Do I Dare

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Longest Drive

Kyle pulled into the pickup area outside the airport and put his flashers on. It was eleven after six, not that it mattered much to him. Kyle knew his sister would always grab a smoothie before she came out. He glanced over at Olivia only to see her eyes dart from his. Kyle chuckled knowing she was staring at him. He thought it was cute, not to mention the blush that rose to her face only made it more adorable.

Olivia jumped as someone knocked on the passenger side window having drifted her focus back to kyle after he looked away. Her head swiveled quickly to look out the window. Olivia saw a tall, thin but fit woman with long wavy dirty blonde hair, sunglasses covering her eyes making it impossible for Olivia to see their color. Olivia couldn't help but take in how beautiful the woman was. She had plump pouty lips, high cheek bones, long slim legs, and a very flat stomach which she could tell since the woman's dress was tight to her body.

Olivia's train of thought was interrupted as the woman pulled open the door open. "You wanna get out and help Kyle, or do you plan to just sit there?" The woman said raising her sunglasses which allowed Olivia to take a peek at her vibrant green eyes.

Kyle let out a huff opening his door to get out. "I actually wasn't planning on getting out but sure, let me get your bags your highness." He scowled getting out.

Kyle loved his sister, don’t be mistaken. It wasn't that he had ill feelings towards her, he just hated when she would come home to visit and forget to leave her modeling bitch persona behind. It usually wore off in a few days, but Kyle just wasn't in the mood. The ride to the airport was tense; it made Kyle nervous and unsure of himself despite the fact it was actually fairly quiet.

Kyle opened the trunk tossing his sisters suitcase in he turned to her. "Jess I need you to chill on the top model bitch vibe okay? Olivia is really shy and I don't need you fucking with her" he said shutting his trunk.

"Olivia?" Jess pulled a puzzled look across her face then smiled remembering the girl in the car. "New girl you trying to get in between?" She giggled.

"What? No. Yes. No. Look, it's complicated. Just please be nice to her." Kyle glared as he walked back to the driver side door opening it.

Olivia blew him a kiss just as she always does, it's been her way of saying thank you or essentially agreeing since she was fifteen. Kyle just sighed and shook his head getting in. He was annoyed already. Hopefully Jess would chill out sooner rather than later.

Kyle cleared his throat, "remember how I told you my sister was a bit of a priss?" He looked at Olivia who simply nodded, "yeah well, just try to ignore her if she acts like a bitch. She still has model syndrome for a few days after she comes to visit." Olivia chuckled then nodded opening her door.

Once Olivia stood she turned looking up at his sister, she was definitely tall, at least five nine. "Um- hi I'm-" Jess waved her off.

"Yes you are Olivia, and my little brother over there is just trying to fuck you, you are aware right? He's a little player." Jess laughed at Olivia's reaction that caused her mouth to drop open. "Just joking. Gosh so serious." Jess scrunched her nose.

Olivia blinked a few times l being caught off guard then began to speek. "Uh did you want um, the back seat.or front? Actually why am I even asking, I'm sure you'd much rather sit in the front." Olivia leaned over to find the lever to pull the seat forward so she could climb into the back.

Jess just shook her head as she smiled watching her. She was most definitely different than the usual type of girl Kyle went for which confused Jess but also gave her a bit of hope that she would be different. Once Olivia was settled in, she pushed the seat back into place then quickly sat transferring her smooth from her right hand to her left so she could pull the door closed.

"So," Jess began then paused taking a large sip of her pineapple, spinach, kale, peach, banana, and oj smoothy. "You two look...interesting together. Tell me Olivia, how's you manage to seduce my baby brother?" A smile widdened across her face as she watched Olivia shift uncomfortably.

"Jess," Kyle said pulling away from the pick up area heading back on to the highway. "I told you to be nice. She didn't seduce me. And I didn't seduce her either, just to make things clear. We're friends." Kyle said glancing at Olivia through the rear view mirror.

Jess let out a laugh, "oh please, I just got in the car and I could cut the sexual tension with a fucking spoon."

Kyle gripped the steering wheel tightly. "There's a reason the tension is like that. We haven't done anything Jess." Kyle saying through gritted teeth.

