Do I Dare

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Olivia refused to get out of bed for days. All she did was curl up in the queen size bed in Markus'apartment. She cried herself to sleep every night; Markus always holding her tight in his arms when she did. Something changed in Olivia and Markus could sense it. He knew she wasn't the same anymore, but who would be after what Alexsander did. Every morning Markus would make her breakfast and bring it to her in bed on a tray. It was someone that he told himself he could do to help, even though he wasn't sure if it really did.

Markus had a nice one bedroom apartment about an hour away from their home, one not even Alexsander knew about. It was modern with industrial accents and cool grey, blue, and brown tones with warm yellow light. Olivia didn't expect it to be in such an expensing area, or to be such a nice place. She felt safe in his apartment and in his arms, but every noise she heard made her jump as if the boogyman was coming for her.

Markus finished making Olivia vanilla french toast with extra butter and no syrup, just the way she liked. He put it on the tray with some orange juice and picked up the tray, carefully carrying it to the bedroom. Once Markus opened the door Olivias breakfast hit the floor with the tray, the cup of orange juice splashing out and spilling onto the tile that looked like hardwood. He quickly ran to Olivia who was sobbing as she tried to stick a needle in her arm but couldn't get a proper vein.

"Fuck, Oliva what the fuck?" Markus said, trying to take the syringe from her.

"No! Let go!" She yelled, pulling away from him moving back on the bed.

"The fuck I will! Give it here!" He held his hand out hoping sh d give it to him of he didn't touch her.

"Markus I can't," her eyes become wet as the world around her grow blurry, "I can't stop feeling him, I need it to stop."

"I know Liv, but this isn't the way. You don't want to end up like me, right? Look at my arms, the scars... You're too beautiful for this." Markus holds his arms out and facing up, showing her all his track marks makes him feel insecure but he'd do anything for her.

"Please Markus, please I don't care I just need it to stop, just for now. Just this once..." Her voice cracks as she begs him, grabbing onto his hand and placing the syringe in it.

Markus couldn't help but stare at it. She was asking him to help shoot her up with the same heroin he used to get away from his own emotional issues and problems. Wouldn't this make him just as bad as Lex? Wouldn't helping her do this make him a shitty brother? No, a shitty boyfriend? He loves Olivia and never imagined having to make a choice that should be a no brainer, but really ends up being more than Markus can handle.

"J-just this once, okay?" Markus says looking between Olivia and the heroin filled syringe.

"Please, make the pain go away. I know it works for you; help me feel better." Olivia says sniffling.

Markus reaches for the elastic band used to help tie off the arm like they would at a hospital. He carefully wraps it around her arm then taps her arm looking for a vein. He knows he's making the wrong choice, but he can't stand to see Olivia cry and hurt the way she is. He'd do anything if it meant making her feel better, and perhaps this was the problem; it doesn't take the pain away, it just makes you forget about it for a while. What Olivia failed to understand was something Markus knows all too well; the relief is temporary. Once everything wears off it comes back and slaps you in the face.

Markus looks up at her as he finds a good vein, "It'll hurt for a second when I put the needle in... Then...once I shoot this in you I can't take it back. You'll feel different, lighter, out of it, but you won't feel emotional pain." He sighs heavily, "Are you sure you want this Liv? Once you do this there is no undoing it, no going back."

Olivia simply nods her head. All she wants is to be free, free from seeing Lex over her body, free from feeling like he's still inside her, free from feeling contaminated. She just wants to feel nothing at the moment and this was the only way she knew how.

Markus swallows then slowly inserts the tip of the needle into her arm causing Olivia to wince. "Sorry baby." His voice calm and soothing. He puts his thumb to the und of the syringe then slowly presses on it pushing it down, the drugs flowing into her veins.

Olivia gasps then let's out a soft moan, her eyes flutter as she begins to feel the effects. Her body becomes tingly and weak, h r emotions fade as the disgust she feels fades too.

Markus pulls the syringe out then sticks it in his own arm and shoots the rest into himself. Fuck if sharing needles is bad, he didn't care. Markus wanted to experience her first real high with her. Everyone reacts different, but if smoking weed with her was any indication, she'd be straddling him in no time. It had been a little over a week since he had gotten her out of the house, which meant it was also over a week since his cock got warm and wet balls deep inside her. He was aching for release.
Olivia took in the feeling the drugs had given her and decided she would lay still for a moment. Everything around her was gone, all the pain, the sadness, the anger, and most importantly, the fear. She felt terrible for not allowing Markus to touch her at all during the past week, but her mind just couldn't get away from all the things Alexsander had done to her. He raped her, and stole her sense of self worth in the process. As Olivia lay on the bed, she felt a warm sensation come over her body, one she was very familiar with.
Olivia felt the core of her being begin to heat up, her panties soon becoming soaked in her juices and no one had even touched her yet. She let out a soft moan as she began to touch herself, her body demanding it. She slipped her panties off quickly, her fingers soon inside her. Markus opened his eyes hearing the moan escape her. His eyes focused on her as she fingered her pussy frivolously.

Markus decided to make a move hoping she wouldn't reject him. He moved himself between her thighs kissing up the inside of them, he stopped at her pussy. His hand grabbed hers gently and pushed it away only to replace her fingers with his own. Olivia let out a moan feeling the difference between hers and his. She reached down and grabbed Markus' hair in her hand tightly, pulling his face toward her dripping core.

Markus took this as a sigh and plunged tongue deep into her pussy then made his way to her clit. He rubbed and circled it like the champion he was, having always had good tongue game. He sucked on her clit in between the nibbling and licking being sure to give her multiple types of pleasure. His fingers continued to thrust into her only making Oliva buck her hips into his face as she felt the pleasure building.

"Oh fuck Markus, yes! Fuck I'm gonna cum!" Olivia yelled out softly.

Markus was surprised by how horny she'd gotten and how quickly he could make her cum. Most people became quiet and relaxed on heroin, he did imagine it would hit her sooner or later and she'd fall asleep.

"Cum for me baby." Markus says, curling his fingers up into her.

Olivia lets out a yelp as her body shudders, her legs shaking and toes curling as she rides out her orgasm. Markus smiles then pulls his fingers from her and puts them in his mouth sucking her jucies clean off of them. He can't help but want to be inside her, even as he sees her eyes drooping shut.

"Let me fuck you Liv." He leans down and kisses her lips.

Olivia simply nods, but the word she speaks are five words Markus won't ever forget, "Give me a baby Markus." Her voice soft and quiet, "I want your baby."

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