Do I Dare

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Kyle felt bad for pushing Olivia away that night at his house. She said she wanted him and he definitely wanted her, but he couldn't just fuck her day one of the relationship. If it was anyone else maybe, but it wasn't. Almost a month had gone by since then and Kyle began to wonder how he could give them what they both wanted and make it special for Olivia.

Halloween was only a day away and he knew there would be parties everywhere. He wanted to take her to one just so they could let loose and have fun, but drunk wasn't the route he wanted to take when it came to Olivia. She was worth more then that. Normally he'd ask Tyler for his opinion but they weren't exactly talking at the moment. Tyler was pissed at Kyle for quiting lacrosse and then going out with the new girl. Tyler felt Kyle would rather spend time with her then hang out like they used to.

After a few more minutes of racking his brain, Kyle turned off the shower and grabbed a towel from the rack putting it around his waist as he stepped out. Jyle felt lost. Despite having Olivia, and now his sister Jess around, he felt lonely. At times like this Kyle knew why, and he knew he was able to fall into one of his slumps because of it.

October was a hard month for Kyle, way harder than it should be for anyone, especially an eighteen-year-old. It was the last time he got to see his daughter before Blake's mother told him to never come by again. Usually whenever he was down about it, he'd just drink, go part of fuck some chick; but things were different now. He had a girlfriend, he had Olivia.

Kyle spend the entire morning being lost in his head, so much so that he ended up being late to school which only caused further problems. He missed almost the entire hour of first period, had to skip lunch to make up the test he had missed, which Mr.Faust usually didn't allow but for some reason was in a good mood which allowed Kyle to take advantage of it.

Kyle ended up dozing off in his math class which only ended up getting him detention. Kyle was not in the mood for dealing with having to be at school another hour and a half after the last bell of the day, and by the time it came around, he was exhausted. Kyle hadn't slept well the last few nights. He kept getting calls from an unknown number regardless of what time it was which kept him from actually staying asleep very long once he managed to actually get there.

Usually Kyle would answer regardless if if he knew the number or not; but when he looked up the number, what he discovered was not something he wanted to deal with. It was a government number to a state court, and not one from Florida which only meant it was Blakes mother. Kyle could only assume she was trying to get some type of child support, or maybe was even filing for full custody since he hadn't wanted him around Blake anyway.

Kyle spent the entirety of detention going over every possible scenario in his mind of what it could be. He knew if it was anything legally binding he would have to tell his parents, and Kyle was not ready to have that conversation. It wasn't because he thought his parents would think less of him; Kyle knee that would never be their reaction, he also knew they would want to see their grandchild and that was something he couldn't give them.

Olivia went home after school let out. She had only seen Kyle in Biology class since they didn't get to have lunch together and had different classes for all the other periods. She threw her backpack down next to the kitchen table then quickly got herself a glass of water. Kyle told her he wanted to take her out to this supposedly amazing Halloween party, but Olivia wasn't sure how she felt about it.

She went up to her room and changed onto a pair of burgundy sweats and a loose gray t-shirt that had Pierce the Veil on it; Markus had gotten her for her seventeenth birthday after he took her to one of their concerts. Olivia was a big time music lover and had more band tees than any one person should probably ever own, but she also had quite the array of dressy clothes with many having huge pops of color.

Olivia let out a huff after she realized she left her backpack down stairs. She quickly ran back down and grabbed it only to be stopped by Alexsander before she was able to make it back to her room.

Alexsander grabbed her backpack by the hoop at the top that you'dnormallyhand it from and pulled her back down from the first step almost making her fall. "Ignoring my texts again? I thought I already informed you about how much I dislike that." He turned her to face him quickly.

Olivia let out a screech in surprise and fear. "W-what are you talking about Lex?" Olivia swallowed hard.

Alexsander grabbed her face by her cheeks tightly pulling her face up to look at him. "I told you to be ready by the time I got home because we had some business to take care of tonight and here you are in fucking sweats and a shit ass t-shirt." He grimaced.

Olivia winced at his grip, her hand grabbing his wrist. "Wh- I don't know what you are talking about." Her words mumbled through her fish shaped lips.

