Do I Dare

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Kyle quickly pulled himself up and off the couch, his hands searching for his boxers and sweats that he left on the floor. He couldn't believe he let himself slip up like this. Kyle wanted Olivia's first time- their first time together- to be special and romantic, but instead he had simply fucked her on his couch like she was just some chick he was using. Kyle pulled on his boxers and sweats quickly, his hand running through his hair as his eyes meet the floor. He wanted to disappear, to take it back, to just hold her instead; the problem being that he knew it was impossible.

Olivia sat up slightly leaning on one elbow while her free hand traveled down to her pussy, her fingers dipping inside her only to pull them out with a mix of her and Kyle's jucies, a smile on her face. Olivia was happy. The matter of how it happened didn't ever matter to her, all she wanted was it to happen with Kyle and it would always be good enough for her.

"You should get dressed," Kyle says as he brings her clothes to her, his eyes wondering everywhere but on her.

Olivia grabs her clothes, "Kyle, what's wrong?" She asks as she fully sits up and pulls her shirt on.

Kyle scoffs and shakes his head, "Me, I am what's wrong." he ruffles the back of his hair frustrated with himself.

Olivia stands and pulls her panties on then her bottoms before taking his hand and turning him towards her. "What do you mean? Kyle that was amazing. It was everything I could have wanted and-"

"Amazing?" Kyle questioned in annoyance. "I just fucked you on my couch Olivia. Wham bam thank you ma'am is NOT what I wanted for your first time. I fucked up. I fucked up in more ways than one just now."

Olivia tilted her head, "Kyle I only ever wanted it to be you. I didn't care if it was in the pool, in your room, in the bed, or on the couch. I just wanted it to be with you. I love you," A soft smile encroaches her lips.

Kyle stood quiet for a moment before speaking, "Do you love me enough to have a kid with me?" His voice shaking.

Olivias eyes squint as her brows furrow, "Kyle why are you asking that?" Her voice mixed with confusion and worry.

"I just- do you not understand what just happened? I fucked up," Kyle pulls from her hand and begins pacing back and forth in the room. "Fuck!" He yells, his hand then running over his face.

"Kyle why are you yelling?" Olivia looks at him with concern. "Do you- are you saying being with me was a mistake?" her lip begins to quiver.

Kyle huffs, "No, yes- no look I just wanted things to be special when it came to you, and safe and I broke my own fucking rule when it comes to sex and now I might have fucked your life up."

Olivia grabs him by the arm, "Hey, what are you talking about? My life isn't ruined because we had sex." She says pulling him down onto the couch as she sits.

"Olivia," Kyle begins nervously, "I wasn't safe with you. Do you not understand that?"

Olivia looks at him blinking a few times, "But what does that have to do with asking me if I would have a baby with you? Kyle, we aren't even out of high school, not to mention you have Blake to worry about." She places her hand on his knee.

"That's the fucking point!" Kyle yells in frustration. "I didn't use a condom Olivia! I didn't pull out either! I was so focused on being with you, feeling good and making you feel good that I got caught up in the moment and..." His voice trails off.

It took Olivia a few moments for it to click before she gasps and puts her hand over her mouth, "Oh my god." Her eyes grow large, "Kyle you- I- we-" Olivia can hardly find the words to express what her mind can hardly comprehend.

"I fucked up Olivia. I mean, there's always the morning after pill. I can go buy it for you." Kyle plops back down next to her letting out a heavy sigh.

"You can't leave Blake. Even if I'm here- I mean, what if she comes looking for you?" Olivia searched Kyle's face.

Kyle pinches between his eyes, "More than that even; I ruined you. I- I've potentially ruined your life. A kid at seventeen, I can tell you that it's fucking rough." Kyle shuts his eyes.

Olivia swallows hard feeling a lump build in her throat, "I can always get rid of it if it comes to that." Her voice barely above a whisper.

