Do I Dare

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Water Can Be Deep

After they arrived at Kyles house, Olivia spend no time at all before she rushed to the pool. She quickly took of her clothes leaving just her bikini and jumped right in. Kyle stood in the doorway of the back sliding glass door with his arms crossed just watching her. He couldn't help but have a smile on his face seeing how excited she was. It was still sunny and bright out, and the heat was still going strong, but that's just how it was in Florida. Kyle pulled his eyes from her and headed to his room to change into his swim shorts. He had no idea how he was going to hold himself together when it came to being friends with her, but he knew he had to try.

"Kyle! You coming in or are you just going to stand there and stare at me?" Olivia pouted as she looked over at him from the shallow end.

"Depends," Kyle said raising an eyebrow, "you plan of having fun or turning my pool into a hot tub, because it thats the case, we already have one of those." Kyle nodded his head towards the hot tub only a few feet from the pool.

Olivia let out a giggle blushing. "Honestly I just want to have fun. If the hot tub calls, I'll be sure to warn you before it starts to get hot." Olivia winked then stuck her tongue out at him.

"Oh? So someone doubts my ability to handle the heat?" Kyle said before diving into the deep end and swimming underwater to her making her laugh when his hands find her waist and tickles her bringing his head out from under the water.

Olivia couldn't help but laugh and squirm as she tried to push him from her. "Kyle stop!" She yelled giggling.

Kyle laughed stopping as he pulled her into him wrapping his arms arou.d her waist. "I want to ask you something Olivia." The playfulness gone from his voice.

Olivia's smile faded. She had no idea what could be on his mind and the unknown scared her. Without speaking she nodded slightly and waited for him to say what was on his mind.

Kyle looked down at her blinking a few times before he spoke. "Oliva what do you want?" He pulled back slightly so he could fully see her face, dipping down into the water so he was closer to her eye level.

Olivia remained silent for a while, Kyle letting the silence go on wanting to hear an answer from her. "I want a lot of things Kyle." Olivias voice was soft and timid sounding as she looked away from him.

Kyle gently grabbed her chin and turned her face back to him. "From us. From this. I- I need to know what I'm doing here Olivia. Do you just want to be friends or something more? I need to know where you stand in order to do right by you, and for myself too." Kyles words hitting her hard.

Olivia's eyes maintained his stare. Swallowing hard she took in a deep breath. "I don't know. I don't know what I want. I mean, I know what I want but I don't know if what I want is what I want."

Kyle closed his eyes for a moment trying to process her words. "So... you want something but you aren't sure about the thing it is you are wanting?" Kyle narrowed his eyes in confusion hoping he understood what she meant.

"Yeah..." Olivia responded.

Kyle let her chin go and backed up more. "Why are you unsure?" He asked.

Olivia let out a deep breath rubbing her left shoulder with her right hand crossing her arm over her body. "I'm afraid." Her eyes looking down focusing back on the water in the pool.

Kyle swam around to the other side of her causing Olivia to turn around. "What are you afraid of Olivia? Me?" Kyle asked. He was worried he had gone too far telling her about his daughter, about how he felt. Or even worse her finding him high on heroin might be the reason she's worried.

"No," Olivia shook her head, "no not of you, for you." She glanced up at him.

Kyle took a moment to try and understand what she could possibly mean. "For me?" He repeated back to her confusion on his face.

Olivia nodded then swam away from him a bit not wanting to explain her shitty family and have to explain her brother being the guy who gave him drugs. Olivia wasn't ready to open up about that, she knew he'd not only walk away, but run away as far as he could from her.

"Hey Olivia, come on. Talk to me." Kyle swam up near her again. "Why are you afraid for me? I'm a big boy. I can handle myself. The kid with a kid says so." Kyle smiled softly then splashed her trying to get her to loosen up.

"Hey!" Olivia yelled then laughed splashing him back.

Suddenly they were in a splash war. Olivia was clearly losing but she wouldn't give up with out a fight. He swam to him and wrapped herself around him and tried to push him under. They were both laughing as Kyle tried to get her off of him but found it almost impossible since her legs were wrapped tightly around him. Her body was pressing up against his in areas that made him a little more excited than he wanted to be so he gave in and let her have the win as Olivia shoved his head down under with a constant stream of giggles following.

