Do I Dare

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The Wrong Side of the Bed

Kyle let out a groan as he pulled the pillow from under his head over it. His body felt weird and his head hurt. He could barely remember what happened last night after Olivia walked off or how he managed to get home. Kyle blindly reached for his phone that was usually on the left side table next to his bed, but what he found was a whole lot more interesting.

Kyles hand landed on another pillow, which wouldn't seem odd since he had a queen size bed, he rolled over all the time. What Kyle knew was off was what he felt on the pillow. He pulled the one off of his head and opened his eyes. The room was still dark, but he knew two things: one, he wasn't in his own room; and two, Olivia was sound asleep next to him.

Kyle quickly pulled his hand from her hair, his eyes darting around the room to take in his surroundings. Light pastel pink walls, white furniture with gold accents, and white sheets with a duve comforter that was white but had small tiny flowers on it. Definitely not his room Kyle thought.

He sat up swiftly only to groan and grab his head laying back down. What the fuck had happened? Kyle laid there in thought trying to pull what he could from memory. The last thing kyle remembered was Olivia leaving him on the bench in the park, he had no recollection of however he ended up in her house, let alone her bed. Had he done something he'd end up regretting? Had Olivia?

Olivia stirred some then rolled over facing him, her eyes slowly opening. "Hey." Her voice we soft. "You feeling okay?" Olivia asked propping her head up with her hand, her arm bending at the elbow.

"I Don't even know what the fuck is going on." Kyle scoffed in total confusion of his situation.

"Hmm," Olivia began. "You were a dumbass and snorted some heroin that you got from some random guy you didn't know, offered up your-" Olivia struggled to find a more appropriate word for what she wanted to say but couldn't. "Your dick to me, asked me if you could ask for another offer to check me out, got hard as rock which made me unable to look anywhere else, and yes at the moment I liked what I saw, because I know you'll ask. I left to go get you some water," Olivia paused leaving put the part that her brother was the one who gave him the heroin. "I brought you into my house since there was no way I'd let you drive home, and ended up having to put you in my room with me since we don't have a guest room."

Kyle nodded biting his lip thinking everything she had said over. He always did want a taste of the bad side of life, but wasn't sure if waking up in Olivias bed made it better for him or worse. Kyle realized in the second week of class that Olivia was a drug all by herself. No matter how she pushed him away, or how she'd act indifferent toward him, he couldn't help but want to get closer, now here he was in her bed and had no idea how to handle himself.

"Did we-" Kyle began looking between himself and her seeing he was only in his boxers and Olivia had just the lace Pj shirt on that again, Kyle felt was almost useless.

Olivia shoot her head. "No. You're still clean of me." Smiling she laid her head back down.

"I wouldn't say I'm clean. Definitely not after snoring herion." Kyle let out a sigh placing his face in his hands. "What the fuck was I thinking?" His thoughts began to stir feeling like a total idiot.

"You weren't, that's the problem." Olivia keeping her eyes on him looking over him to see his body. She couldn't get enough of it.

"How did I end up in my boxers?" Kyle turned his head looking at her over his shoulder with his brow raised.

Olivia felt the blush come across her cheeks. "You took your clothes off." She said looking down away from him.

Kyle snorted, "I did what? No. No way." He shook his head instantly regretting in feeling dizzy causing him to lay back down.

"Oh but you did. You were very adamant that you couldn't, and didn't sleep with clothes on. You tried to sleep naked but..." Olivas voice came to a slow stop.

Kyle turned to his side very interested in the rest of the story. "But?" Kyles eyes searched the shadows of her face finding her beautiful even in the dimest light.

Oliva bit her lip for a moment before continuing. "I wasnt prepared to let you do that." Olivia closed her eyes, her heart racing.

"Why not? You said we didn't do anything so what would it matter since I was just sleeping." Kyle propped his head up higher folding the pillow in half.

