Do I Dare

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Meet the family

Kyle slowly opened his eyes letting out a yawn stretching his arms as he sat up. Kyle had slept pretty well despite waking up a few times with the need to puke. Olivia had gotten up and helped him to the bathroom so Kyle was confused to see that she wasn't in bed still. He got up and searched for his clothes and phone finding fairy easily as the lay on the floor at the bottom of her bed. He pulled his shirt and sweats on then began to check his phone. It two and he knew he had to pick his sister up at six, letting out a relieved sigh he slid the phone in his pocket.

Kyle opened the door to her room only peeking out of it slightly. He had no idea if her parents would be home, or her brother she had mentioned, but either way he didn't know if it was okay for him to even be at her house let alone in her room. Seeing the hall empty he crept to the bathroom seeing the door shut he let out a sigh. Just as he was turning to make his way back to Olivias room the bathroom door swung open causing Kyle to stop in his tracks. Busted, he thought.

"You Olivia's guy right?" A male voice echoed from behind Kyle.

Kyle wasn't really her guy, this he knew but he figured he was her guest so he just nodded as he turned around to face the person. Seeing the guy Kyle couldn't help but chuckle. The guy stood in a towel clearly having just got out the shower, tattoos covered his neck, arms, hands, chest, everywhere Kyle could see, there was some sort of tattoo. He had no idea what was with Olivia and her family but the tattoo thing must be popular with them.

The guy looked back at Kyle looking him over before speaking again. "I'm Markus, her brother. You gonna keep staring or....? I mean, I'm not super into guys but if it's chill with Liv I could work with it." Markus smirked as he walked past him then into his room which was right next to the bathroom.

Kyles mouth almost dropped to the floor. Had this guy really just offered to fuck him? Kyle had to be dreaming, or misheard. Kyle was confused more now than before. He closed the bathroom door after him going in to take care of his business. The bathroom wasn't anything fancy or special like the one at home, but he didn't mind it. Had a shower and tub, sink and toilet, everything a bathroom was supposed to so it didn't matter either way about the looks.

Once Kyle was finished in the bathroom he began to notice the smell of bacon in the air. He was hungry, his stomach made note to express this to him growling and rumbling. Kyle slowly headed down the stairs. He looked around for a moment trying to get the layout of the house and figure out where the kitchen would be stopping at the bottom of the stairs. All of a sudden he felt a hand slap his ass and a whoosh of air go by him. He jumped at the slap but just stared in confusion seeing it was Markus.

"Let's go pretty boy. Liv's making bacon and pancakes." Markus said looking back at kyle laughing at his reaction.

Kyle blinked at few times before moving his legs following Markus to the kitchen. He was half surprised he was hitting on him and half surprised he was okay with the fact that some random guy just spend the night in his little sisters room with her. Then again, kyle didn't know their family dynamics so he shook the thoughts out his head smiling as he saw Olivia in the kitchen at the stove. She was still in her pjs and surprisingly still without bottoms, just her lavender silk panties with lace trim.

Olivia turned from the stove placing some bacon on a plate, her eyes going from Kyle to Markus. "Mark please tell me you weren't fucking with him." Olivia shifted her stance leaning on one leg.

"Definitely haven't got him in bed yet, no." Markus smiled taking three pancakes stacking them onto his plate.

Olivia rolled her eyes. "Keep on and I will take those pancakes back and let Kyle eat all the bacon." Olivia turned back to the stove putting more bacon in the pan.

Markus fake pouted as he spread butter over the pancakes. Olivia loved moments like this; it made her feel like her family was normal, even if it was just for a few minutes. Markus might me a sexually permiscuous guy with the ability to go either way depending on his mood, but at least he didn’t treat Olivia like shit. That was something that allowed her to stay close to him even when he'd piss her off, or wake up her for the millionth time with moans and pleasure yells coming through his wall into her room. Olivia and Markus were normal siblings for the most part.

