Do I Dare

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Kyle knocks on the only door he knows that Olivia could be behind. He needs her, wants her. He never blamed her for losing the baby, he wanted her regardless. He stands waiting with a cigarette in his hand, Blake safely at home with his mother who was beyond words when she found out about her. Kyle takes a drag of the cig as he knocks again growing impatient. After no one coming to answer he turns and gets back in his car with a heavy sigh. He thought at least Markus would answer.

"Looking for the slut that used to live here?" A voice says as knuckles knock against Kyle's car window.

Kyle looks up seeing someone in a shoulder splint and arm cast. Not knowing who it is he opens his door only to be pulled out of his car with the man's free arm. Kyles cigarette falls out his mouth and onto the ground in front of him, his back up against the back window.

"Whoa easy there I-" Kyle stops short seeing the face of the man he hated the most in the world.

"The slut isn't here." Alexsander says shoving Kyle back into the car hard.

Kyle winces, "Where is she then? I need to talk to her." He reaches down and picks his cigarette up off the ground then takes a puff hoping it hasn't gone out.

"The bitch left with Markus, where to I don't know, and I don't give a fuck. Though I do have some information that will keep your dick from getting hard for her ever again." Alexsander smirks.

"No thanks. I just need to talk to her. I want to make things right, ya know?" Kyle flicks the cigarette happy it's still burning.

"No, I don't know. Do you think I give two shots about making things right with people? What fucking world do you live in?"

"Ah right, the man whore with no heart." Kyle fires back.

"Not true, I have a heart It's just very cold and probably made of stone." Alexsander says, snatching the cigarette from Kyle's hand he takes a puff then puts it out on kyles shoulder.

"Ah! Fuck! What the hell man?! What was that for?!" Kyle's hand flies to cover the small burn mark in his shirt and shoulder.

"Look, your bitch and Markus are sleeping together. We aren't her real siblings-like I've been saying from the beginning might I add- so after some good ole fucking from me, her and Markus disappeared. Good luck finding them. She's probably gone off the deep end just like Markus."

"The fuck you mean some- wait repeat yourself. Her and Markus are what?" Kyle stares at Alexsander in shock.

"I don't like to repeat myself. You heard me, and if you didn't then you're dumer than a fucking board. Now, I'm going in my house and you go back to yours. Fucking highschool kids..." Alexsander says turning towards the stairs to the front porch of his house.

"W-wait." Kyle says, "I... I want to know where she is. I don't care who she's with I just- listen I just need her. How can I get her back? How do I find her?"

"Fuck if I know." Alexsander shrugs, "But I can offer you a way into our life and maybe you can figure it out from there."

"A way into your life? Meaning what?"

"God you're dense." Alexsander pinches the bridge of his nose. "Come inside and I'll explain it to you."

"Hell if I'm dumb enough to go in there. I don't want to end up on a milk carton." Kyle crosses his arms.

"Okay." "Alexsander shrugs and walks up to his front door and pulls a key from his back pocket. "I was thinking more of you putting kids on milk cartons but... If you don't want to find her..."

"I do. I-" Kyle takes a deep breath, "I need her to know that I don't blame her."

"I don't give a fuck why you do it, but once you walk into this house your ass is mine. You'll work for me and with me. You do whatever is asked of you regardless of your personal feelings towards the matter, understand?"

"Can't I know what it is I'm agreeing to before I venture into your house of torture and possibly my own death?" Kyle asks.

"I told you," Alexsander sighs heavily as he unlocks the door and opens it, "You will work for me and the business. Seeing as how I lost two of my good workers for you, you'll pick up the slack. The better you do, the more places I'll take you to which means the more people you'll know. The more people you get to know, the better chances of you figuring out where they are. So you in, or out?" He stands to the side of the doorway staring at Kyle.

Kyle bites his lip. He knows walking into this house will send up being one of the worst mistakes of his life, but he needs her. He needs Olivia and he needs her to know how he feels which he can only do by talking to her which can only be done if he finds her. Without second thought, fearing it would stop him if he thinks too much on it, Kyle walks up the front stairs and steps into Alexsanders house, the door shutting behind him.
Olivia had fallen apart. Not just mentally but physically too. She was hardly eating, constantly shooting up with Markus, and in all her messed up sense of reality, was still trying to get Markus to get her pregnant. She felt empty inside and useless, broken and dirty. The only thing that took those feelings away was being with Markus and the drugs. She wanted to be better, but she didn't think she could ever go back to being the Olivia she once was, and that was the hardest thing for her to accept.

Markus tried his best to be strong and keep her out of her negative mind, but it never worked. He didn't want her to become a loser like him, but he also loved having the company of someone who was just as broken and messed up as he was. He wasn't selfish with it, he just felt like he wasn't alone anymore and there was someone who could understand why he does what he does. There was never anyone before now, not even sober Olivia understood. Not that we wanted Olivia to be broken like him, but having someone who could relate to him was the best feeling in the world, a feeling he had longed for.

"Olivia, I made you breakfast." Markus says as he sits on the edge of the bed, his hand running softly over her cheek.

Olivia lets out a sigh, "I'm not hungry right now. You eat it for me."

"Come on Liv, you are wasting away. You have to start eating better baby girl."

Olivia opens her eyes and smiles, "What did you just say?" Her eyes light up for the first time in a while.

"I said, you are wasting away and that you need to get back to eating more."

"No, after that." Olivia shifts and sits up some.

"Oh, baby girl. You like the little nicknames?"

"Of course. I am yours aren't I? Sometimes I feel like you forget that I am not your sister but your partner now."

Markus chuckles, "Oh trust me, I couldn't mistake you for the former every again now that I've had a taste of you."

Olivia swats at his shoulder blushing, "Alright, what did you make for me today?"

"You gonna actually eat it, or just asking for curiosity purposes?" Markus stands crossing his arms.

"Depends what you made." Olivia sits up straight and mirrors him crossing her arms as well.

"Eggs benedict with mixed veggies, sour dough toast, and homemade tater-tots. Your favorite."

"I might have to actually make room today for it."

"Well get your sexy ass out of bed and lets go. I might give you a treat after if you get up and eat." Markus winks as he turns walking out of the bedroom.
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