Alexsander took a deep breath in, "I fucking sent you a text this morning about us having to go out tonight. Don't fucking pretend like you don't know. Now, take your ass up stairs and get ready." He pushed her backwards on the stairs causing her to let out a yelp.

Olivia's backpack gave her a bit of cushion as her back hit the edge of the step. She felt pain but Olivia knew it wasn't anything compared to what he could do. It wouldn't be the first time Alexsander pushed her, hit her, degraded her, or any other type of abuse.

Olivia held the railing pulling herself up, her bottom lip quivering from holding back tears not wanting to piss him off even more. Olivia never got a text from him about having to go do business tonight with him and Markus, this was news to her. The only time she ever defied Alexsander was when he would try to get her to sleep with guys in order to secure some type of business deal. If Olivia had received the text, she'd have started to get ready right away.

Alexsander sniffled some then scratched the side of his jaw feeling an itch. "Wear that uh, that dark green cocktail dress you wore to Vincenzo's and those gold heals I bought you and don't fucking take forever. We leave at seven." Alexsander walked away going down to the basement.

Olivia slowly turned walking up to her room. She dropped her backpack down onto her desk chair then grabbed her towel and went to take a shower. Olivia hated going to business meetings with her brothers. Almost every time Alexsander would offer her up as a part of some deal and she hated it. Of course she would refuse and at least the people he did business with would respect her and refuse Alexsanders offer.

After her shower she went back to her room looking through the closet for the dress she was instructed to wear. Finding it, she pulled it off the hanger and layed it on her bed. Squatting her looked her the immense amount of heals Alexsander had bought her over the years; having more than one gold pair she didn't know which he'd prefer so she picked out one of the nicer ones that had crystal accents on the ankle strap.

They were one of her favorite pair, they were platform heals which she loved because she hated feeling so small around everyone. They were close toed and had a crystal strap that ran up the center of her foot that attached to the ankle strap. She wore them more often than the others whenever she was told to wear gold heals. They were quite comfortable for heals.

Olivia blew her hair dry before puttimg her clothes on. It would make her sweat and she hated the feeling of sweat drippimg down the back of her legs. Once she finished she put a black satin bra on with a matching thong. Olivia always had to make sure they matched.

After about an hour of doing her makeup making sure to add some golden accents to bring the outfit together, she took the green dress off her bed and stepped into it pulling it up her body slowly. Olivia reached around to her back at the bottom pulling up the zipper as high as she could; her arms changing positions now reaching over her shoulders and down her back, she was able to pull the zipper up the rest of the way.

Olivia made sure to use a curling wand to put soft curls in her hair which then were brushed out to create soft waves. Olivia grabbed a simple pair of diamond studs for her ears and a golden watch for her wrist before sitting on the edge of the bed to put her heels on.

As Olivia stood in front of the mirror admiring the ruching of the fabric as it went across her body, the slight sleeve that just covered the shoulders, and the sweetheart neckline, Olivia realized that she looked amazing, but for the first time felt as though her tattoos made her look trashy.

There was only ever a few tattoos Olivia had that she actually wanted, the rest were mostly forced upon her by Alexsander. After spending so much time with Kyle and Jess, she began to hate the way she looked in comparison. She was only seventeen and yet her skin was already consumed by ink, ink that she never wanted.

Olivia jumped hearing a bang on her door. "Let's fucking go! It's three after seven. You're making us late!" Alexsanders voice rang from the otherside of the door.

Olivia quickly grabbed her phone and a glittery gold clutch and slid her phone into it along with her lipstick and her tiny hand gun she kept in her underwear drawer. "Coming now!" She yelled back as she opened her door.

Alexsander had already walked down the stairs; Markus however, sood leaning against the wall across from her room and just to the left of the stairs. His arms crossing his chest. He had his hair slicked back and a black suit on with a black shirt, and a red and black tie paired with matte black dress shoes.

Markus pushed off the wall and walked to Olivia keeping his arms across his chest. "Don't worry about Lex, you know how he is." Markus spoke calmly.

Olivia nodded slightly, "yeah I know." Her voice soft with her eyes gazing down the stairs.

Markus took his arms from his chest and wrapped them around her. "I know you hate this shit. I've tried to talk to Lex so many times about leaving you out of it but he never listens. You do look beautiful though, but then again my baby sis always does." Markus kissed the top of her head before pulling away. "Come on. You can sit up front with me." He let out a small smile then turned heading down the stairs.

