Do I Dare

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It Hurts

Kyle dropped to his knees still speechless unable to find words. It wasn't that he was mad or disappointed, he felt somewhat elated and that is what he didn't know how to process. His hand dripped from Olivia's in the same moment, his eyes fluttered up to hers; tears building in them.

Olivia stood staring down at Kyle, her stomach turned and a lump began to form in her throat from holding back tears of her own. "Kyle..." Her voice shaking as she spoke quietly, "I-I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I told you that I'd-"

Kyles brows furrow quickly, "No. I told you that wasn't necessary." His eyes travel back towards the test laying on the bathroom floor.

Markus widens his eyes at them moving his head a bit waiting for one of them to say something that would matter to his ears, "So..... Am I right or are we throwing a party?" He smiles sheepishly but no one pays him mind.

Olivia looks over at Markus, "No party," she scowls.

Markus nods and frowns a bit as he was excited hoping to be correct despite the situation. "Hey, that's a good thing though right?" he looks down at Kyle.

Kyle picks the test up off the floor and looks at it one more time making sure he saw what he thought he did. The pang in his chest hits him again only confirming that what he saw was right. He stands and sets it back onto the counter next to the sink then looks down at Olivia who blushes as soon as he does. Kyle was confused. He expected to feel angry, worried, or even nervous about what to do but he didn't feel those things and he wasn't sure why.

"Olivia, we have to get married," his voice monotone.

Olivia's eyes widen along with Markus' at the statement, "Excuse me?" Olivia blurts out.

Kyle runs his hand through his hair sighing looking up at the ceiling, "I told myself if I was ever in this situation again that I had to marry the mother of my child." he looks back over at her.

"Woah! Wait a second." Markus chimes in, "You're pregnant?"

Olivia nods slightly keeping her eyes down despite looking in Markus's direction. She didn't even know what to make of things. A pregnant teen, how stereotypical of her. She felt embarrassed suddenly which causes her to blush deeply. Olivia never imagined that she would get pregnant from her first time, and she never imagined she would be carrying Kyle's child; though she had hoped for it to be part of her future.

Markus smiles showing his teeth in excitement, "I get to be an uncle. Holy fuck, you're going to be a mother Liv." he says sounding a little too excited for Kyle's liking.

"It's not a thing to praise," Kyle says frowning. "I fucking got her pregnant at seventeen. I ruined her life."

Olivia grabs his hand, "No you haven't Kyle. I wanted to be with you that night just as much as you wanted me. It's my fault too, and I told you-"

Kyle interrupts, "Is that what you want?" he asks her.

Olivia looks up at him slowly, "Is it what you want?" she responds.

Kyle takes a moment before opening his mouth, "It's your decision. I might have a preference but at the end of the day it is up to you." he reaches out and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear.

Olivia smiles softly at the gesture, "I want to keep it." she says.

"Me too," Kyle responds brushing her cheek with his thumb. "I want to marry you Olivia Knite. Please tell me you will grant me the honor of being your husband."

"Kyle," Olivia bites her bottom lip, "Are you sure? I mean, I'm not even old enough."

"You're the mother of our baby that is growing inside you; yes, I am sure." Kyle leans over and places his lips against hers.

Markus raises his eyebrows as his eyes travel left to right before he awkwardly turns and goes into the kitchen to hunt for some food, Blake asleep against his shoulder. He wasn't planning on cooking since he had originally heard Kyle was about to make breakfast, but he figured he should cook for them in a moment like this.

He opens the fridge and peruses the shelves looking at the types of ingredients Kyle has. Seeing that there are a lot of fresh vegetables, he takes out some mushrooms, red peppers, and scallions and sets it to the side. Markus grabs a few eggs setting them to the side as well. Frittata sounds good good in his mind so despite holding a sleeping Blake, he searches the kitchen for the things he will need.

Ever since he was young Markus did the cooking. Their mother couldn't be bothered to care for them. She was too busy drinking and getting high so she could be okay with selling herself off to guys whenever their father needed her to. Alexsander refused to cook finding it bothersome since he began to take after their dad as they got older and Olivia wasn't old enough to cook. Markus wasn't a perfect kid by any means, but he was always good at taking care of Olivia.

Olivia comes out of the bathroom and into the kitchen followed by Kyle who had a smile across his face. She went to Markus and took Blake from him slowly. She could tell from the ingredients what Markus was planning to cook which made her stomach growl in anticipation. Olivia loved when Markus cooked, it always reminded her of when she was younger which was a happy time in her life thanks to Markus being a protective loving brother. As Olivia got older Markus started stepping back letting her do her own things and make her own decisions regardless of what he thought and Olivia loved him for that since it was always so different from how Alexsander would, and still does treat her.

"I'm gonna go put her down." Olivia says before heading up the stairs just as Kyle pops out of the bathroom.

"So you want to marry my little sister," Markus says as he begins to chop the vegetables.

Kyle shrugs, "more than it being about your sister, she's the mother of our baby." Kyle replys sitting at the counter

"So why didn't you marry Blake's mother?"

"I didn't think the same way back then, and she also didn't really want me around her or Blake so it was out of the question."

"Where is she now?"

"She passed away, that's why I have Blake now. I wasn't really in her life for most of it. Not by choice of my own though."

"I see." Markus says, as he starts to wash the peppers.

"Why are you and Olivia so close?" Kyle asks watching Markus.

"We got close when we were kids is all. We are siblings ya know."

Markus finishes cutting the peppers the starts on the scallions being sure to leave them in slightly larger pieces. Ge grabs the eggs and cracks them one handed into a bowl as he puts some spices in. He mixes everything together adding the vegetables into the egg mixture then pours it into a baking pan setting it carefully into the preheated oven.

Olivia comes down and wraps her arms around Kyle's back resting her head on it. "I should move in with you." She smiles as she speaks.

Kyle smirks at it, "oh? Trying to increase the likelihood of further pregnancies?" He chuckles.

Olivia gasps and playfully slaps his back pulling away, "No!" She walks around to the side and sits next to him, "I think it will be safer if I do. For me AND the BABY" She emphasizes.

Kyle kisses her, "Of course. I um- I'm sorry about before, ignoring you- it wasn't right."

Olivia kisses him back, "No, it wasn't, but I understand why you did it. She sets her hand on Kyle's thigh. "What do you think Markus, about me moving in here?" She asks looking over at him.

Markus tenses up at the thought of not having Olivia around, he starts to panic but tries to hide it to no avail. He turns and faces the stove leaning his hands on the edge lucky it isn't hot. Markus closed his eyes as falsh backs of them being younger surge through his mind. Him protecting Olivia from their father only to get himself beat to a pulp in the process. Needed to shoot up after just to help with the pain, the first time popping into his mind.

"I have to go." Markus says through gritted teeth. "I'm sorry Liv," he says quickly walking out the front door. Images of Olivia helping him get better, nursing him whenever their dad would hurt him badly or whenever he tried to stop doing drugs and went through withdrawal. After he watched their mother die, after he killed someone for the first time. How would he survive without her around?

He wouldn't.
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