Do I Dare

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Wake up call

Markus looks at Kyle then at Olivia, “I brought you here for a reason; you need to tell him.” He says looking back at Kyle for a moment.

Olivia swallows hesitating, her eyes looking away from Kyle as his eyes bore into her. Kyle isn’t an idiot, he knows where this is going. He stands and begins to pace the living room unsure if he really wants to hear it or not.

Olivia bites her bottom lip watching him pace. There’s no denying the nervous feeling that is runny through her body; her heart is racing, her mouth is drily, and her stomach is in complete knots. How do you tell someone this? The words are simple enough but saying them out loud makes everything real, Olivia isn’t sure if she’s ready for it to be real. Markus nudges her gently nodding at her to speak.

Olivia closes her eyes as she takes a deep breath then opens them, “Kyle I-” she stops as Kyle interrupts.

“Shhhh.” He puts his hand up, “I know what you are going to say. Just don’t, not yet. I can’t right now.” Kyles stomach begins to turn. He knows it’s his fault and he knows she isn’t ready.

“Kyle please let me finish.” Olivia says softly looking up at him again.

Kyle stares back into her eyes seeing the fear in them. He knows it’s hard for her and it would all just be easier if she didn’t say anything about it. Kyle already feels guilt on top of everything, now Olivia was going to add to it.

“Kyle, I’m late. My period is late.” Olivia forces the words from her mouth as fast as possible practically stumbling over them.

Kyle swallows as he continues to keep eye contact. “Are you... Ya know....” He says, the words barely making it past his throat let alone his lips.

Olivia looks over at Markus who shoves his hand into his pocket and pulls out a pregnancy test. “I don’t know. I wanted to find out with you.” She hesitantly takes the test from her brother.

Kyle continues pacing, “This is great. Fuck this is all my fault. I shouldn't have touched you.” He says under his breath to himself as he begins to bite his thumb nail.

Olivia sets Blake to the side then stands, “I’ll let you know when I’m done.” Her voice low, feeling embarrassed.

Olivia has a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach as she walks out of the living room to the half bath next to the kitchen. She’s never been late before, and the timing adds up. Olivia sighs as she locks the door behind her; now or never.

Markus continues to watch Kyle pace. Blake scoots over moving towards him with a smile. She hands the Barbie she was carrying to him.

“Olivia!” She yells.

“Olivia is in the bathroom, but she’ll be back soon.” Markus responds with a smile.

“The dolls name is Olivia.” Kyle says as he sits back on the couch where he was before.

Markus chuckles, “You really like Olivia don’t you.” He says, looking down at Blake.

“Mhm.” Blake nods.

Markus looks over at Kyle who looks like he’s beat, "Parenthood isn't easy is it." He cocks his head to the side.

Kyle scoffs, "You don't even take care of your son on your own, what would you know," he says, leaning back.

Markus sighs, "Maybe not now, but at first I did. I know what being a young parent is like, I know how hard it is to juggle your own needs with theirs. I might look the way I do, and work with Lex, but I'm not like him; not when it comes to Olivia." Markus interwinds his fingers clasping his hands together leaning back as well.

"Why are you in that life then, if you're not like Alexsander?" Kyle asks.

Markus takes a moment to think on how to explain things to Kyle. He knows Kyle might not agree with him on how he lives and doesn't want him to hold it against Olivia. "Different people can live similarly for different reasons, doesn't mean they have to like one another." He explains, trying to be as vague as possible.

Blake scoots off the couch and goes over to Kyle being sure to take her Barbie with her. She holds her arms out to him so he obliges and picks her up and holds her to him, her head on his chest as she lays sideways facing Markus. She silently plays with the Barbie's hair as Kyle and Markus continue their conversation.

Markus takes a breathe letting out slowly, "So, what are you two going to do?" he glances at him then at Blake finding it cute how comfortable she is with Kyle.

Kyle lets out a heavy sigh, "It's up to her. I told Olivia I would do whatever she wanted, and that I would support her, I just don't think she's ready for something like this. I know I wasn't; shit, I'm drowning lately." He runs a hand through his hair.

"So I'm guessing you'd rather her not be pre-"

"Shh. Nope. Don't say it. I feel like if someone says it before we know it will jinx things, and no, I don't want her to be. Not for me but for her. I can afford it, she can't and even if she could I don't want my child around that psycho you call your brother because that would honestly piss me off and make me worry all the time and then I will have to take her from that house and everything will be different and it's just a lot to-" Kyle says as if he is about to panic.

Markus laughs, "Woah, calm down bro. I want Olivia to be free from my brother and from this life, it just isn't as easy as it sounds ya know. I do know that there is something going on that she isn't telling me, but I think it's better that she doesn't. As for you two, Kyle you are her first man. It might be because of what Lex did but-"

"No," Kyle says sharply, "It isn't because of Alexsander."

Markus raises his eyebrows, "Oh?" A small smile appears on his face, "Do tell."

Kyle smiles to himself then it fades quickly when he thinks back on how everything happened, "Olivia and I, well ya know." He lets out a huff embarrassed, "Before he was even here that night we were together. I sorta messed up by not giving her something romantic to remember, but I also got caught up in the moment. Chances are.... chances are that she and I would be in this moment regardless of Alexsander," He hesitantly explains.

"Ah I see. Kyle the baby maker." Markus chuckles, "Gotta learn to wrap it up."

"No- I mean, I do. Ever since Blake, I always have. But that night, that night I just wanted her to feel...good. I wanted to feel good. That's why this is my fault." Kyle says looking down then at Blake who has fallen asleep.

"Kyle! It's ready!" Olivia shouts from the bathroom near the kitchen.

Kyle swallows hard then gets up slowly not wanting to wake up Blake. He Lays her down on the couch, "Can you watch her for a minute?" he asks looking towards Markus.

"No problem, go on ahead and figure out what you two need to; She's sleeping anyway so not much to watch." Markus responds.

Kyle nods then turns heading to the bathroom where Olivia is. He knocks on the door as his heart slams into his chest. Kyle puts his hand on it for a moment feeling a slight sharp sensation from all the nerves, even his hand shakes as he does. Olivia opens the door, for a moment they stare at one another as if they already know the answer before even looking at the test sitting on the counter next to the sink.

Kyle walks into the bathroom and stands next to Olivia who takes his hand into hers seeing how nervous he is. "Kyle, if it's positive, I will get an abortion if that is what you want." She says softly.

Kyle looks at her, "What? No, you decide what you want Olivia and I will support whatever decision that is. I told you before, your body your choice. I might be worried, fuck, I am worried, but it will always be up to you." he kisses her hand unable to hide his love for her despite his reservations.

Olivia nods and picks up the test. Her eyes widen slightly at the results, Kyle quickly takes the test from her to see for himself what it says. Even though his eyes see clearly, his mind takes a moment to comprehend; his grip on the test loosens and it falls hitting the ground. Everything around him disappears as if the world was nothing but a blur of color.

Markus knocks on the side of the door frame holding a sleeping Blake, "What does it say?" he looks between Olivia and Kyle then then follows Kyles face to the test on the floor. "No wait- let me guess; pregnant."

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