Do I Dare

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Lost it

"Get off, let go!" Olivia cries out as Alexsander drags her to the side of her bed before pushing her back on it. "Stop!" She screams putting her hands out in front of her as she backs up on the bed trying to get away from him.

Alexsander smacks her across her face, "Shut up. This is going to happen Liv. Accept that my cock will soon be deep inside you and just give in to me. This will be a lot less tramatic if you do. Plus, you might find that you really like feel of my large cock spreading you apart." He says grabbing her wrists as she pushes against his chest.

Olivia begins to cry knowing hesbway to strong for her to fight, but she refused to make this easy on him. She hopes Markus will come save her if she can keep fighting him long enough. She twists and turns her body, wiggling under him as she sobs feeling as though she is fighting for her life. She tries her hardest to kick Alexsander but he's too close to her for Olivia to get any real force.

Once Alexsander has her wrists in a firm tight grip on one hand, he forces her thighs apart and puts himself between them. Not deterred by her cries and pleads, Alexsander pushes the t-shirt up exposing her body to him. A large smile forms on his lips as his eyes travel her body, only stopping once they've reached her pink mound.

"Keep fighting and I'll knock you're sexy ass out."

Olivia squeezes her eyes shut as his fist hits her face, his hand wraps around her throat moments after. Olivia feels the world drifting, she opens her eyes only to see everything around her spinning, her body feeling completely off balance.

"Please Lex, don't do this." Her voice soft, her words slurring as she speaks.

"I told you I would have you." He releases her wrists seeing she's on the edge of consciousness. His hand unbuttons and unzips his navy blue pin stripped suit pants, the pushes them down.

Markus bangs on Olivia's door and tries the handle but finds it locked, "Alexsander don't you dare touch her!" He yells from the other side of the door, ramming his shoulder into the solid old-fashioned wood door in attempt to break it open.

"Little to late for that brother." Alexsanders cocky voice fills Olivia's room and seeps into the hall like smoke under a door where a fire is burning.

"Olivia! Liv baby hold on, I'm gonna get you out!" Markus screams jiggling the handle once more as he bangs on the door again with no result.

"Markus..." Olivia says weakly under her breath. She puts her hands against Alexsanders chest once more but has no strength in her arms, all she can do is cry. "Please... Lex, please... I'm supposed to be your sister." She sobs feeling the head of his cock rubbing between her pussy lips.

"You were never my sister Olivia." He says then Rams himself into her causing her to scream out, her back arching as pain and pleasure flood through her body.

Alexsander knows he's bigger than Markus, thicker anyway. Without care to Olivia or her body he continues thrusting into her waiting for her body to start to react. He laughs at her yells of pain and relishes the feeling of her around him.

"Fucking hell Olivia, you're pussy is amazing." He releases her throat to give her some air, his hand grabbing one of her breasts roughly, squeezing it hard. "Your tits are so fucking soft. God damn, you're body is amazing." He grunts as he bottoms her out.

Olivia just cries as she lays under him, her body begins to react to the stimulation he is giving causing her nipples to harden and her pussy juices to flow uncontrollably. She eventually relaxes her legs allowing Alexsander to grab onto one and put it up on his shoulder giving him more range of motion. As much as she hates it, she can feel that familiar feeling building inside her.

"No, no..." She shakes her head her eyes scrunched tightly closed.

"Don't tell me, little Olivia actually likes it?" Alexsanders condescending voice fills her room.

"No, please... Please stop." Olivia opens her eyes for a moment and she's him looking down at her, her hand placed on his chest.

"Let the pleasure in baby girl. Embrace my cock, your body most certainly has." He stops thrusting for a moment to reposition himself, his body now resting on his knees as he sits back onto his feet, his legs bent underneath him.

"Lex," Olivia says biting her lip to keep a moan from escaping. No matter how much her mind resists, her body does not.

Alexsander begins thrusting back into her, his thumb pressing against her clit hard, rubbing it in circles. "You will come for me baby girl. You will coat my cock in your cum." He kisses the inside of her leg by her knee on her thigh. "Cum on my cock."

Olivia lets out a moan unable to hold it back any longer, her body responding on its own. She can feel it, the sense of release building and about to burst.

"P- pull out." She manages to speak, a groan in her voice as her body begins to stiffen.

"Never." He chuckles leaning up some, pulling her ass up off the bed as he pulls his hand from her pussy and wraps his arms around her hips, his hands under them supporting his weight as he pounds into her.

"I-I" Olivia's face turns red as she cums, her pussy pusates around his cock as she moans in pure pleasure.

Alexsander, having found her g-spot, continues to thrust into her with no sign of stopping. "I knew you liked it. Just accept it. Accept me. Accept that I'm going to release my seed deep in this pussy with no care of what happens. I just want your body Olivia, you don't have to give your heart to every guy you fuck. Just give me your body."

Olivia's tears have dried up by the time she comes down from her orgasm. Her body exhausted from the biggest climax she's ever had. "I- please be done with me." She says trying to deny the immense pleasure she experienced.

"So you want my cum? Hm? Is that it? You a cum whore?" He smirks thrusting faster to get himself feeling the pressure build in his balls.

"No- I-" Olivia pants, "Pull out Lex, please pull out." She says, as her vision begins to come back and the world slowly stops spinning.

"Olivia I'm here baby!" Markus yells from the other side of the door, "I'm coming in!"

"No..." Olivia's lips begins to tremble. She wants out but doesn't want Markus to see her with her legs spread around Alexsander. "I don't want you to see."

Alexsander grunts and thrusts deeply a few times, "Ready for my cum sexy?"

"No, no, no! Please!" She tries to push him off of her.

With a huge smile across his face, Alexsander moans, "Fuck Olivia." His cock pumps load after load of thick cum deep into her pussy.

Markus quickly shoots the doorknob off then slams the door open with his shoulder. Seeing the situation he imeadiately points the gun at Alexsander. "Get the fuck off her now, or so help me-"

"You don't have balls big enough." Alexsander pulls out of Olivia and moves to the side exposing her violated body to Markus.

"Wanna bet?" A loud bang echoes through the house.

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