Do I Dare

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Choice Matters

Olivia sat silently takening in his words. There was nothing that could make her process what she heard any faster. It had to be impossible right? Markus had always been a big brother to her, he'd always care for her and constantly stood up for her. The pencil falls from Olivias hand hitting the table then rolling onto the floor. It's as if a pin dropped in a room with no sound.

Markus new that them being together would change everything, he told her it would. If they were together she'd have to be told the truth about everything and the idea of him being her brother would be forever broken. He honestly never thought he'd see the day any of this would happen, so telling her everything would probably be one of the hardest things out of gear of losing her to the truth. He knew he couldn't have things both ways; no eating his cake and having it too.

"What do you mean we aren't related? I- I'm- you're my brother." Olivia stammers.

"No," Markus says, "I'm your lover, and I hope to be more than that."

"What do you mean no? Of course you are. You've been my brother my entire life."

"Liv, I told you that night that if we fucked everything would change, that we couldn't go back to how things were before. This is what I meant by that. Do you honestly think I'd fuck my actual sister? I love you dearly and would have treated you as my little sister till the day I died, but you changed that when you let me stick my cock in you, even more so by lettinge cum in you."

"It was your idea to cum inside me!"

"But you agreed, and because you never want me to use a condom there is always chance of pregnancy despite you always making me pull out.... Especially on that first night after you lost the baby..." Markus sighs.

"How? You pulled out."

"Yeah, and after I came on your pussy I rubbed my cock in it then thrusted back inside you a few times... I wasn't trying to get you pregnant, and I'm not because I know you'd hate that, I just- Liv I wanted you to feel me, all of me."

"Markus stop."

"I'm so sorry Liv. I know you're pissed and all."

"No, stop saying I don't want to have your baby. I never said that."

Markus stands then looks down at her, "So you do want a kid with me." His eyes light up.

"I just mean- I don't know... I guess I do. I do. I want to have a baby Markus, but I also know you already have Sammy and I'm still young. I don't want to put that pressure on you."

"What if I want that pressure? Hm? What if I want to see your stomach grow with my child inside of you? What if I've wanted that since I was a teenager? What if you're all I ever wanted."

Olivia's mouth drops open slightly as she takes in his words. "M-Markus..."
She stares in shock.

"Liv, I've been in love with you for a long time. As for Sammy, he spends ninety percent of his time at his mothers. You do understand that we aren't actually poor right? I make good money with the business and we could afford a baby just fine."

"You'd have to stop doing drugs... I'd have to stop what I've started doing with you."

"Is it really that bad?"

"Of course it is! If we're trying to have a baby then-"

Markus kisses her, "We aren't trying. If it happens then it happens. Let's just go with whatever the universe throws at us. Plus, fucking while we're high is amazing." He kisses the tip of her nose.

"I thought you'd hate if I did all the things you worked so hard to keep me from." Olivia looks down as she fiddles with the hem of the shirt.

"You're old enough to make your own choices, I just want the choices you make to be yours and only yours. That's why I protected you from Lex. He was always trying to get you involved in things you didn't want, but I would never stop you from going after what you want."

"You tried to stop me from being with you, wanting you."

"Because I didn't want your world to turn upside down. I didn't want you to lose your brother."

Olivia nods, "I get that now, but I've gained a great man."

"Liv, I'm not great. I'm not even good." Markus says with disappointment in his voice.

"What happened Markus? If we're not really related... Who am I?" Olivia searches his face hoping to get answers.

"I don't know much about the details; I just know mom fought for you when she brought you home. Dad didn't want to raise someone else's kid ya know but mom, mom refused to let dad get rid of you. I only ever heard them talk about it once, and I could hardly hear. All I know is mom found you in a dumpster when she went to sell herself off for dad one night. Other than that, I don't know who you are or what to tell you about where you came from."

"A dumpster?" Olivia tears up, "Someone just threw me away? How terrible were they that I was essentially garbage."

Markus wipes the tears that fall from her eyes. "That doesn't matter. None of that matters. You're not garbage and I'm never going to let you feel that way." He pulls her into his arms and holds her close.

"You're bound to disappoint her at some point since that's all you are, a big disappointment." Alexsander says, leaning against the door way to the kitchen.

Markus quickly turns his head to look behind him and frowns, "No one asked you." He sneers.

Alexsander scoffs, "I say what I want when I want, asked or not." He looks between the two of them then spots a small puddle on the floor and smiles, "I see you finally fucked her and told her the truth about her... How should I put this, trashy background." He starts laughing finding himself funny.

"Shut the fuck up Lex." Markus stands and turns towards him.

Alexsander just smiles larger, "I gotta know, did you tell her we aren't related to her before or after her filled her with your cum?" He crosses his arms against his chest.

"Before." Markus says proudly, "And I wouldn't change anything."

"Careful there Liv, Mark has a way of getting girls he fucks pregnant if he doesn't wrap it up." Alexsander raises his eyebrow at them.

Markus balls his hands into fists, "That was one time and I was seventeen! I was too busy with girl after girl and I was tired. Don't ever mention her or Sammy again.""

"Or what?" Alexsander chuckles.

Markus throws his fist at Alexsander, it meeting the side of his jaw. "Olivia and I are moving out. Stay away from her. You're the real trash." He grabs Olivia's hand, "Let's go pack."

"Pack? Markus where are we gonna go?" Olivia asks as she follows behind him up the stairs. "All we have is here."

"No, all you have is here. I have an apartment out of town that I keep for personal matters, which now entails you. Pack some things for a few days and don't forget your school stuff." Markus kisses Olivia on her forehead, "After your finals we'll come get the rest."

Olivia just nods and silently goes to her room. She shuts her door behind her and gathers up her books for school and shoves them in her backpack. She skims over her desk grabbing some things and puts them in with her books best she can. Olivia goes to her closet and pulls out a small suitcase and begins to pack her clothes carefully. She wants comfort but she needs all her makeup, hair, and body products. After realizing there is no way she can take everything she throws things she decides she can do without onto the floor then grabs an extra pair of sneakers before zipping the suitcase shut.

Olivia jumps in surprise hearing her door open behind her, only to see Alexsander there rubbing his jaw where Markus punched him. "Lex..." She says softly, slowly stepping back from him.

"Don't move another foot away from me." He shuts the door and locks it. "I can't just let you leave without having a taste of you.

"L-lex that isn't going to happen. I won't do it." Olivia shakes her head.

"Stupid Liv, you really think I need your permission to get in between those thighs?" Alexsander walks closer to her, "I will get a piece of your sweet pussy before you leave this house today. The only choice you have is if you're gonna give it to me, or if I have to take it.
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