. "I'm going to make you mine if you let me take these off. Right here, right now." Kyles voice came off hoarse, and filled with desire.

"Then make me yours." Olivia says, her voice shaking in anticipation.

Without another word Kyle pulled her panties down till the dropped at her feet. Kyle knew Olivia wouldnt have the courage to do it so he pushed his boxers down and stepped out of them. His cock sprung to life as he did, Olivia's eyes focused on it. Kyle reached out to her and takes her hands pulling her into his lap as he sits back down.

Olivia straddles him once more, unable to hold back a moan as she feels his rock hard cock press against her pussy. "Fuck Kyle, is it always like this?" She grinds into him as his hands travel to her hips.

Kyle lets out a breath as she does, his fingers grip onto her tightly moving her hips for her as he pushes up into her. "Only when I'm around you Olivia." he leans forward and kisses her deeply, wanting her to feel like she matters to him and isnt just some fuck.

Kyles words make Olivia blush a bright red as he continues to grind up into her and pull her down into him. His arms suddenly wrap around her waist and hold her tight as he stands causing her to let out a squeal in surprise. Kyle lays her down on the chase part of the large sectional kissing her as he does. Olivia's legs fall from around him giving him the perfect opportunity to kiss down her body. Kyles lips linger with every kiss, his tongue dances around her nipple as he reaches her tits; Olivia letting out a moan grabs onto his hair.

"Ah, Kyle... That feels amazing." Olivia moans out to him.

Kyle smiles, "If you think that feels amazing, then you will love this." His lips trace down her body with his tongue to the very core of her.

Olivia shutters in anticipation, her breath gets heavier the closer he gets. She had always dreamed of someone giving her sexual pleasure since Olivia knows it's better than anything she could provide to herself. As Kyles tongue makes its way across her slit her breath gets caught in her chest. She never imagined the heat from his mouth with cause her to tingle with a deeper, hotter desire. She can feel him push his way past her slit and his tongue making its way up to her clit causing her to moan in pleasure, her back arching pressing her into him harder.

Kyle takes Olivias response as a positive and presses his tongue to her a bit harder while he teases her entrance with his fingers. "You taste amazing Olivia. I can't help but want more." he mumbles as he takes her clit between his teeth and gently nibbles at it causing her to cry out and pull at his hair.

"K-Kyle.." Olivia moans.

Kyle smiles then slowly begins sliding a finger inside her pussy only just realizing how tight she actually is. As more groans and gasps come from Olivia as he pumps his finger in and out of her, his cock twitches with excitement causing precum to drip from the tip. Kyle pulls back from her and scoots up so his body is aligned with hers, the tip of his cock resting at her entrance.

"You are mine Olivia Knite." he whispers to her as he gazes into her eyes.

"Make me yours Kyle Brooks." She whispers back in a shaky breath teasing him for his words but means them all the same.

Kyle grabs his cock and slides it up and down her slit making sure to get it nice and wet so it hurts her less. He wraps on arm around her leg as he slowly pushes into her letting out a groan at how tight she is. He can hear Olivia whimper through her own moans but continues slowly. When he bottoms out he looks up at her, seeing her chest heave to catch her breath. She nods at him but he doesn't move, he stays still inside her giving her a chance to get used to him and himself time to get used to how tight she is around him.

After a few moments Kyle begins to move pumping slowly in and out of her. "Fuck Olivia," he moans moving his hands to her hips holding tightly as he speeds up only causing him to grunt as he tries to control himself.

Olivia places her hand to his chest as she closes her eyes in ecstacy. Every thrust taking away any pain that was present only bringing more pleasure. She never thought it would feel so good, and now that she's had it, Olivia didn't know if she would ever be able to go without Kyle's cock inside her ever again. The sound Of him moaning her name only causing this feeling of pressure and pleasure to rise inside her.

Kyle moves a hand from her hips and brings his thumb to her clit pressing firmly as he begins to rub circles on it. Olivias back arches and presses down into him causing him to hit her deeper. Kyle groans at the feeling and moves faster, her tits bouncing at the force of his body hitting hers. Kyle continued on and as Olivias body stiffened, he could tell she was close to her release. He thrusts faster moving a hand from her hip to her tit grabbing it tightly in his hand.

"Come for me baby." Kyle says breathlessly feeling her tighten around him.

He thrusts a few more times before Olivia lets out a loud moan, her body begins to jolt slightly, and her walls clench down on him and begin to pulse around him. As soon as she tightens on him he knows that's it for him and thrusts hard and deep into her cumming letting out a loud groan as he shoots his seed inside her. They both pant heavily as they recover from their release. Olivia leans her head back as Kyle slowly pulls out, his cum slowly drips out of her which causes her to let out a soft sigh enjoying the feeling of it run down her.

Kyle looks down at her body watching as it does, only then does it dawn on him what he's done.

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