When Kyle came back up he shook his head to get the water and hair out of his face and eyes then smoothed his hair back running his fingers through it. Olivia couldn't help but stare biting her bottom lip. This is why she was afraid. She liked him too much, way more than she should and she knew she was bad for him, her life was bad for him. He had potential, Kyle would be going off to college next year and Olivia knew she'd only hinder his future.

"Gonna keep staring?" Kyle said with a small grin raising an eyebrow. "How bout I put it this way; you don't have to say anything, don't even have to tell me in detail what you want; all you have to do is kiss me." He reached out and pulled her closer to him. Kyle knew there was something between them, something he had never felt before and he wanted to explore it.

"Kiss you?" Olivias voice soft and slightly sultry, her eyes moved across his chest, her lip being bound between her teeth once more.

"Kiss me. If you want some thing more than just a hey how was class, or you wanna chill at the mall; even if you don't know the details but you know you want more, then kiss me. Kiss me Olivia." Kyle said sliding his hand around her waist, the other resting on her cheek.

Olivia's heart was pounding in her chest. She knew she wanted more than just a friendship with him, she knew very well what she wanted, but had doubts he'd be able to give her what she wanted and she knew she could never give him what he deserved. Olivias eyes settled on his. She felt something for him. Not just in her heart or mind, but her body too. Her body was constantly aroused when she was around him, and Olivia loved it even though it embarrassed her and she'd never admit it.

Olivia ran through thought after though then stopped once she wrapped her arms around him and smashed her lips against Kyles. Olivia had no idea how things would work, but she wanted to try. She was happy around Kyle, he made her smile and laugh. She would watch from her window every night to see if he showed up at the park just so she could spend time with him outside of their school walls.

Kyle smiled in the kiss kissing her back. He knew the answer before he asked the question, he just hoped she'd admit to them and she had. He pulled her body into his sliding his one hand down her face caressing her neck and shoulder. Olivia couldn't believe she had kissed him. She was surprised even at herself, but she didn't regret it. She ran her hands up his chest from his waist and hooked her arms around his neck pulling herself up wrapping her legs around him tightly.

Kyle let out a slight groan feeling her pressing up into him. His cock hard, wanting release from his swim trunks. Kyles hands reached around her and down grabbing onto her ass as he moved across the pool backing her against the wall. Kyles lips traveled down across her jaw down to the middle of her neck. He couldn't help but grind himself into her causing Olivia to let out a slight moan.

Olivia was begining to get lost in Kyle. They way he touched her and kissed her, the feel of his cock through his swim trunks only causing her to melt into him even more. Kyle ran his hand up her side and pushed her bikini top out of the way allowing him access her her breasts. He gently massaged and squeezed it kissing back up her neck. His fingers pulled at her nipple Slightly causing Olivia to arch her back pressing her lower body into him more.

Kyle suddenly stopped and pulled away from her. The back of his hand covering his mouth in shock of himself. He needed to stop, to get away from her before he couldn't stop himself.

"Kyle?" Olivia questioned, panting Slightly as she looked at him.

Kyle simply shook his head. "I'm so sorry." He managed to get out. He turned quickly and exited the pool as fast as he could grabbing a towel from one of the racks near the door wrapping in around himself. His heart was about to jump out of his chest as he ran up the stairs inside to his room shutting the door behind him. 8Why had he asked her to kiss him? He began telling himself he was an idiot. He was fish to think he could simply kiss her and stop there. Kyle craved sex. He needed sex. What teenage boy didn't. He was honestly surprised at himself for being able to stop when he did. He didn't want her first time to be carelessly initiated in a pool. He wanted it to be perfect for her and just then was not his idea of that.

Kyle suddenly heard a knock on his door causing him to jump a bit having not expected Olivia to figure out which room was his that fast. He just stared at the door not wanting to open it because he didn't know how to face her. He didn't want her to think he was rejecting her because he didn't want her.

Olivia knocked again only harder. "Kyle please open up." Her voice begging him.

Kyle opened the door. "What?" He answered harshly unsure of how to handle himself or what to say.

Oliva was wrapped in a towel. Her wet hair sticking to the side of her face. "I'm not mad at you. You didn't have to run away like that." Her eyes focused on the floor as her voice quivering despite her efforts to stay calm.

