Do I Dare

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Markus quickly got in his car and rifled through the center console. He grabbed the large rubber band tie and wrapped it around his arm. He then reached into a hidden compartment and pulled out a spoon and a white powder, the lighter in his pocket. He frantically poured some of the powder onto the spoon then lit the underneath with the lighter. He could feel the panic coming, he could feel himself about to relive it all just like he did every night when he closed his eyes.

Within a few moments he grabs the syringe and pulls up the now liquid substance then finds a vein in his arm before sliding the needle into it pushing the substance into his body. Within a few seconds Markus feels this rush of calm sweep over him. His entire body relaxes and the flashbacks begin to fade, as does everything around him. He puts his seat back some and sits there as the high takes over.

Markus and Olivia had it rough as kids. Alexsander worse which is partially the reason he ended up treating Olivia how he does. Markus would always protect Olivia. When their dad got angry with her for speaking her mind, he took the beatings. When their father couldn't stand the sight of their mother and wanted to take his disgust put on Olivia, Markus took the beatings. When their father got pissed about product issues Markus took the beatings, and worse. But the worst part, when their father needed to sell someone extra, he would sell himself so Olivia wouldn't be subjected to it.

At the age of ten Markus had his first sexual experience. Not with a woman like most would hope, but with one of his father's bosses. You see, his father owed someone a few thousand and couldn't pay up for the product he had lost to some theives. Their father made a deal with the man for his wife's body, but the man wanted something more pure, something special and untouched.

Markus overhearing the conversation quickly stepped into his father's office, "Me, I'll do it. Please don't touch Olivia father." He fell to his knees begging him.

His father scoffed, "no grown man wants an prepubescent boy. Stop with your shit or you'll not be seeing out of those two eyes of yours for some time until the swelling goes down you little twat!" His father yelled throwing a stapler at Markus' head.

Markus winced as it hit his cheek but knew better than to show true pain in front of him. "Father please, Olivia is too young. I-I can do it. I can- no, I will take her place. Whatever you need just please don't touch her." Markus pleads.

"Don't go off rattling bout whatever I need. You cant even do what I ask of you but you want to take over your sisters responsibilities now?" His father stood from behind the desk.
"I- I-" Markus stuttered, "I- I will. I will do whatever you ask of me. My own responsibilities and Olivia's."

His father walks over to him and grabs him by the hair on the top of his head and pulls him up to stand, markus' hands grabbing his father's from the pain of it. "Listen here boy, this business doesn't tolerate those that go back on their word. You make this deal you can never go back on it." His father took a drag of his cigarette.

Markus nodded slightly, "Y-yes father, I know." His blue gray eyes staring up into his father's brown ones.

"Good, starting now then. Go down to room three, I've got a guy waiting for ya." He drags Markus to the doorway shoving him out into the hall, "and if you're too fucking nervous tell your brother I said to give you a dose. Don't fuck this up boy."

Markus hits the wall as he's tossed out; grunting, he falls to his knees only to look up and see a four year old Olivia standing in the hall holding her teddy bear he had won out of a claw machine for her. Markus slowly stands then walks towards her, "Go back to bed. I'll be there soon." He smiles and ruffles her hair.

"Daddy hurt makus again?" She asks innocently.

Markus smiles and shakes his head, "Markus. With a R, and no, he didn't hurt me again. I just have to go do something for him. I'll be okay, just go back to bed." He turns her around and leads her back to his room and tucks her in.

After kissing Olivia on the forehead he turns and goes back down the hall to the stairs the lead to the first floor. He walks through the living room seeing his mother knocked out with a needle sticking out of her arm. He stops for a moment to take it out carefully then covers her with the blanket that's kept on the couch. He knew Olivia would end up like her if he didn't keep her safe, so he kept on and made his way to the basement.

"Markus!" He could hear a faint yelling noise that sounded familiar, "Markus wake up! Come on, please!" It got louder and louder with ever sentence. "Markus get up. Open your eyes. Open your eyes Markus!" He heard and finally recognizes it. Olivia.

Markus does his best to force his eyes open to see a blury version of what looks like Olivia leaning over him. He feels a pinch in his arm as she removes the needle and applies a bit of pressure. She takes the spoon and baggy with the white powder in it and puts it back in the compartment knowing even if she takes it he will just get more from Lex.

Olivia smacks his cheeks lightly, "Hey, come on that's it. Open those beautiful eyes." She says.

Markus groans, "Don't ruin my high right now Liv, please, I need this." He says looking towards her, his eyes barely open.

"Markus I know you, and I know this is part of who you are for whatever reason, and I can't understand why you like living this way, but seriously. You can't just shoot up wherever you want to. This neighborhood isn't like ours. Someone will call the cops here." She turns to Kyle, "Help me get him up?"

Kyle nods, "I'll get him up and inside, you just relax." He grabs onto Markus' arms and heaves him up and out of the car into a standing position.

Olivia rolls her eyes then shuts the car door as Kyle puts Markus'arm around his shoulders to help him stay steady. He slowly helps a wobbly Markus back into the the house and into one of the first rooms on the first floor. Kyle let's Markus drop into the bed then shuts the door behind him as he leaves.

"So Markus does heroin," Kyle says as he starts cleaning up the kitchen from the breakfast Markus made them.

Olivia sighs, "Markus does a lot of things to be honest. I have no clue why he feels like this is the kind of life he has to have." She fills her cup with water from the filter on the refrigerator.

"How long has he been like this?"

"Ever since I can remember. Growing up Markus was always doing some type of drug, especially when it came to working for our father. He was the tester, still is for Lex."

"The tester?"

"Yeah he tests the new product to see how good it is."

"Why the fuck would he volunteer himself to do some shit like that? Especially since he has a son now." Kyle says angerly.

Olivia takes a sip from her cup, "I don't think he volunteered Kyle. I'm almost positive that was a responsibility to my father. We all had them, though for some reason mine never involved the business. I just had to keep everything clean and get the tattoos."

Kyle looks at her confused, "How come? I mean, if your father was as big of a dick as you say, why didn't you have responsibilities to the business? Doesn't that seem off to you?" He asks.

Olivia takes a moment to think things over then responds, "Now that I really think about it, it does seem off. No, it is off. My father would never let me go without pulling my weight, and cleaning wasn't nearly enough."

Kyle turns from the sink to face her, "There has to be something you don't know about then." He crosses his arms.

Olivia chuckles, "Nonsense, Markus tells me everything."
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