Do I Dare

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In Time

Kyle walks into the seemingly abandoned building following Alexsander, not particularly excited to be there but knows he has to do it to find Olivia. Being on the bedside of things made Kyle feel a little dirty, down, and disgusted with himself but he just kept reminding himself of why he was putting himself through it all. He stops at the sight before him, girls in cadges sleeping on cots and the ground with only light blankets to keep them warm. The girls slowly start to wake one another up at the sight of Alexsander. Kyle stands frozen looking them over; they're all young girls, no older than eighteen.

"Alexsander, there is no way I can do this. Some of these girls are barely teenagers." Kyle says, concern in his voice.

"You won't be fucking most of them, I mean if you'd like to you can, but they're meant to be sold so I need you to make sure they're ready."

"Ready how?"

"You will assist in helping Lexi and Joseph take and upload photos of the girls for the auctions. They'll explain everything to you. Come." He motions as he continues walking, Kyle following behind him, his gaze unable to break from the cages of girls.

"Alexsander," a female voice says as the round a corner.

"Lexi, this is Kyle. He'll be helping you and Joseph out. Speaking of, where is he?" Alexsander asks with a raised eyebrow.

Lexi points to a doorway with plastic covering it, "He took Abby in there to get her ready for her shoot a minute ago."

"How many virgins do we have?"

"Five. They should sell for good money." Lexi responds.

Kyle can hardly believe his eyes and ears. How could a woman be working for Alexsander doing this to other women- no, young girls. How did she not feel disgusted with herself and her actions? How could she do this and not want to help them? It just didn't make sense to Kyle. Woman should stand up for one another, not put one another down or in dangerous positions. What was this Lexi girls problem? Kyle looked around seeing not much of anything, not even water for the girls to drink.

"Do you feed them?" He asks, looking at Lexi.

Lexi scoffs, "Of course we feed them, but not much. Our job isn't to insure their weight is maintained, our job is to prepare them to go on sale.

"Bitch!" Joseph yells from the other room.

A young girl with long dark brown hair and blue eyes comes running through the plastic and in the opposite direction of Lexi only to realize Alexsander is there so she stops in her tracks. Kyle looks quickly to his left seeing Alexsander holding out his gun towards the young girl. He steps back some, the young girl reminding him of Blake's mother.

Joseph comes through the plastic and grabs Abby's hair and pulls her along, "Get back over here you bitch." He shoved her to the ground in front of Alexsander.

Alexsander squats down in front of her, "Abby, Abby... This is the the third time you've tried to escape. What did I tell you would happen if you can't keep yourself under control? Hm?" He places the gun to her temple.

Abby shakes keeping her eyes from him, "I- I'm sorry." Tears silently fall hitting the concrete floor.

Alexsander takes a deep breath then let's it out slowly, "Lexi, get the drugs ready. Joseph, come hold her down. Kyle, you help." His eyes glance up to look at Kyle who can barely believe his ears.

"You want me to do what?" Kyle asks, a bit terrified.

"Help. Joseph. Hold. Her. Down." Alexsander stands.

Kyle stands still for a moment before he assist Joseph in holding Abby face down as Lexi comes over with a needle and rubber arm tie so she can get a vein. Abby struggles against them, but Kyle and Joseph are able to keep her from moving around too much. Alexsander smiles down at Kyle, enjoying seeing him struggle internally with the situation. Lexi ties up Abby's arm and finds a vein and quickly shoots her up; Abby stops struggling soon after.

"What the fuck..." Kyle says under his breath, standing quickly to get off her.

"Here," Lexi says handing Kyle a set of keys, "Take her and put her back with the others. Just leave her anywhere in there with them."

Kyle takes the keys then looks at Alexsander who just nods. How is he supposed to get her in there safely and hold her up at the same time? Was there even a right way to go about this? Kyle picks up Abby best he can and carries her back to the door of the cage where he sets her gently on the ground so he can unlock and open the cage door. A few girls gather together and start mumbling. Once he has the gate open he picks up Abby and brings her in laying her on an empty cot. His eyes scan the girls trying to take it all in still.

"K-Kyle?" The sound of his name coming from a group of the girls finds his ears.

Kyle turns and looks freezing where he is seeing one of the cheerleadersbfrom his highschool, Beverly. His eyes meet hers and he can't pull them away. "Bev..." He says softly.

"Kyle what- what is going on? Why are you here? Help us, please." Beverly pleads.

"I- I can't. I-" Kyle struggles to find the words to explain himself.

"You know this one?" Alexsander says from behind him.

Kyle swiftly turns around, "Uh yeah, just from school though."

A smile crossed Alexsanders lips, "You've made your first day here very interesting." He walks over and grabs Beverly and pulls her up dragging her out the cage, kyle follows silently. "I want you to have some fun with her. Show her what her life is going to be like from now on."

"No, please!" Beverly yells only to have Alexsander back hand her.

"Shut up." He sneers.

Kyle gasps, having never hit a woman in his life, the sight making him very uncomfortable. He didn't have to hit her. He could have just told her to be quiet. Alexsander had a way about him that made it easy for him to do what he does, Kyle was the complete opposite. He realizes in this moment that working with Alexsander would be much more difficult than he thought. He follows Alexsander like a hurt puppy as he watches the way Beverly is treated, feeling awful but unable to do anything to stop it.

"You're going to fuck her senseless." Alexsander says turning to Kyle.

Kyl shakes his head, "I can't. I mean I know her, she knows me." He says panicking.

"That's the whole point. You're to show her that even you won't be easy on her while she's here. You can't have a soft spot for anyone in here. All the girls must be objects to sell for you: Lesson one." Alexsander shoves Beverly into Kyle who catches her so she doesn't fall. "Joseph take him back to the room and show him what to do."

Joseph nods, "This way." He walks through the plastic, kyle follows dragging Beverly with him. "There." He points to a mattress on the floor.

"That's not sanitary. I can't- won't do this to her." Kyle shakes his head.

"Oh yes you will. Remember why you're here Kyle." Alexsander says behind him.

"I know why I'm here. I don't need you to remind me. But what if this was her? I can't do this." Kyle turns to him.

You can, and you will. If you wanna find her, you'll do as I say, remember."

Beverlys hand tightens on Kyles arm, "It's okay. I guess I finally get to sleep with the hottest guy in school, captain of the lacrosse team." She forces a smile.

"Ex captain. And you never wanted to sleep with me, you said shit to me after you found out about my daughter. Don't lie." Kyle frowns.

"I'm not lying. I was wrong to day what I said... I was just jealous."

"Jealous of what?"

"Olivia and Blake's mom.... I've had a crush on you for a long time, since middle school but you never dated anyone... I guess I know why now."

"I didn't date Blake's mom. It was a one time thing." Kyle said with a sigh.

"Enough. Just get to fucking her. That's what you're here for." Joseph says. "You're only job here is to fuck the girls who aren't virgins and record it so we can sell it and them."

"Excuse me?" Kyle says confused.

"You're job is to make underage porn by fucking the girls we bring to you."

"That's rape. They don't want this." Kyle scoffs.

"Then your job is to rape the girls here and make porn out of it so we can sell it and them." Joseph repeats.

"Welcome to the big leagues Kyle. This is how big boys do things." Alexsander smiles.
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