Olivia took a deep breath not sure exactly how to say things without saying more than she wanted to. "I don't really know you so it'd just be uncomfortable for me. Random naked guy in my bed, hot, kissable." Olivia added on to throw him off.

Kyle chuckled. "If he's so hot and kissable, why not use his... how shall I say, idiocy to take advantage of him?"

Olivia reached over and slightly shoved him as her blush only deepend, thanking the heavens it was too dark for him to notice she let out a giggle to hide it. "I'm not just some girl at a brothel who comes for one thing only and then leaves when she's had her way. Especially since its my house."

Kyle let out a laugh. Olivia always had ridiculous ways of making her point. "Okay, okay. I can respect that. But I would just have been sleeping. Would it really have made someone like you that uncomfortable?"

Olivia frowned; hearing his words stung a bit. "Someone like me?" Her eyes looking away, turning over to her other side as she curled up some.

It took Kyle a moment to figure out why she was upset. He had judged her based on her appearance, again. He truly didn't understand why it would have made her that uncomfortable. Surely she had seen other guys naked before. She was beautiful and there was no way she didn't have guys coming at her from every direction. Maybe that was why. Maybe she had guys all over her so often that being next to a guy naked would get her juices flowing. That or-. Kyles thoughts came to a halt as he realized the truth was the very opposite. Olivia had never even seen a guy naked, let alone have multiple guys all over her.

Kyle reached over without thinking and gently placed his hand on her arm. Olivia jumped slightly at his touch, it causing goosebumps to travel her skin. "Olivia I'm- I didn't realize that you- I hadn't known- I didn't mean-" Kyle sighed pausing.

Olivia kept her eyes shut in embarrassment. It was a secret she never put out there. A secret she wanted to keep hidden. As much as she hated him figuring it out, the warmth of his touch was inviting. She had hoped he would let her go if she remained silent but no, it only made Kyle scoot a bit closer, his hand rubbing up and down her upper arm.

"Olivia I'm sorry." Kyle said softly. "I just assumed- fuck me bro." He said under his breath upset at himself.

"No thanks." Olivia replied sarcastically having heard him. She wanted to make light of it. She didn't want him to be weirded out.

"No thanks?" Kyle let out a laugh. "You'd be so lucky to get this you don't even know."

Olivia giggled knowing he understood her joke and wasn't taking things as as weird as she thought. "I don't know about that, that's what everyone says." She turned back over to face him having a huge smile on her face now.

Kyle moved some hair out of her face, his fingers trailing down the side of her cheek and neck. "I'm not everyone else. That I can promise." Kyle looked over her face trying to guage her reaction, he was being serious with her and hoped she understood.

"That's what everyone else says too." Olivia said quietly swallowing hard seeing his eyes on her. "But I suppose you're not like everyone else in that area either." Olivias breath deepening, her chest rising and falling heavily.

Kyle pulled his hand from her seeing she was getting nervous. "No, I'm not." He always had a respect for women and their choices. If they had sex or not, wanted to or not, it was up to them, not some guy who thought he had a say. "I'm not- I'm not like you though, if thats something are wondering. I... wasn't very smart about it when I was younger." Kyle discovered one of her secrets, so he wanted to share one of his.

Olivia's eyes blinked slowly as she listen to him. She felt like he was being truthful and real with her, just the opposite of most other guys. "I know you aren't." Olivia confidently saying, her eyes traveling down to his chest then back up.

"Look," Kyle sighed. "I'm going to share something with you, something no one else knows. No one. I found out your secret so you should know one of mine."

Olivia slowly nodded. "Okay, but you know you don't have to. You just ended up realizing mine; you're not obligated to tell me yours." Olivia pulled the blanket into her chest some feeling a chill down her spine.

Kyle shook his head. "No, but i want to. It's what's fair." Kyles eyes looking over her as she curled into a tiny doughnut causing him to chuckle. He love how small she was.

"Alright." Olivia agreed. "I won't judge, promise." She held out her pinky finger causing Kyle to laugh.

