Do I Dare

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After a few weeks of bringing Blake to school with him, Kyles grades improved enough so that he could graduate with honors if he kept up the good work. It was hard, but Kyle didn't want to give up; not just for himself, but Blake too. He made sure to put her to bed at eight then would spend most of the night doing homework, often staying awake until one or two in the morning.

Olivia had brought some of her things from home little by little hoping that Alexsander wouldn't notice. She'd put a few things in her backpack everyday and leave them in Kyle's car during school. She hadn't told Alexsander yet about being pregnant either, not wanting to deal with who knows what when he finds out.

Kyle became a laughing stalk at school. Many of the students looked at him differently and even some of his friends stopped talking to him. Olivia was really the only constant in his life besides Blake. He needed her, wanted her. She became a support beam when he had none. Kyles life was easy when it came to attaining material desires, the emotional desires never seemed to be in stock when it came to his parents. With his father always being away on business trips and his mother working eighty plus hours a week at the hospital, Kyle never got the love he desperately needed.

Olivia gave Blake the type of care and affection he could have only dreamed about getting; it made him love her more and more every time. At a little more than a month into the pregnancy, there hadn't been many changes in Olivia aside from now hating bacon which was something she absolutely loves before.

"Why aren't you eating the bacon I made?" Alexsander asks.

Olivia shrugs trying to hide her disgust, "Not feeling it today," she replies before taking a spoonful of eggs and shoving it into her mouth.

Alexsander narrows his eyes, "You never don't feel like eating bacon. I cooked and this is the thanks I get? An ungrateful little bitch?" He eyes her up.

"No it isn't that Lex, I-I guess I just don't feel good this morning is all."

"Oh? Sick from swallowing all that cum from Kyle's cock?"

"No, I just-"

"I have somewhere to go later on with Markus; you'll need to come as well. Wear red or black and it must be a dress of proper attire for business. Azuki Hitsunomi has called us for a meeting about you."

"Me? I have no dealings with him. I've never even met him before," Olivia says, wiping her mouth as she finishes her eggs.

Alexsander slams his fist onto the counter, "Bull shit. You made a deal with Santiago about your tattoos. You had to. Azuki is the only guy Santiago and his men use to get tattoos or have them removed, and knowing you it's probably the latter." Alexsander grabs a cigarette from the pack he keeps in the kitchen and lights it, "You know Azuki will expect serious payment, as do I." He takes a drag and blows it in Olivia's face.

Olivia quickly waves the smoke out of her face as she scrunches her nose, "Santiago said he'd help me out. Lex I'm tired of living like this." She sighs.

"Like what? A fucking princess? I buy you the best of the best. All high end clothes, jewelry, make-up, electronics, and even give you allowance that you don't deserve because you don't do shit for this family," Alexsander sneers.

"I never asked for any of that just like I didn't ask to be a part of this terrible family. I never wanted a place here. I never wanted any of this."

"Doesn't matter, it's what you got baby sis. Deal with it or I'll deal with you," Alexsander says licking his lips as his eyes travel up her body.

"We live in this shit neighborhood in this shit house when we could afford to live in a huge beautiful home. You make me live like this. You. You force me into this shit when you could just let me be!" Olivia loses it and yells becoming aggravated.

"Who the fuck do you think you are disrespecting like that?" He picks up his gun off the counter.

"Oh because you NEVER disrespct me?!" Olivia scoffs, "I'm seriously done being afraid of you and your stupid threats!"

Alexsander rolls his tongue over his front teeth then walks around the counter and grabs her by her hear pulling her from the chair. Olivia lets out a yelp grabbing onto his hands. She wiggles and tries to fight against him as he pulls her across the kitchen and down into the basement.

Alexsander shoves her into the wired fence of one of the small sectioned off areas. "They weren't threats Olivia." He unlocks one of the gates and shoves her into the small area that has a mattress on the floor before locking the gate again.

Olivia grunts falling onto the matress catching herself with her hands. She turns quickly looking back at Alexsander from the mattress. She looks around seeing a few other girls around in similar cages.

"You're one of the girls now. I'm sure you'll enjoy it," Alexsander says with a sickening chuckle before turning to leave her down there.

"Lex!" Olivia screams, "Lex let me out! This isn't funny!" She begins to panic when he shows no signs of returning.

She would miss her date with Kyle and the last day before Christmas break. Al she could do was hope that Markus would be home soon and would let her out. She was his sister after all, he wouldn't let Lex keep her down there, would he? So many questions filled her mind as she stood in front of the gate door.

Olivia eventually turns and holds her arms around herself as she sits down on the mattress. She can feel the tears making their way to her eyes, not because she regrets standing up to Alexsander, but she knows deep down that something bad is about to happen and Kyle will be in the dark about it.

As the day passes and night falls, Markus and Alexsander can he heard yelling and fighting above Olivia as they tossle in the kitchen. Olivia listens intently trying to hear what the fight is about it to no avail. Eventually things grow quiet and the basement door opens, the girls in the cages whimper at the sound as heavy foot steps make their way down the old wooden stairs.

Markus appears first, Alexsander soon after. "Markus, Mark!" Olivia screams standing up as he comes towards her and the other girl.

Markus looks at her then down as Alexsander shoves him towards the cage with only one girl in it. He does his best to not look at his sister not wanting her to see this side of him, having never wanted her to know the truth. He grabs a key from the hooks on the wall then unlocks the door to the cage stepping inside. Alexsander smirks then looks over at Olivia.

"Let me show you who your favorite brother really is, hm?" Alexsander holds his gun up at Markus, "Do it, or she dies." He slowly moves the gun pointing it at Olivia.

"Lex seriously? I'm not a fucking outsider. I do my job on the regular man. I don't need you pointing that shit at her to get me to do what I always do." Markus sneers at Alexsander.

Alexsander frowns, "You might need some motivation. Just figured I'd help." He walks closer to where Olivia is.

"I already shot up my help, but thanks. Now could you go?" He looks over his shoulder as he unbuckles his studded belt.

Alexsander chuckles, "I'll know if you don't do what you're supposed to." He motions the gun towards some cameras recording them. "I'll be watching." He smiles and turns going back up stairs.

"M-Markus what's going on?" Olivia's lip quivering as she pulls at the sleeve of her shirt.

"My job." Markus says, unbuttoning his pants then grabs the girls hair causing her to let out a yell.

"No, no Markus this isn't you, th-this isn't you at all." Olivia says, her eyes water as she stares at him.

"Yes it is." He pulls a condom from his pocket, "If you fight, I take it off." He says waving the condom in front of the girls face as she sobs in front of him.

"No... No this, it can't be you. I've never seen you do stuff like this, like Lex." Olivia grabs onto the side of the wired cage, Markus being in the small one next to her.

"Because I didn't want you to! I hid so fucking much from you because you needed someone who was there for you and did right by you instead of everything being just for dad or Lex! I gave up my body, my life, my sobriety so no one would lay a hand on you! So no one would do this to you! Since I was ten Olivia, ten! This is my job, this is what I do and it's who I am, like it or not it's the truth."

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