Olivia followed behind Markus quietly as they made their way out the door to the black Mercedes sitting in front of tge house. Alexsander was leaning against the passenger side door with a scowl across his face. He hated when she made them late; most of the time he'd leave her home when she did but this time she had to come with them.

Markus walked to the driver side door opening. He looked over the roof of the car at Alexsander, "back seat Lex, Liv is sitting up front with me." He got in the car and shut the door knowing when it came to the car, he had control since he was the one who drove whenever the three of them went somewhere.

Alexsander scoffed and sending Olivia a glare but hopped in the back as Markus told him to. He hated when Markus would tell him what to do whenever it came to what car to drive where, who should sit where, the route they took, when the meetings would be and where even though it was part of his job within the family.

Olivia got into the front passenger seat as markus started the car. As soon as she closed the door he drove off. The sun was setting and Olivia hated being anywhere with them at night. It was dangerous. Being them in general was dangerous but at night is when trouble could easily be found.

After about a fifty minute drive they pulled up to a large warehouse parking outside. Looked like shit on the outside but Olivia knew the inside would often be a very different story since most of these guys were mafia or gang leaders. No way they would keep their places of business in such a negative state.

The three of them exited the car, Alexsander taking lead walking in front towards a gray steal door that was ground level. Markus stood to his left and Olivia to his right. A few moments after Alexsander pressed a button to the right of the door, a small door slid open at eye level exposing a mesh-like screen.

"Price?" The female voice said from the otherside.

"None other than death." Alexsander replied which caused the door to slide shut.

There was a buzzing sound that came from the door before it swung open. The woman on the other side was very tan, most likely Latino or Hispanic. Her straight brown-almost black- hair sat just above her shoulders. She must have had a bob cut before only it was growing out now. She had a rifle in her hand with a strap attached that hung around her shoulder across her black spaghetti straped tee. She had black ripped up jeans on with what looked like black combat boots.

She was very pretty which surprised Olivia. Usually there were a few pretty girls and a ton of beautiful ones, but they hardly ever worked doors or held rifles. The woman and Alexsander gave kisses on each cheek before she spoke.

"It's good to see you again Alexsander. I've been hoping that you'd come to an agreement with Santiago."

Alexsander chuckled and shook his head, "just because I'm here Lola doesn't mean we've made a deal; it means we are going to talk about it, but not her has been decided."

Lola nodded once, "head up the stairs, Manuel will meet you and take you to Santiago from there." She moved the rifle Slightly in the direction of the stairs which were just a few feet in front of them.

Markus and Olivia followed Alexsander closely. He always was first since he ran the business, and Olivia never minded. First to arrive is the first to get shot if something goes wrong, and she was never opposed to that idea.

Once at the top a muscular man with stubble on face came towards them, his hand outreached to Alexsander. "Nice to see you come back" his accent was thick but he could still be understood.

Olivia guessed it to be Manuel, who shook each one of their hands as opposed to Lola who only acknowledged Alexsander. Olivia didn't really like getting acknowledgement though, usually she'd try and stay in the background of Markus and Alexsanders conversations and only spoke when she was directly addressed. She didn't want to be seen as an equal in these types of environments because she didn't want anything to do with it at all.

Manuel led them down a few halls turing this way and that way before he stopped in front of two solid red doors. Olivia knew the place wouldn't look like total shit, but after seeing a bit as she followed Manuel and her brother, she saw that although it was super fancy, it had been renovated just enough so it didn't feel like a warehouse.

"Wait here a moment until I come back out." Manuel said before knocking on the door.

A voice beckoned Manuel in only a few seconds after. They waited for a few minutes for him to come back and open the door for them, stepping aside to let them by. Olivia tried not to look around at how classy the large office was. She didn't want to seem rude or nosy but the room was beautiful, leaps and bounds from the simple space she had seen beyond the doors of his office.

Santiago stood from his large leather chair behind the mahogany desk and held his hand out. "Alexsander," he said with an oddly friendly voice as if he was genuinely happy to see him, his voice also projecting an accent.