"So," Markus began as he drenched his pancakes in syrup, "How'd you manage to get her to open up, if you know what I mean." He glanced at Kyle whose face turned red, Olivia turned quickly grimacing at Markus.

"Are you seriously asking him about that shit right now?" Olivia pointed the spatula at her brother snapping at him.

"I'm just curious liv." Markus shrugged. "You've been able to hold it together this long, why him? Why the..." Markus paused to thinking for a moment, "why the incredibly blank sheet of paper normal kid?" Markus stuffed a.large mouthful of pankcakes into his mouth, his eyes looking at her then glancing to Kyle who appeared to choak on his food.

Kyle took a few gups of some Oj Liv had put in a glass for each of them. "Woah, woah, hold up. Wait a minute." Kyle looking over at Markus setting the drink down." First off, I definitely haven't fucked your sister, okay. And second, I have a tattoo, you just can't see it unless I'm naked so, there's that." Kyle finished turning back to his food his eyes stopping on Olivia seeing a mix of emotions in her eyes.

Olivia turned back to the bacon quickly taking it off the stove so it wouldn't burn. Markus chuckled. "So, let it out." He says as he stuffs his mouth with more food.

"Did you not hear the need to be naked part?." Kyle glanced over as he took a bit of his own food.

Markus shrugged and began talking with his mouth full. "I don't mind. I'm sure Liv would be interested to know what a guys dick actually looks like though." Markus chuckled taking a sip of his OJ.

Olivia turned around slaming the spatula onto the bar area where the boys were sitting. "Do you not know when to shut the fuck up? Seriously Markus I don't understand how anyone puts up with you. Leave my personal business to me." Olivia gave Markus a hard glare then turned towards Kyle. "You have plans today?"she asked softly.

Kyle shrugged tilting his head to the side a bit. "Ehh. I gotta go pick up my big sis at the airport at six, but until then, not really. Was originally just gonna lounge around the house all day, maybe swim." Kyle took anothet bite, his eyes glancing up at Olivia seeing her mouth wide open. "What?" He asked

"A swim? You have a pool at your house?" Olivia's voice conveying her shock and surprise, as if her wide open mouth and eyes weren't enough.

Kyles eyes slowly traveled between Oliva and Markus, who had a similar expression. "Yeah." Kyled sighed realizing now how different their lives were.

It wasn't that Olivias house was shitty, or run down; but it was old. Most of the houses closer to town were from back when the town had been established in the mid seventeen-hundreds. A lot had been updated outside and inside so they looked a little more modern, but Kyle grew up in a custom built house that his father had designed. Five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, an in-ground pool, three car garage, fitness room, chefs kitchen, two separate living areas, one for casual entertainment while the other for important guests. The house was modern and sat slightly up a hill. Tyler called it a mansion, but Kyle didn't really think of it that way, not until now.

Tyler lived in a pretty nice house himself, which his parents had purchased and completely renovated it. It had old school charm mixed with modern vibes; Olivias house was just old school. It had white siding on the outside with a small wooden porch with a covered doorway, a tiny one car garage with a small one car driveway. The interior was seemingly just as bland with white or off white walls in most of the house, kitchen slightly outdated along with the overall design of how the interior was separated by walls for each room despite the house being rather small. It had three bedrooms and only one bathroom which Kyle had been in earlier. The sink was pedestal style, the floors where black and white and the walls held white subway tile. The difference between their life styles very clear.

"You uh, you wanna come over and swim? We could hang out some until i go pick up jess, then we could all sit a watch a movie or something and order in." Kyle slowly placed his fork down onto the plate.

Olivia looked over at Markus then back at Kyle before looking back at Markus once more. "I um..."

"She'll go. She loves to swim. Called her a fish when she was little." Markus interjected with a smile.

Olivia glared letting out a sigh as Kyle chuckled. "Really? What kind of fish was she?" Kyle asked in amusement.

"A shrimp." Markus burst into laughter Kyle soon following.

