Do I Dare

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Olivia began to tremble as she looks down slowly at her legs. Blood dripping down the inside of her bare legs from und r her skirt. Tears well in her eyes as the hand on her abdomen clutches to her shirt.

"Don't get your blood on my floor." Alexsander sneers.

Olivia scowels at him, her breathing getting heavy. "Blood you caused." Her voice cracks.

Markus grabs Alexsander by his shirt collar and punches him across his jaw, "You piece of shit" He yells as Alexsander falls back some, "If that baby is gone, I'll fucking kill you." He spits at him before picking up Olivia in his arms.

Markus carries her out to his car and gently sets her in the seat as she winces, cramps begining to plauge her pelvic region.

"Your car-" Olivia begins.

"Will be fine. You are more important than my seats. I'm not Lex." Markus says shutting the passenger side door.

Olivia and Markus sit in the car quietly as he speeds towards the hospital. As much as she tries, Olivia can't hold back her tears or the sound of her crying even with her face burried in her hands. Markus reaches over and rubs her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her.

"Markus just stop." Olivia says as she cries, her eyes turing to look at him out the corner of them. "Please..." She holds onto her stomach, her face filled with pain.

Markus quickly pulls over on the highway and stops. Olivia bursts out from the car and pukes. Her sobbing only growing louder. Markus quickly exits the car and runs to her side. He has no idea what to do for her, how to comfort her, or if there is anything he can do to begin with. Olivia sobs as he pulls her into him.

"Shhhh," Markus says wrapping his arms around her holding her tight, "I know it hurts, but it won't last long okay? We have to take you to the hospital."

Olivia shakes her head, "No, I don't want to go. Please just take me home. I want to lay in my own bed." Her glossy tear filled eyes look up at Him.

"But Olivia-"

"Markus please- I just want to go home and shower and lay down. It's clear I've lost it..." The words barely escape her mouth before she lets out a cry of pain and sadness. "I beg you, just take me home."

Markus looks her in the eyes, her tears and pain tearing a hole inside him. "Alright, come on." He says softly. He picks her up bridal style and carries her back to the car, blood now on his arms and shirt.

"You- you've got blood-" Olivia says between her cries.

Markus shrugs as he gets into the driver seat after having set her in the passenger side. Blood never bothered Markus, after all he had seen enough of his own every time his father would beat him senseless, or when Alexsander or him would kill, or when he'd end up raping a virgin Alexsander had brought to be broken in and sold on the sex market. Blood never bother Markus, at least not until they got back home.

While Olivia was in the bath Markus sat in his room. His hands shaking as he took his shirt off and saw the amount of blood. He knew. He had some on his arms and hands, but really seeing it and knowing it was Olivias, knowing it was from the loss of a child she had begun to want made him sick.

Markus grabs the trashcan near his dresser and pukes in it. A second wave follows quickly. His stomach churns and aches from the disgust of Alexsanders actions, and at the loss Olivia will now face because of them. He quickly pulls his clothes off and trashes them. The dried blood staining his white shirt and light blue jeans.

He sits on the edge of his bed for a few hours contemplating what to do. He knows Olivia will need someone, and he knows it will be him. She has always been there for him when he needed someone, now it was his turn to be her rock. As for Alexsander, the verdict is unclear. He doesn't know how to handle him, but knows something must be done.

After an hour or so of pondering what to do about Alexsander, Olivia knocks on his door, "I'm finished, you can go in. I cleaned the bloody water out and scrubbed the tub." Her voice monotone and low.

Markus opens his door to see her standing in a towel, something she's never done before. "I'll go clean up, you go lay in bed." He walks past her to the bathroom and shuts the door behind him.

He looks over the bathroom seeing and smelling how clean everything is, even the floor. He turns on the water and steps into it, the hot water hitting his back. He quickly scrubs the blood from his arms and hands with old spice soap making sure to get it all. He washes his hair scrubbing his scalp roughly out of frustration, his mind full of anger and worry.

Markus turns off the water then grabs a towel off the small shelving unit over the toilet directly across from the shower. He ruffles his hair with it before wrapping it around his waist. He steps out of the tub and closes the curtain behind him before heading back to his room.

Markus keeps his room dark during the day with blackout curtains and black painted walls. The darkness is where he feels most comfortable, most safe. He feels the darkness mimics inside of himself, all the bad things he has done painted in black everywhere.

Once in his room he shuts the door behind him letting out a heavy sigh seeing Olivia curled up in his bed. He goes to his dresser and pulls out a pair of boxers slipping them on under the towel before removing it. Whenever Olivia had a nightmare, or Alexsander made her cry, or their father threatened her, she would always end up in his bed. Markus was her safe place growing up, and still is.

"Can I stay in here Markus?" Olivia asks, her eyes closed as her her head lay on his pillow.

"Yeah." He replies.

Markus dries his hair a bit more with the towel before thowing it over the side of the hamper. He crawls into bed next to her being sure to face hernot wanting her to feel unwelcome or alone. He smiles softly remembering back to when she was little. She slept in his room more than she did in his until she was around ten since Markus thought it inappropriate at that age.

"How are you feeling?" Markus asks quietly.

"I don't know." Olivia replies, her eyes opening slowly.

"You still in pain?"

"Not so much. It's been a few hours so I think it's over... I'm not bleeding anymore."

"Oh, well that's..." Markus pauses not wanting to refer to anything in this situation as being good.

"Markus can I ask you something?"

"Anything, Liv you know you can always come to me." He tucks a piece of her hair behind her ear.

"Sleep with me?" Olivias eyes lock onto his.

"I already said you could stay in here." Markus says rubbing his thumb on her cheek.

"No, not like that." She leans in and kisses him on the lips softly, "Like this."

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