Jess scoffed, "why the hell not? Afraid mister baby maker?"

Kyle slammed on the breaks pulling over to the side putting his hazards on. "Do you know how to keep your fucking mouth shut? I mean seriously?" Kyle glared at her as his hand hit the steering wheel.

Jess looked at him taken back, he never really yelled unless he was pissed. "I just assumed she knew. Sorry." She looked down at her hands in her lap fidgeting with the hem of her dress.

Kyle ran a hand through his hair letting out a long breath, "Olivia does know, but that isn't the point. Fuck, I mean you're not supposed to even know about it and you swore to me when you found out you'd keep your mouth shut. Now I don't know if you have or if you went spilling my personal life around."

Jess bit on the inside of her cheek for a moment before she looked up at him. "I didn't tell anyone okay. I just figured she'd know since, ya know.....all that tension. Plus, I know you've fucked other girls since then so why not her?" Jess tilted her head to the left and back some.

Kyle scoffed shaking his head, "that isn't your business Jess. Don't worry about who I fuck or don't and why. Last time I checked my dick didn't belong to you." Kyle sneered then turned his hazards off to put his turn signal on. He checked for oncoming cars then sped back out onto the highway.

Most of the ride back was fairly quiet until they got closer to home. Kyle sighed, "either of you have a preference for dinner?" He lit up a cigarette and put down the window slightly to let the smoke out.

Jess put her hand over her mouth while she waved her other hand. "Really Kyle?" She put her window down hoping it would help keep the air fresh.

Kyle took a long drag ignoring her comment. "So Chinese good?" He slowed as he turned into his favorite Chinese place then pulled into a parking spot. He turned and looked back at Olivia.

Olivia nodded looking up at him for a moment before looking back down. She didn't mind Chinese, and she honestly didn't want to get in between whatever it was they had going on. Olivia could tell there was some animosity between them, and with the way his sister had spoken so freely about something that hurts him to think about, Olivia assumed that their relationship wasn't very good.

Kyle got out and shut his door without even checking with Jess. He didn't actually care if she wanted Chinese or not, he never wanted to pick her up in the first place. He walked in and placed a Togo order sitting on the small couch inside to wait. Kyle didn't hate Jess, she was his big sister after all. He did however, not appreciate her inability to keep her mouth shut.

Jess had found out about Kyles kid after she followed him one day. She knew he was going out every weekend and always seemed to be spending money, so much so that their mother had questioned him on it. Kyle always found a way to get out of telling their parents everything telling them only what they wanted to hear, but Jess was different. She knew when Kyle was hiding something, she knew that he had a secret that he wasn't sharing and she wanted to know.

After Jess had followed him and seen him getting baby stuff from the store, going over a girls house and bringing the stuff in, and heard the girl say "bye daddy" with the baby in her arms waving, she knew. Jess confronted him about it a few weeks later when their parents had put a hold on his card to try and force him to tell them what was going on. Kyle flipped out and just told them them they didn't understand the position he was in and that they'd regret it if they knew, but he refused to explain himself.

Kyle paced in his room for hours trying to figure out how he was going to get money to buy some diapers and essentials that he had promised when Jess walked right in and handed him her card. At first Kyle refused it. He was suspicious since they really didn't get along well. Jess told him flat out to make sure his kid had whatever they needed, then just left the card on his night stand when he made no movement in shock.

After that, Jess never mentioned it again, and she never told their parents. Kyle was thankful to her for that, but how it was a sore spot for him. He didn't get to see his kid anymore and that was something Jess didn't know, only Olivia knew that. He debated over if he should tell Jess or not as he sat there waiting for the food. She hadn't told the two people he really didn't want to know, at least not that he knew of, and after everything kyle figured that she should know what was going on.

Kyle brought to food bags out to the car and handed them back to Olivia as he got in. At first he just sat there, debating his own thoughts before turing thr car back on pulling out of the parking lot. There was complete silence as the smell of Chinese filled the car during the last ten minutes before they got home.

