Do I Dare

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Three weeks since they had slept together, and three days until Christmas break. Olivia hadn't seen Kyle in three weeks. She met with him once to tell him what had happened with the baby, and to explain to him what a failure she felt she was. Kyle refused to accept her self loathing words and tried to uplift her but to no avail. Olivia broke up with Kyle because she felt so ashamed that she couldn't stand to look at him. She couldn't bear the thought of the child she had lost and all he did was remind her of that.

Olivia knew she was probably wrong, but her heart couldn't handle it. Markus was safer. She could still look him in the eyes, kiss him, and touch him without feeling like a shell of a person, or worse; a broken one. The only thing keeping her alive was him, Markus. He was there for her whenever she needed, even during bad moments when she had picked up bad habits. He never made her feel silly or stupid for anything, and his love felt deeper than a bottomless pit, never ending like a black hole.

Olivia had become someone she didn't recognize, but she was okay with that. Her old self reminded her of painful memories and she didn't want that. She decided to take the day off from school since the last two would be spent taking finals for that semester. She could use this day to get a bit of study time in instead of being distracted by the presence of Kyle and Blake during biology class, lunch, and study hall. Her grades were still important to her despite her change with other behaviors. Olivia knew she owed it to herself and to Markus to get good grades for a scholarship to the university of her dreams.

Markus walked up behind Olivia as she sat at the table in the kitchen. Bending down, he wraps his arms around her tightly taking in a deep breath as he burried his face in her neck, "You always smell so amazing Liv." He plants small kisses on her collar bone.

Olivia blushes giggling, "Markus stop, I'm trying to figure out this equation." She says playfully as she leans her head to the side to give him better access.

Marks kisses back up her neck to her jaw line then grabs her chin turning her face, locking his lips onto hers, "Come on Liv, you know what I need when I wake up." He says in between kisses then nibbles on her bottom lip pulling away with a sly smile.

Olivia puts her pencil down then stands from the chair, his t-shirt hitting her mid thigh, "Is this what you want?" She puts her foot on the chair and pulls up the shirt slowly, exposing her upper thigh, and giving Markus a little show.

Markus bites his own lip and nods, his eyes traveling up her leg right to her pussy, "Damn Liv, no panties? Were you waiting for me?" He eyes her up.

"Maybe." She replies, leaning back onto the table.

Markus licks his lips them grabs her waist lifting her up into the edge on the table, her legs spread on either side of him. "You're different than the Liv I used to know." He kisses her softly moving down to her neck, nibbling and sucking on it.

Olivia lets out a sigh of pleasure, "She died three weeks ago. Learn to love the Olivia in front of you." She grabs his hair and pulls his head back.

Markus smiles, "I do. I will always love you Liv." He reaches down pushes his sweats and boxers down exposing his hard cock, "This guy will always love you too." He grabs it a slides it against her pussy lips.

Olivia smiles and leans back slightly and wraps her legs around him. "Show me then." She runs her thumb across his lips.

Markus looks her in the eyes as he thrusts into her causing her to moan. He grabs her hips leaning back some, his fingers tightening on her skin. Olivia wraps her arms around his neck as he moves his hips into hers. Markus was right about one thing he warned her about; he wasn't gentle, but Olivias body took it in stride. She liked how Markus was rough, but still loving; his lips always finding hers.

Olivia groans biting her lip as Markus puts a hand to her neck, "Fuck Markus, yes!" She yells out as he slams into her hard and fast.

"You like that baby?" Markus asks tauntingly.

"I love it. I love anything you do to me." Olivia moves a hand to his chest grabbing onto his t-shirt.



Markus pulls out and slaps her thigh letting go of her neck, "Turn around." He watches her body as she does as he says.

"Like this?" Olivia looks over her shoulder with a smile biting her lip. Her body bent over the side of the table, her legs spread apart.

"Perfect." He grabs her hair and pulls it causing her head to tilt back and her back to arch. He wraps an arm around her and begins to rub her clit roughly as he slams deep into her.

Olivia shutters, her legs shaking at the feeling of his fingers being so rough on her. "Oh fuck yes. Make me cum Markus." She says breathing heavily.

"You wanna cum Liv? You want me to make your pussy cum around my cock?" He rubs faster causing her to let out a yelp.

"Yes! Fuck yes, please!"

"One condition." He leans down and whispers in her ear.

Olivia moans scrunching her hands into half fists against the table. "Anything." She turns her head to look at him as he lets go of her hair.

"Let me cum inside you this time." He licks her earlobe.

"What?" She says.

"You never let me cum inside you." He kisses her neck, "Let me cum inside this sweet little pussy and I'll let you cum."

"M-Markus you know I don't-"

"Come on Liv, it's been weeks since we've been fucking. You're pussy is mine till the day I die. Let me claim it. Let me claim you." His lips lock onto her neck as he sucks on it roughly.

Olivia whimpers as her knees get shakey, she can feel a sensation building deep in her, "I'm almost- I-I'm gonna cum." She uncurls a hand and grabs onto the edge of the table.

"My request?" Markus says then licks up her neck.

Olivia swallows then nods, "Yes. I'm ready. Claim me. Claim my pussy with your cum."

Markus smirks and speeds up as he feels himself on the edge. He lets out a grunt after a few more strokes cumming hard. His cock pumps her full of his seed, his body thrusts into her a few more times as it does.

"Fuck Liv..."

"Markus!" She tightens around him then moans leaning back into him as she cums around him, her pussy pulses pulling his cum deeper inside her.

Markus kisses along the back of her neck as she finishes. "You're mine now Liv. Your body, your heart and soul- it's all mine. I'm so in love with you." He pulls out slowly, his cum slowly drips from her.

Olivia turns around with a soft smile on her face as she looks at him blushing, "I know." She lets the shirt fall down back over her before sitting back at the table as if nothing happened.

"I'm sorry if I forced you though..." Markus says, looking down as he pulls his boxers and sweats back over himself.

"You didn't." She bites on the edge of her pencil at the eraser, "I've been wanting it inside me for a while, I just- I know I'm not on birth control and-"

"And you don't want to get pregnant by me. I know." Markus rubs his hand through his hair.

"No, I don't care about that it's just-"

"So you want me to get you pregnant?" His eyes shoot up to look at her.

"No, that's not what I meant. I just- I don't want you to have to worry about getting me pregnant. We're siblings, Markus. I know that you'd probably freak out, plus you have Sammy and I know you don't need to have another kid on your shoulders. Not to mention the baby could have birth defects and issues since you're my brother, and how would we even explain that? What would we tell people?"

"Hey, hey Liv, calm down." He kneels next to her and takes her face in his hands, "We'd tell them the truth. I'm not ashamed of us."

"I'm not ashamed Markus, but you could go to jail." Her eyes flicker between his.

"They day you let me cum inside you is the day I told myself I would tell you the truth. I'm going to tell you everything and you might hate me but I'll explain it all."

"What? Markus, what are you talking about? What truth?" She furrows her brows in confusion.

"Olivia..." He swallows hard then sighs, "Alexsander isn't wrong."

"He isn't wrong about what? How you feel? I already know."

"No," he shakes his head, "About you."

Olivia tilts her head some not understands. "Me? What about me?" Her voice quiet.

"Liv, you're not our sister. We aren't related."
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