Do I Dare

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Olivia cries out trying to be as quiet as possible knowing that Blake is sleeping just down the hall. Kyles tongue dances around her clit as he pumps his fingers quickly in and out of her pussy inciting an orgasm. Olivias body tenses as she shutters at her release, her hands grasping at her breasts and her back arching pressing herself down into Kyle even more. Olivia could feel the intensity through her whole body, her breath even getting stuck in her chest as she rides through the pleasure.

Kyle smiles to himself as he kisses her inner thigh before pulling away. He reluctantly moves towards his night stand and opens the drawer pulling out a condom wanting to be more careful this time. As Kyle puts the wrapper to his teeth, Alexsander quickly stands.

"No. You're to fuck her raw." Alexsander commands.

Kyles eyes widen and his arm drops to his side. "Have you actually lost your mind? What if she gets pregnant?" Kyle scoffs in disbelief.

Alexsander smirks, "You're already daddy, why not keep the family growing." He raises his eyebrows then let's them fall quickly.

"I didn't intend on being a dad this young and it's not fair to expect your sister to just have a kid because you find it funny. Besides, maybe I'm not ready for another one yet. We're still in fucking high school." Kyle says aggravated.

Alexsander walks over and puts the tip of the gun barrel at Kyle's chest, "Careful how you speak to me daddyo. I'm not some high school kid who doesn't want to fight. I'll beat your ass to a fucking pulp, fuck Olivia and make you watch, then shoot your ass and make her watch the only guy she's ever opened her legs for die in front of her. I'm in a not so nice business and I've done a lot of things; I'm not the one to play with." He lowers the gun towards Kyles cock that was standing at attention ready and waiting for Olivia.

Kyle swallows hard and drops the condom from his hand causing Alexsander to smile and turn away going back to the chair he was sitting in before. Kyle wanted to shit himself for more reasons than one, but he kept telling himself not to act like a bitch and to be strong for Olivia, and more importantly Blake. Olivia stares in horror as she began to tear up. There was no way this was what she ever thought Kyle would have to go through, and worse, it was her fault.

As Kyle reached Olivia he leans down to kiss her and wipes her teary eyes, "Don't cry. I'll take care of it, whatever you decide. Remember? Whatever happens I won't abandon our baby if it comes to that." He strokes her cheek with his thumb as he speaks.

Olivia nods then goes to push herself back onto the bed more only to have Kyle grab her behind her knees and pull her closer to the edge of the bed. Olivia gasps in surprise, her hands move quickly to her sides to help stabilize her as she sits up slightly. She watches as Kyle grabs himself in his hand and strokes it a few times before running the tip of his cock up and down her entrance spreading her juices. Olivia lets out a soft sight of anticipation having thought after Kyles reaction earlier, he would want to touch her ever again.

Kyle licks his lips as he slowly slides into her causing Olivia to let out a groan. She might not be a virgin anymore but she was still just as tight, and Kyle was still just as big. Kyle pulls her legs up and over his shoulders, Olivias ankles just reaching them. Kyle smiles at it loving how short she is, his lips caress her inner calf leaving small pecks as he slowly starts to move his hips.

Alexsander stands and walks over and stands closer and off to the side watching as Kyle penetrates his sister, a smile forms across his face. Alexsander knows that his sisters body has the potential to bring in some of the extra cash that he was needing along with the deal he and Markus made with Santiago. It was Alexsanders dream to one day take Olivia for himself at least once, and now he wouldn't feel guilty about it if he did. She isn't really a sister in his eyes; Olivia is just another girl he can trick out for cash or product, after all, that's what their mother was to their father.

Alexsander continues to watch as Kyle and Olivia continue on with one another. At some point he can't deny the hardness of his own cock in his pants so he has to adjust himself, which makes it obvious to both Olivia and Kyle that he is turned on by them. All Alexsander does is laugh, he finds their embarrassment hilarious. At twenty-nine, he feels as though if you have see one woman then you've seen them all, except when it came to Olivia. He has had an interest in her for a few years now but kept his sexual urges at bay. After today, Alexsander knew he would no longer be able to hold back when it came to her, he knew that he would end up taking her whenever he wanted to.

After some time and a few positions, Kyle begins to pant heavily as he thrusts into Olivia from behind, his hands tight on her ass. "Fuck, Olivia I'm almost there," he moans.

"Me too." Olivia whispers barely able to speak from the pleasure.

"No pulling out, remember," Alexsander reminds.

Kyle doesn't even hear him but thrusts harder and faster then pauses with a groan as he releases himself inside Olivia as she lets out her own moan clenching him tightly. Kyle thrusts a few more times as he continues to release his seed deep within her. Olivia doesn't even care at this point, all she feels is the sensation of it shooting against her cervix. As Kyle pulls out, his cum drips from her; as it does, Alexsander takes a quick picture.

"Ah what a beautiful sight. Next time It will be mine baby sis." he chuckles sadistically. "Now, hurry up and put your fucking clothes on. Daddyo has some shit to do with his little parasite." Alexsander reaches over and grabs her by the hair and pulls her backwards off the bed.

Olivia Yelps, "Lex let go!" Her hands grabbing onto her hair where his are grasping it. She stumbles some then falls to the floor as he shoves her down.

Kyle turns quickly. "Hey!" he steps forward towards Alexsander.

Alexsander quickly holds the gun up to him, "Hey what? Last time I checked, I was the one holding the gun. I think that makes me in charge; meaning I can do whatever I want. Now step the fuck back." he gestures the gun in the same direction.

Kyle grits his teeth but does as he's told. Olivia silently but quickly dresses not wanting to look at Kyle, ashamed of herself and her family. Once she is dressed, Alexsander roughly grabs her arm causing her to wince. He drags her out from the room after opening the door. Kyle quickly pulls on his sweats and goes to follow only to have the gun pointed at him once more.

"Stay. Don't follow. Don't come down until you hear us leave." Alexsander warns then turns tugging Olivia along.

Olivia forces herself to look back at Kyle only to hang her head and turn it back towards the front to see the stairs so she doesn't fall. Once they are out the front door, Kyle rushes to Blakes room only to find she is knocked out sleeping cuddling a small stuffed animal that was on her bed. Kyle lets out a sigh of relief then shuts the door to her room. He walks down the stairs seeing Olivia left her phone on the counter. He picks it up and holds it tightly in his hand only to realize the tears falling down his cheeks. Kyle turns and slowly slides down the front of the refrigerator and lets everything out, sobbing heavily as he clenches his fist hitting the floor.

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