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New girl

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After living 17 years of her life in England, Maxine Reid's life gets turned upside down when she has to move to California to live with her dad and his fiancé. New friends, new school, new drama- not everyone can handle a little drama, so will she be able to handle the fireballs that come her way? ** After living his whole life in California, Jamie Black has got everything he's ever wanted- yup he's a player. His mum and his little sister are his whole world, so how much will his world change when he meets the raven haired, blue eyed beauty- Maxine? **** Love, betrayal and a lot of cliche scenes- but you'll love it xxxx Beware, some swearing, violence and mature scenes

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Chapter 1

Thank you for choosing my book. Yes I have had a story like this published on a platform called Episode, this story is Copyright so if anyone steals my work you will have to pay the consequences.

Okay enough of that. Enjoy my book 💞💞💋💋


Max’s POV:

August, most people know it as the end of summer and the start of a new school year- many teenagers had pool parties, beach trips or just all around fun and sun. Yeah well we did all those things here but this is England, the sun barley shines here and when it is hot the heat is enough to have you passing out, but I loved my country and I loved everything that came with it and that being said, I was around my two best friends and my awesome boyfriend. It was August 17th and it was a nice day out so we ended up at the local fair- rides, cotton candy and alcohol. Gosh that made me sound like such an alcoholic but it’s true, even though we weren’t 18 yet we still managed to drink and get alcohol.

“Ugh, we have to get back to college soon- I was enjoying this summer holiday.” I turned to look at my bestfriend Reneé, she was a gorgeous mocha skin girl and she stood proudly at her height of 5 foot 3 with her short curly black hair- she was a feisty little thing that didn’t care when calling people out on their shit. I had met Reneé when we were in diapers and even then she was the feisty little she devil she is today.

“All you ever do is complain.” My other bestfriend Klara said as she continued to back down the rest of her blue and red slush puppie, Klara was the exact opposite of Reneé- she stood proudly at her 5 foot 5 height with her fair snow white skin, big brown/green eyes and long straight black hair, she reminded me of bambi with her kind hearted spirit and dough like eyes. We were all fairly different but we were also the same- I was the tallest in the group- stood at 5 foot 8 with a slim figure that I got playing football my whole life, I had straight dark brown hair that almost appeared black and piercing blue eyes, my skin wasn’t dark or tanned but I wasn’t fair either.

The sky had turned a pinksh orange colour signalling how late it was getting- despite the sky still being bright it was getting late. I looked over at my boyfriend who was stuffing cotton candy down his throat like a little kid, I giggled when I noticed a pink bit of fluff stuck to the side of his mouth I brought his face down to mine and slightly licked it off. He chuckled at my silliness while the girls made fake gagging noises. It was no secret that me and Derek expressed our love openingly no matter who stared, we were coming up to a year in our relationship and still very much in the honey moon stage.

“Not that I love this, but I gotta get home- I’m hungry and my mum will kill me if I’m not home in time for dinner.” Reneé exclaimed, I was about to object and mention how much fun we were having but the sudden vibration from my phone interrupted my thoughts.

Hey sweetie, come home soon I’ve got some news. xx

“Yeah that was mum, gotta split guys.” I bid my bestfriends farewell as well as giving my boyfriend a peck goodbye.


I lived in what people would call the posh-rich area of England, I live in the North of Surrey in a five room townhouse even though it was just me and my mum, three rooms of course one being mine and one being hers and other being a guest bedroom. My mum was a wedding dress designer so another room in the house was her what she liked to call it ‘her working station’ and the last room is what I liked to call ‘my man cave’ with a woman’s touch.

I made my way inside after biding a good evening to my old neighbour Miss Bessy.

“Mum I’m home.”

“Hey honey.” I don’t care how bias it sounds but my mum was the most beautiful creature in the world, she was shorter than me so I got my height from my dad- she wasn’t slim like me but her curves were to die for, she was darker than me because she came from both Polynesian parents and her skin always glowed in the sun. I never knew why her and my dad split up but she never remarried and I never hated any of them for it, I saw my dad for a week after every Christmas, a week leading up to July 4th and his birthday so I knew how much he loved me and I got to show him how much loved him despite the separation.