"No," Kyle says firmly, "that's even harder of a decision Olivia." His eyes open as he looks into hers.

Kyle never thought he'd be in this position with her, let alone this soon in their relationship. Kyle knew he could manage somehow when it came to Blake since his family had money, but Olivia? He knew she would be in a tighter spot financially and felt like shit to be putting her in either spot. He wasn't one for abortion, but he also knows that the thought of adoption makes his heart ache and his stomach turn in ways he isn't interested in ever dealing with.

Olivia had dreams about Kyle getting her pregnant, and one day hoped they would still be together though enough time that it was something they would choose and be ready for. She had school which she wanted to finish, and college which would get her away from her family. Olivia couldn't stand the thought of adoption. There was no way she could give up a baby she carried for nine months, maybe abortion was their best choice even if the thought made her crumble.

Kyle took her hand into his, "I'll go get the pill tomorrow before school. Let's not worry about it. I mean, I don't want you to worry about it. Let me take care of that. If anything, I've got you." A small half hearted smile creeped onto his face wanting to comfort her.

Olivia nodded, "Alright". A small smile made its way from his lips to hers as he leaned forward and grazed his over hers.

"Daddy?" Blake's voice came from behind Olivia where the living room opened towards a slight hallway. She was rubbing her eye with her hand in a tiny fist.

Kyle quickly pulled back from Olivia; startled, he chuckled in embarrassment before standing and making his way to Blake. "Yes sweetie?" He ask.

Blake held her arms up to him, so Kyle picked her up and held her to him at the side of his body, her head resting on his shoulder. "I miss momma." Her voice was soft but Kyle could hear the sadness in it.

Kyle froze, unsure how to handle this. He wanted to tell her everything would be okay because it would, but he knew she was too young to understand that time heals wounds. Kyle kissed the top of her head trying to he of comfort even though he knew there was nothing he could do to bring her back to Blake.

Olivia stood and went over to them, her arm reaching out to Blake's back giving it a small rub. "I miss my momma too." She said, wanting to help bring her spirits up.

"Is your momma gone?" Blake asks looking at Olivia.

Olivia nods, "My momma left when I was a little kid like you, but a bit older. I was five and I missed her all the time. It's okay to miss her Blake, but as you grow up like me, it doesn't hurt as much."

Blake sniffles, "You no miss her?"

Olivia's face softens as she forces a smile, "Of course I do. But I know that she loved me and wouldn't want me to be sad all the time. I'm sure your momma is the same." Her hand rubs Blake's back as she speaks wanting to keep her from crying.

Blake just nods and leans into Kyle more feeling sleepy again. Kyle smiled and mouths a thank you to Olivia who just smiles back in return.

Kyle looks down and over at Blake, "You want me to bring you back to bed or do you want to lay down here with us?" His hand on her small torso as he holds her with his other arm.

"With you." Blake says simply.

"Olivia can you go check on the delivery guys? If they've brought everything in and put it all together, just send them off for me please." Kyle takes the few steps back to the couch and sits shifting Blake so she is in front laying on his chest.

Olivia nods doing as he asks. She loves seeing how great he is with Blake. At his age most guys couldn't handle being a father, but somehow Kyle does it well. As Olivia is seeing out the last of the delivery men, her phone vibrates on the kitchen counter.

Alexsanders name shows up as having called her five times, the new text from Markus giving Olivia a warning.

I don't know where you are, but I assume you're with that guy Kyle you had over. Lex is coming for you. I tried to stop him and earned a pretty good beating for it. He left about ten minutes ago I think. I'm sorry Liv, I tried.

Olivia begins to panic as she realizes her brother is on his way to Kyle's house and there's a three-year-old here. Knowing her brother, she knows there will be some kind of violence and she doesn't want Kyle to see that, and especially not Blake. She quickly walks back to where Kyle and Blake are on the couch, her hands shaking, her breath quick.

