Do I Dare

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The only thing Olivia could hear was the sound of the young girl sobbing as Markus kept thrusting in and out of her. She couldn't help but stare, shocked and numb at the sight and truth of it all. Her hands grip tightly to the wired cage walls, her eyes unable to move away as Markus finishes. Something inside her causes her to remain calm in such misery.

Markus pulls from the girl and takes the condom off tying it off. He then puts himself back in his pants and exits the small gated cell. He does his best to keep from looking at Olivia not knowing if he could live with himself if he caught her gaze.

"Don't stare, it's rude." Markus says, buttoning his pants and buckling his belt.

Olivia looks down but can't help but look back up seeing only his back to her. "I-I-I'm sorry. I-I just..." She trails off not knowing what to say.

"Afraid of me?"

Olivia shakes her head biting her lip.

"If not afraid then what?" Markus turns to face her. "Like what you saw?"

Olivia's face turns as red as cherries, her eyes falling to the ground. "No, not like that- not like- I mean- I-" she stumbles over her words. Olivia has loved Markus her whole life, he's the best brother she could ever ask for or hope to have. She just never imagined seeing this side of him, seeing a part of him she was never meant to see.

"Not the first cock you've seen Liv, no need to act like it." He says softly, leaning against a wooden post.

Olivia sniffles as a few more tears run down her cheeks, stinging as they do, "First time seeing yours," her voice quietly cracks as she speaks slowly. "Markus what-" she takes a few small quick breaths in, "What is going on?" She licks her dry cracked lips.

"Liv I'm not the best big brother in the world." He sighs heavily running a hand through his hair, "I'm not the kind of person you think I am. I-I work with Lex pretty closely. I'm the one who breaks in all the girls here, I'm not just a tester. How do you think Sammy was born?" He kicks his foot back, the heal of his shoe hitting the wooden post causing a thud over and over.

"But why?" Olivia asks looking at him, her eyes shaking.

"To protect you. Even when you were a kid dad tried to sell you. I-I made promises and deals I have to keep till the day I die so that he wouldn't touch you, no one would."

"Markus, why would you risk yourself for me?"

"You're my baby sister Liv!" He scoffs, "I'd die for you."

"So all those threats from Lex a-about raping me or-or selling me off-"

"Empty." Markus says firm and clear. "As long as I do what he asks, no one can touch you." He slides down the wooden post, one leg straight out while the other remains bent in front of him.

Olivia kneels down on the other side of the cage making sure to keep her eyes on him. "I'm not worth your life Markus. I'm not worth this pain you put yourself through. Why didn't you ever tell me, why did you keep it a secret?" She sniffles again wiping the snot from her nose with the sleeve of her shirt.

"Because, dad made an exception." His face darkens as he leans his head back and closes his eyes.

"W-what kind of exception?" Olivia asks, though terrified of the answer.

Markus remains quiet unable to bring himself to say anything, unable to tell her what must now happen if she wants to free him from his promise to his father. He knows it's outlandish and completely out of the question, but he knows Alexsander will try to enforce it.

"What Markus? Don't be quiet now..." Olivia looks him over, "Just tell me the truth, please."

Markus takes in a deep breath before lowering his head to look at her, "I- you were never supposed to find out. If you found out... Look it doesn't matter okay. I'm not letting it happen."

"Won't let what happen?"

"Dad knew you'd tell me to stop doing all of this for you, but I can't. I won't."

"Why Markus? Just don't do it anymore, it's that easy."

"No, it's not. If I stop on my own accord Lex can do whatever he wants with you."

"And if you stop on my accord?"

"No," Markus shakes his head, "Not happening."

"Why the fuck not?!" Olivia hits the fence siding out of frustration, "What is so bad about you stopping all this shit because I don't agree with it, because I want better for you, because you've done enough for me already."

"It's not that simple Liv. Just listen to me okay." Markus says trying to remain calm.

"What is so complicated about it? Why can't you just tell me?" Olivia snaps at him.

"Because you can't handle it Liv! You can't handle doing what it would take to free me from a deal I made when I was ten! Lex upholds it now that dad is gone, and this is something I refuse to do! You're better than me, smarter, and will go farther than I ever could. Let me do my job as your brother and protect you, please." Markus begs.

"Don't you think I should be the one deciding if I can handle it or not? Markus I'm not five anymore, I don't- need-" she sighs, "I don't want you to make this choice for me. Let me decide for myself."

Markus stands and goes over to the front of the fence where she is kneeling causing her to stand. "You'd have to have sex with me." He says flat out.

Olivia stands in silence as her mouth sits open waiting to catch flies, "I'd have to do what?" She says.

Markus rubs the back of his neck, "The only way to get me my freedom and still keep you safe from Lex is for us to sleep together. Dad's big idea of torturing us. Me doing to you what I want to protect you from, and you sacrificing to help me. I won't let you do it Liv. I don't want you to even think about it, you hear me?" Markus looks down at her crossing his arms.

"Not like I'm a virgin anymore. Like you said, wouldn't be the first cock I saw." She rolls her eyes.

Markus, baffled by her response scoffs, "have you lost your fucking mind Liv? That's incest okay, not really on my to-do list. No fucking pun intended."

"Oh it definitely was a fucking pun." A slight smile appears across Olivia's lips.

Markus shakes his head then turns around running his hands through his hair a few times, "You've absolutely lost it haven't you? I mean, do you hear yourself?"

"It's one time for you to be free from Lex and his shit for the rest of your life, free you from needing to protect me. Markus you are my brother. The only person who stood up for me and cared about me as a person, not just some object. You deserve happiness. You've done so much for me my whole life, if there is something I can do for you-"

"No," Markus says turning back around, "No Liv, I'm not doing this and I won't let you even THINK about it. Not gonna happen. Uh uh. Nope. Not ever. You hear me? Never will this happen Liv. Never.

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