Her Unanswered Love (Short Story)

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His Lost Gem

Author Pov

"Mom. Where is Ana? " Darian came running to the hospital after hearing about her being in labour.

"She's still inside. They said her condition is not stable. They have to do the operation. " Darian's eyes widened hearing his mother's words.

Operation delivery is not really a rare thing. Nowadays many children's delivered by operation but Darian had no experience in these things that's why he was scared for his wife.

Just why. Why now. Just when he decided to accept his true feelings. Accept the fact that he loves his wife. All this has to happen.

He was busy questioning himself. His body was slightly trembling in fear. Darian tried to convince himself he tried to tell himself that nothing will happen to his wife.

"She will b-be alright. I know my Ana p-promised me she will n-never leave me. " He mumbled to himself nodding his head convincing himself that everything will be alright.

Emily came running followed by Andrew who patted Darian's shoulder. Emily's tears started to fell down making everyone confused as she was crying covering her lips.

"Baby. Don't cry nothing will happen to our Anastasia. Relax " Andrew cooed at Emily side hugging her but she shook her head.

"Nothing will be alright. Nothing. " She whispered crying even harder scaring Darian who stood in front of her with a questionable frown.

"Emily why are you crying like this. Stop crying nothing will happen to my wife. It's just an operation deliver. Nothing is serious. " He said while his body was still shaking a little impacting on his voice.

"Don't tell me she still didn't tell you anything. " Emily questioned him meeting his worried eyes with her teary ones. Emily let out a huge sigh in disbelief thinking that Anastasia still didn't tell him anything.

Before Emily could continue her words. The doctor came out of the operation room removing her mask with stressed expressions.

"Did you people knew about the patient's condition. " Darian frowned at the doctor before he could reply to her Emily said yes to her.

"I knew about her condition. And you can proceed with the operation. I have patients confirmation. I already had submitted it in the reception. Her signature is on the confirmation note."

Doctor without saying anything further went inside the operation theatre. Darian ruffled his hair turning to Emily.

"What the fuck is happening Emily. What are you saying? What confirmation. Please tell me I am going crazy. " Darian questioned her desperately as he was losing his patience.

"I thought Anastasia will tell you one day but I never thought she will take this kind of risk. " No one said anything just stared at her.

"When she came to know about her pregnancy. I did another test on her to ensure hers and child's health. But the test came out not like I expected to be."

Looking up at Darian whose eyes were now started to moisten when he started to realize what was happening but still he didn't want to accept it.

"Either Anastasia or her child. Only one of them can be saved. "

Darian stumbled back on his feet in shock while his tears started to embrace his cheeks. Mrs Black gasped out covering her lips. Anastasia's mother shook her head tearing up. Andrew also gasped out in shock.

"Remember auntie Anastasia had an accident when she was only 10 years old. " Anastasia's mother nodded her head not able to find her own voice after what she heard.

"That accident had an impact on her abdomen. Her chances to be a mother was extremely low that's why it took her so long to be pregnant. But there were only two options for her."

"First to abort the child and save her life. Or give up on her life and save the child. If she would have aborted the child the chances of her be pregnant again must have become zero. "

Sniffing Emily stared at numb Darian with a small smile. "She loves you so much, Darian. Her love I can't even compete with it. She decided to give you, the reason for your happiness. She knew you wanted your own child. And she being a most humble girl she felt horrible even thinking of aborting her own child. She said she doesn't want to be a murderer. So she decided to give up on her life. And give you and her child a new reason to live. "

Darian stumbled back falling on his knees shaking his head repeatedly. Andrews tears also started to stream down covering his lips in order to stop his sobs.

Anastasia's mother after hearing Emily's words blacked out. Mrs Black was crying as well but still helped Anastasia's mother and took her to another room.

"N-no. My A-Ana can't do t-this. How can she even t-think like that? She's m-my happiness. NO NO NO. "

He cried out furiously punching the floor making Andrew hug him. But Darian didn't stop and started to slap himself here and there crying out in agony.

"HOW CAN SHE DO THIS TO ME. I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT HER ANDREW. I CANT. SHE CAN'T LEAVE ME LIKE THIS. " Pushing Andrew away he stood up nodding his head like a crazy man.

"I know I know my Anastasia will never leave me. She promised me. She will never leave me. Stop crying. I SAID STOP FUCKING CRYING. "

He yelled at Andrew and Emily who were crying seeing him behaving like an insane person. He roughly wiped his tears and kept on mumbling to himself that nothing will happen to his Anastasia.

Soon the door was opened and the doctor came out. Darian ran towards the doctor. "Relax Mr. Black. Congratulations sir your wife gave a birth to a healthy boy. But. "

The doctor sighed heavily snatching a small from Darian who smiled happily hearing about his son.

"Your wife's condition is extremely critical sir. She's still under the observation. You can meet her after she will be awake. But Mr. Black let me be honest with you. The chances of your wife's survival are almost none. Just pray for her. "

Saying that she walked away from there. Darian fell on the chair as the tears which he wiped away a while ago again started to stream down. How can he be this irresponsible? This much oblivious about his wife's condition.

She was looking so pale and weak in the past days and because of his fear of falling for her he didn't even try to ask her. He pulled his hair ruffling bursting out in tears.

After some time Anastasia was awake. Her condition was still critical. Her breathing was extremely low. Even the oxygen mask wasn't helping her. She only had a single glance at her newly born son.

And that was enough for her. At least before dying she had seen her child. Her eyes were half-open. She knew she couldn't be saved and she already had accepted her fate.

Her almost closed eyes met with Darian's trembling figure who was now walking towards her half-dead body. Her tears were continuously falling down. Both of their eyes were bloodshot.

Placing his both palms on her cheeks he finally said those words which she craved to hear for so long.

"I love you. I love you so much, Ana. "

Anastasia stared at him curving her lips into a small smile. Finally today she heard what she always wanted to hear from his lips.

He finally gave her an answer to her unanswered love.

"Pleased-don't leave me. Y-You promised me. Remember You p-promised you will never leave me. Please I b-beg you. Please. I will d-die without you. Please I-i love you. I love y-you so much. Please don't leave m-me. "

He begged her whispering near her ear placing his forehead on hers crying helplessly. Breathing heavily Anastasia removed the mask using her weak and trembling hand.

"T-take c-care of-f o-our c-child. " She mumbled with difficulty breathing out in every sentence. Her heartbeat started to get lower. While Darian shook his head realizing what she was trying to say.

She was bidding her Goodbye

"Please don't leave me. I promise I will treat you better. If you want I am ready to even kneel down in front of everyone and will ask for your forgiveness. I am ready for every punishment but not this. Please don't go. Please I beg you. I love you. I love you, Ana, we both love each other so stay with me, please. Don't leave me like this. "

He begged her kissing her hands repeatedly. She tried to held his cheek but her hand fell on her chest having no strength in it to even hold him.

"I-I L-Lo---- "

She tried to say the last words but before she could complete them her breathing got heavier. Her heartbeat became slower.

Darian instantly called the doctor seeing his wife's condition. "Please do something. Save her. Please. Save her I can't lose her. "

Nurse forced him to get out of the room. Andrew tried to relax him but his cries become louder. Finally, after a few minutes, the doctor came out with sad eyes.

"I am sorry Mr. Black. "

When a tragedy happens it can't be taken back like the time can't come back when it's already slipped away from your hands.


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