Olivia shook her head. "Another short joke? Really? Markus you've been making jokes like that for years, I don't even know how you still laugh at them." Olivia rolled her eyes and began moving dirty dishes to the sink pulling Markus's unfinished disk from in front of him.

"Hey!" Markus stopped laughing. He was a food person, constantly hungry and always eating yet never gained a pound.

Olivia stood holding the dish raising an eyebrow at him. "Oh were you not finished yet?" Her voice dripping in sarcasm.

Markus cleared his throat with the final few sips of his drink. "Liv look, I'm sorry," there was a long pause as Kyle stared between them as Olivia stared bullets at Markus. "I love my short stacks. "Markus smirked as he tried to hold back his laughter again.

"Ugh, unbelievable." Olivia shook her head placing the plate back down walking past them out of the kitchen, her feet stomping as they hit each step on her way up to her room.

The boys both let out bursts and hisses of laughter trying to keep quiet so she couldn't hear them. Markus had always poked fun of Olivia for being so short. He and Alexsander were on the taller side, him being five-eleven and Alexsander being six-one. It wasn't that Markus looked down on her becauseshe was much shorter; he just always found her to be like a cute little kid, even though she was growing up. Markus had always doated on Olivia. He tried his best to make up for the things Alexsander would say and do to her. Not that Markus wasn't part of the business, he definitely was, but he valued family over money whereas for Alexsander the opposite was true.

Kyle got up and put his plate in the sink. "I'm gonna head out after I go say bye to her." Kyle sighed rubbing the back of his head.

Markus nodded, "yeah, no problem. It was chill to meet you. If you ever wanna take up on that bedroom offer just get my number from Liv." He said winking before chuckling.

"Hmmm yeah, no thanks. I'm good. Not really interested in brokeback mountain." Kyle let out a slight chuckle as he raised his eyebrows shaking his head walking out towards the stairs.

Markus loved fucking with people and thankfully Kyle got that he was just messing with him.

Kyle made his way back to Olivias room only to find her not there. He looked around the room as if it was big enough for him not to see her on first glance, but that certainly wasn't the case. Kyle huffed looking around seeing her walls had the normal teenage girl stuff like family pictures, a mirror, and some type of dead flower bouquet that he was unsure why anyone would keep. His eyes stopped on a collage of picture, each containing some type of nature like trees in a forest, a frozen lake, or fallen autumn leaves. It peaked his interest causing him to take a mental note to ask about some other time.

About ten minutes later, Olivia came into her room wearing only a small towel around her body shutting the door behind her. She blushed seeing Kyles eyes look her over and his tongue flick out onto his lips. She looked down and quickly walked to her dresser moving some clothes around before pulling out a black and silver bikini. Olivia glanced her her shoulder seeing Kyle still ogling at her before she slowly turned around to face him.

"You were serious about the pool thing right? Like, it's okay with your parents if I come swim?" Olivia smiled nervously.

Kyle blinked a few times before responding. "Yeah, just um, bring more than just the bikini. Pack a bag with some clothes to change into or something for when you're done so you don't have to stay wet."

Kyles last few words made Olivias face turn bright red as she nodded grabbing some extra clothes throwing them onto her bed before grabbing a small over night bag from her closet stuffing them in.

"I'll um- I'll step out so you can get dressed. I'll be waiting over at my bike so just come out when you're done." Kyle said taking the few steps to the door before Olivia grabbed his arm.

"You can stay. I mean, you always complain my pjs are too skimpy anyway. Plus you wanted to take me up on that offer to give you a look." Olivia smiled softly looking up at him.

Kyle stared blankly at her for a moment before he could manage to get his brain and mouth to work again. "Uh um, you sure? I mean, I'm just a friend so it's cool if you kick my ass out right now." His voice filled with an earnestness to actually step out, which normally he'd never even think of doing.

"You've seen most of what there is to see anyway, so why not see it all?" Olivia shrugged letting go of his arm turning to her dresser picking up her favorite Nivea body lotion dropping the towel.

