Do I Dare

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Fools Love

Markus takes in a deep breath as their lips separate. The kiss is something he could only dream about before, something he imagined in his dreams. Ever word of what Alexsander had said in the basements about how he feels for Olivia being true; Markus however, never wanted Olivia to know. It was never supposed to come to light.

"Olivia, no. We can't." He looks at her, his eyes on hers.

Olivia smiles, "Your eyes say something different. You want me right?" Her hand travels to his chest gently resting there.

Markus' heart races in his chest, "Olivia..." He says softly as her hand moves down his chest, "We can't do this." He grabs her hand.

Olivia leans in and kisses him again, "You want me Markus, Lex said so and I saw the look on your face when he did. I'm giving myself to you without any restrictions." Olivia nibbles at his bottom lip.

"Liv, don't." Markus closes his eyes, it getting harder and harder for him to say no with ever push she gives. "Please, it's already hard enough for me to resist you."

"Then don't. Don't resist me." She scoots closer to him pulling her hand from his to wrap her arm around the side of his neck, grabbing the hair at the back of his head. "Take me."

"Olivia please don't make this harder for me." Markus leans up on his arm looking down at her slightly, "you're my sister, I'm not-we're not meant to do this."

Olivia frowns but pulls him back down into her kissing him deeply, "You're body wants me. Mine wants you, just let it happen, no one will have to know." She reaches down and rubs her hand over his cock, "See, it's already ready for me."

Markus swallows hard holding back a moan, "But I will know." He protests with his mouth but his body doesn't move to stop her.

"You won't have to imagine fucking me anymore, holding my panties as you cum laying in your bed alone at night." Olivia's lips graze his neck.

"This is-" He takes a breath in, "This is something you can't take back- no undoing it once it's done Liv. You're just upset right now, you don't really want me."

"I don't care if I can't take it back, I want this Markus, please." She rubs his cock harder, pressing her hand into it feeling it completely stiffen, twitching beneath her hand. "Bigger than Kyle, I want it, I NEED it. I need you." She slides her hand under his boxers and wraps her hand around him pulling his cock free, it springing from it's confinement.

"Fuck Liv," Markus sucks in a breath through his teeth.

Olivia smiles at the pleasure she's bringing him despite his protests. She doesn't know why she feels this way, but she needs him, anyone. She scoots down and sits up bringing the tip of her tongue to the head of his cock, her eyes take in the size of him, his width surprising her.

She wraps her lips around him and slowly takes him into her mouth best she can, slurping her saliva as she begins to slowly bob her head, her mouth moving up and down. Markus instinctively grabs her hair as she does, helping her to move her head at a steady pace. It's way better than he could have ever imagined it, way better than he has ever imagined. This is something he could only have dreamed of happening, something he never thought possible.

Olivia pulls off him making a popping noise, a thin stream of precum mixed with her saliva connect his cock and her tongue. She leans down licking up his shaft before taking him in her throat as far as she can get him without gagging, only to have Markus shove her down farther causing her to gag and quickly pull off him.

"Fuck Liv," he moans, "How are you so good at this?"

Olivia simply smiles then kisses back up his body. Markus' hands reach down and grab onto her ass.

"No panties?" He questions.

"No, none." Olivia throws her leg over him to straddle his body. She pulls her large t-shirt over her head exposing her breasts to him.

Markus stares for a moment before quickly sitting up and gently pushing her off of him. "Liv, this is wrong. I-I'm sorry but I can't do this." he rubs his face then goes to his dresser and pulls out a pack of cigarettes that has a few joints in it. He grabs one and then his lighter from where it sits on top his dresser and lights it, dragging a few times before he lets out a slight cough.

"See, just calm down Markus. Let me do this for you." Olivia gets out of bed and saunters over to him, squatting in front of him. "You won't be able to deny me once I start." She pulls his boxers down to reveal his thick cock and perfectly shaven pubic area.

"Liv, there is no coming back from this., Don't you get that. What about Kyle? You love him..." Markus looks down at her taking another drag as he does.

"I killed his baby. I can't face him anymore and I know just the thing that will help me feel better." She takes his cock in her hand and strokes him up and down his shaft, the tip of her tongue licking the head.

"Fuck, Liv this isn't right."

"Maybe not, but nothing this family does is right. Besides, you've been in love with your sister for years, why not just take her when she is offering herself to you." She keeps a straight face as she wraps her lips around him, her head moving slowly as her mouth travels up and down his cock.

Markus swallows hard then lets out a small cough from having taken another drag. "Liv, Please..." He closes his eyes savoring the feeling of her mouth around him. Don't make me the bad guy." He shutters as her tongue Swirls around him.

"I won't. I want this." She says pulling off of him with a pop. "I want to know what your love feels like." She looks up at him licking her lips."

"My love isn't something you want. It isn't gentle and it's not sweet. Olivia, if we do this things will change between us forever. I won't ever be able to go back to being just you're brother. I'll always want something more from you." He says pulling her up to her feet.

Olivia looks him in the eyes, "Markus, trying to push myself away from this family and what we do has only brought me to this; A lost baby. I want more from life than that." She keeps stroking him with her hand, her body close to his.

Markus takes another drag before putting it out in the ashtray. He grabs Olivia's shoulders and looks down at her. "This is the last time I'm going to ask you; is this what you really want? I've been dreaming of this, I've been in love with you for so long that if you tell me you want this one more time I won't be able to stop what happens next." His eyes search hers hoping she denys him this time.

"I don't want Kyle anymore. I want you. I want to experience the roughness your love offers. Fuck me Markus. Take me now."

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