"Kyle I have to go. Family issue. Markus texted me. I'll see you tomorrow at school." Olivia smiles trying to hide her nervousness.

Kyle looks at her confused, Blake asleep on his chest so he can't get up. "Every thing okay? You need me to take you home?" Kyle shifts on the couch trying to move Blake slightly.

"No, it's fine. I'll just take the bus or something. I don't want Blake to have to go out again. She's mighty comfy over there." Olivia nods her head at them.

Kyle chuckles, "Yeah, she is huh." He puts his hand to her back and rubs it gently as she breathes in and out. "I just want you to be safe Olivia. If anything happens call me okay?"

Olivia nods, "Alright." As she turns to walk out a loud banging sound comes from the other side of the front door causing her to jump then turn to Kyle, "Take Blake upstair, now." Her voice firm but also quivering.

Kyle raises an eyebrow at her as he stands up slowly as to not wake Blake. "What the hell was that? Who the fuck is banging on my door like that?" He goes to walk past Olivia towards the door but she stops him.

Olivia slides so she's in front of Kyle, "Take Blake up to her room. Trust me, please." Her face full of worry as she instructs him to take Blake up.

Kyle remains unsure but does as Olivia says. No matter what Blake will always be his first priority. He takes her up and smiles seeing the men had even put the blanket and sheets on Blake's bed. They did work for his father's company so it was a nice touch on their part. Kyle pulled down the blanket and slowly laid Blake into her bed and covered her. He then placed a kiss on her head before turning on the small night light that Olivia had plugged into the wall.

Olivia opens the door slowly only to have it pushed back into her as Alexsander storms in. "I fucking called you like fifty times Liv. You know better than to ignore me." He grabs her arm tightly.

Olivia winces and tries to pull from his grip, "It was only five, and let go of my arm, you're hurting me." She frowns up at him.

"Oh, someone is feeling confident all of a sudden. He pulls out his gun and points it at her, "what happened to that meek little Olivia who kept her mouth shut in my presence and sis as she was told? Hm?"

Olivia stares at the barrel as it sits in front of her face. "Don't be like this. Please, not here." Her voice soft.

"It's who I am baby sis. It's who you are supposed to be too, but for some damn reason you think you're better than this."

Kyle comes down the stairs not knowing what he's walking into. "Hey, Olivia I-" he stops in his tracks seeing a gun to her face, his eyes widen noticing the guy as the one who gave him drugs.

"Need more heroin?" Alexsander asks seeing him then let's out a laugh. "So this is the guy you're dating? This rich spoiled kid. Did you fuck him yet Liv?" he turns her around and wraps his hand around the front of her neck and holds her to him, the gun to her temple. "Answer me," he whispers in her ear.

"No sir." Kyle says quickly hoping to calm the situation. "I-"

"Did I fucking ask you?" Alexsander presses the gun harder into Olivias head causing Kyle to put his hands up.

"Please don't hurt her." Kyle said calmly, unsure of the situation or who this guy was to Olivia.

"Then answer me Olivia." Alexsander held her neck tighter choking her a bit.

"No," she lies to get him to let her go hoping that if he believes her he won't get pissed and hurt Kyle.

"I think maybe it's time you do fuck someone baby sis. All this you being a virgin has really fucked up my business." Alexsander smirks then points the gun at Kyle. "You, show us up to your room."

Kyle swallows and shakes his head, "I can't do that." wanting to keep this guy as far away from Blake as he can.

"The fuck you can't." Alexsander drags Olivia along as he steps closer to Kyle. "It doesn't have to be somewhere that will kill you, or her for me to shoot. Her leg, maybe her knee so she cant walk right again." He points the gun down to abdomen, "Or here, so she can never have those fucking kids she talks about with that idiot Markus."

Suddenly it dawns on Kyle who the man is; having recognized the name Markus from when he met him before. This asshole was her older brother. "She's your sister, you wouldn't want to hurt her." Kyle says desperately.