Kyles eyes couldn't help but stare. He might have seen almost everything but actually see her completely naked was something else. Her body was pitete, but Kyle could definitely appreciate her nice ass. It was the perfect size to him and all he could do was imagine squeezing and slapping her cheaks as he rammed into her from behind. Kyle swallowed hard then looked away taking in a deep shaky breath.

"I said you can look Mr.Brooks." Olivia said teasingly letting out a giggle. For some reason even when Kyle made her shy, he still somehow managed to give her a confidence that she never had before.

"Oh, believe me, I want to fucking look." Kyle rested his forhead on the door. "Trust me, part of me is definitely happy with what I just saw." Kyle let out a slow breath closing his eyes.

"Then why did the ever so confident Mr. Brooks turn away?" Olivia biting her lip as she began to lotion her body.

"Because Mr. Brooks would have to lay your ass on that bed and fuck you till you couldn't handle it anymore if he keeps looking." Kyle shook his head some. He wanted to give her the respect he felt she deserved, not the false sexual desire she'd given to him.

"Very funny. My body isn't that great Mr. Brooks."

"Trust me, if you were-" Kyle stopped wanting rephrase his sentence. "Look, I normally would be all-over a girl who stood in front of me like that, but I don't want to end up being disrespectful of you, or try to do anything you don't want Olivia. You tease, and that's fine, I enjoy our banter but- fuck I can only have so much control before I've had it." Kyle said quietly but loud enough for Olivia to hear.

Olivia stood silent for a second as her mind raced, the wheels turning and tugging at her inner thoughts trying to think. "Wanna help put lotion on my back?" She blurted out, her mouth moving too fast for her mind to stop it.

Kyle stayed leaning against the door with his one hand slightly above his head giving support. Kyle was tempted, beyond tempted to ignore everything in his body telling him to just take her so hard she'd be screaming his name even if another guy found his way inside her, but he also knew she wasn't like most other girls. She was still a virgin and he respected her more for it, for saving herself for the person she thought she'd be with forever, and he wouldn't ruin her for his selfish desire.

"Olivia," Kyle said banging his head softly on the door. He turned around facing her against his better judgment instantly regretting it. Her breasts were beautiful; perky, with luscious pink nipples and fair in size knowing they'd fit perfectly in his hands. His eyes slowly traveled down across her flat stomach stopping at her pussy. He tried to pulls his eyes from it but couldn’t. All he could think about was having it wrapped around his dick. "Olivia if-" Kyle let out a slight groan of frustration feeling himself rock hard in his sweats know she'd be able to tell.

Olivia simply held out her arm with the lotion in her hand and look him in the eyes. "I trust you." Her voice firm and confident.

Kyle scoffed, "now that's fucking foolish as hell. You're talking to the kid with a kid, remember?" He raised an eyebrow.

Olivia just shook her head nudging the lotion at him. "Then I'm foolish, but I know I'm right." Her eyes moved from him to the lotion then back telling him to take it.

Kyle ran his hands over his face before grabbing the bottle from her hand. "Fuck me if I didn't try." He says under his breath walking behind her. "If some shit happens, I don't wanna hear about it." He says quietly leaning down to her ear before putting lotion on his hands and rubbing it on her back starting at her shoulders.

It was more sensual then any normal friend helping out another friend. She was stark naked in front of him and his hands were caressing her skin, massaging her shoulders and back as he rubbed the lotion on. Kyle kept his eyes focused on the back of her neck, Olivia having moved her hair to one side. All he could tell himself was respect is the utmost importance. He had to respect her and her wishes. She hadn't asked him to do anything other than lotion her back, and that was all he kept telling himself he would do. It didn't help that every now and then Olivia would let out a small groan since she was enjoying the mini massage, but Kyle refused to give in.

After Kyle finished with her back he cleared his throat." I'm gonna go out to my bike before I ravage you right here, right now. Just- meet me out there when you're done. Preferably dressed in clothes that don't constantly tempt me to tear them off of you." He turned and quickly walked out her door shutting it behind him.