Kyle curled his pinky around hers then pressed their thumbs together to seal the promise before pulling his hand away. He had guessed right two weeks ago when he thought she was just a normal, shy girl. She might look rough but her heart was fragile, and that made him want to protect it, protect her.

"Okay, so when I was fifteen I was stupid." Kyle began.

Olivia arched her eyebrows. "Only when you were fifteen?" A smirk slowly creeping across her face.

Kyle shook his head amused. "Okay, fair enough. But you know what I mean." His eyes narrowing at her playfully. "Anyway, back then I was like pretty much every other boy. I was horny all the time and didn't care how I got off, just that I did."

"Ahh so the truth comes out." Olivia said sarcastically.

Kyle just shook his head continuing. "I was beyond stupid. I let Ty take me to some college party; why I thought that was a good idea still escapes me. It was only a few days before my birthday so Ty wanted me to get plastered and go all out. Sweet sixteenth only happens once right. So, we were drinking and everyone there was pretty fucked up. Some girl and I started dancing and kissing..." Kyles voice trailing off as he let out a large breath wary of how to explain the next part.

"Kyle you don't have to tell me. If it's making you uncomfortable, it's okay. Honestly." Olivia said, her hand moving to his chest setting it down gently.

"So, we ended up fucking. Not my first time, not hers, no big deal right? Wrong. Ty hung out with college kids a lot, so much that he ended up telling me that one of the girls from the party ended up getting pregnant." Kyle stopped as Olivia interrupted.

"Oh my god, Kyle..." Olivia began to caress his chest gently understanding where he was going.

Kyle laid back down. It was hard for him to even think about most of the time let alone actually talk about since he never had. Kyle took a few deep breaths, Olivia moving closer to him essentially snuggled up to his side, her head on his chest to the side a bit. Kyle didn't know what to do with her sudden closeness so he took it with a grain of salt carefully wrapping his arm around her almost sure she'd shrug him off or pull away; but to his amazement, she didn't.

"After some asking around she had figured out who I was, showed up at my house one night too. Thank fucking God my parents are never home." Kyle licked his lips out of nervousness. "She told me it was mine. She knew for sure, the time added up. At first I didn't believe her, there was no way. I had just turned sixteen. I couldn't have fathered a kid. Well, thats what I thought anyway. We did a paternity test and I almost puked when the results came in."

Olivia's hand continued to run across his chest slowly, but she kept her eyes from his not wanting to put more pressure on him. "It was yours, wasn't it." Olivia said softly.

"Yeah. I honestly still had trouble believing it for a while. I didn't abandon her or anything if thats what your thinking. Most people think I did but- I tried to be there for her. I mean, the best way a sixteen year old kid could. She was twenty-one by the time she gave birth and I was there for it. I made sure of it. I signed the birth certificate, I held her hand, I was there to hear our baby take their first breath."

Olivia looked up at him slightly hearing him stop talking for a few minutes. She thought maybe he had fallen asleep but his eyes were glued to the ceiling. She felt guilty for making him talk about something that clearly bothered him. She wasn't sure why, since a lot of people were having babies as teens so it wasn't like he was admitting to anything different than what a lot of teens did.

"So you have a kid." Olivia shrugged. "A lot of teens do. My brother did, so it's not like I'm going to judge you. Just because I'm a virgin doesn't mean I expect everyone else to be Kyle." Olivia shifted herself so she was looking at him which made Kyle look back at her. Who takes care of them when you're ya know, out at school, or in my bed for instance."Olivia adding a joke in to try to lighten the conversation for him.

"That's just it, I don't really know. Her mom moved back home after, and as much as I tried to visit and be supportive she ended up resenting me for it more than appreciating it. Eventually she told me not to visit, not to call, don't send anything for her; just forget about her. Any normal teen would've been elated, but I was devastated. She was my daughter and I wasn't welcome in her life anymore. I'm still not." Kyle ran his hand through his hair, his thoughts and words weighing heavily on him.

