Do I Dare

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To What End

Alexsander shakes the gun at them, "let's go. Undress, both of you." He looks between them.

"I don't think that you should see her naked. She's your sister." Kyle says taking off his shirt. He steps in front of Olivia as she takes her shirt off.

"Shut up and do as your told or I'll do more than just look at her." Alexsander sneers.

Olivia wraps her arms around Kyle from behind him resting her head on his back she takes a deep breath, "Just pretend it's like earlier." Her voice soft, but fear still pierces through.

Kyle turns to face her, his eyes look down at her as he continues to shield her from Alexsanders view, "Before it was just us, it was because I care about you. This, this is not that. This is a fuck which I never wanted you to be." He wipes the tears from her eyes.

"But Kyle if you don't I-" Olivia sniffles as she begins to feel the lump building back in her throat.

"I'm not going to let him defile you like that. Not here, not now." Kyle smiled a bit for her despite how uncomfortable and upset he is.

Alexsander folds one arm across his chest and leans the elbow of his other on it making sure to still keep the gun towards them. "The longer you take the more delicious and juicy she looks to me." He warns.

Kyle looks over his shoulder, "It's not exactly easy to get turned on with a gun pointed at us and her brother watching. I'm sure even someone like you can understand that." He scoffs, glaring at Alexsander.

"Someone like me?" Alexsander asks, "You're about this close," he holds up his other hand and places his index finger and thumb just centimeters apart, "To me shooting you and fucking her myself and making you watch. Don't fuck with me kid. Do as I say."

Kyle turns back towards him, "Is there another way? Anything else. I don't want this for her." His body continuing to shield Olivia.

Alexsander laughs, "Careful with what you say. Anything means anything and there are somethings you can't take back."

"I said anything, and I meant it." Kyle says, firm on his offer.

Alexsander taps the tip of the gun barrel to the side of his chin as he thinks, "I've got something, but neither of you will like it, one of you will be better off, and the other will be under my control." He raises and eyebrow waiting for Kyle to mull things over.

Kyle swallows, "Who is the one better off?" He takes a sharp breath on feeling Olivia's body pressed into him as she slides her arms around him hugging him from behind again.

Alexsander clicks his teeth making a tisk sound, "Her." He nods towards them.

"And what would I have to do?" Kyle asks gritting his teeth.

Alexsander smirks, Does that mean you're accepting the offer?" He runs his tongue over his bottom lip.

"Put your shirt back on Olivia," Kyle says.

"No," Olivia shakes her head, "I won't let you do this. Blake needs you. I'll be okay. We've already done it so just- just imagine it to be the way you wanted it to be the first time." She turns Kyle to face her leaning up on her tippy toes to kiss him.

"I wasn't going to leave Blake. That's something I'd have to be dead to do." Kyle replies.

Alexsander steps closer pointing the gun at Kyle, "You're getting pretty fucking close to that death part. If I have to tell you to get it together one more time, I'm gonna shoot you and fuck her." He says, his aggravation seeping out through his voice.

Kyle glares but pushes his pants down and steps out of them. Olivia does the same, shyly hiding behind Kyle. Kyle wanted to be a man that could protect both Blake and Olivia from this kind of shit, but unfortunately he's just an eighteen-year-old boy who can barely keep himself together. He could feel a resentment building inside him even as he tried to push it down. He would have gotten lost in his head if it wasn't for Olivia pushing his boxers down kneeling in front of him.

"Woah Olivia what are you doing?" Kyle asks.

Alexsander chimes in as Olivia takes Kyle in her hand gently causing him to gasp. "While you were day dreaming about who fucking cares what, I told her she had to suck your cock." He sits in the chair across from the bed. "Just turn to the side so I can see her work on you." He smirks.

"You're fucking sick." Kyle sneers.

Alexsander just shrugs not caring what Kyle, or anyone for that matter, thinks of him. Kyle and Olivia adjust themselves according to Alexsanders instructions not wanting to cause too many issues knowing there will be more down the line. Kyle let's out a breath as Olivia continues to stroke him causing his cock to grow harder and harder in her hands. As uncomfortable as the situation is, Kyle can't help but get turned on by her touch.

As Olivia continues to stroke him, Kyle grows harder in her hand. His soft breaths of pleasure cause her to blush. Olivia didn't get the chance to really look at him and take him in before; everything was moving too fast. Olivia shifts so she can stand but is stopped quickly by Alexsander.

"I don't believe I said you were done down there." Alexsander says leaning forward resting his elbows on his knees, his eyes focusing on Olivia. "You have to be well versed. Suck him off at least. It's only fair since he has to eat you out." He takes a deep breath then let's it out, "I wish it was me standing in front of you".

"I've never done this before," Olivia says sheepishly.

Kyle grabs himself as she lets go continuing to pump himself slowly, "It's easy. Just don't use your teeth and you'll do fine." He looks down at her wantingly.

Olivia leans back up towards Kyle and takes him in her mouth, his hand releases his now rock hard cock as her lips surround him. He lets out a soft sigh feeling the warmth of her mouth surround him. Kyle always like when girls would suck him off, but as much as he enjoys it, it feels wrong. This whole thing feels wrong. Olivia could tell Kyle was tense and could feel there was something off for him. She takes him deeper down into her throat knowing she has no gag reflex.

Kyle moans feeling her throat tighten around him. He never thought that Olivia would be able to make him feel this good at her first time doing it, but boy was he wrong. Kyle gently slides his fingers through Olivias hair only to grab onto it. He slowly starts moving his hand forcing Olivias head back and forth as she bob's her head. After a few more moments he pulls back from her and pulls her into a standing position, slamming his lips against hers. His hands travel down her shoulders around to the back where he slides his fingers slightly into the band of her panties so he can pull them down.

As Kyle pushes Olivia's panties to the ground he kisses along the front of her body being sure to catch a nipple in his mouth for a quick tease causing Olivia to gasp. Her nipples harden at the caress of his tongue, and her pussy grows wetter by the feel of his hands as the slide down her thighs. Kyle wraps his arms around her just under her ass and picks her up quickly laying her back onto the bed. His lips kiss along her neck as he leans over her, his body pressing into his, her legs hanging over the bed from the knees down.

Olivia arches her back as Kyle makes his way to her breasts. Her body enjoying every slight touch he provides to her. She lets out a small cry and whimper as his tongue reaches her clit, which causes Kyle to smile softly as he presses into it harder with his tongue, his fingers teasing her entrance. Olivia spreads her legs open a bit more for him; Kyle takes the invitation and slides a finger into her slowly before adding another. Kyle and Olivia could hear a chuckle come from Alexsander, but they do their best to ignore it and focus on one another.

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