Do I Dare

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Pleasure First, Logic Second

It had been two weeks since he told Tyler he wanted to quit lacrosse. Kyle was sure he'd be pissed at him but after a long talk and some whiskey, Tyler finally understood where Kyle was coming from. At first Kyle felt a weight lift off his shoulders when he officially quit the team. It gave him more time to study, but more time to get into trouble. Kyle wasn't an idiot, he just felt trapped in a box that his parents made for him and required him to fit in it at all times. Having to be who his parents wanted was hard sometimes so letting loose now and then gave him a bit of release.

Kyle let out a groan as the girl took him completely into her mouth and throat. This was one of the things Amy was good for. She was a good fuck, gave great head, but wasn't girlfriend material. She'd fuck anyone who wanted her. All Kyle had to do was text her and tell her he wanted to fuck and she'd come; in more ways than one which he enjoyed.

Kyle let out a hiss as she took his balls in her hand massaging them as she took him in her throat. His hand grabbed the back of her head taking a full hand of hair. His hips arched slightly feeling his release into her warm mouth, his head leaning back as well.

"Fucking hell Amy." Kyle said releasing his grip on her hair. She stood licking her lips with a smile across her face.

"I wanna cum too. But I'd prefer being fucked like the animal you are than simple oral." She crawled up his bed some swinging one of her legs over him, grinding down into him.

Kyles hands grabbed her waist tightly, his eyes watching her wetness coat him. He moved a hand to her breast grabbing it tightly. His tongue teasing her nipple with soft gentle licks before he began sucking on it, his hand squeezing her tightly. She liked it rough, and he like being rough with her. Kyles teeth bit her nipple and pulled at it, Amy moaning as he did.

"Fuck Kyle." She said as she began to position herself over him wanting to sink down onto him.

"Not happening." Kyles hand pushing her back some by her waist not letting her on him.

Amy whimpered, "Why not? You know it feels better.and you like it." Amys voice whining.

Kyle reached over into his nightstand and pulled out a condom. "I don't fuck without this." He unwrappes it and slid it down his shaft.

"But I'm on the pill and you can always just pull out." Amys eyes looking up at him seductively as she moved her way back onto him sinking herself down right away causing both of them to moan.

"I don't do that pull out shit. And I don't trust you." Kyle's hands helping her move back and forth on him slowly only giving her control when she began to bounce on him.

Amy put her hands on his shoulders for support, her lips meeting his neck as she traveled up right below his ear knowing it was his sweet spot causing him to grab her hips tightly and thrust up into her meeting her as she came down on him moaning as she did while Amy let out yelps of pleasure. Amy loved Kyle, but she knew he didn't love her. She had been trying to get him to do her raw for months, but no matter what or how she tries, he'd never let her.

Kyle sat up keeping his hands in place to keep himself still inside her as he moved them putting Amy on her back. His hands traveled down her legs stopping at her knees spreading her legs as far as he could looking down as he disappeared inside her with each thrust. He enjoyed the sex, not Amy. To him not using a condom made him feel like he'd be giving his heart to her, and he wasn't up for that.

His thrusts got harder and erratic as he neared his release. Amys body began to tense, her breathing speeding up and her moans only getting louder. He knew she was close too. Kyle reached in between her legs rubbing her ever so sensitive bud that drove her crazy. Amys hips began bucking up into him some, Kyle feeling her tighten around him only causing him to groan and release his load with a few more thrusts as Amy arched her back letting out a yell of pleasure meeting her own release.

Kyle pulled from her breathing heavily. He sat for a moment looking at her as she slowly came down from her orgasm. She was his first so he knew how to handle her body, he knew how to make her feel good. Kyle stood taking the condom off tying it off before throwing it away. He wasted no time pulling his boxers and basketball shorts on, just as Amy wasted little time getting dressed herself.

"Why can't I stay? Why do you always make me leave?" Amy said pulling her jeans up and her her ass.

"We've been over this already. I have no interest in cuddling or holding you. You only come to fuck, thats it." Kyle rubbed his face with his hand.

Amy pulled on her tank top having not worn a bra so it was quick on and off. "You didn't used to be like that. Fifteen year old Kyle couldn't get enough of me." Amys lips pressed against Kyles, only he turned away and stepped back.

"Yeah cause I was a horny Fifteen year old who didn't know shit. I just wanted to fuck and cum and feel good, you're the one who brought feelings into it. Feelings I never wanted or had for you. Feelings I don't have now." Kyle let out a long sigh stepping to the side. "You know where the door is. You can see yourself out."