Olivia laid quietly for a while. Now she understood why it bothered him. He had a baby he didn't intend to, ended up loving and caring for her, only to have her mother push him away from her and out of her life. That would hurt anyone, but especially a young kid who was already broken from the situation.

"I haven't seen her since she was a baby. She's three now and the only thing I have are pictures that her mom sends every once in a while because she thinks its fair for her father to see her, but still won't let me visit. She says she doesn't want her daughter growing up to be a teen mom and she thinks I'll give her that influence." Kyle scoffed as the words came from his mouth. He didn't believe the atrocity of it all.

"That's... that isn't how things work Kyle. If she ends up growing up like that, who will she blame then? You being in her life doesn't mean she'll end up a teen parent too." Olivia said, her voice calm trying to keep Kyle calm.

Kyle snorted. He agreed with Olivia but his opinion didn't matter here. "Yeah, you to tell that to Stephanie. Let's see how far that'll go."

Olivia let out a sigh then kissed his chest not even thinking. "I'm sorry. I can only imagine how difficult that must have been, must still be. Why not just file for shared custody? She can't keep you away from her just because she feels like it."

Kyle's body froze at her kiss. He was shocked by Olivia's forwardness especially since he found out she hadn't ever been even this close to a guy. "I um..." Kyle telling his mind and body not to over react, that Olivia was just being nice. "It's a legal battle then, and she doesn't really want people to know her daughters father is only eighteen. I was a minor back then so she could get in a lot of trouble since she wasn't."

Olivia just nodded. They remained quiet for a while, both thinking about the others life and how they manage to get through day by day. Of course Olivia knew her situation was nothing even close to Kyle's. She knew he was missing his daughter, a part of his heart and soul every single day.

Kyle felt comforted somehow by sharing with Olivia. No one else knew. Not his parents, not Ty, not his sister, no one. It was something he had kept secret for three years, three years of holding it in. Somehow Olivia made him feel comfortable next to her. Kyle knew he could trust her with it. He had no idea why, but he just knew he did. Olivia had her own secret that made Kyle chuckle. He knew it wasn't crazy like his, but he understood how hard it must be for her which made him respect her even more.

"What time is it?" Kyle finally spoke up asking.

Olivia pulled from under his arm and grabbed her phone next to the bed tapping on the screen to see the time. "Almost seven-thirty."

"Fuck, we have to be at school in an hour." Kyle shot up only to regret his sudden movement once more as the dizziness came rushing back causing him to fall back onto his back.

Olivia giggled shakimg her head. "First off, its Saturday, and even if it wasn't a weekend day, you'd still not be going anywhere."

Kyle rolled onto his side facing her again. "Oh? Keeping me prison? Why don't I get handcuffed? Wait- if you do, I prefer the furry kind." Kyle said with a grin.

Olivia let out a laugh leaning over and gently hitting his shoulder. "Oh shut up. You're not a prisoner, but you still need to recover. You did heroin Kyle. HEROIN." Olivia emphasized. "You don't just get up and go for a nice run and and have the rest of your day be cake. You're slowly coming down from your high hour by hour. Eventually it's gonna make you sick. You're not leaving until that passes and I know you're okay."

Kyle raised an eyebrow. "Oh, mommy fetish." Kyle smirked.

Olivia glared. "No, now go back to sleep. I'm tired from making sure you didn't die the last few hours."

Kyle laughed. "Aw but mommy..." Kyle fake pouting holding his arm up and open to her inviting her to come closer and cuddle.

Olivia rolled her eyes but moved closer to him allowing his arm hold her tightly keeping her in place as he spooned her. She had never gotten in bed with a guy before, not even with clothes on and here she was half naked herself with Kyle who only had boxers on. Normally she'd freak out, but he didn't make her feel scared or worried. Kyle made her calm and happy. She didn't understand it at first. She couldn't place her feelings, but she didn't care. She felt peaceful for the first time in many years falling asleep in his arms. She hoped secretly there would be many more years of this to come.

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