Once Kyle pulled into the garage and turned off the car, he turned to face Jess causing her to look over at him. "I don’t even fucking see my daughter any more so no, I'm not worried about making another one or getting anyone pregnant. Believe me, I fucking wish." Kyle got out of the car and slammed the door shut going into the house.

Jess quickly got out and ran after him leaving Olivia to bring the food in. "Kyle, what the fuck? You can't just say shit like that then walk away." She grabbed his shoulder and turned him to face her as they stood at the bottom of the stairs.

"The fuck I can't! I don't always have to explain everything to you Jess!" Kyle pushed her hand off of his shoulder. "I'm only telling you because I don't want you asking about her anymore. It fucking hurts every time and I just-" Kyle let out a heavy breath, "I just miss being a fucking dad, her dad. I miss seeing her and holding her. It kills me every time I get sent a fucking picture of her when a birthday comes or when she walked for the first time, said her first word; I'm missing all of those things and all I get is a fuckimg picture. I just, I don’t want to talk about her okay? Stop texting me and asking how she is, stop asking for pictures of us together because I don't have any for myself let alone any to send you."

"What? Why the hell not? What the fuck is going on Kyle?" Jess crossed her arms as she leaned to one side.

"Her fucking mother told me she didn't want me around her. She told me to stay away and to stop bringing things or sending things for Blake. She didn't want her to be influenced by me and turn into a teen parent when she grew up. Fuck, maybe she was right to not want me in her life. All I've been doing the past two years is fucking up anyway." Kyle turned from Jess and ran up the stairs into his room slamming the door behind him.

Jess let out a heavy sigh as she made her way towards the kitchen. She sat down at the bar top that was connected to the island. She had no idea about anything that was going on in Kyles life and it was beginning to really bother her. Jess still cared about him no matter how much they didn't get along before, Kyle was still her brother after all.

Olivia was mindlessly looking through the drawers for the silverware when Jess spoke. "Top right drawer next to the stove." Jess says looking through the containers to see what kyle brought, a smile crossing her face when she sees Kyle got an order of brown rice for her along with the chicken and broccoli with the sauce on the side.

Olivia pulled three forks from the drawer then walked back to the island handing one out to Jess who took it with a nod of thanks. Olivia started rummaging through the containers herself trying to decide what to eat from the ten different containers of just the main food not counting the three large boxes of rice, two with lo mein, and one with steamed dumplings.

"Take your pick. Kyle will eat anything you don't. He's not very picky." Jess pointing at the different boxes. "Oh, want a drink? I'm sure there is something in this house besides alcohol." Jess shoved a large scoop of rice in her mouth before walking to the refrigerator and pulling it open.

Olivia stayed where she was trying to decide between the sesame or the sweet and sour chicken. Both had been her favorites since she was younger. She looked over all the food realizing just how much Kyle had bought. Olivia couldn't understand why so many dishes were necessary for just three people.

"Water, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, lemonade, or root beer. What will it be?" Jess turned peaking her head from the other side of the refrigerator door to look at Olivia.

Olivia was quickly pulled from her thoughts, "Um... Dr. Pepper please." Olivia smiled slightly happy that they had her favorite.

Jess grabbed a can of Dr. Pepper and a bottle of Fiji water. "You and Kyle have similar tastes I see." Jess gesturing at the soda can before putting it down in front of Olivia.

Olivia shrugged, "it's just a soda. A lot of people like Coke or Pepsi, but that doesn't mean there is something between all those people." Olivia popped open the can taking a sip.

Jess sat back at her seat shaking her head as she stabbed her fork into a broccoli. "Not just talking about the soda, the food too. Kyle loves sweet and sour chicken. That and lo mein." Jess popped the broccoli floret in her mouth.

Olivia blushed some, "I most definitely did not know that. I'll eat the sesame chicken then." Pusing the sweet and sour chicken away, she pulled the sesame chicken towards her with the other hand.

Jess chuckles dipping a piece of chicken into the sauce, "I didn't mean for you to not eat it. I was just saying as an observation that you both liked those two things. It's cute." Jess smiled. "Why don't you two get together instead of just being friends?" Jess asked taking a bite of the chicken, her eyes glancing up at Olivia.