Amy said nothing and just walked from his room. After a few moments Kyle heard his front door open and close, well slam closed. He shook his head heading to his shower to wash up. As much as he loved the feel of Amy's body, he never felt good afterwards. Guilt flooded his mind every time. He knew he was just using her to get off, and it wasn't as though Amy didn't know, but some how Kyle felt bad every time they fucked.

After he finihsed his shower he got dressed in some black sweats and white graphic T grabbing his classic white Adidas and keys to head out. He made sure he had his wallet and cigs before going to the garage. He pulled his matte black helmet with its tinted visor on being sure it was on right. Kyle swung his leg over the bike then turned it on reving it a little before pressing the garage door opener on the console of the bike.

He sped from the garage and down the drive way. He still felt like he needed something but wasn't sure exactly what. Kyle loved driving fast. It was one of those things that made him feel free, unbound by his parents rules for him. Kyle weaved in and out between other cars, even popping a wheely to show off to some girls in a convertible. Kyle lived in the better part of the city even though the drive to shitsville wasn't long at all. He would go there a lot, its where he would run to, its where he felt calm for some reason.

Kyle drove right up onto the grass in the park not caring about if it was legal or not. He stopped by the fountain parking his bike and turning it off. The sound of water helped calm him. The park was actually really nice here. It wasn't shitsville because the houses or people were trash. It was shitsville because a lot of people that lived there were trash, and some people didn't take care of their houses making the area look run down here and there.

Kyle felt more comfortable here than in his own neighborhood. He didn't understand it, but he never questioned it either. Kicking out the stand to the bike Kyle removed his helmet being sure to ruffle his hair as always. It was more of a habit than his care about how he looked. He got off the bike and set his helmet on one of the handle bars per usual. His legs bringing him to the edge of the fountain where he stood listening and watching the water having just barely enough light from the small bulbs inside the fountain itself.

Kyle stood thinking about he always did what his parents asked. He never got in trouble with the law, he continued lacrosse even when he previously want to quit, he was going to try for med school even when he knew it wasn't for him. Yeah he liked the idea of it and enjoyed the science but it wasn't what he wanted to do. He stayed away from kids that caused trouble. He only ever drank and never did drugs, shit he even made sure to always practice safe sex. What more could his parents ask for?

His phone began to buzz in his pocket so he pulled it out letring out a heavy sigh seeing who it was. Speak of the devil.

Kyle didn't want to answer but knew he'd get the fith degree later if he didn't. "Yes mother." Kyles voice void od any enthusiasm.

"Kyle Enzo Brooks, why do you constantly answer my calls in such a wretched tone?" His mothers voice coming from the other end.

"What do you want ma?" Kyle lit up a cig as he waited for her response.

"You just-" his mother sighed then continued. "I need you to pick up your sister tomorrow. She's coming back from New York and will be at the airport at six. Take your car, not the bike Kyle. You know she hates that thing, and honestly I don't blame her. I will never understand why you wanted one."

"So take the bike and pick up Jess tomorrow at eight. Got it." Kyles voice conveying his annoyance. "Oh and yeah I know, don't forget to order dinner for her."

"Kyle why must you be so stubborn. We do everything for you and all we ask is for you to get good grades, go to college, and stay out of trouble. Your father and I work hard to give you the life style you have, least you could do is pick up Jess when we ask." His mother wasn't wrong, but it wasn't like he asked to have everything they have him.

Kyle took a drag from his cig. "So does that mean take the bike or?" Kyle was waiting for his mother to go off. He heard what she said and would do as she asked like always, Kyle just got a kick out of fucking with her from time to time.

"Kyle, just do as I ask. I will let her know you'll be there a six. If anything else I will have her call you. I have to go back in the hospital, I'll call later."

"Sure." Kyle said nonchalantly as he and his mother both hang up. He took a longer drag this time needing the help to calm down. Whenever his mom called it was never to check on him or ask if he needed anything, it was always her asking him a to do something for her or dad.

"Fucking bull shit man. Not like I had plans tomorrow night or anything so fuck me." Kyle flicked the butt of the finished cig into the fountain. It was moments like these he wished he was the son they didn't want him to be, then maybe they'd ask less, expect less of him.

Kyle had made a mistake here or there, got caught drinking his dads bourbon, took his moms car to go out with Ty and another friend of theirs Daniel before he had a license and ended up getting pulled over. Kyle didn't even want to think about the DUI he had gotten last year, his mom has his bike taken and car booted all summer. It was a bitch to get anywhere.

Not paying much attention, it took Kyle a few seconds to notice some guy in a suit had come up to the fountain and was standing next to him. Normally Kyle didn't worry about people being here at night, but this guy looked like one of those new age rappers who tried to dress nice but their shitty tattoos made them look like trash altogether.