"Yes I did. If I didn’t leave... Olivia do you not understand how hard it is for me to be around you and not tear your clothes off and fuck you?" Kyle turned walking into his room letti g out a frustrated huff of air.

Olivia just stood in his doorway as she bit her lip hard. She knew he struggled, but she honestly had no idea it was that bad. For her, the urge was there, it was always there, but Olivia had never had the types of sexual experiences Kyle had so she knew she could never really understand where he was coming from.

"Fuck Olivia, I just- I want to respect your body, your choice to wait for the right person, the right moment. I don't want you to get caught up in a temporary moment and have to live with permanent consequences." Kyle pulled the towel from. His waist drying his dripping hair. He felt guilty. He felt guilty for touching her, for even just wanting her.

Olivia sniffled slightly trying to hide that she was crying. She felt like she was torturing him. She knew she wasn't ready yet even though she made up her mind she wanted it to be Kyle, she knew she wasn't emotionally prepared and that he was just trying to protect her, but somehow that only made her feel worse.

"Kyle I-" Olivias voice cracked as she broke down in front of him.

Kyle threw his towel across towards his hamper as he walked right to her. He titled her head up to look at him seeing the tears run down her cheeks. Kyle officially felt like shit. He knew he was only trying to do right by her, but somehow that ended up making her cry.

"Fuck, Olivia don't cry." Kyle wiped her falling tears with his thumbs. "I'm sorry. I just- some how I know how important this is to you and I don't wanna be the guy if I'm not your guy. I want you to be sure and to be ready when you decide whoever it is you give that part of yourself to, me or not." Kyle leaned down and kissed her forehead then pulled her into his arms.

Olivia sunk into his chest taking in his warmth. "I am. I know I want it to be you. I can trust you. I feel-" her breath caught in her throat cahsing her to hiccup. "I know who I want it to be. I know I want it to be you Kyle. I do. I just-"

Kylpe ran his hand down the back of her head over her braids. "Shhhh. Shhh. Don't cry its-" he stopped suddenly registering what she said. "Wait you what?" He pulled back gripping her shoulders, his eyes searching her face.

Olivia bit down on the towel like a little kid. She was suddenly nervous. She knew what she had siad to be the most open and honest thing, but she had managed to make herself more nervous and embarrassed than anything else.

Olivia closed her eyes as she responded. "I know I want it to be you. I'm sure you are the one and I have no fucking clue how I know, or why it's you, I just know that it is. I just- I'm afraid. I don't know what to expect or what it will be like. It isn't about the perfect moment for me, it's about the perfect person for me; and I know that's you."

Kyle couldn't even talk. He had no idea how to form words to a response like that. She had flat out confessed she wanted him to be her first. Olivia gave no ryme or reason as to why, just that she was choosing him. Kyle's hands dropped from her shoulders, his mouth standing wide open. He had wanted and hoped it to be him, he wanted to fuck her since he met her, but never in a million years had he thought he'd be the one she chose to let go to, to let him have a small piece of her.

"Your phone." Olivia said nodding towards his nightstand.

It took Kyle a moment but realized it was ringing. He reached over not taking his eyes off of Olivia.

"What?" He says in an annoyed tone.

"Excuse me?" Kyles mother responded.

"I was a little busy, what do you want?"

"I just called to remind you to pick up jess at six and to leave soon since the highway will be packed and you know how traffic can get over there. Do not be late Kyle." His mother was being stirn with him as usual.

"I told you not to worry. I'm not five. Fuck, like seriously?" Kyle had been annoyed with her recently and her asking him to pick up Jess only annoyed him further.

"Kyle," his mother took a deep breath, "just do as I ask. I don't need your shit on top of what's going on at the hospital. Behave, remember to pick up dinner on the way home or order something out. And for lords sake, be nice." His mother finished and hung up.

Kyle huffed tossing his phone to the bed. He had no desire to pick up Jess but he knew he had already agreed he would. It wasn't that Kyle hated his sister, but he was envious. She was five years older and had been able to escape the shit that was their life and go out on her own while he was still forced to live at home until he graduated, something Kyle couldn't wait to do. It wasn't about the house being shitty or food never being good. He lived in a huge house and could always get whatever he wanted to eat. He had money to spend left and right and never had his parents around to bother him, only that's exactly what bothered him. They were never around for him.