Olivia's cheeks turned red as she bit her bottom lip, "maybe eventually but we only just met at the start of the school year so..." Olivia shrugged taking a sip of her soda, "it would be kinda fast, especially for Kyle. He's been through a lot." Olivia took her fork and took a piece of chicken dipping it in the sweet and sour sauce.

Jess just nodded continuing to eat taking small bites. "Why did he tell you about Blake? He hasn't told anyone." Jess took a sip of water then went back to her rice.

Olivia paused thinking over how to explain. "Um..." reaching her arm up, her hand grabbed the side of her neck. "I honestly don't really know why he told me exactly. I mean, he accidentally found out something about me, but it wasn’t anywhere near the same degree as him having a daughter." Olivia let her hand fall.

Jess waited until she finished chewing before speaking again, "I don't think that is the only reason. It might be the reason he have you as to why he was telling you, but Kyle isn't like that." Jess poked at her broccoli before taking a bite. "I think Kyle telling you was his way of testing you. He was trying to see if it would scare you away, if it freaked you out." Jess took another broccoli floret and dipped it in the sauce before letting the savory taste hit her tongue.

Olivia thought for a moment about what Jess had said. Olivia had teased Kyle more than once and began to wonder if what Jess is saying was true. She aimlessly continued eating without noticing she had devoured her rice and chicken. Olivia knew her family's secret was way worse than Kyle having a daughter, so it wasn't something she minded, not to mention markus had a kid when he was young too, so it wasn't that unusual for her.

"Do you think he'd say yes if I asked him out?" Olivia blurted out without thinking before she spoke.

Jess smiled setting the water bottle back down, "I think he would. Listen, it's very clear to me how much he likes you despite how long he's known you. Not to mention how he looks past all your tattoos. Most guys don't, especially when you are a young as you two." Jess closed the containers of her food having only eaten half.

Olivia nodded, "You think I should ask?" Olivia questioned, wanting to know if she should, not if she could. She was shy, but Kyle made her comfortable so she knew she'd be able to, she just wasn't sure it it was a good idea.

"Hmm..." Jess took a few sips of her water before responding, "I do. I think it would shock him, but I know he wouldn't say no. If he likes you enough to give me a lecture about being nice to you, then he wouldn't say no to you." Jess got up bringing her left overs with her to put in the refrigerator, then dropped her fork off in the sink.

Olivia rummaged through the food grabbing a rice box, and a few types of meat dishes to give him options. Grabbing a Dr. Pepper from the refrigerator, she put it all in a bag smiling to herself. Jess just watched her, leaning back on the counter with her arms crossed and a smile on her own face, she felt proud.

Olivia walked up the stairs to Kyles room. She grabbed the doorknob and turned it swinging the door open. Kyle was laying in bed staring at a picture of Blake, jumping slightly as he turned to the door seeing Olivia as she came bursting in.

Olivia walked to the bed as Kyle sat up. "Brought dinner up. I thought you might be hungry." She sat the bag on the bed in front of him then sat on the other side if it facing Kyle.

Kyle raised his eyebrows at the amount of food in the bag she sat in front of him. "I'm not sure if I can eat all that. Fuck Olivia, did you being everything up?" He cuckled.

Olivia pouted playfully, "no, but I did bring a few things to give you options. Jess told me I was eating your favorite so I didn't know what else you'd want." She crossed her arms leaning back onto the baseboard.

Kyle grabbed the bag and started looking through what she brought up with a grin across his face. "So you ate my favorite even when Jess told you that it was, and now you have come baring various options." Kyle laughed shaking his head pulling the lo mein, rice, and sesame chicken out of the bag along with the can of Dr. Pepper.

"Well, I was already eating it..." Olivia mumbles then points to the soda can, "I did bring your favorite soda though. Apparently you and I share that too." She finished, bringing her arm back to her chest.

Kyle smiled at her reaction setting the soda on the night stand on his left. "Good thing I have more than one Dr. Pepper then or I'm sure you'd have drank that too." He shoved thr fork into the lo mein making sure to get a large amount before he shoved int in his mouth.