Olivia smiled. She knew she wasn't ready, but she wanted to test him, and he passed. He only did as she asked, well that and a slight massage which she wasn't complaining about. He respected her enough, despite how he felt, to not try to force anything with her, even if she was standing in front of him completely exposed, he kept the respect he had for her, and her body.

About fifteen minutes later Olivia came out her house smiling as she walked up to Kyle and his bike, which she had moved, albeit with fair amount of difficulty, to the side of her house in the driveway. Her hair was in two French braids parted down the middle, light makeup, washed denim cut up shorts with a white short sleeve crop top with her bathing suit showing through. She had her small brown leather bag with her extra clothes and things on her back since it was designed like a backpack, but not quite that size. She had white ankle high socks and crisp white Nikes on her feet.

Kyle looked up from leaning against his bike as he blew the smoke from his lungs flicking the excess ash off his cigarette. He never thought she could look so cute with all those tattoos, but god he was wrong. Kyle couldn't help but stare and her as she walked up stopping in front of him. She honestly almost looked like a normal teenager which made him smile after he took the last drag and dropped the butt putting it out.

"You ready Mr. Brooks?" Olivia said with a large smile on her face teetering back and forth on the heels of her sneakers.

Kyle scoffed shaking his head handing her his helmet before he got on the bike turning it on. "Oh I think that's a question best suited for yourself Miss. Knite." He raised an eyebrow at her steadying the bike kicking the kickstand up.

Olivia gestured his helmet at him. "What are you going to wear?"

"I only got one, you use it. I'll be fine." He said loudly over the sound of the engine.

Olivia just nodded then pulled it on her head. Her fingers fiddled with the strap to secure it causing Kyle to look in confusion. For sure she had been on a motorcycle before. There was no way with a brother like Markus who Kyle was pretty sure owned the motorcycle next to his, that she'd never rode one.

"Have you seriously never been on a bike before?" He looked at her tilting his head to the side slightly.

Olivia huffed dropped her hands to her sides. She didn't want to admit it, but she hadn't. She didn't want to come across as some little innocent thing that could easily be broken, or ruined if not handled with care, even though that's exactly who she was. Olivia shook her head no as she looked down embarrassed.

Kyle smiled reaching over taking her hand to pull her closer to him. He quickly fastened the helmet then put the visor down before placing his hand atop it moving it on her head a bit. He was amused at her ability to be so cute without even trying.

"Alright, now, when you get on you gotta do it quick okay? Just put your right foot on that bar there then swing your left leg over the bike as you stand on it okay?" Kyle instructed as Olivia nodded paying close attention.

Olivia took a breath as she stepped up to the bike holding on to his shoulder with one hand as she places her food on the bar he pointed at. She had no idea what she was doing or thinking and why, but she knew she wanted to do this. She wanted to get on the back of this bike and go with Kyle. She positioned herself best she could and in one swift movement she did as he instructed, her butt gently but securely landing on the back seat.

"Aye! Perfect!" Kyle smiled at her through his side mirror. "Now just wrap your arms around my waist and hold on tight. Seriously, like don't be worried if its too tight or if you're gonna hurt me. Just hold the fuck on, okay?" Olivia nodded. "Alright so when I'm driving, you need to lean with me when I lean into turns okay. If not it can fuck up my balance and since you're wearing my helmet I'd prefer not to smash my brains into the cement. Cool?" He nodded at her and she nodded back leaning forward wrapping her arms around him tightly gripping onto his shirt.

Kyle revved the engine a bit before taking off out of her drive way. He was the first guys bike she had ever been on, and for some reason he felt proud of it. It made him smile without knowing why, but he didn’t care. Kyle began to think about what other things she hadn't done, what other things could he claim to be her first? The one thing that came to mind made him sigh pretty sure that wasn't going to be something he could claim, even though he wanted to.

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