"Santiago." Alexsander says as he takes Santiagos hand and gives a firm handshake.

Santiago smiles then reaches for Markus who also takes his hand introducing himself. Santiago looks over at Olivia, he looks her over then walks from behind the desk to her.

"This must be your younger sister you mentioned to be before." Santiago says. "Shes very beautiful, why did she cover herself with all these tattoos?"

Olivia stood quiet as he did not directly ask her; Markus however, spoke for her. "It was not her wish but our elder brother Alexsanders. Our family has always been heavily tattooed if we were in this business." Markus said completely exposing the truth regardless of Alexsander's feelings about it.

Santiago raised an eyebrow at Markus's words as looking past him at Alexsander. "If it was not her wish, you should have respected that Alexsander." He walked back behind his desk and sat in his chair once more. "Us men, we must respect the women of our family. It is where respected for others originates from. Women are a gift to us men and to the world." Santiago pulled a cigar from a wooden box on his desk and snipped the end before lighting it.

Alexsander shifted uncomfortably, "the tattoos are part of being in the business, part of showing that you are keeping up with family business and traditions. She had to have them. To be a part of our business." He glanced at Olivia then looked back at Santiago.

Santiago took a few puffs from his cigar then waved over the man standing at the side of the room. "Bring me a whisky on the rocks with a cherry." He ordered not even bothering to look at the man who then went about his business at the bar in the office. "If she didn't want the tattoos that means she didn't want in the business then, no?" Santiago took a sip of the whisky as soon as the man brought it over.

"Not an option in this family Santiago; it isn't called family business for nothing." Alexsander replied.

"I run a family business Alexsander, and yes, my sons work for me; my daughters however, do not. They wanted different things out of life and I respected their wishes. My eldest daughter wanted to work in medicine, she's now a doctor. The youngest is going to graduate with a degree in engineering. My second girl, she might not have gone to college which took me a while to accept, but she is out living her own life and owns a successful restaurant and bar. My third daughter works over in Paris as a chef at one of the top restaurants."

"You let them walk away from your family, I cannot do that." Alexsander says keeping his hands clasped in front if him.

Santiago put his glass down and leaned forward, "My daughters are still part of my family." Santiago lowered his voice to a more serious tone. "They will always be my children and they always have a place in my house no matter if they are in this business or not. My youngest son has expressed his desire to become an architect. It is not just my daughters but all of my children who I allow to decide what kind of life they will live. Real men do that Alexsander. By giving them the choice, they will not only be happier, but work harder in life no matter what business they decide they want to go into. Olivia will never work in your business the way you want her to because she doesn't want to." Santiago finished taking another few puffs of his cigar.

"Shall we attend to business now Santiago?" Alexsander says taking a seat on the red sofa across from the desk.

Markus followed suit and sat quietly next to Alexsander while Olivia stood standing to the left of the couch. She wasn't stupid enough to sit without being informed she could so she kept her feet planted on the wooden floor. Alexsander looked over at her then at the spot next to Markus hinting at her to sit, but Olivia shook her head in refusal.

"I like your sense of business Alexsander, but I think you have forgotten whose office you are in. If I want to sit here and listen to classical music for an hour while you wait, then I can. Don't tell me when we should get to business Mr. Knite." Saitiago shook his hand with the cigar in it as he pointed towards Alexsander.

"I understand, I just thought we should turn to the priority of the meeting." Alexsander said as he adjusted the black tie around his neck.

Santiago opened up some files on his desk then sat his cigar down in the ashtray. "My proposal is short and simple. I will invest into your business given its success and help with its expansion across the country and out of the country, however much is the difference in profit I will take half."

Alexsander scoffed, "half is a bit much. You aren't involved in sourcing, production nor the sale of my product, just transport. How do you figure it that is worth half of our increased profit?"

"I am initially investing money from my business to expand yours. You currently cannot support the shipment cross country with your own profit margin, I want half of the increased profit until I make back the money I invested in you, with interest of course." Santiago grabbed a pen.

Markus cleared his throat, "how much are you planning to invested and what would the interest rate be? We can't accept a deal without knowing all of the numbers and information."