The guy glanced at him then reached in his pocket pulling out a small paper folded up in what looked likena mini envelope. "If you're having a rough night, this might help take the edge off some." The guy held it out to Kyle but kept his face straight on not bothering to look at him.

Kyle reached over and took it hesitantly. "What is it?" Kyle asked as he looked over the black paper seeing a small white lettered print on the front. "What’s A.M.O stand for?"Kyle yet to open it not sure if he wanted to or not.

"Family business. Less questions kid, you want it or not?" The guys voice rough.

"How much is it?" Kyle shrugged unsure of it since the guy wouldn't tell him what it was.

"It's a little gift from me to you. First three packs are free. After that you can decide if you want to buy more or not."

Kyle looked over the small half dollar size black envelope once more before nodding. "Alright, bet." Kyle said slipping it in his pocket.

"If you want the last two free ones just meet me here around this time tomorrow and the night after." The guy stepped back from the fountain and began to walk away disappearing into the night.

"Wait! How the fuck do I use this shit?!" He yelled after him.

"A dollar should do you just fine kid. See you tomorrow." The guy chuckled as he walked until Kyle could no longer hear or see him.

Kyle stood for a moment. His thoughts racing, his body surprisingly calm. Kyle had a pretty good idea of what it was. He had no intent on ever opening the shit having only taken it in the moment feeling the urge to rebel. He never had, he was always the good son, maybe he was tired of it. Kyle wondered if the bad kids really did have more fun, maybe wondered a little too much.

Kyle sat on the bench pulling a dollar from his wallet then the small black envelope. Kyle was in a "do now think later" mindset. He carefylly unfolded it revealing a white loose powder. He raised eyebrows at it cocking his head to the side a bit. He had assumed right, the dollar making sense. He set the black paper down so he could roll the dollar up tightly. He cut the small amount of powder in half then snorted one line into each side of his nose.

Kyle immediately felt it. It was like a rush that came over his body. It was better than any cig he could ever smoke. Kyles body began to relax causing him to slouch on the bench, his head leaning to one side he closed his eyes letting it take over him. He felt at peace, like he was in his own world and didn't have the stress of his parents on his shoulders. He liked it more than he wanted to.

Kyle drifted away, his mind and body taking a vacation from the world around him. One he felt he needed. One he would need again. One he might never want to leave. After a few hours Kyle finally moved his body off the bench. He had no clue what time it was but knew it was still night since the sun hadn't even begun to make an appearance. He stood staggering some not sure of himself just yet when he heard a voice call to him, a voice he knew well.

"Kyle? I swear you are most definitely stalking me." Olivia said walking up next to him.

Kyle tried his best to formulate a coherent response. "Guess I'm your personal stalker then." Kyle chuckled then sat himself back down knowing full well he wasn't making it back home tonight.

"Why you here this time? Haven't seen you around here since last time." Olivia sat next to him.

Kyle noticed she was wearing something similar to what he had seen her in last time, the exception being the top was lace this time and he could see everything he wanted to and everything he didn't. He tried not to stare but in that moment realized he wanted to. He wanted to look at her, see more of her instead of these small glimpses he was getting.

"Hm?" Olivia turned to look at him waiting for him to answer. "Or are you here just to hope you catch me out here in my pjs again because you regret not accepting my offer to check me out last time." Olivia laughed only teasing not aware how right her words really are.

"What if thats true?" Kyle closed his eyes shifting himself to sit back up straight only leaving back to rest his back and get support. "What if I want to see more?"

"Ha ha. Funny. Kyle I know you aren't like Tyler, nice try though. You never looked at me like that, in fact I'm pretty sure you got annoyed last time for being too skimpy with my attire. I could tell you were trying not to look." Olivia shrugged still maintaining her smile. "Guess you wish you took my offer back then huh?"

Kyle looked over at her, his eyes running from her chest down to her thighs, the pj shorts being equally lacey as the top. Kyle pulled his eyes away feeling himself growing hard. He couldn't help if he like what bits of her he could see, but he didn't want to let himself have her. He wasn't interested in her like that. At least thats what he kept repeating to himself.

"Can't I request it now?" Kyle asked moving his hand to his crotch so he could adjust himself. He was unable to stop his body from reacting to her.

Olivias eyes widened as they followed the movement of his hand. The bulge in his sweats was nothing like before, it was most definitely larger, protruding more than she thought it even could. A blush rose to her face causing her cheeks to turn hot. She wasn't expecting him to take her seriously, she hadn't actually ever let a guy see her naked body. No matter how short the skirt or revealing the clothes, she had never actually shown her body to anyone like that. It was a ruse. She pretended to be outwardly sexual like everyone else her age, but the reality was Olivia never even kissed a guy.