"So..." Olivia muttered.

Kyle walked to his dresser and pulled out a pair of black jeans, boxer-briefs, a band t-shirt for Bullet For My Valentine, and black socks. "I um- I have to change and get ready to pick up my sister." Kyle stared hoping she'd get the hint.

Olivia just shrugged, "Go ahead. You've seen me naked so eye for and eye." Her face with only a blank stare as she looked at him.

Kyle ran his hamd through his hair, "You're the one who wanted to poke out your own eye, doesn't count." He looked over at her crossing his arms.

Olivia stuck her tongue out at him then turned walking out of his room shutting the door behind her. She thought he'd be a little less shy considering he's been with plenty of girls before so she didn't understand why she had to leave. Olivia headed back down the stairs finding her small leather bag and pulled her extra clothes out. She knew swim time was over, and so was their conversation.

Kyle couldn't help but scoff in disbelief after Olivia left, his eyes on his door. He liked her, he liked Olivia more than he had liked anyone, and as much as he wanted to deflower her, he knew shit would just get complicated. Girls tended to be clingy afterwards and he didn't know if he was quite ready to have a full on relationship with Olivia yet. They'd only known each other for two weeks.

Kyle pulled his swim trunks off and dried the rest of.thr way off before pulling his boxer-briefs and jeans then sliding his shirt on over his head. He sat at the bottom of his bed for a moment trying to think about what to do with himself. Kyle wasn't an expert on women, not even close, but he just kept telling himself Olivia was probably just confused about how she felt. Maybe he was the first guy to look past her tattoos, maybe... fuck, Kyle sighed having no idea.

Olivia changed in the downstairs half bath putting her shorts back on but with panties instead of her bikini bottoms. She pulled a lavander lace bra from her bag and made she she felt good in it before pulling on an oversized tyedye shirt. Olivia walked around looking for a place to hand her swimsuit to dry and ended up just hanging it over the railing of the back deck before going back inside.

Kyle came flying down the stairs as she walked back in. Olivia smiled a bit as he walked past her towards where he kept his car keys. He had opted for a pair of all black converse high tops and had them laced over the bottom of his jeans which made her giggle. She had never seen anyone wear them that way before.

Kyle grabbed his wallet and cigarettes after he decided which car he wanted to take then turned to Olivia. "Come on. This way." He nodded his head towards a small hallway as he made his way towards it. Olivia just followed quietly.

When Kyle opened the door to the garage, Olivia's eyes widened and her mouth refused to stay shut. She could have caught flies, she thought. She scanned the vehicles over having never seen that many expensive cars in one person's garage. Kyle walked over to his white Lexus LC turning back to see Olivia still standing in the doorway with her mouth open causing him to chuckle and shake gis head.

Kyle hit the unlock button then opened the driver side door. "Hey!" He called over to her causing her to jump slightly, "Let's go shrimp." He smiled as Olivia glared at him, her mouth closing as she walked over to the car.

"Shrimp?" She stood at the passenger door with a raised eyebrow.

Kyle let out a small laugh shaking his head as he got in and shut his door; Olivia followed suit. "Holy fuck." Olivia gasped. The interior had red and black leather and was more spacious than she thought it would be for a coupe. "Kyle this cannot be your car." She said looking over at him.

Kyle started the engine then pressed the garage door opener before looking back at her, "I'm pretty sure it is though." A smirk creeper across his face.

"How?!" Olivia exclaiming breathlessly. "How in the hell does an eighteen-year-old own a car like this?" Olivia was in total disbelief that this was actually Kyle's car.

"Mom bought it for my eighteenth birthday in July." Kyle shrugged. "No biggie, it's just a car." He pushed the button to let the windows down then pulled forward just until the car was out of the garage before hitting the button to close it again.

"Just a car?!" Olivia's voice was higher pitched in shock that Kyle mentioned the car as if it was nothing special. "What the hell do your parents do for a living?" Her eyes blinked a few times as Kyle revved the engine.

"Might want to put your seat belt on." Kyle said smiling as he clipped his in then took off speeding out of the driveway leaving tire marks behind him along with the smell and sound of burning rubber.

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