Olivia bit her lip thinking if she should ask him now or later. She chose later. She actually wanted him to eat since it was already almost ten at night. He had slept quite a bit the night before but Olivia knew he had a long day, not jut because he had to pick up Jess, but because she knew that Kyle had an emotionally rough day; which is always worse than anything physical.

After Kyle finished eating he set the rest of the food on the floor to the side of his bed. He put on a movie on his large curved Samsung TV that was wall mounted across from the bottom of the bed. It was some horror movie he had never seen, but Olivia wanted to watch it since she loved horror movies, figures.

About Half way through the movie Olivia cleared her throat and pulled from Kyles arms picking her head off his chest. "Kyle, I want to ask you something." Olivia said quietly.

Kyle turned and looked at her after grabbing his soda and sitting up. "Ask away." Kyle brought the can to his lips taking a few gulps.

"Will you be my boyfriend? Olivia's words flowing quickly from her mouth, her eyes locked on his.

Kyle began coughing choking on some of the soda he drank. "Wait- what?" He hit his ches a few times trying to get his airway clear completely unsure if he heard her right. "What did you say?" He looked back up at her blinking rapidly.

Olivia took a deep breath, "I asked if you would be my boyfriend. Kyle I like you, a lot. I know it's only been two weeks since we met but-" Olivia slowly let out the rest of the air in her lungs. She momentarily questioned herself but chose to continue. "I want to be more than your friend. I-I know it sounds crazy and I'd understand if you said no but-"

Kyle leaned over putting his hand to the side of her face, his lips crashing against hers. Of course it was a yes. It would always be a yes for her. Kyle wanted the same since the beginning but was afraid she'd call him crazy or obsessed for asking her too fast. He was afraid he'd scare her away with him having a child, and him being so overwhelmingly rich,, especially compared to her, but her asking him made everything clear.

He pulled Olivia back into him breaking their kiss. "Yes of course yes. I was- I wanted to wait a few months, I didn't think you'd agree to go out with me if I asked this soon." Kyles eyes searched hers.

Olivia smiled softly, "I also thought that, but your sister gave me a little encouragement so I just ran with it." She bit down on her lip again, something Kyle found incredibly sexy.

Kyle pulled her into him and placed his lips back on hers. His heart was racing as he felt the need to be with her, to make her his, to be her first grown stronger. Kyles kisses became passionate; he hadn't ever felt this way before. He wasn't sure what to make of it, but that was something he'd figure out later.

Feeling the passion from Kyle, Olivia instantly reciprocated it. There was something about him, something that made her want him. She had never wanted anyone the way she did Kyle. Her body even asked- no, screamed for him every time they were together. Olivia thought maybe she shouldn't fight what her body wished for anymore, maybe she should give in.

Olivia ran her hand down Kyles bare chest stopping at the slight bulge in his sweatpants. She had no idea what she was doing but without thought she began rubbing Kyle causing him to let out a gasp in surprise and please, only to have him pull away from her.

Kyle held his eyes closed as he panted slightly. "Olivia, we can't." He says licking his lips, the taste of hers lingering.

Olivia was confused. Was it more than just him respecting her that made him constantly push her away? "Why? We are together now, and I-" she reached over and begand pressing her hand into him again, rubbing it against his member wanting him to get hard for her. "Kyle I want you. I want it to be you and I'm ready. I promise." Olivia leaned forward kissing him softly.

Kyle kissed her back then pulled his lips from hers resting his forehead against Olivias. "Olivia you have no idea how badly I want to be the guy you give yourself to, but I want it to be perfect when you do. I don't want it to be after a shitty day with some Chinese for dinner while watching a movie in my bed." He puth his hand to her cheek opening his eyes to find hers staring back at him. "Your first time should be special, one of the best and most pleasurable moments of your life. I want to take you out on a real date, take you to a fancy dinner and spoil you with dessert first. You're worth more than a swim and Chinese take out." Kyles thumb drug across hr bottom lip, his hand moving to her chin to hold it.

Olivia understood. Kyle wanted things to be special for her, but to Olivia just having Kyle be the one was special enough.

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