“So I’ve got some new customers and some new ideas for dresses, so in shorter terms I’ve got a promotion.” She said with so much excitement in her voice and I understood why, I’m always excited when she got new customers- my mum loved her job- she said she always had a thing for design and dresses ever since she was young so she never gave up her dream.

“That’s so exciting, I’m so proud of you mama.” I hugged and squeezed the life out of her from excitement I was so giddy that I almost didn’t realise the faraway look in her eyes.

“Mum what’s wrong, this is good news.” I said in curiosity as I watched her bite down on her nails, she breathed out and gestured for me to have a seat.

“This new promotion obviously means new clients and most of these clients prefer a closer or home base designer, so.” She took a breather before continuing. “I would have to relocate to Sydney.” After her proclaim she sighed out and grabbed my hands before continuing,

“And because I would have to relocate, baby I think its best if you went to live with your father.” It took me a while to process everything she was saying until a few words came back to me, it probably wouldn’t be such a big deal but my dad lives with his fiancé in California.

“W-what do you mean- dad lives in America. My life is here in England! Mum you cant do this! Why cant I go live with Pairs?” I shouted as I stood up from my position- I couldn’t move to America my life was here, I haven’t finished my education yet.

" Because I think its best if you finish your education in highschool instead of college- you’ll get more experience that way before you go to university or wherever you want to go and living with your father will be good honey.” She tried to reason with me, it didn’t make sense of me going back to school but I did miss my dad even though I did see him, living with him would be nice, but my life is here.

“I-I cant be here right now.” I ignored her calls as I hurried out and hopped on my skateboard- I ignored her shouts for me to come back as I raced to God knows where. I knew I was sounding like a spoilt brat but I couldn’t help it, I would have to give up my life here, Renee, Klara and Derek.

Moving to America is going to be a big change and I don’t know how I’m gonna handle it.


I sat in Derek’s apartment stewing over the fact that I will be on a flight to America soon, I don’t even remember arriving here, but next thing I knew I was crying in my boyfriends arms.

“Here.” I took the glass of water before gracing my thanks and chugging it down, I never realised how parched I was from the crying.

“Are you not happy for her?” He questioned me with curiosity in his eyes,

“Of course I am, I’m so happy and so proud of her and I’m glad that I’ll be able to spend time with my dad and his fiancé- I’m just gonna miss you all.” I explained, my tone was soft as my eyes began to gloss over, he pulled me into his lap holding me close to him. Me and Derek started dating when we were 16 so it’s roughly been a year and I know it sounds stupid and its young love but I don’t think I can live without him.

“Well I know how much I’m gonna miss you but this will be great, your always saying how you wanna spend more time with your dad, and yeah you will basically have to go back to school but you’ll just be studying what you already do in college and even if you still did all the maths and bullshit you’ll know all the work and be the smartest girl in school.” He finished off before kissing my neck, I turned to look at the boy who was always so wise with his words, he pulled my chin up towards his face and placed his lips on mine.

At first the kiss was slow and steady but of course nothing stays slow with Derek, he pulled my body impossibly closer to him causing the kiss to deepen within seconds- I let out a low moan as he gently bit down on my bottom lip. Without my permission he stuck his tongue down my throat and gently squeezed my ass. Since we’ve been together, me and Derek haven’t gone pass second base, I guess I was just never ready. He broke away from the kiss and started placing kisses down my jaw, I breathlessly let out his name.

“Hmm?” He lazily responded, I lightly pushed him off and shook my head at him while fidgeting with the hem of my shirt, he let out an annoyed sigh understanding what I was saying without even saying it.

“I need to go, I kinda ran out on mum and I don’t wont her to worry.”

“Yeah of course, want me to drive you home?”

“Nah I took my board I’ll be fine.” I replied while he walked me to the door- I knew I would miss him and the others like mad but I’m also excited for this move. I kissed my boyfriend goodbye while I made my way back home.


Hope you enjoyed this chapter,

Kisses 💋

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