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Markus came off his high a few hours later and realized he wasn't in the car. He quickly got out of the bed and looked around to find himself in a strange bedroom. Panic began to set in again, Markus hated being in unidentifiable rooms and new spaces; it always reminded him of the trauma he experienced as a kid. All the unknown women and men that would be waiting for him in one of the five rooms in the basement became his life, and the high he got before or after became his safe place.

Markus swung open the door and ran out into the hall heading down it into the living room where he began to realize where he was. There was no sign of Olivia or Kyle so he went through the kitchen and out the front door. Only when he got into his own car did he feel safe and comfortable again, despite the house being a place he could associate with Olivia, it wasn't familiar to him.

When he turned on the car he realized it was almost three and he had to be at work at four. He quickly put the car in drive and headed back home. The entire ride all he could think about was how he would make it without his sister. She kept him together mentally and physically. She's the only reason he was still alive.


"Get the fuck up and go service the client!" His father said, yelling as he hits Markus across the face. "You're my property boy. You do what I say, now get down to room one because if you don't, Olivia will have to do."

Markus stood from the chair in his father's office and silently nodded. At sixteen he had been selling his body for six years, but he still needed Alexsander to shoot him up every time he did. It made him feel dirty, gross, and hate himself more and more each time.

As he makes his way down to the basement he stops in the kitchen where Alexsander is and sits at the table and ties his arm up with the rubber tie. He keeps to himself not saying anything, not even looking at his brother

Alexsander comes over with the needle ready, "I don't understand you bro. All you have to do is just let Olivia due her part and you wouldn't have to do this shit." He sticks the needle in a vein and slowly injects him.

Markus let's out a soft moan feeling the heroin wash over him, "I'd die first." He unties his arm and stands taking the needle out. "Don't fucking question me. Better me than her." He says turning around to head down into the basement. Once there he goes into room one like his father instructed shutting the door behind him. When he looks up, he sees one of his father's clients, a guy in his late twenties who he has had to service many times before.

When the man looks at him and smirks Markus looks down blushing. He knows what this guy likes, and where this will go. Markus might hate selling his body, but when it came to this man, he enjoyed it. Though he will never admit to it, he had feelings for him. This man was always gentle with him and made sure he felt pleasure too. To Markus, it was less a fuck and more like making love.

The man stood and walked over to Markus taking his chin in his hand turning Markus' face upward to see him. "Don't look away from me Markus, you know I dislike that. "he says then leans down playing his lips onto markus'.

Markus couldn't pull away, even though he wanted to sometimes he knew his father would beat him if he didn't fully service a client and at least pretend to enjoy it; except for with this man, he had to hide his enjoyment instead of faking it.

"You've grown up well these past few years. Today is your sixteenth is it not?" The man says running his had over markus' cheek.

Markus nods, "Yes sir." Trying hard not to seem to be enjoying his touch. Hiding it wasn't for his father or the client, it was for him.

The man smiles, "I want to give you something then. It'll hurt but I know you'll end up loving it, craving it. Is that okay with you?" The man begins to unbutton his shirt.

Markus' eyes widen, the man having never taken his clothes off before, Markus having only ever pleasured the man with his zipper and button on his pants undone. Markus' heart began racing, the nervousness saturating him but kept at Bay by the high he is on.

"Sir, this is against policy." Markus says reaching out holding his shirt closed just as he was about to let it fall off his shoulders.

The man chuckles and kisses Markus softly, "Fuck policy right now. It's not about policy today. It's about your birthday. You're legally old enough to consent now." He began kissing down markus' neck. "Will you consent to me Markus? Will you let me touch you and make you feel good?"

Markus let out a soft moan, "Yes that is fine. It's what I'm here for." He swallows feeling himself grown hard beneath his black sweatpants, he shifts trying to contain himself feeling like dirt for being turned on by a man.

The man reaches down and presses his hand to Markus' crotch feeling him grow harder, he smiles. Markus quickly turns red and turns from the man pulling away as he does. Markus doesn't understand why his body is reacting this way, why him? Why a man?

The man come up behind him and turns Markus back to face him, "Don't hide it from me. It's alright." He kisses Markus again only this time he presses his tongue to Markus' lips.

Markus parts them being swallowed by the suddenly increase in desire. He lets the man's hands travel down his body, he lets out a slight moan into the man's mouth as his hand slides over his rock hard cock. Despite his heart racing and having little clue what the man was going to do, Markus stood still letting him do what he wished.

It wasn't until the man slid his hand into Markus' pants allowing his bare hand to grasp him did Markus really react. His hands grabbed onto the man's shoulders as he took in a deep breath, his eyes widening looking up into the man's who simply looks back down into his. Markus knew things weren't supposed to go this way, it was supposed to be the other way around but he couldn't stop from continuing to follow the man's lead.

The man slid markus' pants down then gently pulled Markus to the sofa where he sat with his pants at his knees. Markus followed the movements of the man as he knelt down in front of him. Markus suddenly realized without a doubt what was about to happen. He quickly covered the bulge in his boxers with his hands and shook his head.

"You can't," Markus said, "I'll get in trouble."

"Nonsense. I personally asked your father for the honor of being your first and he agreed."

"My first? But I thought-"

"You'll have a different type of first with a woman. This will be different, I promise you'll enjoy it."

Markus nods hesitating but gives in and removes his hands. The man smiles and pulls Markus'cock from his boxers raising eyebrow at the size, "you sure you're only sixteen?" The man asks.

Markus nods a few times in a row then gasps as the man suddenly takes him in his mouth.


Markus pulled up to the house and ran in quickly changing and fixing his hair for work. He tries to forget the thoughts on his mind and grabs his cigarettes as he runs back out the door. He rushes quickly to the bar downtown on his motorcycle not caring much for traffic laws, he like the thrill.

The bar is about to open and he is just on time having taken too long lingering on the thoughts in his head. Having not been able to take care of himself, he starts the night behind the bar with a huge hard on. Markus hopes the darkness within the club and his black jeans will help give him some cover; he doesn't want to chase the ladies away tonight. Tonight, he needed to bring one or two home.

As he worked hour after hour into the night, around twelve a man approaches the bar asking for a very specific drink; a shot of rum, peach schnapps, and cola on ice with a twist of lime and a cherry. Markus stops cold, he knows this drink, he's seen it many times growing up. He looks up slowly holding the rum in one hand and the glass in another.

"Adam." Markus says with a long breath.

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