"What I want is for you to take us all up to your room, now!" Alexsander yells.

Kyle shakes his head, "I said I can't do that." his voice is shaking, but he remains calm.

"And why the fuck not?" Alexsander asks, "Too much of a pussy to fuck her?" he taps the gun to Olivias stomach.

Kyle takes in a deep breath, "You don't need to know, but I won't take you up stairs." Kyle knew this man was dangerous, too dangerous to allow him any closer to Blake.

"Daddy?" Blake says from the third to last step on the staircase.

Kyle freezes, his eyes go wide and his heart sinks. This is not something Blake should ever see. "Go back up stairs sweetie." he says softly as he closes his eyes and turns his back to Olivia and her brother not knowing what he will do, but knows he needs to look at Blake. He opens his eyes to see hers only half open and not paying much attention to what is going on.

"But you come up soon?" Blake asks letting out a yawn.

"Yes, I will be up soon. Now, go on and get back in bed.

Blake nods and turns heading back up to her room. Alexsander chuckles which turns into a laugh, but not the fun or happy kind, the sinister and evil kind. The sound of it makes Olivia cry as she knows what is about to come next. Kyle turns back around to face them.

"Daddy huh," Alexsander says in between his laughter, "How about you Olivias daddy tonight. You seem to be well versed in fucking, daddy." he mimics Blake.

"No." Kyles hands ball into fists.

"No?" Alexsander says raising an eyebrow cocking the gun. "Maybe your little girl is willing to pay for her daddys mistake. think she wont mind?" he waves the gun around in his hand.

Kyle grits his teeth, "Don't you dare threaten her." his voice slightly lowered in anger.

"Just stop Lex, we already had sex. doing this won't change anything." Olivia says through her tears as she looks at Kyle.

Alexsander brings the gun back to Olivia's stomach, "Oh? I thought you both said you didn't." his body leaning down as he licks her earlobe. "So you are either lying to me now, or lied before. You know I hate lying, so either way this will happen since now I can't trust you." he pulls back from her ear.

Olivia feels her stomach turn as his tongue caresses her ear. She knew Alexsander was a psychopath; he had threatened to fuck her before so he could sell her body for product, but she never once thought it was something he would actually do, they were siblings after all. Olivia burst back into tears full on crying. She was disgusted and repulsed by the thought.

Kyle having seen Alexsanders approach to Olivia stepped forward, "Fine, I'll take her to my room." His eyes avoiding Olivias.

"I said us daddyo. That means I come too, or her and I get to have fun. How else am I supposed to know if she's actually good to sell." Alexsander said with a smirk.

"Fine." Kyle says through his teeth. "But you stay away from my daughter."

"Oh of course, I have to confirm you actually give my baby sis a good fuck so I'll be there when you do." Alexsander smiles as he leans down to Olivias neck and inhales her scent. "Finally get to see what this body looks like under these clothes."

Kyle frowns at the thought but turns and begins his torturous walk up the stairs to his room, Olivia and Alexsander in tow. Kyle is completely repulsed by Alexsander. As angry as he is with Olivia keeping this from him, and for putting him and his daughter in danger, she didn't deserve what her piece of shit brother was threatening. Not to mention he had the audacity to threaten his daughter.

Alexsander shut Kyles bedroom door behind them as he stepped in. "Undress." he said coldly pushing Olivia into Kyle while still pointing the gun at them.

Kyle catches Olivia to keep her from falling. Olivia looks up at him and whispers, "I'm so sorry." Her hands wrap around him, pulling him into a hug.

Kyle says nothing, keeping his arms to the side. He doesn't bother to hug her back, his feelings for her are numbed by everything. As much as he wants to hold her, his brain and body won't let him. He might love her, but Blake will always be his priority. She wouldn't be in this situation if Olivia had told him the truth about her brother and her family. Olivia being around them put Blake in danger and that was all Kyle's thinking.
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