Do I Dare

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New Era

Kyle stands from the tattoo chair and looks into the mirror at the fresh piece of work on his arm. He isn't happy about working with Alexander, but he figures that sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do. One thing he was unwilling to do was give up on Olivia, so he had to do something he wasn't proud of to get her back. Kyle knew Blake would be safe as long as he kept her away from the things he did.

"Looking like one of us now." Alexsander says putting his hand on Kyle's shoulder.

Kyle shrugs it off, "I'm not one of you. I'm simply doing what I have to in order to find Olivia. Once I find her, we are walking away from you and from this. I want that to be made clear." He turns and looks Alexsander in the eyes.

Alexander scoffs, "This isn't the kind of business you just walk away from. I do believe I told you that when we had our talk no?"

"Then Olivia gets out. I'll stay, but she goes without consequence." Kyle crosses his arms paying no mind to the pain from the tattoo. "I believe I told you that when we had our talk, no?"

Alexsander pulls out his gun and pulls Kyle toward him putting the gun to his head, "Listen here pretty boy, you don't make demands of me. I'm the one in charge. You do what I say when I say it. That you should know. Don't make me repeat myself." He pulls away from Kyle as he pushes him back some, putting the gun back into the side of the rim of his pants.

Kyle catches himself on the tattoo chair, the tattoo artist having stepped out silently. Kyle isn't worried about what he has to do, for some reason he just wants to protect Olivia, even if they aren't together in the end. Kyle knows his future was doomed the moment he quit lacrosse, and for sure knew it was over the moment Blake was handed off to him. He'd have to give up on things he wanted in order to be the dad he wanted to be. Blake was foremost in his mind quickly followed by Olivia, his own life began to matter little to him when he heard Olivia lost the baby.

Olivia thought she was the only one hurt by the loss, but Kyle was also hurt and saddened by it, Olivia just didn't spend enough time with Kyle to really see the hurt it caused him. Deep down Kyle knew that maybe it was for the best being that Olivia was still young and being a parent is a lot of work. He was kind of relieved she wouldn't have to be a teen mom.

"Let's go. There's work to do." Alexsander says interrupting Kyle's thoughts like a crying baby would an opera.

Kyle simply nodded and followed Alexsander back to the car. During the drive little is said, but a lot is communicated. "What are we going to do?" He asked Alexsander, not bothering to look towards him.

"WE aren't doing anything. YOU however are going to be breaking in some girls, but not the ones at the house. I've got a special initiation job for you." A smirk wonders across Alexsanders face.

"I thought the tattoo was the initiation?" Kyle asks.

"It's only the beginning."


"Looks like you're gaining some weight there Liv, might want to ease up on the French toast every morning." Markus says, laughing as she shoves a few pieces in her mouth.

"I'm fine. It's not that much anyways. I can still fit my clothes." Olivia sneers, her words slightly muffled due to the food in her mouth.

"You won't be if you keep eating like that. I mean, it's all you've eaten this past month. French toast for breakfast, French toast for dinner, I mean how are you not tired of it?"

Olivia shrugs, "I'm just not. I enjoy it everytime I eat it. Besides, don't worry about me, I've never been fat. People in our family don't gain weight easily." She says then takes another bite.


Olivia stops chewing and her face goes dark. She shifts uncomfortably then puts her fork down. "Right... I forgot." She swallows what she has in her mouth, takes a sip of orange juice then gets up from the table.

"No, that isn't what I meant baby." Markus holds out his arms for her which she slowly walks into. "I just meant that you're beautiful no matter what you weigh, and that I'll love you no matter what." His arms wrap around her tightly as he holds her to himself chest.

"Markus," Olivia begins, "Are you sure you're happy with me? There isn't someone else out there you want?"

Markus holds her tighter hearing her words. "Never. You're all I've wanted since I was a teenager. Ever since you hit puberty I watched you grow into a beautiful young woman and I've always wanted you to be mine. I just never imagined it would happen." His hand brushes the back of her head. "What about Kyle?" He asks softly.

Olivia remains silent. She still loves Kyle, but doesn't feel she is worth him any longer. She's grown to like the super sexual relationship she has with Markus, and doesn't wish for it to stop; Markus making her feel things she never gave Kyle the chance to, even though she gave Kyle something she can never give anyone else. Her mind is in a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions, many of which she isn't up for dealing with. Olivia knows the day will come when things blow up in her face, she knows one day her choices will be her undoing, but for now she choices to hold on to what little happiness she has.

"Hm?" Markus pulls back to look her in the eyes.

"I..." Olivia shakes her head, "I don't want to think about him right now. I just want to enjoy being with you."

Markus smiles then kisses her softly, his tongue suddenly forces its way into her mouth in search of hers. Olivia Let's out a soft sigh enjoying the kiss, but knows it only makes her want more as she can already feel the heat grow between her legs. Markus pulls from the kiss only to move his way down her neck, stopping at her sweet spot to make her moan.

"I want to do something." He says with an airy breath against her skin.

"We've done everything, what could you possibly be dreaming about doing that you haven't done already?" Olivia says putting her hand around the back of his neck.

"The one thing I haven't done. The one think I should have done the first night you let me inside you." His lips caress her neck as he locks on and sucks softly.

"Hmm, what is that?" Olivia reaches down and starts rubbing his cock through his pants.

Markus releases her neck with a smooching sound then licks her ear lobe, "I want to make love to you." He whispers, then makes his way back to her lips.

Olivia laughs slightly in the kiss then pulls away looking up at him. "Markus, we've already ducked more times than I can count." A smile on her face.

"That's just it," Markus' face becomes serious, "I don't want to just fuck you anymore. I'm tired of doing that. I want to make love to you Olivia." Markus'eyes search hers.

"Isn't it all the same to you?"

"It's not all the same. There is a difference Liv. I fuck girls, guys and I the girls lex made me break in. It's only ever been just sex with them, I've never given them my heart while doing it. I want to give you mine. I want to give you my heart, body, and soul, and I hope you'll give me yours."

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