Do I Dare

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The ride home was only filled with the sounds of Olivia trying to keep herself from completely breaking down in front of Alexsander. She knows he's essentially a piece of shit, but she never thought he'd stoop to this particular level of low. There had been a few times while growing up that she looked up to him, and she wished he was that person all the time, but the family business always seemed to make him worse and worse as she got older. The loving brother that she once had didn't exist anymore, he was gone.

Olivia got out of the car as fast as she could once they arrived home. She ran up to her room and slammed her door shut behind her before she broke down on the other side of it. She throws herself into her bed and curls up into her fluffy light pink blanket. Olivia felt disgusting, dirty even. She hadn't done anything wrong, neither had Kyle but the feeling of being so exposed to Alexsander made her feel aweful.

Markus stood on the other side of her door listening her her cry. Knowing how much Alexsander hurts her has always been something that pissed him off. Normally he'd keep quiet but there had been a few times in the past where he couldn't, this was going to add to the list of those times. Markus absolutely adores Olivia and seeing her hurt always hurts him. That's how it's supposed to be for big brother's; Alexsander on the other hand is a bit off on that note.

"Listening to the sound of success?" Alexsander says at the top of the stairs leaning on the bannister.

Markus turns to him, "What the fuck did you do to her this time? I have heard her cry like this since mom died." He extends his arm and points back at Olivias door.

Alexsander smiles, "I just made her give it up. She should have a few years ago, but that little prude thought she was better than us." He unbuttons the top button on his red button down shirt.

Markus cocks his head to the side, "Excuse me? You wanna repeat that?" he pulls his hands from his black sweat pants and crosses his arms across his chest.

"You heard," Alexsander says with a tone of success as though he is proud of himself.

Markus stands in disbelief for a moment then lets out a heavy sigh, his eyes close as he shakes his head, "You're an asshole Lex. Just let her be man. I don't understand why you gotta treat her like garbage, she's our sister." He opens his eyes to see Alexsander frown.

"No, Olivia is YOUR sister, not mine." He walks past him down the small hall to his room.

"You're still going on about that. She has the same mother, that makes her our sister." Markus says following after him stopping at Alexsanders doorway.

Alexsander finishes unbuttoning his shirt, takes it off, and throws it in the hamper revealing a tight six pack and well defined arms under his tattoo covered skin. Scars along the left side of his abdomen break up the ink in his tattoos, the same true for his back, although the scars are numerous and larger than the couple on his side.

"Mom went and fucked some dude. Who knows who her dad is, but it ain't ours." He says pushing his pants down slipping out of his shoes then the pants.

"We still have the same mother Lex, Liv is still out sister." Markus sighs.

"No," Alexsander clenches his jaw, "she isn't." He walks up to his doorway and shoves Markus a bit so he's in the hall.

Markus catches himself before he falls from the sudden shove, "You need to go and have a nice talk with younger Lex who wasn't such a dick and thought very differently." He turns going across the hall to his own room.

Markus looks down at his phone as he picks it up to silence the vibration of a ring. Baby momma drama he wasn't ready to step into. He tosses his phone to his bed then runs his hands through his hair. He loves Olivia and wants to protect her; that's what big brother's do. The only issue is protecting her from Alexsander is like a suicide mission.

At 22, Markus felt more like a father of two; one being his son, and the other being Olivia. When Olivia was a kid he was the one who helped their mom care for her, raise her. Alexsander used to until he found out th truth about them having different father's, but even then Markus never looked at Olivia differently, she was still his little sister and nothing would change that.

After a few hours, Markus goes and lightly knocks on Olivia's door before going in. She's sound asleep curled up in her bed hugging one of her pillows. Markus pulls up her throw blanket and covers her before leaving a small kiss on her head. The guilt flows through him as if it were his blood, the inability to help without risking his life, and the unwillingness to do so crush him even more than usual. He swallows hard then turns heading to her door.

"Markus," Olivia's soft voice pierces the silence, "If I could get away and get out, would you be angry?" She asks timidly.

Markus furrows his brows, "Hell no. Get the fuck away from us if you can Liv. Go." He turns to her.

"But what about you?" Olivia asks.

"Don't worry about me Liv, I can handle Lex," Markus replies.

"No, you can't. Remember last time?"

"Liv, I know I fit in with this world in ways you disagree with, and as much as I love you, I don't want to walk away. I like my life as is."

"Drugs and all? It'll kill you one day Markus."

Markus shrugs, "We all have to die some day. Now, go back to sleep and no more talk about death or what drugs I do or don't do." He turns to leave the room then pauses, "I'm sorry I couldn't do more for you Liv." His voice soft, kind, and filled with the guilt that eats away at his soul daily.

Olivia stays silent just closing her eyes. She knows how much everything takes a toll on him. He had his own set of problems but usually has to end up helping her with hers. Olivia snuggles more into the pillow holding it tighter as she does. All she can think about is Kyle and Blake. Are they okay? Did Blake wake up to anything? Will Kyle be okay after all this? Will he still talk to her? Olivia would just have to figure it out tomorrow at school.

By the time Olivia hit Biology class she was worried as all hell. She hadn't seen Kyle yet and thought something had happened. The bell for class rang and he still hadn't shown causing Olivia to get antsy. Fifteen minutes went by and still no Kyle. The class was an hour long so she hoped in the next fourty-five minutes that he'd show up, or text her

At the twenty minute mark Kyle comes walking into class. Their teacher doesn't stop the lesson but eyes him giving him a look that lets him know he needs to stay after class. Kyle takes his seat next to Olivia who looks at him with worried eyes, kyles looking heavier and worse off showing signs of lack of sleep and constant tears.

Kyle does his best to pay attention and take notes for the remainder of the class not even glancing at Olivia to notice the lack of makeup or styled clothes as she wore sweats and a light sweater and put her hair up in a bun. Once the bell rang, Kyle closed the book for his notes, that Olivia had given him earlier in the semester, with a sigh. Only to have the teacher call him out.

"Mr.Brooks, I'd like to see you up front please." She said.

Kyle knew it was inevitable. Olivia tried to say something but Kyle just got up and went to the front of the class to the teachers desk. He was so tired he could barely even think let alone deal with Olivia or their teacher who always had something to say.

"Mr Brooks, I'd love to hear the excuse you've got for being late to class." The teacher said crossing her arms.

Kyle shrugs, "I just have stuff going on at home. I couldn't really help it." He blinks slowly keeping his eyes to her desk not wanting to look at anyone, not wanting anyone to know he'd been crying.

The teacher sighs, "Kyle school needs to be your priority right now. Nothing else needs to matter. All you have to do is get good grades this year. I know you're capable, so what is the problem?" She speaks gently being one of the few teachers who really cares for her students.

"Like I said, I've got some stuff going on that takes priority over everything, even school. Something that will always be my priority, especially over myself." Kyle looks up at her slightly, "Now If you'll excuse me, I have another class to get to." His tone harsh and rough.

Kyle threw his bookbag over his shoulder then left heading out to his bike. There was no next class for him. He had to get back home to Blake. He had gotten a friend of his sister to watch her for an hour but that was all. He'd have no choice but to miss class, miss school, and mess up his future; but for Blake, he'd do anything.

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