Do I Dare

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"Come on Markus please, let me do something for you. You've been protecting me my entire life, let me help you." Olivia says l, resting her head on the fence.

Markus paces in front of her, his thumb nail between his teeth as his mind mulls over things. Markus knows It's just one time and they would both be free from their father, but to partake in something that might destroy Olivia is too much to think about doing.

"Markus, Markus!" Olivia shouts, Markus in his own world.

"Hm?" He turns and looks at her then sighs, "Olivia , No."

Olivia huffs, "Stop protecting me. Let me protect you this time.

"Enough Olivia!" Markus yells, "Not happening. Let me worry about you, let me keep you safe. It's my job, it's part of why I'm still alive."

"I'm tired of seeing you shoot up and have to depend on drugs! I'm gonna assume you do that because you can't stand doing this shit!" She motions to the girls around her. "It's wrong, I know, but you are the only person besides Kyle that I would trust with my body. And if it means you not having to tourture yourself anymore, then I want to do it!"

"What about what I want?! You're my sister Liv! I don't want to violate you like that!"

"I'm not a virgin anymore! I'm pregnant for heaven's sake." Olivia makes sure to keep her voice low not wanting Alexsander to find out she's pregnant. "Plus-from what I hear...." Olivia blushes, "I'm pretty tight."

"Of course you are." Markus raises his hands to his face running them over it. "This is insane. Absolutely fucking insanity to even consider Liv. You've been with one guy, one. I've been with so many girls I don't even know how many, and that doesn't include how many guys I've been with."

Olivia laughs, "So? The number of people means nothing Markus. Just think of it this way; being with me will allow you to have sex with only the people you want to from now on. Lex will have to break in the girls on his own if he wants to stay in the sex trade business." She swallows hard, "So, let me out and take me upstairs."

"You can't be serious? You want to do this now? What the hell is wrong with you Liv? Who are you and where is my virgin little sister?" Markus says shaking his head in disbelief.

Olivia shrugs, "She's gone. Kyle took her and I'm happy he did. It means I can do this for you without you feeling guilty."

"I'd feel guilty regardless. You're my sister, doesn't that bother you?"

"No. It's because you're my brother that I trust you."

"Talking about the ol' escape from my grasp plan our father left you?" Alexsander says as he makes his way down the stairs with a smile on his face. "Personally I'd love to see that happen but we all know Markus doesn't have balls big enough for it. "

Olivia glares, "Let me out of here Lex. Let the other girls out too. Enough of this." She crosses her arms.

"Only if Markus accepts the deal, otherwise I have no reason to let you out." Alexsander says.

"Don't be ridiculous, you can't sell her and you know that." Markus says turning to face Alexsander.

"Maybe not," Alexsander opens the door to the fenced in area where Olivia is but stands in front of her so she can't get past him. "But I can teach her a lesson." He puts on heland on her shoulder then in a swift move he lands a hard punch to her stomach causing her to let out a yelp and double over in pain.

"Lex, No!" Markus grabs him by the back of his collar and pulls him back, Alexsander turns around and lands a punch to Markus'face.

"Did you really think you could get away with this?" Alexsander asks, facing Olivia again only to kick her in the stomach this time.

Olivia cries out, "Lex please don't!' She curls into a ball to protect herself as she gasps for air. "Please," she coughs as she cries now wrapping her arms around her middle.

Alexsander squats, "See, now I know you didn't think you'd be able to keep things from me. Kyle getting you pregnant, the fact you've been slowly moving things to his house out of your room. Surprise!" He says sarcastically, "I've known this whole time."

"I'll do it!" Markus says pushing Alexsander away from Olivia," I'll honor the deal I made with dad so you'll let her be, don't hurt her anymore Lex."

"You're already honoring the deal you made with dad, I just thought Liv needed a quick lesson in realizing she can't hide things from me as well as she thinks she can." Alexsander licks his front teeth, "How about this? New deal; I'll let Olivia out and go live with Kyle as long as you follow through on you're "freedom"" Alexsander air quotes, "Shit you and dad had. Of course, you don't get the freedom, just her."

"Fine." Markus says gritting his teeth, "Just stop, don't hurt her."

"Oh, am I sending a bit of an over protective brother?" Alexsander says with a laugh.

"Don't do it Markus." Olivia says, gruntingly as she sits up still hunched over holding her stomach, "It isn't fair to you."

"But it is fair to you. I won't let him hurt you anymore." Markus' hands squeeze into fists.

"She is right Markus, it isn't fair to you. Having to watch another man love her, kiss her, hold her. I mean, you've been wanting to your entire life."

"That isn't true, she's my sister!" Markus sneers.

"Oh please, I've heard you late at night moaning her name as you jack off, watching her ass as she would walk by, oggling her body when she wore tight clothes. I see everything, bro." Alexsander says, his hand patting Markus on the back.

"Markus, is that true?" Olivia asks standing slowly.

"No." He says firmly. "Not-not all of it." Markus replies.

"Not all of it? What the fuck is he being truthful about then?" Olivia's voice quiet for the first in a while.

Markus glares at Alexsander then looks back at Olivia with softer eyes, "I do love you, and there have been times where I-Ive wanted to kiss you, but I would never. I just-" he sighs, "You've always been there whenever I got too high or tried to detox, you've always been the one around and caring for me. When dad would beat me half to death, as you got older you would help me clean my wounds and ice my bruises...But I would never lay a hand on you like that Liv. I'm not Lex." He shakes his head slowly wanting to reassure her.

"Ouch," Alexsander holds his hand to his chest, "Killing me here."

"I wish." Says Olivia as she leans onto the side of the gate.

"Hurtful." Alexsander replies, pretending to care.

"Look liv-" Markus begins.

"It's okay, I understand Markus. It doesn't weird me out or.... Make me scared. I have secrets of my own ya know." Olivia says looking down.

"Like how you've had a crush on Markus you're entire life and he's the reason you never wanted anyone to touch you? Yeah, I know about that already. Not a secret." Alexsanders words flow like water from a fountain.

"No- that's-" Olivia stutters.

"Is that true Liv?" Markus asks.

Olivia nods slowly. She has always had a soft spot in her heart for Markus, and no matter how crazy it would seem to anyone else, Olivia has had feelings for her brother ever since she was thirteen. She had a ridiculous idea of him being her first, but as she got older realized it wasn't normal and ignored her feelings. Too much could come from it if Alexsander knew, at least that's what she thought because he had known this whole time.

"Liv..." Markus says, his eyes wide, "You're bleeding."
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