"Y-you want to request it?" Olivias heart began to race. "It's only good for the one time offer which you denied. Better luck next time." She smirked trying to play off her nerves.

"You still seem interested in what I got though. Your eyes haven't moved from it for a minute now. Its all yours if you want it." He made sure to keep the classic guy sitting style with his knees apart in case she accepted his offer. "Im offering, take it or not its up to you. The offer stands regardless though." Kyle shrugged smirking at her.

Olivia was almost out of her mind. She was unexpectedly offered something by Kyle that she never imagined he would offer. He had jokes about it before, but never did she think he was serious. She heard he played around some, but she didn't and didn't want to be just another notch for him to add to his belt.

"I uh, I'm good. Not interested in whatever it is you got going on over there." Olivia let out a giggle to try and lighten the air a bit when she caught a glimpse of the black paper on the other side of him on the bench, some powder residue left over.

Olivias smile faded as she looked over at Kyle. "Look at me." She said sternly as she stood walking in front of him standing between his legs not caring how much it scared her to be so vulnerable. "Kyle," she reached down and quickly picked up the paper turing it over seeing the white lettering A.M.O on it. "Fuck, Kyle look at me." She grabbed his face looking into his eyes, his looking back at her without the fire he had everyday when he looked at her in class.

Kyle just sat looking into her eyes not hearing anything she was saying. He felt something inside himself he never had before. He wanted to get to know her, to really know her. He wanted to make himself part of her life, and her a part of his. Maybe it was the drugs, he wasn't sure but he knew he felt something.

"Kyle did you use this?" Olivia asked for the fifth time before he registered her question.

"Yeah." Kyle's answer short and to the point.

"All of it?" She asked snaking his cheek slightly getting him to focus. "Kyle did you use all of this tonight?" Her voice sounding more like concerned parent than a girl he wanted inside of. But he wasnt even sure if he really wanted that either.

"Yeah, two lines." Kyle let out a giggle as he smiled. "I feel fucking great Olivia."

Olivias nose began to flair crumbling the paper in her hand she took off across the park back to her house. She was not about to let Alexsander ruin him. Kyle was a good kid, everyone knew that. He was too good to get lost in this mess, too good to get caught up in her world, in her familys bullshit. She refused to let him be a victim of it.

Oliva slammed her front door behind her quickly walking to the kitchen then down into the basement. Alexsander was working on his product, well more like overseeing the packing of his product while getting a rather nice show from the girls packaging it for him since he refused to let them wear clothes, he couldn't have them stealing from him.

"Stay the fuck away from him Lex." Throwing the paper at his face as she walked closer.

"Woah woah liv chill." He held up his hands feigning innocence. "I have no idea who you're talking about."

Olivia glared, her hands forming fists at her sides. "That boy out by the fountain, stay away from him. He doesn’t need this shit. He's a good kid and I wont let you ruin him."

Alexsander chucked as he turned around to face his desk behind him. "Does my little sister have a school girl crush?" Her brother unmistakably teasing her for her request.

"It's not a crush Lex, he's just one of the good kids. He doesn't need this shit-" Olivia motions to the girls and drugs around the room. "He doesn't need your shit to fuck his life up."

"My shit?" Alexsander questions sarcastically pretending to be offended. "You forget your initial is on it too." He turns pointing a gun at her he had picked off of his desk.

Olivia stood quietly. She knew her brother, so she knew being his sister didn't matter to him when it came to him making money and securing more "clients" as he called them.

"You, little sister seem to forget that despite how much you try to act like you want no part of this, are still fucking part of it whether you like it or not. Your initial still goes on the product. You still help me secure and transport funds and product when I ask you to. The only thing you have yet to do is spread your legs for me so I can pull in people who are willing put partner with me and increase my profits." Alexsander walked closer to her keeping his gun pointed, not looking away.

"That's-" Olivia stopped knowing he was right. Her initial was on the product, and she did help transport money and product. It was her drugs just as much as his, and she knew it. "My body is mine. I won't ever use it for you or this business. I'd die first."

Alexsander scoffed. "Don't fucking tempt me. Sometimes you're more trouble than you're worth. If you were Benny's sister he'd have sold your ass to the highest bidder by now. Don't fucking test your luck Liv. Now get the fuck out of my office before I bring you up on that first offer." He motioned the gun towards the stairs.

Olivia backed away slowly then ran back up the stairs and back outside. She hoped Kyle would still be there. If she was partially responsible for his current high, she'd be the one to make sure he came down on a safety line instead of a blind landing. If it were anyone else she probably wouldn't care. Olivia ran it through her head over and over, but it was Kyle, and she did care.

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