Santiago looked down and flipped through some of the papers pausing to read for a moment before looking back up. "A million in investment is the base, if more is needed or asked for by third parties the cost will go up. Interest rate is ten percent, which will also go up if you fail to give me my half of the money along with how long it takes to repay it." Santiago picked up his cigar and took a few puffs before placing it back in the ashtray.

"Ten percent? That's a bit steep." Markus responded. "It isn't even standard with a bank."

"I am not a bank, and this is not simple business with easy exchanges. Those are my conditions, and this is a one time only offer. I do not do back and forth proposing this and that. This is my offer and this will be the ony one I give."

Markus leaned over and whispered a few things to Alexsander. After a he finished, Alexsander stood up. "We will accept the offer." Alexsander held out his hand.

Santiago took it and they both shook firmly. Markus stood after and shook Santiagos hand as well. Both of them knew Santiago was not a man to be played with or crossed, but they also know that in order to expand the way they wanted to, his money and connections were required.

Once both Alexsander and Markus signed the papers as did Santiago, they were officially finished and could return home. As the three of them turned to walk out, Santiago decided he wasn't quite finished.

"Miss Olivia, would you mind staying behind for just a moment? I have something I'd like to discuss with you privately."

Olivia stopped in her tracks as her heart rate began to increase. It didn't need to go any faster than it already was as it had been pounding in her chest the entire time. She slowly turned to face Santiago and nodded.

"The fuck you are." Markus said turning around as well.

"Oh please, I mean Olivia no harm. I just want a few words with her. I promise her safety." Santiago chuckled with amusement.

Olivia turned to Markus giving him a soft smile, "I'll be fine. You'll only be right on the otherside of the door." She patted his shoulder.

Alexsander just turned and kept his way out. He didn't care if Santiago wanted to speak with her, fuck her, or buy her from him. Business was business. Markus looked at her worried, he wasn't a fan of the Santiago family or their reputation, but he knew continuing to speak against his request would only cause a problem they didn't need.

As soon as the door shut behind Markus as he left, Santiago got straight to the point. "Do you want to be in this business or not?" His words were firm, but not harsh.

Olivia shook her head slowly. "I have never wanted anything to do with what my brothers do. I just want to finish high school and go to college. I wanted a normal life outside of all this but-" she stopped afraid to continue.

"Go on. But what?" Santiago said then took another sio of his whisky.

Olivia closed her eyes wondering if she should share her reality with someone as dangerous as him, ony to realize quickly that she actually did just that only by living in the same house as her brothers.

"But Alexsander refused to et me have that. His idea is that family is family and that we don't get to choose our family so we have to embrace what life we are given."

"Hm." Santiago nodded. "I disagree agree Olivia. If you want to be free from the business of your brothers, truly want a normal life, let me help you."

Olivia's mouth nearly fell open. She didn't think she was hearing right, and even if she was, he was not a man yo give anything without a price.

"I, I don't have money to give you Santiago. I can't afford to-"

"I am not asking money Olivia. Even I have standards. I do not like women in this type of business unless they have chosen it for themselves." Santiago stood from his chair and walked to her stopping just a foot or two away. "These tattoos do not become you. Let me get them removed for you, I know the top guy in the country for this. Hm?" He put one hand to each of her shoulders.

Olivia swallowed unsure, but this was something she had only dreamed about before and it was now being offered to her. "What’s the catch?" She asked suspiciously.

Santiago let out a laugh, "no catch. I told you that I wasn't asking for money. I just want to help.' He looked down at her with a smile, his hand holding her shoulders securely wanting her to feel okay about it.

Olivia took a moment to respond unsure of her own words, "alright. When? How? Where? I-" she stopped as Santiago patted her cheek.

"I will let you know the details soon, but probably not for a month at least. Give you some time to prepare. Now go on. You probably have homework to do."

Santiago released Olivia and shooed her off. As Olivia exited the room, Markus quietly began asking questions as they walked back towards the door they came in from.

"What did he want? Why did he have to talk to you alone? Did he hurt you?" Markus couldn't help but rattle off his questions all at once.

Olivia bit her bottom lip but shook her head no. "He didn't hurt me. He just wanted to tell me to make sure you boys stay in line with your agreement." Olivia had hardly ever lied to Markus since he was the one who cared about her, but this time she wanted to keep something good to herself.

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