Do I Dare

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Kyle frowns and squints his eyes open as he looks around to find where the noise is coming from. He smiles seeing Blake on the floor in his room playing with some of her Barbies he had gotten her. If it were anyone else- well, almost anyone else, Kyle would be pissed. He hates waking up early on the weekend but knows that despite his preference to sleep in, Blake like to be up around eight.

Kyle runs his hand through his hair then completely rolls to his side towards Blake. "Well who do we have here?" His voice comes out rough and cracks make Blake giggle.

Blake hold up one of her Barbies, "Olivia!" She yells excitedly.

Kyles smile struggles to stay on his face hearing her name, but tries to pretend like nothing is wrong so Blakes mood stays up. "Oh, why hello there miss Olivia." Kyle says as he puts his hand under his head leaning on his elbow.

Blake stands and runs to Kyles bed and puts the Barbie there next to him all while still having the biggest smile on her face. Kyle takes the doll and starts to play only to have Blake take it back and lay it down again.

"Little one, what are you doing?" He taps Blakes nose making her laugh.

Blake tucks the Barbie under the blanket, "Belong here. With daddy." Her eyes look up at Kyle with pure innocence.

Kyle swallows hard at Blakes words. He misses Olivia but no way he can have her around Blake, it just wasn't good for him. Kyle just smiles not knowing how to react to such a large statement from such a small little girl. Without thinking he nods in agreement to appease Blake who stops her feet in happiness. Before Kyle could get another word out the door bell rang.

Blake jumped startled, but Kyle reassured her by leaning down and kissing her head. "Let me go see who that is. We can play with her later okay?" Kyle kissed her head once more before moving the blanket out of the way to get out of the bed. Once he did, he stood then walked to the chair in his room staring for a moment. All he could remember was Alexsander and the threats he made to Olivia. The second ring of the doorbell brought him out of his head.

Kyle pulled on a pair of navy blue basketball shorts. "You wanna stay up here and keep playing or come down?" He asks Blake.

Blake goes to him and sticks her arms up at him. Kyle chuckles and picks her up holding her to his side on his hip and he heads down to the door. Blake loved to be wherever Kyle was and with the exception of sleeping her her own room, Kyle allowed it. To him it was making up for all the lost time they had.

By the time Kyle reaches the door the third ring of it echos through the house. Kyle huffs as he unlocks the door and swings it open only to find Markus standing there with Olivia behind him. Kyles eyes grow large at the sight of the two of them. Not once did he ever think Olivia would come to his house, let alone bring her brother.

Markus pushes Kyle to the side slightly as he walks past him into the house. "He looks just fine Olivia. I'm not sure what excuse he could have for ignoring you." Markus looks Kyle up and down with his arms crossed over his chest.

Kyle let's out a sigh not wanting to deal with this. Olivia quietly walks past Kyle staying close to Markus who is looking around the entryway and into the kitchen to the left. Markus had been in large homes for work, but never to meet a teenage boy his sister was in love with so he could set him straight. Not like Markus thinks he's a role model, but something has to be done.

"We have to have a talk. Living room, now." Markus says looking towards Olivia to lead the way.

Olivia nods some keeping her eyes houses to the ground as she heads towards the living room. "This way." She says softly.

Blake comes running out of the living room right into Olivia, "Olivia!" She yells grabbing onto her leg.

Olivia smiles and picks her up, "Hey Blake." She sets her on her hip

Markus raises his eyebrows, "Blake?" He asks looking between her and Olivia. "Little sister?" He asks.

"My daughter," Kyle responds walking past them into the living area. "Now, what's so important you two forced your way into my house? I was about to make breakfast." He frowns.

Markus smiles, "I'll take breakfast. How bout you Liv? Breakfast?" He looks over at her.

Olivia shakes her head, "Not hungry right now Markus. And it isn't his job to cook for you." She says taking a seat moving Blake into her lap.

Markus shrugs then sits next to Olivia, on the right. "We need to talk." He says firmly.

"Look, I can't have people like your crazy brother around Blake. I can't put her in danger." Kyle shakes his head as he sits on the chase part of the sectional facing Markus and Olivia.

"No one is asking you to be around him; I however, am asking you not to walk away from Liv. She loves you Kyle." Markus says leaning forward resting his elbows on his knees.

Kyle scoffs, "But with her comes him." He lets out a sigh rubbing his hands over his face. "Listen, it isn't that I don't love Olivia," he pauses. Kyle takes a deep breath trying to calm his nerves. He isn't ready to say what he is about to, but he has no choice. "I do love her. I love you Olivia." He looks over at her, her eyes looking back at his.

"Then why are you ignoring her?" Markus asks. "She's been trying to get in touch with you."

Kyle licks his lips feeling how dry his mouth suddenly is, "I have to protect my daughter. What Alexsander did here- my daughter comes first over anything of my feelings." He rubs the back of his neck.

Markus shakes his head, "Yes, but your happiness is her happiness. I have a son, I know what it means to protect your child."

Kyle shakes his head and holds his hand up, "Wait, you can't talk to me about protecting your child when you continue to be in the type of world you are in. That isn't protecting him, that's putting him in danger." Kyle says.

Markus takes a breath in letting out slowly, "As I am sure you noticed during your little recovery at our house, he doesn't live with me. My son lives with his mother. That's how I keep him safe. He doesn't even live in this state. I only see him every other week for a few days, but I send his mother money for him." Markus remarks.

"Drug money" Kyle sneers.

"No, honest money." Markus looks over at Olivia who now looks confused as Blake plays with her hair. "I might work with my brother, but I have a side job. I bartend when I can and send her that money. I keep my son away from the ugly part of my life, Olivia will do the same. Shit, she doesn't even like being a part of all that." Markus rubs his hands together in a serious manner.

Kyle sits silent for a quick moment until it hits him, "Woah woah, wait. Olivia will do what?" Kyle asks hoping he heard wrong.

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